Ultimate Guide to the Full Moon Party Thailand

This one is a rager! We’re going all the way to the iconic Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, Thailand. The monthly all-nighter is full of neon clothes, body paint, fire dancers, buckets of booze, and partying! We’re giving all the tips to do it right

We have the Chelseas on the podcast to talk about their trip with Kim to this iconic party.

  • What to wear to the full moon party
  • How to prepare for the full moon
  • How to get to and from the full moon party
  • How to survive the full moon party

Full Moon Party Thailand – Episode Transcript

3 (56s):
Welcome to this weeks episode of the Travel Squad podcast. Today, we are raging through the night at the world, famous Thailand, Full Moon Party.

1 (1m 6s):
This wasn’t a squad trip. Womp womp. Kim went with three other friends. So today we have two very special guests.

2 (1m 14s):
Yes. Welcome to the Travel Squad Podcast. The Chelsea’s to my right. I have Chelsea and to my far right. I have Chelsea.

3 (1m 26s):
Thank you guys so much for being here. I’m so happy to have you guys talk about this party with us.

6 (1m 35s):
We’re a little bit shy, but I think we’re going to get through it and it’s going to be great. So

3 (1m 39s):
Yeah, you guys are great. So I’ve been friends with Chelsea since high school and then the other Chelsea who we all called Che. We met here in San Diego and we’ve been friends for like four years now. Yeah.

6 (1m 52s):
I think we’re on four

3 (1m 53s):
Years now. Yeah. So we took this trip to Thailand back in 2018. Yes. Back in 2018. And it was the three of us, plus one of your friends, Derek from Washington, right?

6 (2m 4s):
It was originally supposed to be a girl’s trip, but it kind of brought in another guy. We needed a protective

3 (2m 11s):
Here’s our man for backup.

1 (2m 12s):
Since Jamal couldn’t go. He was your guys’s dad.

6 (2m 15s):
Yeah. He was definitely dead. He

3 (2m 19s):
Totally was.

4 (2m 21s):
Well, I didn’t get invited on the trip, so a little disappointed, but I understand, but nonetheless, it’s okay. I’m glad the girls were in good hands with another manly figure while I couldn’t be there to protect.

3 (2m 33s):
Definitely a good dad. Good.

1 (2m 37s):
So what is the cope in your own party?

3 (2m 39s):
The full moon party on Copenhagen is a big party that happens once a month on the full moon. Imagine that it attracts anywhere from 10,000 to 30,000 tourists for this party every single month. And coping Yon is an island on the Eastern side of the Thailand peninsula. And basically it’s a ranger with buckets of booze, fire dancers, partying all night, neon everywhere. And it doesn’t stop until the sun comes up. And even that it doesn’t really stop. Right.

1 (3m 12s):
So what time does it start at? Does it start at dusk or does it start when the moon really starts to shine through?

6 (3m 17s):
I would say it kind of starts like in waves. There’s definitely people out there early. We actually went a little bit later, but definitely didn’t go home until after the sun was up.

4 (3m 29s):
No, you ladies I’m so shocked that there was no pregame. I’m really shocked to hear this considering you’re saying other people were out

3 (3m 36s):
There. Wasn’t the

4 (3m 36s):
Game. There was a pregame. Okay.

3 (3m 38s):
There was a pregame

4 (3m 39s):
The way it was described by Che didn’t sound like there’s

1 (3m 42s):
Too much. It wasn’t on the island. It sounds like

3 (3m 44s):
It’s just in our hostel room.

4 (3m 46s):
Okay. Okay.

3 (3m 47s):

6 (3m 47s):
Think Kim gave us a little strip tease. So force

3 (3m 51s):
The bunk beds were her pole. She was getting all excited. How to a little bit of Thai vodka. We were trying to choke down serious

2 (4m 1s):
Question. How much is alcohol out there?

3 (4m 3s):
Super cheap. Yeah. Super cheap. The buckets of liquor. So what is a bucket?

6 (4m 9s):
A Becca is what it sounds like it’s a Becket, but when you go and buy it, they give you like little shots

3 (4m 17s):
And choose your cocktail either already pre-made with different bottles in them and different selections. Yeah. So calls

6 (4m 24s):
Already poured, but then they give you the mixer.

3 (4m 26s):
So you can choose things like a vodka red bull or a bottle like red bull vodka and like other things in it. And then they mixed up for you. Yeah. It’s probably like three or four shots. If you’re nice and you talk nice, then you can get a couple more shots out of them. And it’s really cheap. It’s a bucket. It’s a personal size bucket. It’s not like a bucket. You wash your car with. It’s like a bucket. You like go make a sand castle with CLI. And it ended up being about 150 baht, which at the time 30 baht was about a dollar. So five, six bucks.

