The Best Time to Visit Zion National Park is NOW!

We’re convincing you that the best time to visit Zion National Park is NOW! It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting Zion in the summer or Zion in the winter, the park has amazing sights and things to do in both seasons! You should visit Zion National Park during both seasons!

This is one of America’s most popular parks, absolutely gorgeous with some of the coolest hikes in the country. In this episode we tell you how to visit Zion National Park in terms of where to fly into, how to find parking, and how to master the shuttle bus syste in the summer.

We’ve done the Angels Landing Zion hike during winter and summer and give you the details and inspiration for doing both yourself. The other most popular thing to do here is the Zion Narrows hike which treks through a towering slot canyon as you wade through the river. There are SO many questions around this so we tell you exactly how to hike the narrows at Zion so you know what gear to rent, how to dress, and the best time of year and day to do it.

We absolutely love this park, and know you will too!

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Visit Zion National Park – Episode Transcript

0 (1m 15s):
Welcome to episode 97 of the Travel Squad podcast. Today, we’re taking you to the Zion national park, which is one of my favorite national parks in the country.

2 (1m 40s):
This is my second time visiting the park. And I feel like I’ve gotten a really great experience of this park because this time we went, it was very hot. It was summer. The first time that I went, it was January. It was snow everywhere. We’re making snow angels all over the place. It was beautiful. It’s equally as beautiful in the summer though. I’m really glad that we got to do it in both seasons as a squad. It’s definitely a bucket list item. And I’m so excited to talk about it for more than one reason today.

1 (2m 5s):
Yeah. And while it was Kim’s second time, this is Brittany. And I’s fourth time going to Zion. I feel like we’ve talked about Zion many times in many different episodes and we’ve never done a Zion episode. And finally, we’re bringing it to you guys. So super, super excited about that. It’s such a quick and easy drive from Las Vegas. So we always like to try to squeeze in a trip to Zion when we go to Vegas and have the opportunity to do so. And Xi’an is known for many things, but one of my favorite things about Zion is the narrow red canyons and mountains that you see when you’re there. It’s such a beautiful Utah desert landscape. And it really reminds me of Sedona, Arizona. I know a lot of people know of Sedona. They love it, but just imagine Sedona on a more majestic national park scale.

1 (2m 50s):
And this is what you get when you come to Zion and even more exciting. We took this trip with our friend and honorary squad members, Charlotte, and we have Charlotte here today, joining us on the podcast. So Charlotte, so stoked. You’re here with us today.

4 (3m 5s):
Hi, how are you guys doing?

1 (3m 7s):
I’m fantastic. You’re here. I said it

4 (3m 10s):
Finally made it to the podcast.

0 (3m 12s):
Yes. Charlotte has been a little upset because she has taken a few trips with us. She was on our Yellowstone and grand Tetons trip and she also made it on a trip to Santa Barbara with us. And we haven’t done an episode on that yet. And she has been upset with us because she hasn’t made her podcast appearance. But here she is today,

4 (3m 31s):
I’m mostly upset because the grand Teton is, was probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen traveling so far.

2 (3m 38s):
And we kind of screwed you out of being on that episode.

4 (3m 41s):
It’s okay. But

2 (3m 42s):
What’s funny is that that trip we took over a year ago now to grand Tetons in Yellowstone, it was in the middle of COVID when COVID was kind of starting to reopen. And so we had that trip plan, but we also had a back-up trip plan to Utah that would go to Xi’an. It would go to several other parks. And I kind of told Charlotte about it. I sent her the info, but Charlotte’s the kind of traveler best kind of traveler. Who’s just like, yep, I’ll be there. And doesn’t really ask a lot of questions. Isn’t really difficult. So she got the back-up trip itinerary to Utah, and we were going to Utah

0 (4m 13s):
And she’s like, wait guys, we’re not steering you talk. There we go.

2 (4m 16s):
While we were already in Wyoming, she’s asking them

4 (4m 19s):
I totally packed wrong for the whole trip.

1 (4m 22s):
Well, not only that we had our flights flyers to salt lake city because we went to salt lake city first and then drove up to Wyoming to go to grand Teton and Yellowstone. So, you know what you thought we were going to Utah the first time when you were an honorary squad member. And this time we finally took you to Utah, like legitimately, not just airport and driving through legitimately to you to

4 (4m 44s):
Finally made it to Utah, very satisfied,

0 (4m 48s):
Welcome to the podcast, Shar. And we’re going to dive right into Zion with some tips

1 (4m 53s):
Like Kim says always tips first. I’d love it.

2 (4m 55s):
Dip in with the

1 (4m 56s):
with the tip. First one, you know what? Brittany always says this. So I’m just going to jump in and say it and kind of switch it up a little bit, download offline maps. We say it all the time, because it really is vital and important. If you don’t know this, you can go to your Google maps, download a specific region offline that way. When you don’t have service, you can utilize the maps as if you have service. And when you’re in remote areas and national parks, or even when you’re not in the national park, yet you’re in remote areas of the desert driving to this place. You will have your maps very much needed.

2 (5m 29s):
Yeah. When we were at the outfitter shop buying our sticks, I already did not have service. And I was in the middle of a couple major text conversations in that moment. And I totally lost service and goes to those people.

1 (5m 40s):
Yeah. The outfitter spot that where we got our hiking sticks for The Narrows, it’s in the town of Springdale, just right outside the national park. So we’re even in a city that’s on the outside and service is scarce. So you need it.

0 (5m 54s):
Speaking of The Narrows, if you’ve seen any pictures of The Narrows, it’s Zion national park, and it’s been a bucket list hike for all of us here. And one of the tips that we have is to bring two pairs of shoes on this trip, one for hiking, if you’re going to do more hiking and then one pair of shoes for The Narrows. And as we get into that hike, you’re gonna hear more about why, but The Narrows is just a hike through a river bed. And so you’re going to want a second pair of shoes because your feet are going to get very wet.

2 (6m 21s):
And as with all things national parks, especially lately book ahead of time, book your hotel ahead of time, book your car rental ahead of time. Even if you plan on using the page shuttle service book, that as far ahead of time, as you can, because the one thing that we definitely noticed that was different from this time, from the winter when we went so many people,

0 (6m 42s):
So crowded, yes. And the prices spike in summer, because everyone’s going in the summer. I know that we booked our hotel several months in advance. We paid like 2 25 for a night. And I looked a few weeks before we went maybe a month before we went, just to see how the prices were and they were double or triple the price.

1 (7m 2s):
I mean, imagine one night close to $500. That’s how popular this national park is. I mean, if any of you have Instagram or any sort of social media, I guarantee you’ve seen a reel of somebody doing any one of the two hikes that we’re going to talk about here later in the episode, The Narrows and angels landing, very, very crowded.

2 (7m 18s):
And then another tip for how to get there. There are two airports in Utah that we’d recommend flying into. One is salt lake city. That’s a little bit farther away, but the airport we would recommend closest one is the Las Vegas airport

1 (7m 31s):
That Las Vegas airport is not in Utah. Kim, you just said too, in Utah, you mean Nevada too,

2 (7m 37s):
For getting to this Nash. There

1 (7m 38s):
You go.

2 (7m 39s):
There we go. Thank you for correcting me. Don’t want to mislead people. But the Las Vegas airport is actually about three hours away from this park. So it’s closer than the salt lake city one. But if you’re planning on doing any of the other Utah national parks, we have a national park itinerary coming up on Utah’s mighty five. So in that case, maybe salt lake, city’s better for your itinerary.

0 (7m 60s):
Good point, Kim, good point.

1 (8m 1s):
And one thing piggybacking off of what you said about, if you fly into Las Vegas, do keep in mind. Nevada is one hour behind Utah in terms of time zones. So if you are going to be leaving from Las Vegas and driving into Utah for that short two and a half, three hour drive to get to Zion national park, once you cross state lines, you’re going to lose an hour. So plan accordingly based on whenever you have the shuttle or what time you think you want to get into the park to start your hike, make sure it’s that local Utah time. And not that our behind in Nevada,

2 (8m 31s):
It’s also worth noting that because it is just three hours. You can make this a day trip. It doesn’t have to be an overnighter if you don’t want it to be.

1 (8m 38s):
I think this was the first time we actually did Zion overnight. Every time that we’ve been to Vegas and then gone to Zion, it’s been a day trip. So this was the first time and Charlotte was there for it.

4 (8m 49s):
And I did enjoy the hotel. We

1 (8m 50s):
Still are. The hotel was all bomb. I can’t wait until we get to that portion of, we met some fun people in the spa jacuzzi later that night. Yeah, it wasn’t a good time.

0 (8m 58s):
So Kim talked about it already kind of in the intro, the weather and in Zion national park, it snows in the winter. Some of the trails actually closed down because there’s ice on the trail. But in the summer there’s excessive heat. It can be a hundred plus per day. And then another fun fact is that in July, August, September, it’s monsoon season, and there’s a ton of flash floods. And so we actually had just gotten back from the trip and we saw a flash flood on Instagram and it wiped out one of the roads, the park closed down. It was pretty crazy. And any time that there’s monsoons or flash floods, you can’t hike the narrows or some of the trails. So, you know, we went in June, which was the perfect time to go. We

2 (9m 38s):
Got really lucky with the weather we

0 (9m 39s):
Did. Yes.

1 (9m 41s):
I mean, it was hot, lucky in the terms of no rain and flash flood, which came two weeks later because we went early June and then two weeks later, it’s that started that little rainy season. And even if it’s not raining in the park, it could rain 50 to 75 miles away. Believe me, if that downpour comes into the desert, it all flows down the Virgin river, which is what you hike the narrows in. And it is very dangerous. Flash floods, people actually die. So the park Rangers tell you all the time, if they’re expecting those flash floods, because there’s rain in the vicinity, you should definitely not do that. So do keep that in mind, in terms of just general safety.

