Tips for Being Active & Staying Fit While Traveling

We’re sharing our best advice and recommendations for getting in a workout and staying fit while traveling! This episode gives you our tips and tricks for getting in steps and working up a sweat while on a trip. From the airport to the temple, we show you the world is your gym and that travel doesn’t have to mess up your fitness goals.

How to stay fit while traveling includes:

  • Sneaking in fitness in the airport
  • Utilizing the hotel’s fitness amenities
  • Working physical activity into your itinerary with things like hikes, water sports, tennis, dancing, and long strolls to take in the scenery of wherever you are
  • Walking over taxis
  • Opting for the stairs
  • Centering the trip around a yoga or fitness retreats

Staying Fit While Traveling – Episode Transcript

2 (9m 42s):
Welcome to this weeks episode of the Travel Squad podcast. Today. We’re sharing with you our squad tips on how to work out, stay active and be fit while traveling you’re ready for it.

6 (9m 55s):
We’re ready.

3 (9m 56s):
Give it to me, baby.

6 (9m 59s):
I am known for forcing the squad to take easy days, but I know that the squad secretly loves them. So if you didn’t know, an easy day is when we say we’re going to take a break or have a really nice relaxing day. And we end up doing a really strenuous activity

2 (10m 14s):
Often harder than our harder days.

4 (10m 17s):
So easy days if he didn’t catch on are not easy.

3 (10m 21s):
So because of this, we decided that this year we want to bring you one health episode every quarter, and this is going to be our very first one

6 (10m 30s):
Because our listeners demanded it.

3 (10m 32s):
So when you’re traveling, you’re normally on the road, you’re eating possibly fast food. You’re drinking, you’re indulging and you should be, but there are things that you can do while you’re traveling little tiny things that you can do to make sure that you are still staying fit while enjoying everything on the road.

4 (10m 50s):
Yeah. And we don’t mean for you to be strict on a diet and regimen while you’re on vacation, but there are the little things that you can do to get in that little bit of physical activity to help offset all those potential fast foods that you’re going to be having while traveling or high caloric alcoholic beverages. For that matter

2 (11m 9s):
Travelers, ice cream. I love ice cream on chess,

3 (11m 13s):
Bottom. Boom. What’s the first thing

6 (11m 14s):
We’re going to break it down by section. So we’re gonna talk to you about where you can be fit and active at a variety of different places while you’re traveling. So first place is the airport. So what are some things we can do to stay fit while we’re walking through the airport?

4 (11m 27s):
Well, one thing in particular, I know we all do this, but I see Zayna do it a whole lot more than anybody else.

3 (11m 34s):
Number one, champion,

4 (11m 35s):
Number one champion. Zaina Marusha over here taking the stairs and not the escalators

2 (11m 41s):
Often at two at a time too.

4 (11m 43s):
Yeah. So even if you’re carrying your carry on luggage, your backpack always taking the stairs now Zayna does it 100% of the time, always, unless there is no. And they force her to take the escalator for that matter.

2 (11m 56s):
And you always hear it come out of my mouth. Why don’t we have any stairs? Yeah.

4 (11m 60s):
Yeah. So, you know, whether it be, you’re just get into the airport to start your trip, or you got off of the long flight, you definitely want to stretch your legs. If you’re just getting off a long flight or before your trip, getting those extra steps in going up the stairs, burning a little bit more calories, use the stairs and not the escalator,

3 (12m 17s):
Sarah stairs stairs, and those moving sidewalks that are so convenient. Don’t take them, just walk it out. Yeah.

6 (12m 23s):
Avoid the moving sidewalks. Everyone gets on them. It can actually go by much faster. If you just walk right next to the moving sidewalk, sometimes you walk faster than them. You get in your steps. It feels good to walk. And you’re burning calories along the way.

2 (12m 37s):
Personally, when the squad takes the moving sidewalk, again, I’m always walking. I never take those if I don’t have to. So I like to walk alongside them because I have to push myself to move fast. And I really like to beat them.

6 (12m 51s):
Yeah. And when you’re at the airport, that means you’re either at the airport because you’re about to get on a flight. You’re going to be sitting for a long period of time, or you just got off of a flight and you had been sitting for a long period of time. So it’s really nice to walk around the terminal before your flight and just get a lay of the land, get those extra steps in, get the blood circulating before you’re going to be sitting for hours on end.