1 (4m 59s):

4 (5m 0s):
That’s not bad at all. And when you were saying buckets, I was imagining buckets of beer. Like we’re used to here in the states. Buckets of hard alcohol

1 (5m 10s):
Okay. So the bucket was your cup. It was your personal cup to take around the island with you.

3 (5m 15s):

1 (5m 16s):
So tell us a little bit about the island. How did you get there? What is it like? Is it walkable?

4 (5m 22s):
Yeah. How close is it to bang cocky even and everything like that?

3 (5m 26s):
This was just part of our trip to Thailand. We were there for, I think like 11 days total. So we were all over the area. This island was actually the closest to Bangkok that we got. How did we get there?

6 (5m 37s):
I think we took a bus and then a ferry. Was that the bad farrier?

3 (5m 42s):
Oh my gosh. If I remember right. But this was a couple of years ago, like we said, so we came from Cosa Moines and oh, this was the very, this was the worst week we had been raging that night in, go see him, boy. Like we did not sleep.

6 (5m 59s):
I remember now

3 (5m 60s):
Super Rocky and where it was like,

6 (6m 2s):
It was

3 (6m 2s):
The most bumpy ferry ride from coast MOA. You crossed the peninsula. It was probably an hour, maybe even less of a ferry ride. Very, very bumpy.

6 (6m 12s):
Like the whole time the ferry was like going up and down. And we were trying to figure out where we were going to be like the most comfortable. And we went down below and it’s not like gas. So it went up and then it was like too shaky. So I don’t know how we really got through it. Barely.

3 (6m 29s):
We just like went down below and laid on the benches like,

6 (6m 32s):

2 (6m 33s):

4 (6m 33s):
I don’t want to get too graphic. But did any of you ladies blow chunks off the side of the boat?

6 (6m 39s):
No, no,

3 (6m 41s):

4 (6m 42s):
I only asked that Kim, cause if you remember in Hawaii, when we did our Nepali coast sea tour, I mean, no one was hung over from the day before and yet everyone was getting sick by the end of the night vomiting. And so I could imagine if you ladies had been raging the day before with all that motion sickness, it could have been messy

3 (7m 1s):

4 (7m 1s):
For companion it

2 (7m 3s):
When Jamal says everyone on that Nepali coast tour got sick, everyone, but us

4 (7m 9s):
Very true. We didn’t know.

3 (7m 12s):
So if you’re going to coping Yon for the full moon party, you should definitely stay a couple of days. Like we did. There is things to see and do on the island. It’s fairly small. You can’t necessarily walk around the whole thing, but you can rent mopeds like the Chelsea’s did and go around. We also, that day did kind of like an island exploration tour. It was raining really hard that day when we went, it was like end of October, beginning of November. So it was right in that season where it gets really rainy, but it’s starting to become nicer.

6 (7m 41s):
It was like, monsooning when we are going on this like island tour, but it was still fun.

1 (7m 46s):
So are there other ways to get to the island other than the bus and the ferry or is that the only way to get to the island?

6 (7m 52s):
I don’t think they do like water taxis. Cause it’s too far away from any of the other islands. So definitely the only way to get there is by bus or ferry. So whenever we say like ferry, there was always buses involved and you have like all the Thai people, like skinny at either. They they’re like Thai time. Like, so it’s never just like a boat. There’s always a bus and a boat involved.

3 (8m 16s):
Yeah. But it is an island. So you have to traverse the water to get back to the mainland. When we came off of the island, we took the ferry back to thong solid airport. And then that’s where we flew back to Bangkok from

1 (8m 29s):
Good tips. Good to know.

3 (8m 30s):
Yeah. It was actually a mission to try to find that information online to

1 (8m 34s):
So you guys stayed in a hostel and where there hotels on the island where the best places to stay while you’re there.

3 (8m 40s):
We did a lot of research Che put in a lot of time researching this.

6 (8m 44s):
We definitely went cheaper than we needed to. Everything’s pretty affordable in Thailand. So there is definitely a very, I wouldn’t say very nice, but nice hotels that you can like there and stuff. We stayed in a hostel that had six beds and we ended up lucking out. Nobody else was in there with us, but yeah, but there was definitely nicer like hotels to stay there. A full moon parties. Like the only business at this island really gets. So it’s like important that you’re planning it out so you can kind of stay in a nicer place if you don’t want to stay in the hostel.

1 (9m 21s):
And did the hostel have like one shared bathroom or did your room have like a private bathroom?

6 (9m 26s):
We stayed in one with a private bathroom.

