The 10 Best Places to Visit in Summer

A roundup of the 10 best places to visit in Summer if you want to escape the heat and humidity! When you hear the best summer destinations oftentimes you think of beaches, sunshine, and sweat. Not in this episode! Sometimes our definition of the best summer vacation destinations includes places like Glacier National Park which only has a window of a few short months that you can access the park during or some of the best summer destinations in the world like Peru where you can hike the Inca trail during the southern hemisphere’s winter.

The best summer travel destinations:

1) Seattle, WA

2) Peru

3) Alaska (America’s last frontier)

4) Glacier National Park in Montana

5) South Africa

6) Yellowstone/Grand Teton National Parks, Wyoming

7) San Francisco, CA

8) London, England

9) Boston, MA

10) San Diego, CA

These are a good mix of places in the U.S. and across the world, but we fully stand behind them as the best summer vacation destinations for 2022 and any year!

Best Places to Visit in Summer – Episode Transcript

3 (57s):
Welcome to episode 85 of the Travel Squad podcast. Today, we’re going to talk to you guys all about the 10 best places to visit in the summer. We’re going to keep it domestic and also take you international. Now we know people are getting vaccinated. Some countries are opening. So if you can’t hit up these international places this year, keep them in mind for next year because these again are 10 solid places to visit during the summer.

1 (1m 23s):
And right now it’s a perfect time to plan a summer vacation. It’s early may, and there’s still a lot of summer ahead of us. And there’s a lot of beautiful places to visit right now that are really cold, any other time of year. And so summer is the perfect time to visit. And I’m really excited to talk about some of those locations.

2 (1m 41s):
Summer is my favorite time of year, and I love to travel even in the summer because of these reasons warm beaches. I know Jamal, you love beaches

3 (1m 50s):
When I’m on vacation, I do

2 (1m 53s):
Sunshine. The days are longer, so you can fit more in. And how good is a cold adult beverage tastes on a hot summer day.

1 (2m 1s):
So good,

3 (2m 2s):
Actually better freshing

2 (2m 3s):
And 4th of July who doesn’t love 4th of July. It’s my favorite holiday.

3 (2m 7s):
I love 4th of July.

2 (2m 8s):
So there are so many cool places to visit in the summer. Some of them can be really hot, so we’ve avoided putting those on our list, but we do have some really great temperature places to visit that you can either get away from the summer sun or kind of enjoy a little bit more. And again, like Jamal said, we’re staying in the U S and we are breaking free finally, and getting outside of the country a little bit to,

3 (2m 32s):
And I think you brought up a really good point, Kim. Cause when Brittany was saying, you know, a lot of these places or some of them, at least that we’re going to mention, they really have a short season window and you have to go during summertime also too, for the same point that you said really a lot of these places have temperate weather at these times too. So it’s a great way to escape the heat also, which I really, really love. That’s more up my alley really because I hate the,

2 (2m 56s):
Yeah, so we don’t have a lot of tropical places. Like when you think summer, you may be think like the Caribbean, we

1 (3m 2s):
Hawaii, we

2 (3m 3s):
Specifically don’t have places like that on our list because they’re hot, humid, you know about them already. They’re popular. So then you

1 (3m 10s):
Can go at other times of the year, right?

3 (3m 12s):
Those would be good winter destinations, really because they’re tropical all year round. So that’s the place to go to escape the cold.

2 (3m 19s):
Yeah. So we’re going to reverse it up And let’s, let’s get in. Let’s go on vacation.

1 (3m 27s):
All right. Number one on our list is Seattle, Washington and Seattle is located in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve been to Seattle a few times and I really love it because it’s usually really cold and rainy there. It rains like 150 days out of the year. So almost half of the year it rains and in the summer it just has really nice weather. It ranges like right around the seventies.

3 (3m 49s):
Yeah. From June to August, an average high is about 69 to 73 degrees again, spending those three months. So I mean really beautiful temperate weather. I know Brittany mentioned it rains. We know Seattle, the rainy city, but not during these times. So this is the perfect time to go and a great place to go and escape that heat. Also,

2 (4m 8s):
I visited Seattle for the first time in August, not less last August. So a few years ago. And I was there for two days. The first day it rained the second day. It was hot as fuck.

1 (4m 18s):
So you got like two different types of climate. There you go.

3 (4m 20s):
You got the average somewhere in the middle right there.