2 (10m 16s):
I think that there are more deaths in Zion or like Yellowstone.

1 (10m 21s):
I would say Zion, I don’t want to discourage anybody from doing this. And again, we’re going to talk about The Narrows and the hike when we get to it here. But I feel like every year there’s always one person that dies hiking The Narrows because of a flash flood. And I don’t know if someone dies every year and Yellowstone, but maybe Yellowstone in general is more dangerous because people are done with the bison and they get charged by the bison and gorged and all that stuff.

2 (10m 43s):
We’ve heard of a lot of grizzly situations.

0 (10m 46s):
That’s true. We have,

1 (10m 47s):
We have that. We have, but I, I, but I think the actual grizzly death total is still less than people who die in The Narrows. Wow. In terms of collectively, not every year. So,

0 (10m 58s):
So another thing that you guys should know about is the parking at Zion national park. There’s actually very limited parking. And in the summer you have to get there very early to get in any of the close slots. The parking lot starts to fill up around eight, 9:00 AM. Maybe even earlier,

1 (11m 14s):
I was going to say, you’re giving them a late time. I would say eight, nine. You’re for sure. Going to be already out. I would say you want to be there like six and even seven possibly out at that time during busy season, during the summer, at least the Zion national park parking lots because we didn’t touch on this yet during summer, you have to take a shuttle into the park. So you park take a shuttle and it stops you where you want to go. The city of Springdale has parking all throughout the city. And if you park anywhere outside of the Zion national park parking lot, it is paid parking that is available still, probably at the time. But the Zion national park parking lot really close right at the shuttle definitely fills up early. And so

0 (11m 54s):
Don’t be confused because there’s two shuttle systems. There is the spring Dale shuttle system that gets you in and out of Springdale to the national park entrance. And then there is the Zion national park shuttle system, which goes throughout the national park. And we learned that even if you park in Springdale, that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to get on the shuttle because the shuttle passed us. That was super crowded. And so we ended up having to walk to the entrance ourselves.

1 (12m 17s):
Conversely though, during the winter, they do not have the shuttle and you can drive in your car. And Brittany and I have been to Zion in the winter twice. One of those times with Kim. And even though the hikes that you can do are limited because of the weather. It’s majestic on another level because of that, less people in there. So it’s more to yourself. You see it in that winter setting with the snow. But if you go during winter, for whatever reason do keep in mind, you can actually drive your car in. But during summer months you have to take the shuttle. So look online. I think sometimes the national park changes when they will start and in the shuttle. So look online, always to see when those times are

2 (12m 51s):
A coworker of mine went about a month before we did in may. And he was telling me all about two different options you can use to get into the park. One is you can rent these like electric assisted bikes. So you don’t have to peddle your whole way in, but it’s from miles and miles. You’re just on this electric bike and you get to see the beautiful landscape. So that sounded nice. If we had more time, there’s also paid private shuttles that you can rent that will get you in earlier than the Zion national park shuttle starts running for just a short price. And it could be a private shuttle for just your group to,

0 (13m 21s):
Yeah, the Zion shuttles say they start at 6:00 AM, but that doesn’t mean you actually can show up at six and get on one. If you show up at six, you’re not going to get on one till about

2 (13m 31s):
Eight, which is what happened to us.

0 (13m 33s):
So yes, like Kim said, you can pay for a private shuttle and go straight to the trail head that you want to go to. I mean, you’re going to have to pay for it because these other shuttles are free, but it may be worth it depending on the situation you’re in. If you’re constricted on time, where you want to beat the crowds, probably good option.

1 (13m 49s):
And one last little thing that I want to say before we get into the real meat and potatoes of the episode and talk about our good time is this was really weird. This is the first time that I really noticed that they had the walk-in entrance to the national park. You can drive in when it’s open for you to take your car into the park. Otherwise there’s a specific and separate entrance that you do for the walk and that gets you to the shuttles. And that’s the first time this trip that we all took together, where we had to use that. So keep that in mind, if you’re going and you’re parking, they’re going to drop you off. You’re going to have a separate entrance that is specifically for pedestrians to walk into the park versus the main entrance that you’re going to see where all the cars go through.

1 (14m 29s):
So do keep that in mind, depending on how you’re getting into the park.

0 (14m 32s):
So we’re going to dive right into The Narrows and to get to The Narrows. We’ll like we said, we took the shuttle and there’s nine stops on the shuttle system. And so to get to The Narrows, you have to stop at the very last stop, stop number nine. And that’s where The Narrows hike begins. And it’s a paved path at the very, until you get down to the river bed. But why does it someone describe like what The Narrows is?

4 (14m 56s):
Okay. I got this guys. The Narrows is the most popular hike in Zion park. You look up on both sides. There’s about 2000 feet in front of you. It is incredible beautiful views at certain parts, you’ll be walking ankle deep. And then all of a sudden you will be waist deep in water. Just seeing everyone around you, of all ages and children, older people hiking, the same hike.

2 (15m 20s):
It was pretty crazy actually. And there were even some parts that were so deep that Charlotte was like, you want to swim in there? I was like, I don’t know.

1 (15m 27s):
But you know what? That was one of the coolest things. I’m actually glad that you really mentioned that Charlotte is because you saw literally kids like children as young as five, I would say. And a lot of older people also up into their sixties, seventies, even attempting to do this. And you know, for the most part, you really are waiting ankle to shin deep in the water itself. But at some points, yeah, it got deep. I remember when we first got to the point where it really got deep and it passed our waist kind of like mid chest a little bit. I was like, oh my God. Like, I wasn’t expecting that at that point. So yeah, very cool.

2 (16m 4s):
But those spots are few and far between. So when you come around, this is the time w you know, we always want to tell you what the bathrooms are like on the trail. So when you get to those deep spots, there you go.

1 (16m 15s):
Can I be honest? Can I be honest with you guys at one point? Not going, but on our return trip, back down the canyon and The Narrows eyes told Brittany at one point, I was like, I’m going to have to take my time in here. And I’m really going to pee once we got to like that waist and mid chest deep. Oh yeah. I definitely keyed in that area.

2 (16m 35s):

1 (16m 35s):
Yeah. Who else did pee in there? Everybody. Pete in there. I think everyone who had to pee peed in that section,

4 (16m 42s):
Should we touch on the state of the bathrooms at the national park at 8:00 AM? Verse the state.

1 (16m 49s):
Yeah. Like why, where the shuttle drops you off before you start? Yeah, go hit on that.

2 (16m 54s):

4 (16m 55s):
We were in a company, absolutely different bathroom. We had to look at each other. It was a disaster, but what

0 (17m 1s):
Was ADM? Like?

4 (17m 2s):
It was beautiful. It was clean. Everyone was waiting in line. It was very organized. There was

2 (17m 7s):
Toilet paper

4 (17m 9s):

0 (17m 10s):
And we finished the hike. It’s like 6:00 PM. What happens? Then he walked into the bathroom. I

4 (17m 15s):
Think Kim should take this.

2 (17m 17s):
It’s literally like a toilet bomb went off. There was paper everywhere. One toilet was covered in shit. Oh my God, there was another bathroom. There was something creepy, every

0 (17m 32s):

2 (17m 32s):
Bat. Every woman that came in said, what the hell happened in here?

4 (17m 36s):

1 (17m 37s):
They asked that question as Kim was leaving. If I’m being honest, I think she’s the one who dropped the bomb that she was talking about on that.

2 (17m 43s):
Oh, that could not have possibly been me. That was like a, literally got

1 (17m 48s):
National bathrooms are always hit or miss. And you know, sometimes you get some that are really clean. They don’t smell whatsoever. And like you said, in the morning, it was fine. But you know, throughout the day, I mean, there’s going to be, there’s going to be a collection. Right. But you told me that about the ladies room, the men’s room had a smell to it, but it was actually still cleaned, which shocks me because you would expect men to be dirtier. And so I come out and just thinking to myself, oh man, like I had a lucky in there compared to what you ladies are describing. So I think

2 (18m 19s):
Brittany, you didn’t even use the bathroom. Yeah,

0 (18m 21s):
No. Cause I was holding a line for the shuttle. And so you and Charlotte went and then Jamal went and when you guys came back, you’re like, Nope. And I was like, I am holding it.

4 (18m 30s):
It’s a good call.

0 (18m 31s):
And I waited until we went to back to the visitor center, pristine bathrooms there at 6:00 PM.

1 (18m 36s):
Cause they got janitors there on the rag. It’s not in the middle of the park. I mean, they got all the employees working there, but I’m glad we touched on the bathrooms, but let’s back it up and talk a little bit more about The Narrows. I mean, this is too epic to not really get into a little bit more detail here on it. And you just see the different colors of the canyon walls. I mean, you’re literally hiking through a river that you have the canyon walls. They go up anywhere between hundreds to sometimes. I mean, it feels like thousands of feet above you, right? It’s almost like is a bad analogy, but a good analogy at the same time, like your own mini grand canyon. And imagine you being at the bottom of it and you’re just hiking through it and you see all these different colors, everyone’s doing the same thing as you and experiencing it.

1 (19m 19s):
There’s almost this kind of like comradery, even though there’s too many people there that kind of pulls from it. It also makes it exciting at the same time. So there’s that little give and take. But I enjoyed it. I don’t know though, because we’ve been talking about doing this hike for years, if that, now that we did it, I was expecting more from it. And I don’t want to say didn’t enjoy it. But at the same time, like I thought there was going to be more, but it’s still a hike that you have to do absolutely XY on

2 (19m 45s):
And not just are the beautiful red rocks towering over you, but then you have this turquoise blue water that you’re going through. So the contrast between the red and the blue just makes it look so beautiful and the water is really clear and it, and it’s just cold and it’s a whole vibe. Yes, I do think it’d be better without all the people, but it was never crowded to the point where we were like shoulder to shoulder.