3 (9m 28s):
That’s the way to go. Yeah. Yeah. So I remember when we got there, there was a nice hotel with the same name as our hostel owned by the same

7 (9m 36s):

3 (9m 37s):
So we go to this hotel because it’s very it’s you can notice it really well. We getting, we’re like, damn, this is our

2 (9m 43s):

3 (9m 46s):
And we go to check in and they’re like, oh no, the hostels down the road a lot. So I think we walked or we got a ride in a truck. I

6 (9m 56s):
Went on the scooter and you went on the best.

3 (9m 58s):
Chelsea went on the bus and we were there first. And you were still waiting chase.

6 (10m 3s):
I remember because Fran got a ride on the moped.

3 (10m 6s):
I got a scooter, so me and Chelsea are already there. And then a few minutes later we see you riding up on the,

7 (10m 11s):

3 (10m 14s):
On the luggage, on the back of a scooter with some dude, right.

7 (10m 18s):
I’m like, damn,

3 (10m 19s):
He just caught us right here. Right down

7 (10m 20s):

4 (10m 22s):
Yeah. Well, do you remember what the name of the hotel and hostel was? So other people potentially don’t make the same mistake?

3 (10m 29s):
I don’t remember, but honestly you’re fine with whatever we booked this one really far in advance because we thought this was going to sell out. It’s such a popular event and it really is, but they’re fully equipped for the amount of tourists that are coming in. And I think we pay like 10 bucks a night each for this hostel, which we definitely did not need to go that cheap on, but there’s plenty of hostels. People showed up that day and got hostels or hotels and still be fine with anything. So really you’re not going to spend a whole lot of time in your place. So I wouldn’t really stress out too much about where you’re staying everywhere that you’re going to stay is just within a few blocks, walking distance to where the party is. So you’re pretty much good anywhere.

2 (11m 7s):
Do you remember what the cost was like if you decided not to go cheap, what would like go big? I mean

3 (11m 13s):
Maybe twice or three times the price. Also, if you’re going there just to go to the full moon party, it might be fun to stay in the hustle because everyone else there is going to full moon party too. So you can hang out together a little more social,

4 (11m 25s):
Make friends. It’s like part of the whole experience than at that.

7 (11m 27s):

3 (11m 29s):
Yeah. That’s what we thought. And when we were doing our research, something else to know is that a lot of the places would require three or four night stays. So some of the places we couldn’t book, we actually did stay three nights, but even some of them wanted more than three nights. So keep that in mind if you’re going to book out your trip

1 (11m 47s):
And is there a party every night for like the three nights or

3 (11m 53s):
The party does not stop in Copenhagen?

1 (11m 56s):
All right. So while we’re talking about the party, how do you prepare for it?

6 (11m 60s):
So we contemplated bringing neon stuff prior, but we were really happy once we got there because they had it everywhere at every single store and they have like good stuff. That’s like paint and all different kinds of outfits. So we felt good about that.

3 (12m 17s):
Did we go out shopping the day of, or the day before? I

6 (12m 20s):
Think we went the day

3 (12m 21s):
Of the day of, yeah, there’s plenty of shops, cute matching outfits. We had, we did, we had bright neon, yellow shorts, yellow, green shorts, and then black tops that had like splattered, neon paint, look to them. But we each had a different style shirt, but it was the same color. And plus the paints everywhere. So it’s not worth bringing on the plane cause cheaper there anyways.

4 (12m 42s):
Well, so you were saying that the Island’s entire industry is the once a month for the full moon. So clearly you could get all this stuff there. Now in terms of staying places on the island, he said it was relatively inexpensive in comparison. What about the supplies? I know it would be a burden to bring it, but are they marking up the supplies because that’s the main industry there and they know that’s when people are buying or still really cheap,

3 (13m 8s):
Still really cheap. I think our outfits were probably each piece, the shirt and the top were probably not more than 10 bucks each, if that,

1 (13m 17s):
So you got a $10 outfit and then you got a $10 per night hostile stay. Yeah.

3 (13m 21s):
And we bought neon glow in the dark body paint,

4 (13m 24s):
Like $5 buckets. Yeah.

6 (13m 27s):
Lots of, lots of $5 buckets.

3 (13m 29s):

4 (13m 30s):
You said glow in the dark paint. My question when Che was mentioned it earlier saying all the neon colors, my question was, I know it might sound stupid, but when I hear neon, I think of like black light. So do they have like any black lights set up, like around area on the beach or like really glow the dark paint that just reflects off the moon.

3 (13m 50s):
If it did, that’d be cool.

4 (13m 52s):
I mean, from the moon to light, not reflecting on the moon.

3 (13m 56s):
Definitely black lights. Yeah. Neon lights, like laser light comes like, like you’re walking down the beach and all the bars are on the beach. So it just like comes off the bars onto the sand, like they’re black lights.

