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The Island of Kauai

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                            Kauai, the garden island of the Hawaiian island. On this trip you'll experience

   The Grand Canyon of the Pacific
   Snorkeling, waterfalls and beaches,
   Hawaiian traditions 

This eight-day Kauai itinerary will give you the full island experience so get ready to explore Kauai by land, air, and sea.


                  24-pages of expert advice to help you maximize your trip on what to do, hike, see, where to sleep, and eat as you explore the Hawaiian island of Kauai.



  November 2021

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8-Days Exploring the Hawaiian Island of Kauai

How this Itinerary will help you

Get the best and most unique sights, hikes, waterfalls and beaches in the every part of the island so you can have the best experience and most maximized experience instead of wondering what you should do.

Fees for every excursion and hike, plus the optimal route to take and things to in Kauai every day so you don't waste time backtracking
across the island. 

Hours and best time of year for the recommended things to see and do in Kauai. 

Recommended hikes, the length of each hike, and approximate amount of time to budget for each hike. 

Recommended activities, and the approximate amount of time and money to budget for.

Distance and drive time between locations.

Enjoy budget-friendly places to stay (based on firsthand experience) so you always have an affordable and comfortable place to sleep. We also recommend Kauai hotels in other parts of the island to give you options for your trip. 

Squad Tips!

What to pack

Where to stay each night

How to save money on food in Kauai

Best routes to take, with optional routes depending on activity.

All you need to do is show up and have fun. This itinerary takes the guess work out of all the planning.

You can expect to itinerary to tell you about the popular beaches, hidden gem ocean swimming holes, sunset Napali coast boat tour, Hawaiian luas, helicopter tour of Kauai, Kauai hikes (and how not to get lost!), snorkeling in Kauai, bike riding around the island, and the best snow cones and Hawaiin wraps in Kauai.

All the luau info you need

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8-Days Exploring the Hawaiian Island of Kauai


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