2 (13m 14s):
I like to also, when we’re standing still to lift my luggage, kind of either bicep curl it or just kind of a row lifting, it

6 (13m 22s):
Feeds the machine.

3 (13m 23s):
Dana’s known to just drop it down and start doing pushups too.

6 (13m 27s):
She always wants to have pushup.

4 (13m 30s):
Usually those, usually those are in the hotel room and not in the airport. That’s a little weird in the airport, but you know, I’ve seen Anna yoga in the airport. So I can’t really say

6 (13m 40s):
Let’s move on to the hotel or even a cruise ship, like wherever you’re staying, wherever you’re calling home, what are some things you can do to stay fit and active and work out while you’re there?

2 (13m 50s):
Well, if they do have a gym, I always like to bring exercise clothes so I can hit up the gym,

3 (13m 55s):
Hit the gym. Yes.

6 (13m 58s):
Same for pools. I love to see if they have really nice indoor pools. Sometimes they’re heated in hotels. You can go for a nice swim, then relax in the jacuzzi afterwards. If something burns a good amount of calories and it works. Every muscle in your body,

4 (14m 12s):
Swimming is the best full body workout that there is.

2 (14m 15s):
I often hear people say that, oh, I’m on vacation. So I’m not going to exercise. And again, you know, indulge while you’re on vacation. I mean, this is the time that I drink and eat like shit. But if they

3 (14m 25s):

2 (14m 25s):
To, exactly, if you want to fitness, doesn’t take a vacation though guys. So it helps keep getting after it. Right? It pushes stuff through your body. It helps regulate you. And just, you know, sometimes after drinking so much, you feel a little bit bloated and there’s nothing like a good run or workout to help just kind of manage that bloat

6 (14m 45s):
Wherever you’re staying, whether it be a hotel, the cruise ship, or even an Airbnb, you can do your own workout in your room. If you wanted to. Like when we went to Africa, Josh, he brought a jump rope and some

2 (14m 58s):
Like TRX band,

6 (14m 59s):
TRX bands. So he could work out while we were there. But you can do yoga in your room. You can do body weights in your room. So you could do like AB workouts and squats, lunges. There’s a ton of different activities that you can use using your own body weight to work out in your room before you go out,

2 (15m 16s):
Or you can have a pushup contest with your roommate. I just

4 (15m 20s):
Had one. I think I’d be using it.

2 (15m 22s):
You know what? Someone made me laugh truly, truly, truly someone said something and made me

3 (15m 25s):
Mondays on Xena.

2 (15m 28s):
Jamal is right. He did beat me, but someone said something and made me laugh and I fell.

4 (15m 31s):
I just had more dedication and not laugh and continue on that day.

2 (15m 34s):
Wow. I mean, I’m so sorry that you don’t enjoy life as much as

4 (15m 37s):
No. I know I’m just kidding around myself, but you know, speaking of the gym at hotel and cruises, do you remember when we all went on that family cruise? Unfortunately, Kim wasn’t there because it was a family cruise and by family. I mean, my parents were even there on it. We woke up every morning to go to the gym on the cruise, even before he hit the shore excursions or doing anything because on the cruises, believe me, I’m indulging with that free food. So we definitely want to get in a little bit extra workout. So we worked out every day on the cruise ship when we did that. And even on our most recent trip, Brittany and I alone, when we went to Europe, we did go to the gym at the hotel, but some of the hotels, because we were on a guided tour, they didn’t open up until a certain time.

4 (16m 18s):
And we were going to be gone on tour at that time sight, seen the city. So we would wake up extra early and go for a morning walk. So we always found time to put in that little bit extra activity and beyond it being just a workout, it’s us exploring the city on our own while it’s quiet and just having alone personal time, at least for me and Brittany doing it that way.

2 (16m 37s):
Going back to the cruise ship though, they do have elevators on the ship, but they also have stairs for every single time

6 (16m 45s):

2 (16m 46s):
I can’t encourage you enough to take the stairs. And again, take them two at a time. If you want to get a little bit advanced,

6 (16m 52s):
I feel like it’s even faster to take the stairs on cruise ships because everyone is waiting for the elevator.

3 (16m 58s):
And at the same times too,

6 (16m 59s):
Yeah, everyone is like dinners at 4:00 PM, 6:00 PM. Everyone’s waiting for the elevator to go to dinner or to go to that show. So if you take the stairs, you’re going to get by so much faster and you’re not going to be squished in the elevator like sardines.