1 (4m 24s):
Yes. But there’s a lot of fun things to do in Seattle. Like go to the pike place market. It’s like they’re big fish market. There’s restaurants around. They sell a lot of crafts. I’ve even gone to the first Starbucks that’s across the street. And then if you’re adventurous, go down gum alley, it’s this little alley and people have just chewed up bubble gum and stuck it on the walls of the alley.

2 (4m 44s):
Don’t worry. It’s been sanitized

3 (4m 46s):
Well, don’t touch it. And if you’re going to touch the wall, only touch what you’re putting on it, I should say versus other people’s. But it’s one of those cool little cultural things that they have in that area around Pike’s place. Like Brittany said, the fish market, I’m sure we’ve all maybe seen news clips or if a movie takes place in Seattle and they have those flash scenes, you know, where they throw the fish from person to person from the mongers, like this is here at Pike’s place. So it’s really cool, really awesome place to see in that area. And also let’s not forget the space needle. It’s, Seattle’s iconic skyscraper. You can go to the top, get amazing views. And during the summer, these are the clearer months in Washington and Seattle. So you won’t have that low level cloud or fog.

3 (5m 27s):
So you’ll have amazing, amazing view.

2 (5m 29s):
The hottest fuck day of Seattle. When I went was the day we went to the space needle,

3 (5m 33s):
It was air conditioned. I bet. So you got a little reprieve.

2 (5m 36s):
It was, and it had great views. I love the space needle called a tourist trap, whatever I loved the space needle.

1 (5m 43s):
What did you love about it?

2 (5m 44s):
Just the amazing views. I’m a sucker for a good view. It’s like a rooftop view times 5,000. They have a place at the very top that rotates and you can lay down on it too, and it’s glass. So you’re literally laying in the sky. It’s really cool.

1 (5m 59s):
And that sounds really cool. I haven’t been up into the space needle. I’ve definitely seen it. And one of my favorite places to go look at this Seattle skyline is actually from gasworks park. It overlooks the downtown area and the city of Seattle. And it’s really cool to see

3 (6m 12s):
It’s across the bay on the north side of downtown Seattle. So you’re looking south into downtown and it’s really cool, but it’s called gasworks park because the park has like these old industrial pipes that are there from the early like 19 hundreds. It’s really interesting, but it does really give you great views at the weather’s perfect, good place to go and have a picnic nonetheless, and enjoy beautiful views of the Seattle skyline. But another really cool thing to do in Seattle and Seattle area that I really really liked was go to Ballard locks. Now, when you hear locks, maybe some people know what they are. Some people don’t, I’m sure. Maybe people are aware that when you go through the Panama canal, they have those little locks.

3 (6m 53s):
That’s what they’re called or the little channels where the water levels aren’t even. So they have to flood you up well around Seattle area. There’s lots of water from their bay and Puget sound. So this is their area where they have the locks and you can watch boats rise up and get from one place to the other. It’s really cool because even during migration season, because they have the locks, they want to make sure that the salmon and the steel had get through. So you can watch the fish ladders, which are there for them to climb through those levels also. And they have glass windows that you could watch them do it. So really? Yeah, it’s a really unique, cool experience and just, Seattle’s all around great place to visit during the summer. I

2 (7m 31s):
Have a squad tip,

1 (7m 35s):
Give it to us.

2 (7m 36s):
Best rooftop bar in Seattle is downtown called the nest.

1 (7m 40s):
Did you go there?

2 (7m 41s):
I did good city views, good water views, highly recommended

3 (7m 44s):
Like that pond the nest. It’s like an overlook. It’s

2 (7m 47s):
Exactly what it is too. It’s a top, a really tall hotel

3 (7m 51s):
And keeping on with Seattle before we move on a couple more things, you can get a twofer, go to Seattle, take a ferry to Vancouver, make it international. So that’s not on our list necessarily as a place, although it very well could be, but that’s because we’re leaving it in here as a twofer. And this is also a really, really good time to visit the three Washington state national parks. Not a lot of people know there are three national parks we’ve been to them. All. We’ve have episodes on them. Episode 68 and 69 talking all about Olympic national park, north cascades and Mount Rainier. We even have itineraries out for you guys to purchase on these three national parks have, do check it out.

2 (8m 31s):
The itineraries killer. It’s a full week where you’re exploring national park, national park, national park with the hikes to do the driving route to take how long it’s going to take you, where to stay. It’s like so comprehensive and a good thing to add on to your trip to Seattle or UCL is your home base. And then use

1 (8m 49s):
It as a hub.

3 (8m 50s):
I was going to say, yeah, because Seattle’s in the middle of all three of them pretty much. And again, Mount Rainier is covered in snow during the winter. So you can’t go there during the winter. North cascades is up in the mountains too. You can’t go there during the winter. So those are still perfect activities to do in the summertime. When the weather’s more temperate.

