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9 of the country’s most incredible national parks, all located in the Western U.S. state of California. 

The itinerary goes to each of the California's 9 National Parks in this order:
  - Joshua Tree National Park
  - Death Valley National Park 
  - Sequoia National Park 
  - Kings Canyon National Park 
  - Yosemite National Park 
  - Lassen Volcanic National Park 
  - Redwood National Park 
  - Pinnacles National Park
  - Channel Islands National Park  

Get ready to explore the diverse natural landscapes and structures within California's 9 national parks including forests with the largest and tallest trees in the world, granite rock formations, beautiful canyons, and valleys, desserts, and islands. 

Where the California National Parks Itinerary Goes:

               41-pages of expert advice to help you navigate your California national parks road trip and maximize your experience. The guide includes the best things to do in each park, recommended hikes, things to see, where to stay near the national parks, and recommendations for where to eat for each stop on the California National Park road trip.
It also includes the driving route, mileage and time it takes to drive between them, packing lists, and tips on where to fly into and what kind of car to rent. 



April 2024

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13 Day California National Parks Road Trip Itinerary
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California's 9 National Park Road Trip Map

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What to pack

Where to stay each night

How This Itinerary Will Help You
The exact route to take to visit each park including mileage between parks, how much time to allot for driving, and what time to leave to stay on schedule. The itinerary includes routes for these legs of the trip so you can visit all 9 in one trip, or break it up and take different legs across multiple trips.
  • Joshua Tree to Death Valley 
  • Death Valley to Sequoia 
  • Sequoia to Kings Canyon
  • Kings Canyon to Yosemite 
  • Yosemite to Lassen Volcanic
  • Lassen Volcanic to Redwood 
  • Redwood to Pinnacles 
  • Pinnacles to Channel Islands

Where to Stay

Hotel recommendations for each night on the 13 day California National Park Road Trip including hotels we actually stayed in and a couple other recommendations.Where to stay in Moab
  • Where to stay in Yosemite 
  • Where to stay in Sequoia & Kings Canyon 
  • Where to stay near Lassen Volcanic 
  • Where to stay near Redwood National Park 
  • Where to stay near Channel Islands National Park 
  • Where to stay near Death Valley 
  • Where to stay near Joshua Tree 

Hiking Recommendations in Each National Park

Hikes we did in each park including mileage, difficulty level, how much time to allow for each hike, what you can expect to see along the hikes, and tips for what to pack to make this hike more special. That could mean an extra warm jacket, bear spray, or a lunch - either way we have you covered! We also include park hours, park entrance fees and a general schedule of when to start the hike to make time to do everything in the itinerary.
  • Best hikes in Joshua Tree National Park 
  • Best hikes in Death Valley National Park 
  • Best hikes in Sequoia National Park 
  • Best hikes in Kings Canyon National Park
  • Best hikes in Yosemite National Park
  • Best hikes in Lassen Volcanic National Park 
  • Best hikes in Redwood National Park 
  • Best things to do in Channel Islands National Park 

length of trail

Activities & Extras

We include everything you need to just show up and have fun! The itinerary lists unique overlooks, things to do, and other things to do on the trip that aren’t hiking. We also share packing lists, helpful squad tips, and tips for navigating the airport and rental car to begin and end your trip.
  • Drive between each national park 
  • Packing list for the California National Park road trip itinerary
  • Airports to fly into
  • Where to get a rental car

When you purchase the itinerary, you will be redirected to a link where you can immediately download the itinerary, in PDF format. Due to the immediate access to all the information, we do not provide refunds. However, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, contact us and let us know. We want to hear from you.

What's your refund policy?

Yes! Time is money. This itinerary is designed to save the guesswork of what to do, what to see, and where to sleep and give you the costs so you can budget for this trip. We also give squad tips that will help save on things like car rentals and getting the best hotel rate. You can also check out our episode with money saving travel tips to save even more on this trip and others!

Will this save me any money?

Absolutely! You'll still need to sleep, visit, and get from spot to spot.
You'll find all that in our itinerary and more! While there are a few advanced hikes listed in the itinerary, we offer alternate options as well. We've also packed in the viewpoints we visited, and how to structure your day to maximize your trip and do everything you want to do.

I don't like to hike. Will I still find value in this itinerary?

A lot! There are nine national parks in the state of California. We provide an itinerary that replicates our experience within the parks including hikes,
overlooks, and experiences we did and can vouch for that they’re worth it.

What is there to do in California's National Parks?

This itinerary breaks down everything in one PDF guide. We have several episodes onCalifornia's National Parks. The itinerary adds even more value by planning every detail of a 13-day trip so all you have to do is truly book it, show up and enjoy the trip. We learn a lot on our trips about things that were worth it, things we wish we did, and the optimal route to take if we could do it over. You benefit from those learnings with this itinerary! Our podcast episodes tell you what we did, but not to the level of detail you'll find within our itinerary.

What's different about your itinerary from your podcast episode?

California National Parks Itinerary F.A.Q.

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