2 (17m 13s):
And then like often when I was on that cruise ship late at night, if I didn’t feel like going to bed, I would just kind of walk up and down the stairs, nothing strenuous, like running them, but just walking and on the top deck, they do have a track that you can walk around. Personally. I prefer the treadmill, but when it’s late at night and I just don’t want to go to bed, there’s nothing nicer. Well, there’s a lot of things nicer, but it’s a beautiful, beautiful scenery and experience to walk around the top of the cruise ship all by yourself. And just looking out into the open night sky,

4 (17m 43s):
Each lap you can do, you could drop down and get some pushups and no one’s in your way. Yeah,

2 (17m 47s):

6 (17m 48s):
Yeah. On cruises, they also have other activities. They often offer yoga or workout classes. So there are other options that you can find while you’re there as well.

3 (17m 58s):
And then when it comes to your shore excursions, there’s all kinds of things. You can do that extremely physical activity.

6 (18m 4s):
If you’re on a cruise they’re shore excursions, or if you’re just out exploring a beautiful city or on another trip, there are tons of things that you can do out and about. So for example, if you’re coming off of a cruise, typically it’s near the water. So there’s a ton of water activity,

3 (18m 18s):

6 (18m 19s):
Snorkeling, paddleboarding, kayaking, Xena. Do your kayak impression,

3 (18m 27s):
Jamal and Brittany.

4 (18m 29s):
Oh, wow. Okay. No, that’s a reference to Zayna describing Brittany and I’s kayak and ability and our big bear episode, we were just killing it out on the lake, but

2 (18m 39s):
Redemption moment real quick guys, in that episode, Brittany asked if I had ever been kayaking before and I knew that I had, but I couldn’t think of when. And I have been kayaking at the Carlsbad lagoon here in San Diego.

6 (18m 53s):
So that’s a really good way to get in some exercise other

3 (18m 57s):
Than it’s really fun. Like make that part of your vacation.

4 (18m 60s):
That’s what I was going to say. Like it’s exercise. But at the same time, it’s a fun activity to do where it’s, doesn’t even feel like a workout at something.

3 (19m 8s):
It is so much fun. Like that is the highlight. When you go to Hawaii or the Caribbean or a cruise or whatever, like snorkeling is amazing. You get to like swim with fish and Tread water. You’re burning all kinds of calories, starfish living it up at the same time. Yeah.

6 (19m 24s):
And if you don’t want to get in the water, you can do things like beach volleyball. I mean, there’s so much to do while you’re out and about the opportunities are endless. If you’re in another country, you want to go out dancing like salsa dancing or

3 (19m 38s):
Something. Brands, all kinds of calories. Yeah.

2 (19m 40s):
Oh my gosh. When Kim and I were in Cuba at the nightclub in the cave, I can

3 (19m 44s):
Sweat out like a thousand calories.

4 (19m 46s):
That’s what I was even going to say. Like, even if it’s a night of drinking and you’re out a nightclub, if you’re out there really dancing, it’s like you’re burning calories and working out just as well, even though you’re out having a good time. So yes. I mean, I guess you could say anything that you do on vacation to an extent you’re burning calories, but there are certain things that burn more than others in terms of more strenuous physical activity and dancing is clearly one of them. One

3 (20m 10s):
Of my,

4 (20m 11s):
Yeah, one of my actual, One of my favorite things to actually do believe it or not is play tennis. And a lot of hotels, they have a tennis court and even on cruise ships, they have them and you know, just really, really fun. So I always, always liked to play tennis. It’s a fun activity to do. And again, it doesn’t even feel like it’s a workout. Yeah.

2 (20m 33s):
Shout out to Jamal and Brittany, because they were once on vacation in Eastern Europe. And I was house sitting as I often do when they go on their own solo vacations. And it’s about 7:00 PM at night. And I texted Brittany for whatever reason. And she responded and I couldn’t believe she, because I thought, wow, it must be really early there. And she said that, yeah, Jamal and I woke up to go to the gym before our day starts. And I was like, wait a minute. What time is it there? And she’s like, oh, it’s 4:00 AM. And I’m like,

6 (21m 0s):
We were dedicated.

2 (21m 2s):
I go to the gym before work, but I don’t even wake up at four. Wow.