0 (20m 7s):
Yeah. Right. And of course like any hike at the very beginning, there’s going to be more people there. But the really cool thing about this hike is it’s a very long end point and you can kind of pick and choose when you want to turn back and head back.

2 (20m 19s):
How long is it? Totally. If we were to go to the very end, I

0 (20m 22s):
Want to say it would take us. If we wanted to go to the very end, it would take about four hours. And we went about two hours. We only went like half,

6 (20m 30s):
Nine miles,

1 (20m 31s):
Two hours in one direction. Mind you, I just want to say we went so four hours in one, four hours back, eight hours full day hike if you really want to go far. But that is one thing that was actually really cool. You’re right. A lot of people get in there. It’s one of those things everyone’s excited. Some people turn around a little too early. The further you go back, those crowds thin out and you have more of the park and The Narrows to yourself. The further you go. So do keep that in mind, the crowds that,

0 (20m 57s):
And I had looked at a map and I wanted to get at least to wall street and I wanted to get to that point because that’s where the walls of the canyon start to narrow in even more and like really become The Narrows. And I knew that looking at a map, we would have to pass this junction of another stream, like entering into The Narrows. And that was called the order Ville canyon. And so I knew that when I saw that we were going to be pretty close to that section.

1 (21m 21s):
And I think we made it to wall street before we turned around at that point too. We did pass that. And I don’t know what was going on with you ladies, Kim, Charlotte, if Brittany and I were just going too fast, or I know you were taking your time and join it, it’s so beautiful too. But when we got to that split point, you know, there was a couple other times that Brittany and I slowed down waited for you guys. But when we really got to that split, we said, we have to stop. Like, I don’t know if Kim and Charlotte aren’t going to go the wrong way down this one. And then we waited. And then I think Charlotte, you were actually starting to go down that way, Charlotte, Charlotte. And then you’re like, oh yeah. You’re like, oh yeah, if you guys weren’t here, we would have gone the other way

4 (21m 60s):
I can, the lighting changes on the canyon walls. We were really freely

2 (22m 4s):
Enjoying or in the moment.

0 (22m 6s):

1 (22m 6s):
No, it’s great. It’s great. We were in the moment just as well too. But when we got to that spot, I knew we had to stop otherwise. Well maybe yeah, go with the wrong way.

2 (22m 16s):
You guys confessed that you, you were getting out and going on the side banks. And so this is something I didn’t know before doing The Narrows is that it’s not all river. You don’t have to be in the water the entire time. There’s a lot of times where there’s dry parts on the side. So you can get up onto the sides and just hike. You don’t have to wait through the water the whole time. There are some parts where you have to be in the water. There is no side. So Brittany and Jamal, any chance they could, they would get out to the side and walk the dry parts where me and Charlotte were like, we’re splish, splash and around. And we want to be in the water.

1 (22m 48s):
Well, I don’t think it was because, and you are correct, but, but I don’t think it was because we were trying to avoid the water. I enjoyed being in it. But like we said, it’s ankle to about shin, knee high and you’re right. Certain points of it is very, very clear. Some points, not so much. So we all rented our hiking sticks, which I think we should touch on a little bit more later before we forget about where we got it from how much it costs, because they’re vital. Because if you don’t have those hiking sticks, sometimes you can’t see the bottom of the river. And so you’re waiting through all these uneven rocks. So you need that hiking stick. So sometimes when there is that little bit of opening, I said to myself, it’s easier for me to just kind of get off to the side and bypass.

1 (23m 32s):
It’s not very long, those little bypasses, but you know, versus waiting in the water and how slow it is navigating through all those rocks and not seeing the bottom. It does give you a little bit more extra time that you save. So I think that’s probably how he got in front. You guys too. But I think a lot of it wasn’t because we didn’t want to be in it, but because it was giving our feet a little reprieve in a way.

0 (23m 53s):
Yeah. So Jamal, you mentioned something great, the hiking stick. And so that really just leads us into our next section, which is squad tips for The Narrows. So we rented our hiking stick for $9 a stick from Zion adventure company. And oh my God, it was a life

2 (24m 9s):
I would have died without it a hundred percent necessary,

0 (24m 12s):
A thousand percent necessary.

2 (24m 14s):
My arm’s got to work out because of how much I was leaning on it to help me walk.

0 (24m 18s):
And what’s so funny is Jamal gave me so much shit about,

1 (24m 22s):
I was going to say, I thought it was Kim who was having the freak out, not me about

2 (24m 26s):
This year, the resident freak out. I know

1 (24m 29s):
I wasn’t having a freak out.

2 (24m 31s):

1 (24m 32s):
Brittany finished what you were saying. And then I’ll have to defend myself as I always do.

0 (24m 36s):
Well, I had done some research and every single article I read was like, you need a walking stick. If there’s one thing that you want to rent, don’t run the shoes, run the hiking stick. And I was like, okay. And it was like, if you want to twist an ankle, don’t run the hiking stick. And then Charlotte was texting a Saint like, Hey guys, are we getting hiking sticks? Like, what are we going to do about this? And so I did the research and was like, let’s get hiking sticks. So we were all safe for this hike. I think

2 (25m 1s):
The only reason we didn’t rent them ahead of time was because we also heard, you can find them

0 (25m 6s):
At the Trailhead

2 (25m 7s):
That people would just leave, but that is not true.

1 (25m 10s):
Yeah. And it’s not those nice rentable walking sticks that we got. And when we say that, don’t think of like hiking sticks. Some people did end up bringing those. These are literally like, yeah, nice, like carved out wooden poles to the right height that you actually need. They’re very, very straight. The hikes that I think we were reading that people do leave or sticks that people find themselves in their, their own makeshift are not straight. They’re all crooked, like little tree branches. And maybe you could find those, but with the thousands. And when I say thousands, I’ve literally mean thousands of people that are doing that each and every day. The odds of you even finding one is slim. So do rent them.

0 (25m 46s):
So Jamal, why did you want to die and not rent any hiking?

1 (25m 50s):
All right. So here’s the part of the episode again, where I always defend my thought process when Brittany claims freak out on Jamal. So I did not want to die. Number one. And I even said to you later, and I just want to say, can we give credit where credit’s due when I’m wrong? I feel like I always tell you I’m wrong. And I admitted on this hike that I was wrong and they were very much needed, but you kept looking at all this stuff like, Hm, I have my hiking poles. Like, should we bring our hiking poles? But they don’t fit in the carry on. Even if we angle them, like, do we want to check a luggage? And like, you just kept talking about it. Like caps kept talking about it, thinking different ways, looking at TSA what’s regulations, how can we take this?

1 (26m 33s):
Can we really fit it in the carry on without having to do the check?

0 (26m 37s):

1 (26m 38s):
Yeah. Well it wasn’t just with yourself. It was with me. And quite frankly, I don’t want to say I was getting tired of it, but I felt like, wow, she’s like really obsessing about this. So basically when I found out I’m just like, Brittany, like calm down about the hiking sticks. Like either way, like, I think we’ll be fine. Like I’m sure it will help us, but I think we’ll be fine. And I, again, stand corrected. I bet it on the hike. I was wrong. The hiking sticks. Yeah. I said it, hiking sticks are very, very much needed for you. And I found a technique actually. Don’t just use it with one hand. I found it very helpful to hold it with two hands and kind of use it almost like you were rowing yourself, like in a boat, like with an or, or a paddle, bring it up and kind of the yeah, yeah, yeah.

1 (27m 20s):
And pull it kind of like sideways. It gave a lot more stability to it. And I told that to Brittany and I gave you credit and said, I was wrong. Give me credit. You did that. And tell me that didn’t work.

0 (27m 29s):
Yeah. I did that towards the end of the hike. And you know, it was helpful. It

2 (27m 33s):
Was, it was very helpful.

0 (27m 34s):
And even with the hiking stick, there was one point I still ate shit and like fell forward to chest deep in the water.

2 (27m 41s):
Oh yeah. See, you guys were so far ahead of us. We didn’t get to watch that one.

4 (27m 44s):
We did not.

1 (27m 45s):
I always get to see Brittany eat shit. I saw that. I was like, oh my God, like, are you like, I like, I really thought she had injured

4 (27m 51s):

0 (27m 53s):
So, you know, the hiking stick was definitely clutch, but we have some more tips for you guys. We do all decided not to rent any of the water shoes for the hike. And we all were own shoes, Charlotte, myself and Jamal, we all wore tennis shoes and Kim wore water shoes and we all survived. However, I think the tennis shoes are a little bit easier to wait in than the, the watershed.

2 (28m 18s):
So the water shoes. Yes. They’re doable. And I had just gotten these water shoes because a couple of weeks before I went to Mexico city took a trip out to got some water shoes and I was like, sweet. I’m going to be in the water in a couple of weeks. I’ll just cop these and begin to go. And yeah, it’s doable. There were other people wearing water shoes, but I would not recommend it again because see, I was thinking they’re grippy, there’ll be good for grip. You won’t slip. And that was true. But I did not take into account the thickness of the

1 (28m 46s):
Sole, which is not very thick. It’s

2 (28m 48s):
Not very thick. It’s very flimsy.

0 (28m 50s):
And what about the mesh like top?