2 (14m 9s):
So, Hey, question about your guys as hostile for all of your stuff. Did you guys have lockers to put your stuff? I mean, you guys got lucky cause no one was in there, but did you guys put your stuff in lockers? Do they have lockers and just how safe did you guys feel in terms of people rummaging through your stuff?

3 (14m 27s):
I think I just left my stuff out and felt fine about it.

6 (14m 30s):
I definitely had like locks for lockers that were in our hostel because when we left during the day, we didn’t know if somebody was going to end up coming in and staying. So when we left for a long period of time like that, we did have a locker. Yeah.

3 (14m 41s):
Yeah. If you’re planning to stay in a hostel, you should always bring your own lock, whether that’s to put on a provided locker or just to lock up your actual suitcase, that’s just a general good best practice to keep in mind. So

1 (14m 54s):
Back to the party,

3 (14m 55s):
Back to the party,

1 (14m 58s):
Tell us about how does the night start and how does it go through the night? Okay.

3 (15m 2s):
So first of all, in the preparation part, the night starts by putting on your outfit, body, painting it up. We also brought a whole bunch of blow up pink flamingos. So we body painted them France. We call them France. Great. Everyone loves France. She’s the life of the party and pre-game in the room. But when you step out of the room, boom, it actually, what provokes you to come out of the room is the EDM bumping and blaring. You can hear it from miles away. You’re like, okay, the party is going. We’ve got to get out there. Yeah. We’re like, we got to quit. Peyton guys. We got to get to the party also, like if you don’t want to buy the paint or paint, there’s like people all down the streets that you can like pay to paint your body for you to.

4 (15m 45s):
Well, so when you’re saying, you’re hearing all the music and the party going, I know you were saying Chelsea, that it’s all lined up on the bars on the beach, but is it really at the bars and the downtown or more people on the beach or really where’s the party really, really happening. Once it starts going

3 (16m 1s):

6 (16m 1s):

4 (16m 1s):
It’s on the beach

3 (16m 2s):
And the beach has just like full of bars that are open to the sand, basically like all along the whole beach.

6 (16m 9s):
So like the floor and the bar is the sand of the beach.

4 (16m 13s):
Oh wow. The whole,

3 (16m 14s):
The crowd just spills out. The crowd is covering the sand on the beach. It’s probably about a mile stretch of beach and yeah, it’s just beach club after beach club, after beach club that are all blaring, their different music with fire dancers and neon lights and Rangers.

1 (16m 30s):
And does the beach have a specific name? Cause I mean, it’s an island, so I’m sure around the island, there’s tons of beaches. So is there a specific area that this party is happening in

3 (16m 40s):
The area of the island? That the party’s on. It’s called and it’s a neighborhood and the beach of the party. Okay. So how the night goes, once you’re down into the main area, you have your bucket in hand, you just start perusing the beach. You go from club to club, to club. And what we did almost immediately because all of us have these flamingos on our backs. It was, we started attracting friends. And I think this probably goes for anyone there, even if you don’t have flamingos, but it’s a very social place where you’re going to meet people. Talk to people, have fun dance, laugh, make friends. We made one friend immediately. Do you guys remember his name? Benjamin, Benjamin. Who’s this guy from the UK who loved our flamingos and wanted to take them.

3 (17m 24s):
But then he just became our friend Flamingo. Can I take a picture with you? Oh yes. People were constantly wanting to take pictures with us. We were like the life of the party. To be honest.

6 (17m 35s):
I got a little scared to give my friends away

3 (17m 37s):
Though. Oh no, no. People were wanting to steal them. They were offering us money for them. We all have our bloat Flamingo wrapped around our necks on our shoulders. We’re like the only ones there that have them. Three white girls with three flamingos looking, looking all cool. You know,

1 (17m 50s):
What about dad? Does he have one around his shoulders too?

3 (17m 54s):
Oh, fortunately dad did not make it out to the full moon party because he got a little bout of Traveler’s diarrhea. Britney’s pills.

1 (18m 7s):
I was just about to say that he forgot to pick up my pills from

3 (18m 11s):
That gave him Cipro. Didn’t I,

6 (18m 13s):
I think we gave him some meds, but he’s already too far gone for it to work. Oh,

2 (18m 18s):
Poor guy.

3 (18m 19s):
But we had a great time.

1 (18m 22s):
And did your friend survive the night? Oh

6 (18m 24s):

4 (18m 24s):
We have all of them or one or two

3 (18m 26s):
We had brought for

4 (18m 27s):
Four was the fourth as a backup.