6 (21m 5s):

8 (21m 6s):

6 (21m 7s):
And I wanted to get our steps and get our workout in,

2 (21m 10s):
But you know what, it’s dual

6 (21m 11s):

2 (21m 12s):
We’re not telling you that you, again, that you’re should restrict yourself on indulging if you want to indulge. And we’re not saying that you’re going to lose weight, but these are really easy ways that people often overlook to just get the steps in, move your body. And you’re going to feel good in your body if you do

4 (21m 28s):
Well. Even that, or, I mean, we live here in San Diego. So sometimes even though we live here, it’s hard for me to envision San Diego as a tourist city. Even though I know it is because it’s like home, but even just walking on the beach, I can’t tell you how many times Brittany and I have been to a tropical place and we’ve woken up early in the morning or done a sunset walk on the beach that burns a lot of calories. Just the walk itself. You’re walking in sand. So it’s harder and you don’t have as much grip. So you’re really putting a little bit more force in your calves and quads. So definitely getting that extra workout. And it’s an experience in and of itself. One time, Brittany and I were in the Philippines.

6 (22m 4s):
I can get to say this. You know why? Because I know what you’re going to say. I know

4 (22m 9s):
I want her to sleep in that day. I wanted it. I wanted to speak of that day. No, I didn’t have a freak out. I wanted to sleep in that day. That’s all

6 (22m 15s):
I wanted to sleep in. We’re on the island of Baraka in the Philippines, tiny, beautiful island, beautiful, tiny walkable,

4 (22m 24s):
The ranked, one of the top 10 white sand beaches in the world, by the way.

6 (22m 27s):
And you know, we had just gotten there and I was like, I want to see the sunrise on this beautiful island. And I told you, you would say, I can tell Jamal, I want to see it from the east side of the island, because obviously the sun rises in the

4 (22m 41s):
East. We were standing on the

6 (22m 43s):
Island and we were

2 (22m 44s):

6 (22m 45s):
We were staying on the west. So I wanted to walk across the island to go to the beach. That’s on the east side to watch. And Jamal gave me so much shit. Like I just want to sleep in. I don’t even want to go, how are we even going to get there? And I’m like, I fucking walk. What do you think we’re going to do? Was

2 (23m 2s):
It a big, you said it’s a small island.

4 (23m 3s):
It’s a small island, but by small it takes 45 minutes to walk across. Like if you not taking a car, doing anything, it’s a 45 minute walk from coast to coast in my defense. I wanted to sleep in. And can you tell me when’s the last time I’ve been the most sick that you’ve seen me? Oh, she doesn’t want to say She doesn’t want to say it was on this trip in the Philippines. I just was still recovering from having like an upper respiratory infection. That was absolutely ridiculous. And she, I, all I want to do is like sleep in my antibiotics are barely starting to work and she’s like,

6 (23m 38s):
Let’s wake

4 (23m 38s):
Up and go see the sunrise, which was great. In hindsight, I had a great time, but I’m just getting really passionate. Cause she’s giving me crap. When I was literally almost on my death bed. I just want to throw that out there.

6 (23m 49s):
I just want to say before

3 (23m 50s):
Or after the sunburn,

4 (23m 51s):
This was before the suburb, I was recovered by sunburn time.

2 (23m 55s):
Second degree,

4 (23m 57s):
Second degree sunburn on my skin

3 (23m 59s):

6 (24m 0s):
And I did walk across the island. It was about a 45 minute walk from

3 (24m 3s):
What a nice guy. He actually got up and did it on his deathbed. Wow. He

6 (24m 7s):
Wasn’t on his death

3 (24m 10s):

6 (24m 10s):
We walked from one beach from the west side to the east side. And when we got there, I just thought we were going to sit on the beach and watch the sunrise. There were these like bamboo benches to sit on. So we spread out a towel. We sat on the benches and we watch the most spectacular sunrise I’ve ever seen. Like it was worth watching and waking up for,

2 (24m 33s):
You know, it does sound beautiful. And I would want to wake up for that too. To Jamal’s credit. Brittany did send me a picture of your flim that you hocked up. And it was really, Really green. And if you have some green flim, get yourself to the doctor, it means you’re no bueno.

4 (24m 52s):
That was like dark green. I was like the wicked witch of the east.

2 (24m 55s):
Pretty much. We take pictures of our phlegm guys.