2 (9m 7s):
When I went to Olympic national park in August, even though it was summer Olympic was still, Drizly foggy cold. I wear a rain jacket there.

1 (9m 17s):
So moving international, we haven’t been international in a long time, too long, and we’re going to Peru.

2 (9m 25s):
Ooh, I love Peru.

3 (9m 26s):
So you may say, all right, summer in Peru, you think it would be hot, but keep in mind, this is south of the equator. It is actually their winter and it’s not winter. And the sense that it’s cold it’s winter and the time that it’s perfect temperature for you to go. So the reason being is because if you go during other times, it is a wet season. This is their dry season. So their winter ironically is their dry season. So perfect time to go. And this is the best time for you to go specifically, if you’re going to Peru to Machu Picchu. And why is that ladies?

1 (9m 60s):
It’s a great time to go to Machu Picchu because of the dry weather. It’s not raining as much on the trail.

2 (10m 5s):
You definitely don’t want to be hiking 26 miles to Machu Picchu in the rain.

1 (10m 10s):
I definitely do not. And this was our first squad trip together. So this just brings back. It’s just so many fond memories of traveling together as well. And we used Cusco as a hub and I fell in love with the culture, the people, the markets, and Kim probably fell in love with the free walking tours

3 (10m 30s):
Or someone who gave the walking tours. We should say

2 (10m 33s):
Yes, there you go. Also though, the weather, when we were there, it did have some cloudier chillier days where you’d want to wear a sweater, but some of the days were really hot too. Especially as we were walking up the stairs to crystal Blanco

1 (10m 44s):
On our easy

2 (10m 45s):
Day. Yeah. Our easy day.

3 (10m 48s):
Well, I feel like it was warm on those days. I wouldn’t say it was excessively hot. What made it hot as, because it’s a very hilly city. So as you’re doing the exercise climbing up, you get warm.

2 (10m 59s):
So elevation being so high, closer to the sun.

3 (11m 2s):
Well, that has a bearing on it too, because you’re at a higher elevation. So it should be cooler temperatures, right? I mean, you’re about at 10,000 feet. So you’re more prone to getting sunburns. Cause you’re closer to the sun. I mean, I burnt up, we know this. I mean, I guess it’s classic cliche. Jamal always burns, but you feel the warmth more that way because of it, but still all around really good temperature wise to escape the normal heat in the U S and have that really, really good weather too, and not be the rainy season in the Southern hemisphere.

1 (11m 32s):
I would love to go back to Peru. I’d love to go see the Nazca lines lake Titicaca, NEMA and Lee. Yeah, definitely Lima as well. So I would definitely go back to Peru. It’s on my list.

2 (11m 43s):
We have a couple past podcast episodes on our trip to Peru. We did one just on the city of Cusco and that was episode number 16. And then we dedicated a whole episode to the four day Trek to Machu Picchu. And that one is episode 10, right?

1 (11m 59s):
Yeah. So definitely go check them out. If you haven’t listened

2 (12m 1s):
Already, they are good. They’re funny.

3 (12m 3s):
They’re good. They’re funny. And they can give you a lot, lot more details on how to make the most of your trip when you go down there for the summer.

1 (12m 10s):
So popping back over to the U S we’re heading to number three on our list, Alaska.

3 (12m 15s):
So we’re leaving it in general for the state, not necessarily a specific city, because unless you want to freeze yourself to death and you’re not used to that type of cold up in the Arctic circle. I doubt you really want to go there at that time. So Alaska during the summer is still great. You’re going to still see snow-capped mountains at the top, but the weather not at the top of those mountains are going to be nice. It’s going to be temperate. It’s going to be beautiful. Lush green wildlife, Alaska has it all.

2 (12m 42s):
I’ve actually been to Alaska three times and all three of them were in the summer. And the summer is really interesting because it does not get dark.

1 (12m 49s):
Yeah, it doesn’t, it’s just daylight, like pretty much all the time. It could

2 (12m 53s):
Be three in the morning. You wouldn’t know the difference between 3:00 PM.

3 (12m 55s):
So you can make the most of your day by having your day be 24 hours a day. I mean, there’s nothing else to do, but hit the road and see it. All right.