2 (28m 52s):
Yeah. So that’s the problem. Every rock you step on every rock you stub your foot on, or your top of your toes on, you’re going to feel it and it’s going to hurt and you can move faster down the river if you have a thicker sole. So I would even honestly recommend renting the shoes because then you don’t have to worry about taking what shoes home. You just rent them. Boom, boom, boom. You can rent the shoes, socks and pull for $27 total. But if you just want the shoes, I think they quoted you Charlotte, like 22.

4 (29m 20s):
Yeah. 22 for just the shoes. And then we already had purchased our neoprene socks, which I believe were helpful.

0 (29m 26s):
Yeah. That’s another great tip Charlotte. Yeah. We all purchase neoprene socks except for Kim. I,

2 (29m 31s):
My water shoes were like half neoprene socks, half, half a soul.

1 (29m 35s):
Well, pretty much it tells what neoprene socks are, because if you don’t have access to this, I just want to say up front, you should wear wool socks for you with whatever shoes that you wear. But describe the neoprene socks. Okay.

0 (29m 46s):
The brain is just basically like what suit material, but it only goes up to your ankle or like shin, depending on the length of the sock that you want. But it’s the same material. They’re a little bit thicker. And then, you know, if water does get inside, it’s supposed to warm the water against your body temps and your feet don’t get super cold and that you’re not freezing, but if you don’t have them, wool, socks would probably work pretty good.

1 (30m 8s):
Yeah. Don’t wear a cotton socks, either wool or the neoprene. That is definitely for sure. And going back to what you were saying about your water shoes, all three of us, Charlotte, Brittany, I, we wore tennis shoes. They were sufficient. Although, you know, we were hiking the next day, which we’re going to talk about that hike. So we didn’t want to wear our hiking boots in there and they, yeah, they may have been better because they have more sole on the bottom and thickness. They

2 (30m 34s):
Would have been heavy though. Right?

1 (30m 36s):
They would have been heavy, but I feel like as tolerable as it was, I could have been more comfortable because I know regular tennis shoes, the sole is more thin than hiking shoes. So every so often, especially depending on how far you go into The Narrows itself, your feet can start kind of like cramping up. Cause you’re on those odd little round edges of the rocks and pokey edges and so

4 (30m 58s):
Nice to have the ankle support

1 (30m 60s):
From, right?

2 (31m 1s):
Yeah. If I, if I were to ever do it again, I would rent the three.

0 (31m 4s):
So Charlotte, you were really thinking about renting the boots from the Zion adventure company. What was your major deciding factor on not renting them?

4 (31m 14s):
I think I just wasn’t sure on how long we were going to hike. I always feel more comfortable with boots on with the ankle support and also the boots that you could rent from the store. They had like holes and then to drain the water. So I don’t believe that they would’ve gotten heavy. Looking back. I agree with Kim, I would probably rent the boots for the next trip or suggest it to someone else. But I was just a little bit torn. I was fine in sneakers though. So whatever preference someone would choose would be fine. But

1 (31m 43s):
Speaking of renting stuff, before we move on to some of our other squad tips here for The Narrows, and I guess this is a squad tip too. We were in a serious dilemma. You hear all the time, like this place where we rented our stuff from other places, they have outfits for The Narrows and by the outfits, I mean specific like water waiter, overalls to kind of help keep you dry and get things out. And we’re fortunate enough that amongst us for here, we know several people that have actually done it. And they all told us it is absolutely unnecessary to rent those, unless you’re going and doing this during the winter to keep warm during the summer, don’t waste your time. Getting any of that clothing Gear.

1 (32m 23s):
You just want either the shoes, the pole and the socks itself, but the actual like waiters don’t waste your time getting,

2 (32m 30s):
Yeah. In fact, I would duck down and get water on my hands just to put on my body because I wanted that it was hot.

0 (32m 37s):
It was hot. Even though you’re in the canyon, the canyon a little bit cooler and shaded, it’s still very warm. But as we’re talking about things to rent and things, to where you want to wear synthetic clothing, you don’t want to wear any cotton. Anytime you’re wearing cotton, it stays wet and it’s going to cause you to chase. So if you are wearing shorts, make sure they’re there like the polyester or like workout type shorts, same for the shirts. Don’t wear anything. That’s gonna stay wet. So wear wool or synthetic clothing and that’ll help keep you warm and dry.

2 (33m 7s):
And by the way, even if you do wear synthetic clothing shorts for working out, you may still chafe. In fact, we were getting dressed that morning and Charlotte was like, oh, don’t you chafe? And I was like, no, not really. And then I got the worst JV because you’re wet the whole time. So your wet skin is rubbing against each other. I don’t even have a tip to prevent that. I just know

0 (33m 31s):

1 (33m 33s):
Fastlane or Goldberg

2 (33m 34s):
Move up before you get out there.

0 (33m 37s):
And another tip we have is to bring a dry bag. All of us actually purchased dry bags for this trip. And you know, it was helpful to have a kept everything dry and ours were all lightweight and easy to carry.

2 (33m 49s):
I was like 10 bucks or something on Amazon. We’ll link it in the show notes. And actually on our website, we have a page on their travel products for sale. So we’ll link it in there as well as every other travel product we’ve ever mentioned. Yeah.

1 (33m 60s):
And you want that dry bag because you want to keep your phone safe. Number one, even if it’s waterproof, I don’t mess around with that BS. You still want to keep,

2 (34m 8s):

1 (34m 8s):
I’ve learned my lesson. You will do want to keep it safe. Secondly, you’re in The Narrows for a long time. You want food? You want lunch potentially. I mean, the last thing you want is a non waterproof backpack and have whatever food you brought with you get soaked and wet. So the dry bag is essential. Definitely do keep that in mind and for sure get it.

0 (34m 28s):
So we mentioned the weather earlier, the best time of year to hike, the narrows is late spring into early fall, but just be mindful of the monsoons and the flash floods and all of that. And just kind of be mindful of the water temp. And they actually don’t even let you into The Narrows unless the water is flowing at a certain rate. If the flow is too fast, they won’t even let people get in The Narrows.

2 (34m 47s):
It was already hard to hike going up the stream and it wasn’t flowing that hard. So I can imagine if it was flowing like double, it would be miserable.

0 (34m 57s):
Yeah. It’d

2 (34m 57s):
Be really dangerous. There’d be a lot more chafing.

0 (35m 2s):
And then we had mentioned the shuttles earlier, make sure you’re on the shuttle before the lash at all of the day. And again, the shuttle times in the park go later than what they go in Springdale. So you can take the last shuttle coming out of The Narrows and not be able to catch the shuttle in Springdale. So just keep that in mind, we did walk back to our car because we saw the line to get onto the shuttles for Springdale. And we’re like, fuck, this let’s just walk.

1 (35m 26s):
Luckily we were close. We were at shuttle stop three. So we were two away from the entrance. So those Springdale shuttles that we’re talking about, again, this is run by the city to get you to the front gates of Zion. So your Zion shuttle is only going to run you to the front gate. If you park in zone shuttle 10 for Springdale, which is a mile mile and a half back in the city on that single road, you’re going to have to walk it yourself if you get there too late when they stopped that. So do keep that in mind. If you don’t get that upfront, Zion national park parking and have to park in Springdale,

2 (35m 59s):
You may be able to get a hotel like we did. That’s on that main road. And depending on what time you start your hike, you may just want to leave your car there and walk in. Okay.

0 (36m 7s):
It’s true. Hey travelers, let’s take a quick detour to talk all about our Travel Itineraries that we’ve created just for you. We now have six different trip itineraries one week in Kauai

2 (36m 19s):
And American Southwest weekend or road trip.

1 (36m 21s):
We can Yellowstone and grand Teton national parks

0 (36m 25s):
Road trip adventure featuring all three of Washington. State’s national parks,

1 (36m 29s):
Big island, Hawaii, and an Arizona road trip that features all three of Arizona’s national parks.

2 (36m 36s):
We are obsessed with these. These itineraries are 20 to 30 page PDF guides with every detail of the trip laid out. We’re talking where to fly into the exact route to take where to stay park entrance prices, where to eat and driving distance between attractions plus what things to see and do even the hikes we recommend and their mileage and the time to allow for each one and so much more.

0 (36m 56s):
We have story highlights on our Instagram at Travel Squad Podcast, where you can see the full guides. We’ve done all of the research and have taken these exact trips, taking out all of the guesswork from the planning. So all that you have to do is show up and have fun

1 (37m 10s):
Purchase your comprehensive Travel Squad Podcast, itinerary on our website at Travel Squad, Podcast dot com, best of all, they’re on sale right now for $30. So travel on over and get yours today.

2 (37m 22s):
So when we finished The Narrows hike, we got out and there was an amazing brewery right there, but because we had the hiking sticks and they had to be returned by 7:00 PM. I had to rough it in my water shoes on the hot pavement, trucking it all the way back to the stick place to returners

1 (37m 41s):
Zion adventure company. That’s what it was called, right where we had to return it yet.

2 (37m 44s):
Yes. And then luckily we were able to get back in our car and then drive, thank God back to the front where we did return to the brewery.

1 (37m 52s):
Yeah. And that was really cool. Like literally right outside the entrance of Zion national park, there’s several shops. There’s like the visitor center, several places to eat and they have that brewery. And we were like, after this long hike, we for sure want to have ourselves a drink, some beer. And we decided we were going to eat there. So we drove the car there. We all ended up changing out and taking off our shoes to get into something more comfortable and how white were all of our feet. Like imagine, you know, when you get her in water a long time and really, really pruny. But all our feet were like super white and pruny, it was like actually kind of disgusting at the same time, but cool to cool to watch. But you have to get comfortable before you go out to eat.

1 (38m 32s):
You do want to take off those wet shoes.