6 (24m 57s):
Well even talks about going home because he felt so sick, but he popped those antibiotics. You know how he is. He had a freak out. I want to go home.

2 (25m 8s):

4 (25m 10s):
Well, this isn’t an episode about being sick. It’s an episode about being healthy so we can kind of move on.

3 (25m 15s):
I actually have an episode on what to do when you get sick while traveling, coming up pretty soon. So tip

4 (25m 21s):
Number one, if it’s bacterial infection, take antibiotics like

3 (25m 25s):
Britney, because she’ll force you to go out to this.

6 (25m 28s):
I’ll make you have an easy day.

2 (25m 30s):
Right? I do remember Brittany saying that after you took your antibiotics, like within six hours, you were saying that you were feeling,

4 (25m 35s):
No, I felt like amazing after I started taking them, but I just want to, like back to the point though, we’re listing a lot of things that are easy to do, which they are, but they also enhance the experience like going for sunset walks on the beach or waking up for sunrise and doing that walk or just little things. Even if that wasn’t planned as something to do as part of your trip, these are little things that don’t seem like much, but they add in that extra little bit of calorie burning some workout. And yet it enhances the trip by actually doing something to give you an experience in the area. So

2 (26m 7s):
Let me ask you guys a question. How many other people were there with you while you were enjoying the sunrise on the east side? Zero. Amazing.

3 (26m 15s):
You said this before, when we talked about Italy, but we stayed in a less expensive area so that we can get a better deal on our Airbnb. And we walked about 30 minutes to the city center to go to the Roman forum and the Coliseum. And through that whole 30 minute walk there and back, we were able to see the city and that like made part of the trip for us, seeing the city, seeing the ruins within the city, that you wouldn’t have been able to see otherwise. And just like walking into a place to get gelato, walking into a place to get up in Nini. Cause it was about a 30 minute walk. That is part of the experience. And that gives you many, many steps.

6 (26m 53s):
Yeah. I would have to agree Jamal and I have done that several times when we stayed in Amsterdam, we did not stay in the city center because it was so much more expensive. So we stayed outside about 30 minutes to walk it. But we got to see the entire city. When we were in Chicago, we didn’t take that many cabs while we were there. We walked from one destination to another and we tried to plan out our day walking from one area to another so that we could see the entire city versus sitting in a car,

2 (27m 18s):
You know, where we didn’t walk where Dubai, I

6 (27m 21s):

4 (27m 21s):
It was too far spread out. It was too far spread out. But I will say this, you know, going back to Kim’s point, I agree with that. I love it. That’s what we did. As Brittany said, an Amsterdam and doing that, you do find the little things we found a awesome farmer’s market that we had no clue about and all of our research. And we decided to go there every day in our walk to the city center and pick up like a new sweet treat or savory food item that they were selling there. The, one of my favorite things about our trip to Amsterdam was going to that Albert crop market that I had no clue about. And we discovered it from our walk cause we could’ve taken a taxi. We could’ve taken the mass transportation, but we opted to take the walk for the extra workout.

4 (28m 3s):
And on top of that, a new experience of the city and seen it in a different way.

2 (28m 7s):
I know about you guys, but this episode is making me want to go run on a treadmill like seriously,

4 (28m 12s):
I don’t know about running on a treadmill, maybe go on a nice sunset walk, but

2 (28m 16s):
I want to run

6 (28m 17s):
Like, oh, a nice walk on the beach. Or even if you’re like at a beach town, there’s typically places to rent bikes along the beach or boardwalks.

3 (28m 25s):
We did that in Hawaii bikes in cuppa and we banked along.

6 (28m 33s):
Yeah. So there’s so many good ways to be fit and active and get some steps or some exercise in while you’re in a new place. Also, another thing I want to say is when we were in Lebanon, we went to her RESA. We had to take the cable car. And then once we got off the cable car, you could either take the elevator or the walking path. And we chose to take the walking path and it was up a whole bunch of steps. It’s nice to take those steps and get some fresh air versus being in an elevator.

3 (29m 0s):
I felt like that was an easy day. Was

6 (29m 2s):
It an easy day?

3 (29m 4s):
So easy,

2 (29m 5s):
Right? I mean, the way that Kim gets off with old ruins, I get off of walking up a hill at a steep incline, get

3 (29m 12s):
Me going. I mean

2 (29m 13s):
They do. We

6 (29m 14s):
Haven’t even said hiking as part of like,

2 (29m 16s):
Whoa, we

3 (29m 17s):
Haven’t touched on hiking. Wow.