2 (13m 3s):
Yeah. It’s pretty interesting,

3 (13m 4s):
But there’s lots of ways that you can see and visit Alaska during the summer. You can actually fly up there, go yourself, explore on your own. The capital city of Juneau. They have a national park nearby glacier bay, national park that you could catch ferries and go to take helicopter rides as Brittany and I did on the Mendenhall glacier out there. Or you can take the leisure way, which is the only way we’ve really been there. And I love which has taken an Alaska cruise.

1 (13m 32s):
Definitely a recommend that like Alaska is so beautiful and you can just see Glacier, fjords, waterfalls, wildlife. It’s, it’s amazing. It’s America’s last frontier

3 (13m 42s):
Whale-watching and has it all like really? It has it all. And we love, love, love national parks. So we can’t move on from Alaska without touching upon a few of them. Alaska has eight, but four really stand out. Ones that we want to mention is going to be cat. My, and this is really famous for all their brown bears. During spring, during summer, you can catch them catching

1 (14m 6s):

3 (14m 7s):
Yeah. All at the waterfall and the streams. They’re all huddled there together. And masses, Denali national park, glacier bay, which I mentioned. And obviously I want to go here. This is obviously I want to go to all national parks, but this one is major, major bucket list here. Gates of the Arctic, if you can’t tell, it’s literally above the Arctic circle, hence the name, no roads. Get you here. You have to fly in yourself by private plane, hire tour guides to take you out into the Alaska Bush. It is wild from everything that I’ve read. And if you can, during the summer, I highly recommend doing that. And then you could tell me all about it to give me more inspired for myself. I

2 (14m 44s):
Want to go to cat and, and see some Grizzlies eating fish.

1 (14m 46s):
So do I that’s like, I think probably one of my number one national parks for Alaska, for sure. But I have two fun facts about Alaska. I actually recently found out that my sister learned as an adult, that Alaska is not an island And it’s actually connected to Canada. And she was like, how dare they put them on the map? And like the Hawaii format kind of like

2 (15m 8s):
Do that. Yeah.

1 (15m 10s):
So she thought it was an island for a long time and she learned as an adult, but it wasn’t not.

3 (15m 14s):
So I love your sister, but I’m not going to lie. I’m slightly judging her right now. That is some of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard in my life. But you know what? I’m going to let that slide, Mary. It’s all good.

1 (15m 24s):
Another fun fact in Jamal, just kind of like brushed over this. He was like, yeah, we took a helicopter tour to the top of the Mendenhall glacier. That’s actually where he proposed to me in Alaska. So it was a, it was a really amazing engagement. And we were just Glacier tracking and it was so romantic. So loved it.

2 (15m 43s):
I tracked on a glacier when I was in Alaska, but no one proposed to me

3 (15m 47s):
With the right person that you wanted to propose to, you

2 (15m 50s):
Know, definitely.

3 (15m 51s):
Then I wouldn’t worry about it, but tell you what cam, when we know definitively like this is the one I’m going to say, like, I mean, Kim pretty much said it on the podcast. This is how she wants to be proposed to, and they’re going to know, and then when they fail on that, you can hold it over them for the rest of the marriage and your lives together and be like, you didn’t propose to me this way. That’s

2 (16m 9s):
A little Hexie

3 (16m 11s):
I know I’m just kidding around kind of re overdramatic, but

2 (16m 15s):
Well, let’s go to another Glacier focused place. You guys have been to this number four on our list.

3 (16m 21s):
Yes. And another national park, Glacier National Park in Montana.

1 (16m 25s):
So why is it the perfect time to go in summer, Jamal?

3 (16m 28s):
Well, it’s the perfect time to go and summer because it has a short season that gets so much snow in that area that you can’t even access three fourths of the entire park. Basically Glacier National Park has one main road that runs through it. A small portion of it is at lake levels. So it’s relatively flat, but the majority of it goes up a mountain side, all along the edge, it’s called the going to the sun road. And you can’t even access that road until sometimes late may to mid June. Sometimes even later than that, because there’s so much snow cover on it. So has such a short season that you could really only explore the entire park during the summer.

1 (17m 7s):
Yeah, I think it actually doesn’t even fully open until late June. And when you do go there, you’re probably going to go past Logan’s pass and there is a visitor center there and there’s these like really tall antennas at the top of it. And I actually heard that they’re so tall because the snow accumulates that much and it’s like a focal point so that they know that a building’s there.

2 (17m 29s):
Oh wow. So you will see snow even in the summer.

3 (17m 32s):
Yeah. And you will see snow in the summer on top of the mountain tops. I mean, there’s still glaciers there. Unfortunately we know the reality. A lot of them are receding, so that’s what’s happening there, but still overall beautiful scenic beauty. The average summer temperature from June to August ranges from 61 to degrees. And one of my favorite things about Glacier other than the wildlife is lake McDonald. And why don’t you tell them why Brittany cause it’s the same reason for you?