2 (38m 34s):
So there’s canyon brew pub. I would highly recommend it after our experience,

1 (38m 39s):
10 out of 10 would recommend I really enjoyed it. The food and the beer was pleasantly surprisingly good.

0 (38m 45s):
Yeah. There was a little bit of a weight. So we all got a beer to celebrate that. We just made it through the narrows and the sour beers were delicious.

2 (38m 52s):
Do you, was it a cherry?

0 (38m 54s):
I thought it was a pomegranate

2 (38m 55s):
Pomegranate. That’s what it was. It was really good. And then when we sat down to eat and I think the wait was only like 30 minutes or so, so it wasn’t too bad, but we also ordered another round of beer and the three of us girls got sours. And so he’s like pitcher of sours

4 (39m 10s):
Or server was amazing. It was

2 (39m 12s):
Really cool.

1 (39m 12s):
He was really cool. I’m not going to lie. I don’t know if it’s because we didn’t have a lot to eat, even though we did bring our lunch in and some snacks to have, or just exhausted from the hike. But those beers got me pretty saucy. I was feeling really good while we were having dinner and drinking

4 (39m 27s):
The question we had, he had the answer to it and he made us happy.

1 (39m 31s):
Oh yeah. And it’s funny. Yeah. And the burgers there was good. I mean, this was a really, really solid place to eat. Not even just for the beers would recommend the food here. It was super good.

2 (39m 40s):
You got to take him through the spread. So we had our waiting room beer, and then we sat down and we ordered another round of beers. And then what

0 (39m 47s):
The Buffalo cauliflower. And we learned our lesson because when we were in Montana and Wyoming, we ordered some Buffalo cauliflower and Kim and Charlotte ordered one Jamal and I ordered one and we could have split the whole,

1 (40m 2s):
I mean, they pretty much served a whole head of cauliflower without cutting it up as like one deep fried piece. I mean, obviously I’m over-exaggerate but they were big chunks. So this time we’re like, no, no, no, no, let’s be good. We’re going to split the cauliflower. And it was good. And they had an amazing blue cheese dipping sauce. It was Gorgons Gorgonzola blue, same thing, but different at the same time, but you are correct. And it was so creamy, so smooth. It was so good. It was absolutely delicious. Yeah.

0 (40m 29s):
And then we moved onto the burger, which was also

2 (40m 31s):
Really, we didn’t move on to the burger.

0 (40m 33s):
What did we

2 (40m 33s):
Do? We moved onto the side salad,

0 (40m 36s):

4 (40m 38s):
Side salad

2 (40m 39s):
With that creamy Gorgonzola

1 (40m 41s):
Jazz. Good. It was good. And then onto the burgers

0 (40m 45s):
I didn’t even finish my burger cause I was just so full by the time I got my,

2 (40m 50s):
And it was like a nice two hour leisurely paced in her too.

0 (40m 53s):

4 (40m 54s):
It was very enjoyable. We were very relaxed by the end of that dinner.

1 (40m 58s):
Oh yeah. We were so relaxed and we knew that our hotel, that we were going to be going to had a hot tub and pool. So we were like really excited to be like, all right, let’s get into the hot tub. I think from our drive to Zion the night before we didn’t really talk about this. We stayed in Mesquite, Nevada. We drove from Las Vegas to Mesquite and then woke up in the morning and went from Mesquite to Zion. And new ladies had boughten a pack of white claws or something like that. So there was still some white claws and we’re like, we got to take the white claws to the jacuzzi, but let’s talk about the hotel that we stayed at because I think we all have the hotel. And then when we get to it in the morning, they had a bomb ass bucket breakfast.

1 (41m 38s):
Let’s not kid ourselves.

0 (41m 40s):
Woo. So where did we stay?

4 (41m 42s):
We stayed at the Bumbleberry in

1 (41m 44s):
The Bumbleberry in like what a name.

4 (41m 47s):
And I think the coolest part about this part is ion was everything we wanted to do was very much on the same strip. It was very obtainable to get everywhere we wanted to go and booking this place was very convenient for our dinner and for hiking.

0 (42m 2s):
Yeah. And it’s a really cute hotel and it has the beautiful scenic backdrop of like the Zion red rocks in the back.

2 (42m 9s):
That’s what blew me away. I was like, oh my God. The

0 (42m 11s):
View, the view from the hotel was amazing. Even

2 (42m 14s):
Though we’ve already seen it all day long. Yeah.

1 (42m 16s):
But you know, what was a little bit different about it? Well, one other than the fact that we had some drinks earlier, that always makes everything a little bit more majestic, but by the time we got done with dinner and checking into the hotel, it started to become dusk. So it was halfway between like sunset and yeah, it was that golden hour. And so just the way the light or what was left of it hit those rocks. It was even more special and majestic and made it really, really cool. Yeah.

0 (42m 44s):
And they had a hot tub. So we were like, you know what, guys, we always talk about going swimming or getting in the hot tub at hotels. And a lot of times we just like hit the ground running so hard and we don’t get back until super late. But this time we all got in and enjoyed some white claws and just like relax, before we went to bed,

2 (42m 59s):
We met a nice couple in the hot tub.

0 (43m 1s):
Yeah. They were

2 (43m 3s):
All made friends with them. Of course.

1 (43m 4s):
Oh yeah. Well I think, well, who did I start talking to the lady first? Because she came in then her boyfriend came in after the fact, but they were older than us. They were from Northern California, San Francisco, close to our hometown, not Charlotte, but Kim, Brittany and I’s little town. And so we just kind of started talking from there. Then the boyfriend came in conversation. They were drinking themselves too. So it just lended for a great time. This

4 (43m 30s):
Couple was living their best life.

1 (43m 32s):
They were living their best life.

2 (43m 33s):
They just retired. Right?

0 (43m 35s):
Yeah. So he just retired, he just retired from wall street. And so she’s

2 (43m 39s):
Not The Narrows wall street.

0 (43m 41s):
So their goal was also to make it to the wall street in The Narrows. So he could be like in wall street, but not working for wall street at this point in time. But they were hilarious. I mean, they told us that they rented all of the equipment, they rented the boots, the socks, the pole, everything. And they had to take off their shoes and the shuttle wasn’t running at that point in time. So then they had to walk barefoot part of the park and then they like literally found someone to, to ride back with, to their car. And I think they paid them like 20 bucks. Yeah.

2 (44m 10s):
Yes. They basically hitchhiked back to the hotel. Exactly.

1 (44m 13s):
Well, luckily we didn’t have to do that because that would have been thoroughly pissed. Jamal would have had a freak out and we had to do that type of walk, but the Bumbleberry end was really, really nice breakfast. Like we said, was included. We’ll talk about that after we get into our next type, because that’s when we had it, but it was 2 25 a night. And I mean, I think we all just really loved the hotel

4 (44m 34s):
It was decorated with. So yeah,

1 (44m 36s):
It had like a modern rustic type field. I would highly highly recommend the Bumbleberry end for your stay in Zion national park, close to the entrance, moderately priced and very nice.

2 (44m 47s):
And oh, me and Charlotte cuddled the fuck out of that

4 (44m 50s):
Bed so much handling.

2 (44m 52s):
But if you guys are to go, so we went in June, 2021. If you’re to go anytime in the future, they may have their kitchen rebuilt. And so the name Bumbleberry in, they actually known for their Bumbleberry pie, which unfortunately we did not get to try because they had recently had a fire in the kitchen, which took down their whole area. So we have to return for that pie.

0 (45m 13s):
Do you know what Bumbleberry is?

2 (45m 15s):
I have no idea. Honestly. I’ve never heard that before

0 (45m 18s):
Anyone. No. So it’s actually not one specific Berry. It’s a combination of berries. It’s like Blackberry raspberry, strawberry blueberry. Whoa. And you can throw in some like apple or rhubarb, but it’s like a mixture of all of those berries.

2 (45m 32s):
So it’s not one single barrier that makes

4 (45m 34s):
A plethora

0 (45m 35s):
Of plethora

4 (45m 36s):

1 (45m 37s):
Interesting. Well, we’re going to definitely have to go try it, but it’s not good that their kitchen had burnt down. But when we get to breakfast, because it was burnt down, they gave a complimentary breakfast for everyone staying in the hotel to a specific restaurant, which we’re going to touch upon very, very soon. And that was a highlight. So if you stay at Bumbleberry and their kitchens back up and they have their homemade breakfast, probably going to be bomb can guarantee it. But at the same time, if you have more time to and stay in multiple days, I do recommend the restaurant we’ll touch on later, but we woke up the next morning after booze and white claws in the hot tub to go hike. Another one of Zion’s classic hikes Angel’s landing.

2 (46m 17s):
We woke up extremely early.

0 (46m 19s):
What time do we wake up?

2 (46m 20s):
Was it four 30?

4 (46m 21s):

2 (46m 22s):
4:30 AM on a vacation. We’re waking up for

0 (46m 25s):
Criminal vacation. We

2 (46m 28s):
Quickly get in the shower and he’s like two minutes only. So we just basically wash the pits, get out

0 (46m 33s):
Shower lineup

2 (46m 35s):
Strong. We had to shower two at a time.

1 (46m 37s):
I can think of a couple other things that might need a little bit of water.

2 (46m 45s):
Okay. So we did that and we got to the shuttle line at five,

0 (46m 54s):

2 (46m 55s):
No, we woke up at four 30.

0 (46m 57s):
I thought we woke up at five

2 (46m 59s):
Or did we wake up at five 30?

1 (47m 0s):
It’s a little hazy. I think it was, I think it was because of the drinks the night before, but let’s put it, this way we arrived at the hour that the first shuttle was supposed to be leaving

0 (47m 10s):
6:00 AM. We got there a little bit before that, because by the time we washed our pit got dressed and then we had to park and then we had a walk in all of that. So by the time we went through all of that, it was a little bit before 6:00 AM. Okay.