2 (29m 20s):
I wouldn’t even go that far

3 (29m 21s):
Hacking as a school. Another level hiking can be your whole vacation. And it has been many of ours,

4 (29m 28s):
A lot of our vacations, 90% of them, there’s always at least one hike, if not multiple of them. And depending on where you’re going there either is or isn’t. But we try to do it like Brittany just referenced Theresa. We had no hikes planned for Lebanon. It was winter and we were doing other things, but we opted to do that little extra hill hike. And it wasn’t a little small one. It was quite steep and not too extensive, but extensive nonetheless.

3 (29m 51s):
And when Brittany and I are planning actual hikes on actual trails, we don’t go for tiny hikes. We go for like moderate to difficult hikes, at least six miles or more.

2 (30m 2s):
I mean, you can listen to our episode about Sequoia national

4 (30m 6s):

2 (30m 7s):
Where Kim threw a fit because we should be to hike 11 miles easily. So why isn’t everyone else on board for these 11 miles? And then we turned it into six, 18 miles

3 (30m 19s):

4 (30m 20s):
Yeah, well we quickly got lost and it turned into be a little bit longer. But I think Kim has a saying like, if it’s under five miles, I don’t want to do it.

3 (30m 28s):
It’s neither here nor there. But hiking is a great form of physical exercise when you’re on a trip.

4 (30m 34s):
So yeah. Plan a hike on one of your trips, regardless of where you’re going. You know, if you can find a place to do a hike, make it as part of the itinerary. You’re definitely not going to regret it for us. It’s easier because we do go to a lot of national parks. But even if you go to someplace like Hawaii or even like Malibu or, you know, I’m just, I’m trying to think of cities, but there’s always going to be a place for you to do like a little scenic hiking trail that doesn’t involve the national park. And definitely try to incorporate that in your itinerary, get some nature for you.

6 (31m 5s):
Kim. You’ve actually been on a vacation for like a yoga retreat, right? Like the whole weekend focused on yoga

3 (31m 11s):
Actually. Yeah. I went to a yoga retreat in Sedona, Arizona. I drove up, oh my God, gorgeous, gorgeous red rocks. They have so much like healing energy there, which is really, really cool. Like something that you wouldn’t understand unless you experienced it for yourself. And so we hiked up into the mountains and did yoga in the red rocks, seriously, like an experience. I can’t even put into words because it’s that transformative metamorphosis in real life.

6 (31m 38s):
And there’s been times where the squad has taken a road trip. For example, we did an American Southwest road trip where we hit the grand canyon, antelope canyon and valley of the fire state park. And at each stop that we did, we did a hike there. So we were able to get in all three different places, do a hike, get some steps in and explore the places along the way

2 (32m 0s):
I recommend. If you don’t have a Fitbit or what is it? The apple watch definitely get one and, or even use your phone because your phone has a step tracker as well, set a goal. How many steps do you want to hit that day and make sure that you’re watching it. So maybe you think, oh, maybe I should take a taxi because this is half a mile away. But if it’s walkable and you haven’t hit your steps yet, walk that half mile and hit those steps,

4 (32m 23s):
Save the money, put it towards more travel, get them that exercise and physical activity or more

2 (32m 28s):
Alcohol or

4 (32m 29s):
More alcohol

3 (32m 31s):
Cheers to that.

6 (32m 32s):
How many steps would you aim for Cena

2 (32m 34s):
Aim for 10,000, but nothing gets me going like 20,000 steps in a day because I do feel like us, the squad typically we hit about 20 K a day.

3 (32m 46s):
20,000 really gets me going,

6 (32m 49s):
You know, we didn’t add this to the show notes, but sometimes we go on vacation and hit like an amusement park and we are always walking all over amusement parks or doing like 15, 20, 20 5,000 steps per day. I think the last time Jamal and I went to Disneyland, we did like 23,000 steps. It was,

2 (33m 6s):
Yeah. I mean, when we went to Shanghai Disney, we were running through the park and you know, we have an episode about that. Where I talk about Jamal was getting mad because people weren’t walking fast enough, pick

3 (33m 16s):
Up the,

4 (33m 16s):
You got to move with the quickness in Disneyland. Let me tell you that if there’s one place that you can actually get your resting heart rate a little bit higher with the normal walk, it should be distinct amusement parks. Let me just say that. That’s a, that’s my firm belief.