1 (17m 59s):
Yeah. So lake McDonald is known for its really, really colorful rocks on the bed of the lake. And the water is just super clear as well. So when you take a photo, you get a photo of the mountains in the backdrop, but also them reflecting into the water. And then you also get the really beautiful, colorful rocks in the picture as well. And Jamal and I went during the summer and the water is still freezing, freezing cold. Mid-summer just FYI. If anyone wants to,

3 (18m 26s):
So you don’t want to swim in it, but you can definitely kayak in it. And during winter it’s going to be frozen over. And I don’t think you can actually see into it when it’s frozen. Cause it’ll get a little bit cloudy. It won’t be clear. So again, another reason why summer is going to be so great for it, but a couple highlights of things that you want to do popular hiking trails will be avalanche lake hidden lake. And on these trails you may come across grizzly bears, black bears that are all around throughout the entire park. A lot of times people do see them on these trails just as well. So if you go be bear aware, have your bear spray, they are there, but amazing place to see wildlife also.

1 (19m 2s):
And if you want to hear more about Glacier National Park, we’ve done an episode about it. It’s episode 69. We also talked about Glacier in episode 72 because it’s another park where you don’t have to be a hiker to visit it. So episode 72 is 11 beautiful national parks for non hikers.

3 (19m 19s):
And I know we mentioned hiking trails as things to do. And if you love to hike, do them, but you can enjoy Glacier thoroughly without doing hiking too. So that’s why we featured on that. It’s a double combo punch right there, non hike and hike. It’s all great. All around.

2 (19m 33s):
Nice number five on our list is going much, much farther away all the way to sell Africa,

3 (19m 40s):
Going back to the Southern hemisphere, going back international. And unfortunately, Kim, I’d like to say you joined us on this one, but you did not

1 (19m 48s):

2 (19m 49s):
I am considering going in January next January with Cashin Ryan.

3 (19m 54s):
Oh you definitely should. I heard they threw out the environment.

2 (19m 57s):
I know. Wouldn’t that be crazy if I said no twice? Oh,

3 (20m 1s):
We’ll see. We’ll see. Now you can’t. You have to go now. Cause now it’s going to be like, wow, I’ve turned down South Africa twice. Yeah, There will be a third. Cause I want to go back. I can tell you that much, but the reason why we list South Africa is because June through August, again is going to be winter you’re in the Southern hemisphere. And interestingly enough, dry season, again, just like it was in Peru. So it’s going to be decent temperatures. It’s going to be the dry season. And if you’re going to be going on safaris, this is actually some of the best time to see wildlife viewings is during the dry season because the animals are going to have to venture out more, to try to find water versus staying around watering holes.

3 (20m 42s):
So there’s a lot more movement of animals during these times. And there are a lot less mosquitoes. You do not want to get torn up by mosquitoes in Africa. Let me tell you that or anywhere for that matter, but you don’t want to go on a trip all the way to Africa and be bit by mosquitoes because some of the hotels we stayed at, they have mosquito nets. Like it’s a thing and it really is. So they’re out there. That’s for sure. That’s why you got to go during this time. Perfect. During summer, avoid the mosquitoes.

1 (21m 10s):
It doesn’t sound like she’s going to be going in summer though. She’s going to be going in January

2 (21m 14s):

3 (21m 16s):
You just bring your bug spray camp.

2 (21m 17s):
I’m going to be bathing in it. You don’t love me.

1 (21m 20s):
One of the fun places that we visited was Kruger national park. It’s super famous. We were there to see some of the big five. Unfortunately we didn’t see all big five.

3 (21m 30s):
We got the big four. Can you

1 (21m 31s):
Name the big five Kim

2 (21m 33s):

3 (21m 34s):
Negative. Ooh, let’s start with the simple ones.

2 (21m 38s):
Elephant rhino. That’s

3 (21m 40s):

2 (21m 41s):

3 (21m 42s):

2 (21m 43s):
Lion. Yes. Jaguars

3 (21m 45s):
Negative and Jaguars do not live in Africa. They’re in south America. What is the African version of a Jaguar

2 (21m 55s):
Leopard? Oh, a leper. That’s when you didn’t see,

3 (21m 58s):
But yeah, we didn’t see a leopard and then Cape Buffalo. So again, it’s going to be elephant lion, Cape Buffalo, leopard and rhinos. And we did not see the leopard. When we were on our safari in Kruger national park, we got a radio call from another safari guide saying, Hey, there’s a leopard. There’s a leopard come. We were about 15 minutes away. By the time we got there, the leopard had vacated the scene, but he left his prey, his dead Impala stacked in the tree, which we were able to see just hanging up there. But the leopard was gone at that point.