8 (18m 31s):

3 (18m 31s):
It’s a good thing. We did bring them back up. It was actually a one backup, like I said, there’s tons of crowds. So as you’re weaving through the crowd, there’s tons of people. So it’s Che. And then Chelsea and me behind her weaving through the crowd, like a little worm. And what do we see?

6 (18m 48s):
All of a sudden I’m walking through and the air is out of my Flamingo and I turned around so upset. And was it,

3 (18m 58s):
It was me. So I’m behind you. And I just see this guy right after you pass him, he comes behind you perpendicular and with his mouth, like some kind of ferocious bucket animal with his milk bites, friends, beak off the whole beak. Oh

8 (19m 17s):
My God.

3 (19m 19s):
And she immediately deflates in the beak falls to the floor. I’m like, why would you do that? It was so sad. Okay. So besides the flamingos, the other star of the show is the fire shows that go on at the full moon party. First of all, you’re going to see this huge sign that says full moon party. That’s all lit up and fire the people climate. It’s like a billboard size sign that people climb up in dance on crazy people out there. Also these two sitting in front of me, these Chelsea’s are part of those crazy people because in the middle of this massive crowd on the beach, there is a jump rope on fire that is swinging around and people are jump roping with drunk people, people, every single person that jumps in kids burned everyone.

3 (20m 2s):
Every single one. Did

2 (20m 3s):
You guys jump in?

3 (20m 4s):
Oh yeah. So of course they want to jump in.

4 (20m 7s):
I would’ve jumped into and I know I would have came out unscathed.

3 (20m 13s):
I want to see things.

4 (20m 15s):
You know what? Sometimes I’m a little reserved, but when I can go, I can go on. Let me tell you something. I would have came out unscathed.

3 (20m 23s):
Jamal might be a little bit bad catches hair,

4 (20m 26s):
The little chip little tidbit about Jamal. I used to be in elementary school in the jump rope club. By the way, I was in the jump rope club. And let me tell you something. I was able to do the Larry at which I won’t describe what it is, but I was the only person able to do

3 (20m 41s):

4 (20m 42s):
I will be able to jump that fire rope.

2 (20m 45s):
Yeah, you guys, your mom was like seven years old and he was the first person to be able to do the Larryette. I

4 (20m 51s):
Lost my flexibility, but I could still

2 (20m 54s):
Give you a hint of what kind of move that was

3 (20m 57s):
Just think he might be too tall. Now.

6 (20m 60s):
I think it depends on how many buckets you had before you Jump, bro.

3 (21m 5s):
I think Jamal could do two buckets and just duck a little. And then he might be like,

2 (21m 10s):
Jamal used to be able to get on his back and put both of his legs behind his head. I have a book shirt.

3 (21m 18s):
I can do that.

2 (21m 20s):
I swear to God.

9 (21m 20s):
It shows me that all the time. I’m just kidding.

3 (21m 25s):
Oh, we’re learning all kinds of things about your mom today.

6 (21m 27s):
So unfortunately Chelsea and I did get burned by. Yeah.

3 (21m 32s):
All right. We’re getting in line. We’re getting in line. I’m like, all right, give me the friends. I don’t want these little guys are burning coffee for more of them. I got the phone. I’m recording them. I think Jay, you go first, right? Yeah. You go first. I think you’re like, boom, boom, boom.

2 (21m 47s):

3 (21m 48s):
Out. She gets burned next up. I was like, you know what I know for sure. I’m going to get burned. Like I can’t frickin run into a fire jump rope. And I know that I’ve been burned by fire a lot of times. It’s fine. So it’s okay. I’m like I can’t come to the full moon party and not try it.

4 (22m 9s):
Well, it’s all part of the experience of everyone’s doing it. And it’s a social impact. Think you

3 (22m 13s):
Gotta try. You know, you’re

4 (22m 15s):
Not really going to catch on fire,

3 (22m 17s):
Bust Thailand who cares? I already have scars.

2 (22m 20s):
Once you get burned, do you get like kicked out?

3 (22m 23s):
No, everyone’s getting burned. They don’t care.

6 (22m 26s):
It’s kind of like, you know how people used to get in my circle at a dance and like people are going in there and like people in their breast moves, the fire jump rope was in the center of the circle. And so like everyone’s waiting their turn to go show off. So like once you’re burned and out, you got to get out of there because up next step.

2 (22m 44s):
So Kim, you didn’t get in. I

3 (22m 46s):
Didn’t get in because

4 (22m 47s):
You know exactly.