1 (47m 25s):
But at the same time, that was also part of the problem from the six o’clock to seven o’clock hour. They only have one shuttle that comes every 15 minutes to take you. And then I heard a park ranger tell somebody else when they were complaining about how long it was taking and rightfully so, even that early in the morning, the crowd there to catch the shuttle was ridiculous. And they said, oh, at seven o’clock, we’re going to have a shuttle that comes like every five minutes instead of 15. So the pace picks up. So if you get there early, but not early enough to be on one of those first two shuttles, it’s almost like you’re wasting your time. So we learned that lesson ourselves. But anyway, Angel’s landing is one of those iconic Zion national park hikes, Brittany and I have done that one twice.

1 (48m 10s):
We attempted to do it a third time with Kim when we had gone in the winter and we completed three fourths of it. But wasn’t able to complete the climactic point where you have the chains that you have to use, and those chains are there to protect you. Because on either side, there is a sheer thousand plus foot cliff. Yeah. And you could, but it was too snowy for us to do those chains at that point. So we never did. And we thought to ourselves, this is the time we’re going to do it with Kim and Charlotte, just as well.

0 (48m 39s):
So we had been talking all about hiking angels landing. We were looking at pics, we’re getting all excited for the chain section and going through all of that. And then there was

7 (48m 47s):
Excited to be the word I would use.

0 (48m 50s):
What word would you use

7 (48m 52s):

0 (48m 53s):
But then, you know, you have intrigued. Yes, they were very intriguing. So we were super excited about the angels landing hike, because we have been looking at pictures. Some of us were really excited. Some of us were terrified of the chain section of the angels landing hike. And so we’re super excited to finally get on the bus. We get on the bus, you have to get off at stop number six, which is the grotto and you cross the street and he starts the hike from there. And it’s really a nice hike. It starts off pretty steep from the beginning. But at one point you start to gain some elevation. You get some really good views of the canyons I on canyon. And when you think that like you’re super tired, it starts to level off and you go through what they call like refrigerator Canon, because it gets really cool.

0 (49m 38s):
And it’s really shaded.

7 (49m 39s):
Is that where the L’s

0 (49m 40s):
Were? Yes. And you have to be quiet because the ALS are living there and they don’t like human noise. They’re

7 (49m 47s):
So cute.

1 (49m 48s):
Yeah. They were like endangered, Mexican spotted owls. If I remember correctly, what’s in there, but angels landing, the hike itself is five miles round trip. You get an elevation of 1,630 feet. So you start in the canyon and you gain that elevation of about 1600 feet. And so Brittany’s right. It’s a very, very steep incline. You get to the point where you’re in the canyon during the summer months, that canyon is a very nice reprieve because it’s shaded, it’s cold. It’s about 20, 30 degrees cooler than anywhere else. So that gives you that nice little reprieve. And then you get to a point that’s called Walters wiggles, which is a set of one steep ass switchbacks.

1 (50m 30s):
And once you complete that, you get to the point that is the climactic point of angels landing, which is the chain section that we were talking about.

0 (50m 39s):
Yes. But before you get to the chain section, you’re at a lookout called Scouts. Lookout has really, really great views from there. And we were in a dilemma all morning because we told you we had a free breakfast, but the free breakfast had a time limit on it. And they were only going to be serving breakfast. Or the bachelors were only valid at till like 11:00 AM.

1 (50m 59s):
It’s at 11:00 AM. These were free vouchers from Bumbleberry N at the restaurant Oscar’s because their kitchen was burnt down.

0 (51m 7s):
And so we had it all planned out in our head. Like if we wake up at four 30 and we get there, when get on the shuttle at six, it’s going to take us this amount of hours to hike. We’re going to be down to the car out to Oscars and semi perfect timing,

2 (51m 17s):
Very efficient, great

0 (51m 18s):
Breakfast back to Vegas for a pool party. It was going to be so efficient, but you know what? It was a little bit more crowded than we anticipated. And when we got to the chain section, there was a line for the chains that we had to wait for on top of the line for the shuttle that we had already waited, like at least 45 minutes.

2 (51m 35s):
Yeah. We didn’t even get on the bus until seven. I think

1 (51m 39s):
Later than that, we didn’t get on until like the third shuttle after seven, when they started coming more frequently. So then by the time it got us through Zion canyon itself to get us to The Narrows, it was late. I don’t think we started until like, honestly eight or a little bit after it. Yeah.

0 (51m 55s):
So like halfway through the hike, we’re like, all right, we’re going to give up breakfast. Like the hope for breakfast is just like over,

2 (52m 1s):
Under give up hope.

1 (52m 2s):
And that was a shitty thing to give up. You know, we loved free breakfast at the Travel Squad here. So that was like devastating news to be like no breakfast, but

2 (52m 11s):
Up the trail.

1 (52m 12s):
But we, we committed to that fat.

0 (52m 14s):
So let’s talk about the chain section. What happened

1 (52m 17s):
There? Yeah. What happened? I’m I’m looking at the audience. Can’t see this. I am dead on Charlotte and cam right now because the chain section mishaps is on these two over

2 (52m 27s):
First of all, I never wanted to do it once. And,

1 (52m 31s):
And what happened when we, whoa, hold on though. But what happened when we went and winter that one time you were gung ho for it, we did, we didn’t do it because there was too much snow and it was slippery and we forgot our crampons. So we did something else from Scouts land, and you could go the opposite way you could do. It was beautiful. You were talking earlier how we made snow angels camp. It was beautiful, but you were gung ho about it one time. And then this time, I think you did a little bit more research and got into your own head, which I don’t blame you because Jamal gets into his own head all the time. But

2 (53m 2s):
Yeah, not to mention that this is one of the iconic places in the park where people frequently die.

1 (53m 8s):
Well, I conic places where people die. Okay, true. But, but at the same time, the sign before the chains, I think says 17 people since the year, 2002, 2003. So it happens. It has

2 (53m 23s):
1400 foot drop right below make one wrong step. And it is like, literally you’re walking up these chains and there’s like some parts, maybe like two feet. So you lose your little slip and bam, there’s a

4 (53m 37s):
Drop-off right there waiting for it. Okay.

1 (53m 39s):
It’s dicey. Because at the same time, it’s two-way traffic. People are going up, people are coming down,

2 (53m 45s):
That’s the worst

4 (53m 46s):
And relation in the park. They should have been regulating, letting people come down and then letting people go,

1 (53m 53s):
If I’m being honest, I see Zion and time becoming a permitted height.

2 (53m 56s):
And I think it should be, yeah,

4 (53m 58s):
I think we could have made it through the whole chains if it was one way, traffic of people coming up and down the chains, the fact that people were coming down as people were also climbing up was terrible.

2 (54m 9s):
And so going up, yeah, I was scared and I was in it until Charlotte was like, nah, I’m done. I was like, may do

4 (54m 18s):
I am? And like all tap out when you do. She’s like, I’ve been waiting.

1 (54m 22s):
I gave her the green light, but I remember it as Kim tapping out, then you tapped out.

2 (54m 27s):
I was already kind of like, I don’t want to do this.

4 (54m 30s):
I know.

2 (54m 30s):
And then Charlotte was like, she got scared of the Heights. And I was like, well, we’re sitting out.

4 (54m 36s):
And when people started coming, we made it through one section of the chains. And when people started coming down at the same time and I looked over the edge, I turned back to cam. I’m like, I’ll tap out when, when you want to tap out. And she goes, I’m ready.

1 (54m 46s):
So like I said, Brittany and I have done this hike several times before we’ve made it to the top. By the way, the top climactic view is a beautiful overlook of Zion canyon itself. You can see the canyon below the lush greenery that they have in the canyon with the contrast of the red rocks. It’s absolutely gorgeous. But those chains just imagine the led Zeppelin song, stairway to heaven, it’s a stairway to heaven of chains. Just have this narrow way going all the way to the top of the stairway. Well, it could be the stairway to heaven, but that would be the worst ledge. Well, anyway, thousands of people do it a day, hundreds of thousands a year. And you know, very few people perish. It happens.

1 (55m 26s):
I think any national park has deaths on certain hikes. It’s a reality, but this one, you do want to be a little bit more careful. But anyway, once you two ladies tapped out Brittany, and I said, you know what? We’re going to continue on. And then we continued on for a little bit more, got to a point where we actually got a beautiful view of the canyon, not at the top. And then, you know what the thought process was in our head. Part of it was thinking about you ladies. Oh, I can’t leave him there for that long.

4 (55m 52s):

1 (55m 52s):
Brittany thought to herself, well, if we leave now, we might be able to make it back to use our Oscars certificates for the free breakfast. And once she said that, I was like done deal. We’ve done this before more than one time. So we turned around, met back up with you ladies and we made it to breakfast.

2 (56m 11s):
Well, the other thing was like, we went up, it maybe took five minutes to get where me and Charlotte ended up stopping. And then there was more chains to where you guys went to that plateau. It was probably about five minutes and other five. But everyone that was going up or coming down was like, this isn’t even the height. Just wait until you get over there. And because once you hit that plateau, you guys were up to probably another 30 minutes because of all the people. Yeah.

1 (56m 32s):
Oh yeah. The chains, the chains section is literally a half mile of chains.

4 (56m 37s):
If there was less people that hike would have been more enjoyable,

1 (56m 42s):
You know, I see the trend of the national parks for a lot of places starting to go and be permitted. I think this one will be permitted in time. Maybe with less cross traffic. I think you ladies would do it because I don’t disagree with you. It makes it scary. I think Brittany and I had the comfort factor. Cause we’ve done it before we know what we’re going to get into. But yeah, we thought to ourselves, all right, we have our flight later that evening, let’s go get breakfast. So we did call it quits. But if I’m being honest, we called it quits because these two over here called the

2 (57m 12s):
Even coming back down the five minutes that we did hike up, it was so fricking scary.