2 (22m 28s):
But the difference between a leopard and a cheetah,

3 (22m 32s):
Lots of differences, the cheetah is more nimble and faster, the fastest land animals. And there are a lot thinner leopards are more bulky and they’re definitely more deadly. Like let’s put it this way. If I was for whatever reason, silly and decided, let me walk out of this vehicle on safari. And a cheetah came up next to me. I really wouldn’t be too concerned that it would look at me as pray and try to eat me. But I would definitely be worried if a leopard came up next to me. So that would be the best difference I can say in terms of how it matters to us when we’re out there.

1 (23m 2s):
Also, while you’re in South Africa, you’re definitely going to visit Cape town and go to Boulder beach for their penguins on the beach, which is super cool to see on the boardwalk. Also, while you’re in Cape town, you get the backdrop of table mountain. It’s super cool to go up there and to look down at the coastline and back into the city.

3 (23m 21s):
Yeah. You have to say gondolas to get up or you could even hike up there. Yeah.

1 (23m 24s):
Yeah. I’m actually a little pissed off that Jamal and I didn’t hike up table mountain that we had to take the gun alone. Right?

3 (23m 30s):
Well, we were on a guided tour and for time constraints, obviously we took the gondolas and on this trip, I know you didn’t come Kim, but our friends, Josh and Anna came with us. They loved Africa so much. They went back on another Africa trip after we had gotten back, believe it or not went back to Cape town, but this time they actually hiked up versus taking the gondolas. So they actually did that.

1 (23m 53s):
I am jealous of that. But South Africa is just a really beautiful place to visit in general. And it’s really fun. And there’s so many things that can happen there that you’re like, this is Africa. So we came up with our slogan was Tia. This is Africa.

2 (24m 7s):
What’s something an example of something you’d use that for.

1 (24m 10s):
Oh my goodness. So we went to go get lunch at the VA waterfront and I ordered a particular dish. And when the guy brought it out, he brought me something that I didn’t order. And I said, I’m sorry, I ordered this. And he said, Nope, this is what you ordered. And he like, wouldn’t budge on it. And it was like, all right, this is Africa.

3 (24m 28s):
And then taking a long time for your food to come out. Not necessarily at that place, but we were at another restaurant and it’s funny, our tour guide even said the same thing. He’s like, you’re here. The service industry, it’s safe in that sense, your food’s going to be healthy. You’re not going to get sick. But at the same time, don’t expect what you get in America and don’t feel like you can complain. And so we came up with that St. Although I can’t really say that we truly came up with it. I pulled it and stole it from Leonardo DiCaprio and blood diamond, which takes place in Africa. He says, Tia, I took it from Leo.

1 (25m 2s):
And if you want to hear more about our African vacations, you can hear about them in episode 26 and 27.

3 (25m 8s):
Real good episodes. I highly recommend going and checking those out.

1 (25m 11s):
Hey, travelers, let’s take a quick detour to talk all about our traveler itineraries that we’ve created just for you. We now have six different trip itineraries. One week in Kauai

2 (25m 22s):
And American Southwest weekend or road trip,

3 (25m 24s):
We can Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

1 (25m 28s):
Road trip adventure featuring all three of Washington. State’s national parks,

3 (25m 32s):
Big island, Hawaii, and an Arizona trip that features all three of Arizona’s national parks.

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We are obsessed with these. These itineraries are 20 to 30 page PDF guides with every detail of the trip laid out. We’re talking where to fly into the exact route to take where to stay park entrance prices, where to eat and driving distance between attractions plus what things to see and do even the hikes we recommend and their mileage and the time to allow for each one and so much more.

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I have story highlights on our Instagram at Travel Squad Podcast, where you can see the full guides. We’ve done all of the research and have taken these exact trips, taking out all of the guesswork from the planning. So all that you have to do is show up and have fun

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Purchase your comprehensive Travel Squad Podcast, itinerary on our website at Travel Squad, Podcast dot com, best of all, they’re on sale right now for $30. So travel on over and get yours today.

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So moving on on our list and to number six, we’re going to Yellowstone and grand Teton national park.