3 (22m 48s):
Yeah, someone’s got to do

4 (22m 49s):
It. Kim was being mom on this trip. I

6 (22m 51s):
Was just going to say, Kim was the mom. And that situation

3 (22m 54s):
Was right before I blacked out. I have another tip for you guys. When you’re at this full moon party, big crowds, like I said, a lot of music going, you may lose your friends. At one point, it happens to the best of us. But I have a trick of where you can always find your friends. And we actually use this with friends. We had met earlier in the day and they heard the call. What’s the call you Ask.

4 (23m 21s):
I’m really impressed with how articulate he’s got that all out. It sounded like a mating call of some sort of bird. I don’t even know the

3 (23m 29s):

4 (23m 29s):
Call, but I’m impressed. I’m very impressed.

3 (23m 31s):
So I swear to God, if you ever lose your friend in any situation, no matter how far they are and how loud it is, they will hear that call. And they were turned around. I’ve called names, scream, names, yelled, don’t hear anything don’t around. Then you do the call. Boom.

4 (23m 47s):
Let me hear it one more time. Chelsea. It’s so good. Every time, like it’s on point, it’s impressive. Jamal,

2 (23m 54s):
You try I’ll

4 (23m 55s):
Pass because it’s

1 (23m 56s):

4 (23m 56s):
Going to be as good as that. Like I’m genuinely impressed.

3 (23m 59s):
So Jay ended up going home a little bit earlier than me and Chelsea and as me and Chelsea are walking home, it’s broad daylight. At this point, we’re walking through the streets, back to our hostel, which is only a couple blocks. And we see this guy passed out in the street. He’s like gone or like not responding completely. And cars are now starting to come down the street and mopeds swerving around him and whatnot. And these Thai people are like, is this your friend? Do you know this guy? No, but it looks like he needs some help. So like a bunch of people come around takes like four or more people to move him into like the side of the street where the store is. And he starts to kind of like somewhat wake up. But not really. It was like early morning. And it was like people walking home from the full moon party.

3 (24m 40s):
And the student was just like passed out, drunk on the street.

4 (24m 43s):
I’m not going to end up like the guy on the road exactly.

3 (24m 47s):
Stay with your friends. So you don’t pass out in the street.

4 (24m 50s):
So I have a serious question. Is this the only place in Thailand where they have a full moon party? It’s the, you are aware of? Or is this the place of the full moon parties? If there’s like multiple,

3 (25m 3s):
It is where it started. Yeah.

6 (25m 5s):
We were on a different island before and they had very similar parties and bars, but this is like the true full

3 (25m 14s):
The, where it started, where they have it every month. It’s the most iconic. It’s the traditional one, but yeah. And co-PI P you can pretty much get the same thing on a little bit less of a scale,

4 (25m 24s):
But it’s not the,

3 (25m 25s):
This is definitely where you want to be. And it’s not just the full moon party. They have the half moon party the day before the full moon party, they have

6 (25m 33s):
The jungle party, the

3 (25m 34s):
Jungle party. And then yes, the next day, me and Derek had some glasses of wine on some beautiful day beds. And then I was really fucking tired and went to sleep. But you two crazies went out. I

6 (25m 46s):
Don’t think we came home until like five in the morning that

3 (25m 49s):
You guys like, we’re gonna go to bed. And we’re like, this is our last day here. We don’t know if we’re ever going to be here again

1 (25m 56s):
Before we get any further. I just want to point out that Kim was like the mom of this trips. I was sitting a day out, sleeping on a day bed with dad,

3 (26m 6s):
David. How is that sitting in the day out?

1 (26m 10s):
I’m just teasing him. So any

3 (26m 13s):

1 (26m 13s):
Mad tips about the party?

3 (26m 15s):
No lollipop

6 (26m 16s):
Rides. Oh, that’s oh one rule. Yes.

2 (26m 19s):
What is a lollipop?

3 (26m 22s):
So we call a lollipop rides where you get on someone’s shoulders and you dance on their shoulders. So there’s a lot of dancing at this party. So we’re like, ah, put me on your shoulders. Let’s dance. Not allowed, not allowed the one rule. There’s only one rule and it’s no shoulder rides.

2 (26m 37s):
And what happens if you do? I mean, obviously you’re saying that there are people there. I mean, are they getting in trouble? Are there police anywhere?

3 (26m 43s):
We did not get in trouble for riding shoulder rides, but

6 (26m 46s):
All of a sudden this Yeah,

2 (26m 51s):
They have security

3 (26m 52s):
Apparently just for shoulder, right?

2 (26m 55s):
You’re just like, I didn’t see security the entire night until someone got on someone’s shoulder and all that stuff. And they came out of nowhere. That’s

3 (27m 0s):

4 (27m 1s):
Other than the partying itself, what’s the biggest takeaway of the trip in terms of how you enjoyed it. What did you like other than the fact that it was just a big party?