4 (57m 17s):
We did like the crab crawl down the

2 (57m 19s):
Side. It was all those people. I’m just like, oh my God. It’s

0 (57m 22s):
Like, no one wants to move right in there. There’s

2 (57m 24s):
No where to

4 (57m 24s):
There’s one person. Let’s go. They’re going to take out like 10, like dominoes.

1 (57m 29s):
And what’s funny is I even told you ladies that before the hike itself, like leading up to the trip on the trip, I said, honestly, I wouldn’t be concerned for yourself. I would be concerned for the person who’s coming down. That that’s who you need to be worried about is that cross traffic or the person coming down because there’ll be the one to take you down.

0 (57m 46s):
And I did bring gloves. And so I did give them to Kim so she could grip onto the chains a little bit easier. So that’s another tip. They get pretty hot in the summer. And then of course in winter they get pretty cold. But another squad tip that we have is if you do want to do it with less people, hike it in off season. In summer, it’s going to be crowded. But if you hike it in off season, like in winter or in October, it’ll be really nice and a lot less people on the chain section and it’ll be perfect.

1 (58m 12s):
The time we went with you, Kim, there was too much ice on the chain section early on to even continue. I think probably where we quit is actually where you and Charlotte quit too. So I don’t think you’ve made it past a

2 (58m 23s):
Certain point. Touched any chains when we went in the winter.

1 (58m 26s):
Well, I think we got to it and then decided, so you’re right. You made it maybe 50 feet further than we originally did, but Brittany, and the reason why I say that though is Brittany and I had gone in winter with some other friends of ours and there wasn’t ice. And we actually made it to the top. And not even just Angel’s landing design in general, I want to stress this. We touched on it earlier, beautiful park in the winter, you can do less things, but it’s majestic because of the snow, the ice, and there’s less people there. So it makes it even more humbling and exciting and peaceful for you. And it’s really, really great. So I do recommend that.

0 (59m 4s):
So we booked it down that trail to the point where Charlotte who’s poor toenail was coming off.

4 (59m 11s):
I lost a toenail.

0 (59m 13s):
You guys stop going so fast. My toenails coming off, it’s hurting me. And we’re just going to a stupid breakfast.

2 (59m 23s):
I think at one point Charlotte was like, are we really hearing back for breakfast in Charlotte? We love free breakfast. This one was worth it. So Charlotte

0 (59m 33s):
Tell us about the breakfast.

4 (59m 34s):
Okay. I was very against the free breakfast. Like what kind of bullshit is this? We’re going with a voucher to a free breakfast. Like I’m trying to enjoy the scenery. I’m probably never going to come back here. And then we get to the breakfast and honestly the breakfast fucked, the breakfast was amazing.

2 (59m 51s):
Definitely fucked.

4 (59m 53s):
The breakfast was really good and it was at this place called Oscars, a Mexican restaurant and really good service. Really?

2 (1h 0m 0s):
The service was great. And not only was it breakfast, but coffee too.

0 (1h 0m 4s):

1 (1h 0m 4s):
Yeah. It was a free breakfast and drink and they didn’t limit you to how much each voucher was worth. It was for one entree. So you could get the cheapest entree. You could get the most expensive that was on there plus your free drink.

2 (1h 0m 18s):

4 (1h 0m 18s):

1 (1h 0m 20s):
It was super good. And that’s why I say, if you stay at the Bumbleberry end, maybe by the time you get there, they’ll have their kitchen up because they usually do their own breakfast. I can imagine it’s this bomb ass homemade country-style breakfast. And I want to go back to have that, but again, if you’re spending more time in Zion, like multiple days do go check out Oscars, really cool patio, dining, awesome. Feel really good food, big portion sizes also. And you know what? I think Charlotte changed her mind. I’ve been like, oh yeah, this is why we rushed back because

2 (1h 0m 52s):
It’s really, you’d be surprised how many places free breakfast is actually really good. Like the days of continental breakfast or over they’ve stepped it up. These

4 (1h 1m 2s):
Guys gotta to get my breakfast game back in. You

2 (1h 1m 4s):
Really do. I was just listening to one of our recent episodes. And I think it’s when you guys were in Nashville and you got a free breakfast, but it was during COVID and it was to go and it was a to go container of fresh, hot biscuits and gravy. So like when you hear free breakfast, you can’t knock it until you try it.

4 (1h 1m 24s):
I think a yogurt, like some Cheerio’s I’m like, I’m good. Okay.

1 (1h 1m 27s):
No, I’ll agree. Some of them are like that. And at the same time, you know what, you know our model, but tomorrow I’ll take it free. I’ll save a couple bucks. I’ll still maybe pick up something later, just less than what I would need to otherwise. But when the breakfasts are bomb and let alone as bomb as they were at Oscars, holy fuck. It made the whole trip. Like we’re still talking about it amongst ourselves.

2 (1h 1m 48s):
It’s burrito was like, as big as both of her arms put together.

0 (1h 1m 52s):

4 (1h 1m 53s):
Even you need a fourth of this breed and it was wild.

0 (1h 1m 56s):
And the rest of us got this green chili horseshoe and it was potatoes chop with shredded pork cheese, the Verde sauce topped with eggs, guacamole and sour cream. And it came with a side of toast and you could turn your toast into a tortillas, which is what we did. It was amazing. And then Kim got a caramel latte or ice coffee. And I think I got a vanilla. So to Charlotte. So it included all of that. Our entire bill came to like 70 bucks. We didn’t pay a dime of that.

1 (1h 2m 28s):
Our four vouchers covered it all so cool. But even though it covers it all, don’t forget to tip your server. That is an absolute must.

2 (1h 2m 35s):
So it was amazing. She was,

0 (1h 2m 37s):

1 (1h 2m 37s):
Was really cool.

0 (1h 2m 38s):
And if you guys want to know, we got there at like 1101 and I was like, they better go let us use these vouchers when easiest batch.

1 (1h 2m 44s):
I really think they let you use it all day. They just tell you the time. But I can’t guarantee that you will get server as cool as the one that we got to accept it, but do keep that in mind,

2 (1h 2m 54s):
We did it the right way. Cause if we had woken up a little later, ate breakfast, then did the hike. And I, I went through that route in my head when we were hiking up, we would have been so full and like sick thrown up on the hike

4 (1h 3m 6s):
You guys. But I don’t like to do physical activities with a full stomach. Definitely not.

0 (1h 3m 12s):
Then from there we decided we’re going to drive to Vegas. Charlotte was actually staying in Vegas for the night. We were just going to do a little pop in, have some Vegas

2 (1h 3m 20s):
Food because on

0 (1h 3m 21s):
Maybe go to a pool party.

2 (1h 3m 23s):
We were trying to, that’s why we got up so early, but then the shuttle system kind of fucked us hard. So

0 (1h 3m 28s):
What do we do?

4 (1h 3m 28s):
This dead mouse. We contact a old friend of all of ours, old roommate of mine.

2 (1h 3m 35s):
Jordan. You probably remember him from our Cuba episode.

1 (1h 3m 38s):
Yes. He went with you and Zaina to Cuba. And he was on that episode as well. He now lives in Las Vegas. So we hit him up on our way back to Vegas since we’re flying out that night again, except for Charlotte, she was staying an extra day is one of those things like when you’re on a trip, even though we didn’t stay in Vegas, we still managed a way to squeeze in Vegas activities on the trip too. So I think that’s just a general squad tip in general, if you’re using an airport as a hub, if you have the opportunity, use that city to do something before your flight out, either before or after the fact,

2 (1h 4m 13s):
We took a quick little power nap, a little bird bath, got the pits. And the other spots this time I saw the Bellagio fountains.

4 (1h 4m 24s):

2 (1h 4m 25s):
What was that?

1 (1h 4m 26s):
It’s the conservatory inside the Bellagio where they have the flower garden. They always theme it to the season of certain things. And then we were looking for a place to eat. We went to the cosmopolitan, we had Scarpetta, which was really good. It gives you amazing views of the Bellagio fountains as well while you’re dining. If you’re up on the window, Brittany and I’ve eaten there several times, been up on the window this time. Unfortunately we were not up on the window, but it’s still a good Italian restaurant, nonetheless.

2 (1h 4m 54s):
So I have a couple of tips for this restaurant that I

0 (1h 4m 56s):
Learned. Okay.

2 (1h 4m 57s):
It is a nicer restaurant. So it would be great to, you know, dress nice, have a bottle of wine, eat leisurely. But we were on a time crunch because we’d already tried a couple other places and they were booked. So we were like, shit. So I had called and made a reservation for five 30 when it opened, which is crazy. They even had a reservation, but it was the time they opened. So there wasn’t many people there, but because we were trying to figure out something else, we didn’t actually arrive until like 6, 6, 10, I think. And I just walk up here for our reservation and she’s looking looking then she’s like, oh, your reservation was at five 30. And I was like, oh, oh, it’s six.

2 (1h 5m 37s):
Okay. Is there any way we could still possibly get seated? You know, I totally knew what time it was. Yeah.

1 (1h 5m 41s):
And then after that, Brittany and I were standing next to Kim, I forgot who it was, who chimed in. I’m going to go in and steal the thunder and the credit. I think it was me who said, oh, like we have a flight. It’s going to be really quick because believe me, we need to be in and out. And then once I said that, that’s when they were like, okay, let’s see. And then they were able to squeeze us for a tape.