3 (33m 29s):
Any last thoughts about being healthy and fit while traveling? Yeah.

2 (33m 34s):
Go to our Instagram page and let us know what you’re going to do on your next vacation to stay healthy. We want, yeah,

3 (33m 39s):
No us the tip. Yeah. For being fit on the road.

2 (33m 42s):
You do that. We haven’t mentioned just yet.

4 (33m 44s):
I just want to say as my last little tip, I understand every vacation, depending on what you’re doing, you may not be able to fit in a little bit of physical activity, et cetera. But regardless of what you do on how often you travel, at least every once in a while, if you are physically able, you should definitely try to incorporate a hike or something that puts you in nature. That requires a little bit more physical exertion and activity. And you definitely won’t regret it. You get in that combination of workout and experienced nature. And as Kim was talking about old ruins, Zaina was talking about treadmills, getting her off Nature gets me off.

4 (34m 24s):
I’ll let me tell you that. And I love to have it on vacation.

2 (34m 28s):
You know, when you’re going for a hike, use the back heel because the back heel push off is going to work your glutes. Whereas if you use your front heel, it’s your cat. You

6 (34m 37s):
Don’t have a front

2 (34m 38s):
Heel. Sorry, the, that the ball. Thank you. Thank you. The ball of your foot, the ball of your foot will work your calves. Or if you push off from your heel of your foot, it’s going to work your quads

3 (34m 49s):

2 (34m 51s):
So even alternating those and just saying, the more you drink, the easier it is to walk long distance without you realizing it’s long distance. So joking around, but at the same time, keep that in mind.

4 (35m 4s):
All right, Kim, I think it’s your favorite time

2 (35m 8s):

4 (35m 16s):
Yeah. I liked that little acapella that we have.

2 (35m 22s):
That’s really good.

3 (35m 24s):
Okay. TJ Hicks coming at us hot from LA to What are some healthy snacks that you bring with you when you’re traveling?

4 (35m 33s):
Well, TJ, I’m not gonna lie when I’m traveling and on a plane for a time. I’d love to have chocolates at junk food, but I will say this when I’m on my vacation, sometimes, you know, it’s difficult in the morning. If you’re at a hotel to have like a breakfast and it’s really easy to do fast food. So this isn’t something that I necessarily pack. If something healthy that I pack, it’s like a good trail mix. Usually we’re hiking or something and it’s good sustenance, but I feel like we always try to make a point if we’re in a hotel and don’t have a place with a kitchen to cook, we go to a grocery store and we always pick up fruit and granola bars for the morning at our place of travel. So it’s a good snack to have on the road.

4 (36m 14s):
It’s good in the morning to save you from having fast food. And so that’s one of my favorite things to do is go to a grocery store, get those bananas, get those apples, get those granola bars and have something a little bit more healthy as my first meal of the day.

2 (36m 27s):
I like to take nuts with me because those are full of good fats. Another thing that I like to do, not always, but I do like to do this is pre-pack my own oatmeal and plastic baggies. So I’ll measure out a half a cup of oatmeal and put a tablespoon of chia seeds in there. And then that way, when I get to the hotel, I can do hot water in there and just make my own because if you buy prepacked oatmeal, it’s usually filled with sugar. So that’s one thing. If you don’t know really what you’re going to do for breakfast, that you can take with you.

6 (36m 55s):
I love to take cashew nuts and dried fruits along with me as my little healthy snack.

3 (37m 1s):
I like to bring peanut butter monster, but that’s not the most healthiest stacks. So my healthy go-to shoes are hard-boiled eggs, beef, jerky, cheese, Quito, Quito, life, and trader Joe’s has this really good cheese crisp cracker. It’s so good. And it’s literally made of cheese and it’s, it

6 (37m 19s):
Sounds really

3 (37m 20s):
Good. It’s really, really, really good. I didn’t today, but I will.

4 (37m 25s):
So the next question that we got is what’s your day back from travel routine,

3 (37m 30s):
Unload everything from my suitcase. Immediately put all my dirty clothes in the dirty clothes hamper, potentially wash them depending on what time I get home, but I want everything out of my suitcase. I want everything put back in the drawers. I want to be like revitalized and butt right back into my routine, ready to go. Because usually when we get back from our trips, we have work the next day, like right away the next morning. And I want to be like good to go.