3 (27m 13s):
So we went because of the full moon party, that’s the literal, only reason we went to this island. So that was the draw, that experience of being with all those tourists, just this amazing party that you’re literally never going to find anywhere else in the whole world. That was it. The experience.

4 (27m 28s):
So not like meeting strangers, doing the same thing, making friends. That’s what I mean by the question. I mean, obviously the part is the fun part, but in terms of any other takeaways from it, or is it all just one big Oregon board party and that’s really it.

3 (27m 43s):
We did make friends when we would make two, like we like saw the same people. We met the other islands and like, Hey, like these are our friends, people from COSIA Moines. We’re also coming to this island that we met up more soft. Yeah.

6 (27m 54s):
So a lot of people, there are obviously they went their whole trip to go to that party, but everybody’s like island hopping kind of in the same sequence that you are. So when you meet friends on one island, you’re going to see them most likely on another island. And so that was fun. Cause we’ve

3 (28m 11s):
Oh my God. We ran into a friend from San Diego there. Oh my stepsisters friend, Lauren, who would we hung out with here in San Diego? There was like a slide at the full moon party. There’s just like

2 (28m 25s):
A, what?

3 (28m 27s):
Just like crowd the crowd. So I went down the slide and I literally ran into her body and she’s from San Diego. And I was like, what the heck, Lauren? I just knocked into her on this slide. It was so random that a

1 (28m 41s):
Small world.

3 (28m 42s):
It really, for sure. That’s just what it is. Everyone’s there to party. Everyone’s there to have fun, make friends enjoy themselves and be at this iconic experience. And guess what? It’s free.

4 (28m 54s):

3 (28m 54s):
Are no tickets.

4 (28m 56s):
It’s just like a big part. It’s like it’s Mardi Gras. You’re just out on the streets at this case on the beach.

1 (29m 1s):
So one thing that you mentioned Kim was that the red bull was in glass containers. Was there any broken glass to worry about while you guys were on the beach? How did you carry your cash around? Did you feel like, oh yeah,

3 (29m 12s):
I definitely was like paying attention to my purse and my phone. I didn’t want my phone to get stolen. I was actually really proud of myself watching it, but I didn’t feel unsafe just because of having a situational awareness of what was going on. Even with the alcohol. This was the one day in the entire trip that I wore actual close toed shoes. I think we all did, right? Yeah.

6 (29m 32s):
We all wore like tennis shoes

3 (29m 33s):
And bonds for sure. There’s the potential for broken glass to be on the beach.

1 (29m 38s):

4 (29m 38s):
Any other final thoughts before we get to your favorite of the episode, Kim, when we get to questions of the week, is there any other final thoughts that you, or at the Chelsea’s half about the full moon party?

3 (29m 49s):
I just want Chelsea to talk about her experience with, you know, how we always say, bring extra underwear, bring a spare pair of underwear to change into Chelsea. How many pairs of spare underwear did you bring on this trip? Well, I busted that myth. What? You don’t need, any underwear, You guys are wrong. You don’t need a spare pairs of underwear. You need none. What happened to your underwear during this trip? Well, I did bring some

2 (30m 21s):
Don’t tell me someone stole your underwear.

7 (30m 24s):

3 (30m 25s):
Had a backpack. I had a backpack with like a clip-on extra bag on it. Filled with

1 (30m 29s):
Your underwear apparently.

3 (30m 30s):
Well in your swimsuits too. Right? We’ll get to that. When we were winging my backpack at the airport, I took that piece off to make my backpack seem lighter, but there’s a lesson in overpacking for all of you. When I got to Thailand, it was not there. So we don’t know if it ended up at the airport or if it’s in China, we don’t know, but theory. But the thing is, it was filled with all of my bathing suits, all of my underwear and all of my socks. So I ended up in Thailand with none of those things And I did not wear it at work. Gave me a thong. I borrowed the whole time I wore twice because we did laundry one time and I wore it again.

3 (31m 12s):
But besides that You don’t need underwear,

1 (31m 17s):
Jay, what’s your theory on what happened to her underwear?

6 (31m 20s):
So she over-packed, she took it off. She put it in her backpack. Then when we’re on the actual flight, it was in her backpack and she like, she

3 (31m 29s):
Stole the airplane

7 (31m 30s):

6 (31m 31s):
She stole the airplane blanket. And so she had to unpack the lid, which was holding all of this stuff. And then it got lost on the airplane. She left

3 (31m 41s):
It. So someone got all my good.

6 (31m 44s):
She didn’t realize it until we were already there.

1 (31m 46s):
Well, that sucks. But what a good fun story to remember?