2 (1h 6m 1s):
Well, cause first she was like, okay, well we can sit you here at one of these tables. And they were like three person tables. And I was like, okay,

1 (1h 6m 7s):
Even though they would split us up, they would split us

2 (1h 6m 10s):
Up. There was like seven of us. Then you came in with that. So that’s another tip. If you do want to get into the table, just say, you’re in a rush. You’re going to be in and out. Even if you’re not. And then they sat us, we got our food. I was looking at the menu and I was like, oh, a lot of this stuff is like a little weird. It’s like lamb or it’s like duck

1 (1h 6m 28s):
Or good stuff that Kim doesn’t want to eat.

2 (1h 6m 32s):
I just wanted some classic Italian food. So there was like some chicken dishes and I was asking some questions and I think the guy was confused. And then he just said, so you want chicken Alfredo? And I was like, okay, sure. It’s not on the menu. Secret menu at Scarpetta they have chicken Alfredo and it is bomb.

0 (1h 6m 48s):
I will say, Kim, you did look that you had the biggest like portion size,

2 (1h 6m 51s):
Really good in

0 (1h 6m 51s):
Terms of pasta.

2 (1h 6m 52s):
Ooh. And then they bring out these apps, like little cows zones and breads. They were really, it was really good. Yeah. The

4 (1h 6m 58s):
Bread was amazing.

0 (1h 6m 60s):
Yeah. So that really just summed up her trip to Zion national park in that little dip into Vegas. But Kim, myself and Jamal all flew out from Vegas to San Diego and we didn’t actually spend too much on this trip. It was a pretty affordable weekend trip. So for our flights, it was probably about 200 person. And then

2 (1h 7m 19s):
Except for my flight, I only paid $11 for my flight because I had points and I only had to pay the taxes.

0 (1h 7m 27s):
It was $200 a person with flights, rental, car hotel, food, drinks, equipment, and parking fees. Oh,

2 (1h 7m 34s):
That’s much better.

0 (1h 7m 35s):
Yeah. So all of that for $200 a person and then Kim, yours was probably even cheaper than that because your light was already paid for, from your points and Charlotte, you had some free flights yourself.

4 (1h 7m 48s):
I did fly there for free. My dad works for Delta, so I flied under standby. And then on the way back, they eliminated the flights back to San Diego. So I got a little bit screwed over and they raised the flights to $330 last minute. So that’s why I ended up staying an extra day. So I can have a lower rate on the flight back for about one 60.

1 (1h 8m 9s):
That’s the standby life though. That’s

4 (1h 8m 10s):
The standby life. I get really good perks, really good benefits. Get to travel more often. But sometimes I get stuck in weird places and I make the best of it.

1 (1h 8m 19s):
I was going to say, you live by it or you die by it. And you live by at 75% of the time. But when you die by it, that 25% it can, Javia

4 (1h 8m 27s):
Either first class or I’m backseat, middle of the plane, or don’t get on. It’s one of the three it’s a gamble every time, not

2 (1h 8m 34s):
Bad odds. So first-class

4 (1h 8m 36s):
First-class is very nice.

1 (1h 8m 38s):
All in all. Like I just want to reiterate sometimes national park trips, doesn’t matter where you go can be inexpensive. You’ll have the entrance fee or, you know, you may have your national park pass. But sometimes again, this is one of the reasons why we started the podcast. When you travel as a squad with a group of people, you’re splitting hotels, rental cars, other things makes travel a lot more affordable. So I just want to say, go out there and do it. And national parks are hot items right now in terms of travel within the United States. So

4 (1h 9m 5s):
Yeah, I agree. I think during COVID this is our second national park trip, all four of us together. And it’s really opening people’s eyes up that are limited to travel at this time. Like you may not be able to go overseas right now, but there’s so much in the U S that people don’t even know about and are still learning about like, I mean, there’s trips. I went on this year to national parks that I would never have picked first, but I’m so glad I went really eyeopening things right. In our backyard and driving distance, easy flights.

0 (1h 9m 36s):
Yeah. Charlotte. And we’ve talked on our trips about going on other trips in the future. We always have these backup trips planned. So tell us, where are we going next?

4 (1h 9m 43s):
Ooh, I think we are going to go to Oregon, Oregon,

2 (1h 9m 47s):

4 (1h 9m 48s):
Or as I pronounced with my New York accent, Oregon, but I think we should go up to Washington, Oregon and do some of the traveling up there. I’ve been just seeing a lot of research and pictures from other people and really inspired by that

0 (1h 10m 5s):
Landscape. Can’t wait to go next year with

4 (1h 10m 7s):
You to make sure you email me the proper itinerary this time. So I don’t pack all summer glows.

1 (1h 10m 14s):
Some came. Am I mistaken? Is it your favorite time of the week? And do we have a question?

2 (1h 10m 19s):
It is my favorite time of the week questions of the week. We have one question here. This person is specific to Zion and they’re asking, is this park better in winter or summer? I know how I feel.

0 (1h 10m 37s):
It’s a really tough question. I mean, in the summer, all of the trails are open. You really get to see the beauty of the canyon, especially in like golden hour, but in winter, when there is just that nice light layer of snow on the red canyons, that’s really, really beautiful. And being able to like go off trail and make snow angels. That’s really awesome with no one there too, because you have the whole trail to yourself because there’s not a lot of people in the park and you can actually park at a trail head. I would probably have to say winter for me.

1 (1h 11m 6s):
I’m going to have to go ahead and agree. I think winter, like we touched upon earlier, certain hikes you can’t do or necessarily in the winter because of the weather such as angels landing, as we experienced, if there’s snow, but one time we were able to do it in the winter without you Kim, because there wasn’t too much snow on it. And so I just think because there’s less people and it has that winter aspect and the desert, that little dust layer of snow, it just makes it absolutely breathtaking. I think when you’re in nature and you have it more to yourself, it’s a lot more exciting and better for you during the summer. It’s still just as beautiful. You can do more hikes, but the crowds, sometimes I don’t want to say kill it, but it takes away from that more connecting spirit that you should get when you’re out in nature, because there’s so many people there.

2 (1h 11m 55s):
Yeah. I think the only reason I would say summer was for The Narrows hike, because that is fricking amazing.

1 (1h 12m 1s):
You can do it in the winter where those waiters though. That’s

4 (1h 12m 3s):

2 (1h 12m 4s):
But being that it was hot, I think, added to it. But I do think winter too. And the older I get, the more I don’t like crowds

4 (1h 12m 11s):
Really. I agree

2 (1h 12m 13s):
Slowly. Like I, I don’t even know if I want to live in San Diego anymore because I just hate the crowds of people, but I would

0 (1h 12m 18s):
Have never thought we would have be having this

1 (1h 12m 20s):
Conference. Okay. Well, we’ll see if this lives up because next time we’re in Vegas, if Kim says no Hawk us on this time, then we’ll know she’s for

4 (1h 12m 28s):

1 (1h 12m 28s):
No, she’s for real.

2 (1h 12m 30s):
I’m not that old yet.

1 (1h 12m 31s):
All crowds are okay for clubs, but anywhere else,

2 (1h 12m 34s):
I would say like the snow in the red rocks and doing snow angels and being like no one else around, almost on that hike. That was just, you just can’t beat that.

1 (1h 12m 43s):
I’m trying to think when we went. I don’t. Yeah, but I’m trying to think when we went Kim, I don’t think anybody was on that trailer.

2 (1h 12m 50s):
A couple other people who told us don’t do that. The angels landing, because it’s too icy. And that’s another thing I don’t care about doing Angel’s landing. So I do want to go in the winter and with that is the end of our episode.

1 (1h 13m 5s):
Winter’s the answer apparently

2 (1h 13m 6s):
Though. Thank you, Charlotte, for coming on this episode. I’m so glad we finally got to have you on.

4 (1h 13m 10s):
Thank you, me too. I love being able to be on here with some people that are also passionate about travel as I am myself.

2 (1h 13m 17s):
We’ll have you back on for the Oregon episode.

4 (1h 13m 19s):
I cannot wait

1 (1h 13m 20s):
Oregon episode. Yeah,

4 (1h 13m 22s):
Oregon, Oregon. We should take a poor girl. I feel like I’m not the only one that says it.

2 (1h 13m 27s):
It will be a question for that episode. Will we’ll find out the truth here

4 (1h 13m 31s):
On true.

1 (1h 13m 32s):
I’m glad all three of us were able to pop your podcast cherry in a way. So the next time when you are on, it’s going to be a lot more. Hello? No, it was still flowy, but you know what I mean? Like there’s always gotta be that ice breaker. And this was the one though. So it’s good.

4 (1h 13m 46s):
Well, thank you for having me. I love traveling with you guys.

2 (1h 13m 49s):
You’re an honor squad member and you’re welcome back anytime. Okay.

4 (1h 13m 52s):
Always be a good plan. B or C for Charlotte.

1 (1h 13m 56s):
Your plan a

4 (1h 13m 57s):

1 (1h 13m 58s):
Plan B as soon as someone else’s first. I don’t know who else’s first plan a.

4 (1h 14m 4s):
Well, thank you.

2 (1h 14m 5s):
All right, everyone. Thank you so much for tuning into our episode this week, keep the adventurous going with us by following us on Instagram and YouTube at Travel Squad Podcast, tag us in your adventures and send us in your questions.

1 (1h 14m 16s):
And if he found the information in this episode would be useful, or if you thought we were just playing funny, please be sure to share it with a friend that you know would enjoy it too. And as always guys, please subscribe, rate and review our podcast and tune in every travel Tuesday for new episodes,

0 (1h 14m 31s):
Stay tuned for next week’s episode, we’re going to have some more amazing adventures and tips in store for you.

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