2 (37m 52s):
I feel like it’s hit or miss because sometimes we get in early Monday morning and we have to drop our stuff off and go directly to work. Or just like Kim said, we get in and we’re going to work the next day and we’re getting in late. So for me, I always like to personally clean my house before I go, because there’s nothing worse than coming back to a messy house and having to clean. Yeah. Cause after a vacation, especially with all the easy days that we take, you kind of need a vacation. So I don’t want to come home to a messy house. I also make sure that I take out my trash before the vacation. So you don’t want to come home to that either. So really just relaxing and maybe within about a week’s time, I’ll start to unpack in less And less Ambitious unless I feel really ambitious.

2 (38m 35s):
And you know, at this point in time that we’re recording and we got back from Lebanon and Dubai about two weeks ago, my luggage is still on my floor. I pack, you know what, I unpacked everything. I did my laundry yesterday. Like I’m good, but I just haven’t put my suitcase back where it goes.

6 (38m 55s):
Okay. So you’re unpacked. It just hasn’t gone back.

2 (38m 57s):
Exactly. I have it in front of the

4 (38m 59s):
All right. Well, Brittany was bout to call me out right there and I just want to reiterate, it depends on my mood. Sometimes when I come back, the first thing that I will do, regardless of if we’re going straight to work or we get back like on a Sunday before work or whatever, I will always take out the dirty clothes and put it in the appropriate hamper based on colors because that’s the type of person that I am. Huh. But the rest of unpacking, it really depends on my mood. Sometimes I’ll get back and be like, okay, let me just get it done. Sometimes I’ll let it sit at the most or let it sit for a week. But I’m usually good at, within the first two, three days on packing. Yeah. I know. I know

6 (39m 37s):
Hold for a week. This last time. And I had mine done within like two or three days and he let his set for like,

3 (39m 43s):
You didn’t unpack it.

4 (39m 45s):
All right. But, but let me just say our last vacation that we took together when Brittany and I went to Europe minus the squad, just me and her, I am packed the day that we got back. So like I said, she let her sit for a week, so don’t let her sit. Ooh, six days, six days I thought a freak out. I’m just saying it really depends on my mood, but let me tell you something. If I need my clothes, like I will unpack them, do them sooner, but I always at least get out my dirty clothes. But sometimes if I have clean clothes that I didn’t wear, like I just let them sit in there. I get lazy about it. You know, you need your vacation from your vacation and unpacking sometimes as either the first or last thing I want to do. So I don’t have a specific routine.

2 (40m 25s):
Once upon a time, I used to live in a place with a washer and dryer in unit and I would immediately wash my clothes. Now I don’t have it in unit or on property. So I use go to the laundry mat pretty quickly, depending on like what’s dirty and what I actually need.

6 (40m 41s):
I usually pull out my dirty clothes and put them in the hamper right away. And we’ll usually start a load of laundry or the night that we come back. But I’m not super worried about unpacking. Right, right away. It usually takes me about two to four days. I would say on average, I’m not going to lie about it.

3 (40m 58s):
Holy shit.

4 (40m 59s):
And Kim seemed shocked. It looks like Kim’s like numero UNO.

3 (41m 2s):
I don’t like I need this shit packed out and put away immediately.

6 (41m 7s):
My priority when I get home from a long vacation is showering and getting into bed and relaxing. Like that is my number one for

3 (41m 16s):
Me. I can’t relax until shit’s put away.

6 (41m 19s):

3 (41m 20s):
All right. Thank you guys so much for tuning into this week’s episode to keep the adventures going. Be sure to follow us on Instagram at Travel Squad Podcast, tag us in all of your adventures and send us your questions of the week. He knew. I love

2 (41m 32s):
That. And if found the information in this episode to be useful, or if you thought we were just playing funny, please share it with a friend that would enjoy it too.

4 (41m 40s):
Please subscribe, rate, and review our podcast and tune in every travel Tuesday for new episodes.

6 (41m 46s):
Make sure to pack your bags and grab your passports. Because next week we were taking with us to Thailand for the Copen yacht full moon party. Woo.

10 (41m 54s):
It’s going to be

11 (41m 55s):
Crazy. It’d be wild.

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