2 (26m 31s):
We took this trip in early June of 2020, and the weather was really good. Really, really good. We had some warm days. We had some chillier days where we wore sweaters, but it was by no means freezing cold. And it was good. There was a decent amount of people. This is also the busy season for these two parks, but these two parks are beautiful. There’s so much to see. This is just about the time when the bears have woken up and the other out and the baby bears are out roaming. So you have chances of seeing that kind of wildlife. There’s tons of wildlife in general. Buffaloes is bison were everywhere. We had foxes.

3 (27m 5s):
We saw those big mousses,

2 (27m 8s):
A lot of those. And we did get to see two baby bears. Yeah,

3 (27m 11s):
Yeah, we did mama. We didn’t get to see mama. She was around somewhere. Cause you know, she’s not leaving them alone, but it’s funny. This is a good segue coming into number six for Yellowstone and grand Teton national park. They are in Wyoming and the United States. They are right by each other

2 (27m 25s):
And you can’t do one without doing the

3 (27m 27s):
Right. And the two separate national parks, you have to do them both. And this is like America safari. So it’s a good segue coming from Africa. Cause now we’re doing like American Sofar has lots of wildlife. You go, we’ll see the same thing and Alaska too. But if you’re staying in the lower 48, this is the place for that.

1 (27m 42s):
And Yellowstone is known for its really unique geological formations, the colorful thermal Springs, the geysers. Oh yeah, yeah. I mean really hit miss spot. And then Grand Teton is like that mountain range is probably the most beautiful mountain range I’ve ever seen. Beautiful hikes, waterfalls, everything. And then during the summer, all of the trails and roads are open during the winter. They’re not. So it’s just a really nice place to visit in summer. I

2 (28m 7s):
Think it’s the perfect time to visit June.

1 (28m 10s):
I would agree.

3 (28m 11s):
I would definitely say so. And do keep in mind some of the roads do close in winter just as well. So that makes it another good reason why you need to visit during the summer. You can do hiking, boating, fishing, horseback, riding, the boating, fishing, and horseback riding more specifically at Grand Teton. Although I did see some people fishing in the streams in Yellowstone, also with the appropriate permits, but not that there’s not bears all around in both those parks, but I’d be more worried than those fishing streams. They seemed a little bit more remote and Yellowstone like, oh man, what if a bear comes out here while you’re stuck in the water, I’d be a little freaked out. But those people have more courage than I will say.

2 (28m 49s):
Yellowstone is a good park to go. Especially if you have a little bit of extra time to take it slow. Yeah. Just bring your binoculars, bring some food in the truck and chill, just taking the scenery.

1 (29m 1s):
It’s just so beautiful there. And if you want to hear more about these episodes, we have two of them, one for Grand Teton, episode 56 and another for Yellowstone episode 57. And we have also created a week long itinerary for these two national parks. And it’s actually our most popular itinerary yet.

2 (29m 19s):
There are so many questions about these parks, how to do it, what to expect. I mean, even down to like where to get bear spray and how to use it. And this itinerary tells it all. It’s also a place that you want to book early because it gets really popular in the summer. And so we tell you what hotels to stay at, how to do it cheaper because it is so popular in the summer. It can be more expensive. So we give you all the inside tips to get the most bang for your buck and most bang for your time there.

3 (29m 46s):
Absolutely. And I don’t say this as a discouragement. I say this as a sense of a plan ahead. Exactly. As you were hitting on cam, because Brittany’s dad is actually going to be doing this for the summer. Washington say somewhere, he’s going tail into summer more September, not August. Isn’t that right? And they’re starting to look for hotels now. And the cheapest they’re able to find is a motel six. And guess how much that motel six is going for now? Like 2 84. I mean, other places there are 400 a night that are a little bit better than a motel six that’s for sure. But a motel six is average is two 80 a night. I mean, what do you imagine? Everything else is out there. So plan early,

1 (30m 23s):
There is one place that I like looked at a search for my dad and it came up as, for one week, stay in Jackson hole, $26,000. And I was like, damn, that’s what was it?

3 (30m 35s):
Well, that’s on the extreme high end. Let me tell you this. If you’re planning a trip, don’t think everything’s going to be $26,000. But yeah. But yeah,

1 (30m 42s):
It, it was just crazy.

2 (30m 43s):
We were really lucky when we went, because we had planned this for a while, but

3 (30m 48s):
It was planned pre COVID

2 (30m 49s):
And then COVID hit and the national park shut down. So we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to go. But then a couple of weeks before our trip, we got news that Tetons opened. We were like, all right, cool, we’re slow going. But some of the roads for Yellowstone were still not open. So we decided to go anyway and kind of roughed it out. And luckily at the very last minute, the road open that we needed to get to the hotel we booked

3 (31m 12s):
For Yellowstone, for

2 (31m 12s):
Yellowstone. It was perfect.