2 (31m 52s):
Thanks for busting that myth for us. So you’ve heard it here. You either need twice as much underwear or no underwear at all.

1 (31m 59s):
Or you can borrow a thong from Kim

3 (32m 4s):
And wash it once while you there. Okay. I didn’t wear it the whole time. I wore it twice. And then the other time I just had no underwear.

1 (32m 10s):
So I think Kim, it’s your favorite time of the episode?

3 (32m 14s):
So we have a new thing. We’re trying out with our guests where instead of our beautiful sing song of questions of the week, we’re going to have our guests too. It was

1 (32m 26s):
Time for the question

4 (32m 35s):
About a

3 (32m 35s):

2 (32m 38s):
Because we were really good idea. Cause now we can do kind of like choir, like question.

1 (32m 42s):

3 (32m 42s):
Can even wrap it up. All right. Who’s our first question from

2 (32m 51s):
All right. We’ll from Philadelphia. Thanks. Well, he asks, did you feel safe?

6 (32m 57s):
I never felt unsafe there,

4 (32m 59s):
But not in terms of physical safety in terms of possessions. I know Kim kind of touched on that. Like earlier when she said she was like watching her phone and other stuff, but there was never a thought of petty pickpocketing or anything like that.

3 (33m 11s):
Definitely read that. That could happen and did happen a lot. So I think I had more of an awareness about it, just because of that.

6 (33m 17s):
Thank you. We’re all wearing like Fanny packs and the zippers on the inside. We had flat ones. So the zipper was on the inside.

4 (33m 24s):
So you guys took basic precautious felt good. Okay, good, good, good.

2 (33m 28s):
So I know, I always joke around about serious question, but like legit, legit, serious question. How about for your drinks? Did you leave those unsupervised? I mean, did, at any point, do you feel like with so many people around that you felt unsafe about like someone doing something to your drink?

3 (33m 43s):
I probably did leave them unsupervised, but we were okay. I never felt threatened because everyone there is a tourist, so I’m sure there are bad people there, but I never felt like I needed to be that worried about anything. Even with the friends we had made that day, like, I’m pretty sure we had them hold our drink when we went to the bathroom and stuff. I just didn’t feel that no, like during the time Derek dad was like, you guys can’t go out alone. Me and Chelsea was like brew going out alone, dad, we’re fine. And we felt safe. My dad never says that to me.

4 (34m 13s):
I never tell you what to do.

2 (34m 16s):
Okay. Moving on to the next question. We’ve got Allie from North Carolina. Thanks Sally. For your question. Do you need a visa for Thailand?

6 (34m 25s):
No visas. They

3 (34m 26s):
Let anyone in

2 (34m 28s):
To the country and to the party.

1 (34m 31s):
So our last question is from Isabella, from Washington. Thank you, Isabella, for engaging with us, she asks, how much did you guys spend on Copenhagen,

6 (34m 39s):
But do you think Kim, you and I were planning all the costs out

3 (34m 42s):
Seriously though. I think between ferry to get their ferry to get back hostile for three nights, it was about 60 bucks for the day tour. We did nothing for the party, but then 20 bucks for the outfit in the paint, probably another 40 on drinks per person. Maybe

6 (34m 59s):
I know, I want to say like $300, but I don’t even feel like we spent that much.

3 (35m 2s):
Well, we didn’t even talk about the rest of our time on the island either and the food too. So the food is also very cheap and very good. Yeah. A meal, a full meal of pad Thai or on the street was a dollar 15. It was the very best pad Thai I’ve ever had in my life. It was so good. So really cheap. You could do a three day full moon party for one person, probably spend a hundred bucks and you’ll be just fine.

1 (35m 25s):
That’s not bad at all. It’s very affordable,

3 (35m 28s):

4 (35m 29s):
And with booze, that’s actually really impressive.

3 (35m 33s):
Five to $6 a bucket, your good food, super cheap and good, highly recommend.

1 (35m 39s):
So I’m so glad you guys had a good time. Sounds like it was a blast and a big thanks to both the Chelsea’s for being our guests of the week. We really appreciate you guys being here. Whew.

2 (35m 50s):
Thanks for taking us through that ranger.

3 (35m 52s):
Thanks for tuning in to this week’s episode, to keep the adventures going. Be sure to follow us on Instagram at Travel Squad Podcast and tag us in all of your adventures and send us in those questions.

2 (36m 4s):
And if you found the information in this episode to be useful, or if you thought we were just playing funny, please share it with a friend that would enjoy it, too.

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Subscribe, rate, and review our podcast and tune in every travel Tuesday for new episodes.

1 (36m 18s):
Make sure to pack your bag, grab your beanie and your snowshoes because next week we’re taking with us to Idaho.

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