1 (31m 14s):
It was perfect.

3 (31m 15s):
So do plan ahead, but you will enjoy these national parks immensely. So, so beautiful. So, so unique all around. So flying from the interior of Wyoming, all the way to the west coast of the United States, close to our hometown, San Francisco, California, we all grew up living about an hour and a half from San Francisco. So this used to be to some extent like our big city stomping ground, if we wanted to get out of Sacramento area.

2 (31m 40s):
Yeah. And just like a lot of coastal cities, the main heat comes around August to October. And that’s true for San Francisco too. So if you go in June and July could still be cloudy, but you could also get lucky. I remember one time I went on four 20 and it was hot. It was like 80

1 (31m 56s):
Degrees. Oh, that’s not normal.

2 (31m 58s):
So that also happens.

3 (31m 59s):
And if you’re saying 80 degrees is hot, you know, I know, I know for San Francisco, it is, but in terms of just the general weather, you know what I mean? It’s still good temperate weather, but yeah. That’s extreme like an April 80 degrees in San Francisco.

2 (32m 12s):
Yeah. So it’s, it’s pretty decent weather this time and there’s a lot to do pier 39. I love it. I know it’s touristy, but I still love it.

1 (32m 19s):
Or just going to see the view is at golden gate bridge, go to the golden gate park, going to visit the Japanese tea garden,

3 (32m 25s):
Renting a paddle boat or a canoe and Stoll lake within golden gate park, checking out some of the museums and things that they have in there. And let’s not forget Alcatraz, if any of you live under a rock and don’t know what Alcatraz is. It is a prison turned museum on an island off the coast of San Francisco and San Francisco bay. Very, very popular. Al Capone actually died on Alcatraz from of syphilis. Yes. But nonetheless, he was on Alcatraz. So many cool things to see in San Francisco. I mean, San Francisco’s just a delight.

2 (33m 1s):
Yeah. And I think one of the coolest summer attractions of all is to catch a baseball game at the giant Spall park. Oh,

1 (33m 8s):
That’s something you would say.

3 (33m 10s):
It’s a must, it’s a

2 (33m 11s):
Summer activity.

3 (33m 12s):
It’s a summer activity. That’s number one. And it’s just a great overall experience. Nonetheless. I always said that I think San Francisco giants ballpark, it was at and T park. I mean, I forgot already now what they just changed the name to, but it will always be at and T park to me was ranked like one of the best ballparks in the United States. So even if you’re not a baseball person, it’s just fun for the atmosphere, the architecture. Yeah. And it’s on the bay itself. So everywhere you’re sitting in the park, you have a view of the water. You have a view of the bay bridge. It’s really nice, but I’ll tell you what was just ranked as the best ballpark in America. Petco park down here in San Diego. Yeah.

2 (33m 51s):
I’ve heard that, but it’s a good park, but I don’t think it’s better than San Francisco.

3 (33m 56s):
I, I don’t think in terms of viewing for baseball, I know we’re going a little off topic now, but I don’t think in terms of even baseball, but I think that rating took into consideration like the food, all the venues and things that they have in there. But nonetheless going back to San Francisco, really cool to check out a game there, but San Francisco is such a great All-American city. You’re not going to be disappointed.

1 (34m 16s):
And if you want to hear more about it, we talk all about San Francisco in episode 48,

2 (34m 21s):
Number eight on our list as a place I have yet to go. And this is London, England.

3 (34m 26s):
Yes. We’re going to hop the pond as they say in my terrible British accent. I know I was, I was kind of trying, but not really trying. I’m not going to put my full attempt on the British one. Cause I don’t want to stereotype an accent, but we all know what that would maybe sound like. So we’re going to hop the pond over to London, England, and Brittany and I have been to the UK to London and we had an absolutely amazing time. It’s gorgeous. The average temperature is in the seventies around this time during the summer, although Europe is known to get the occasional heat wave. So if you go, you may have that happen to you, but this is one European city that I would recommend going to in the summer if you’re willing to put up with the crowds.

1 (35m 6s):
Yeah. And there’s just so much to see. I mean, definitely check out the London eye. It’s one of the tallest Ferris wheels in the entire world.

2 (35m 13s):
Did you write it? We

1 (35m 14s):
Did. Yes.

3 (35m 16s):
I, I definitely think so. It is a tourist trap to an extent, but it does give you amazing views. I mean, when you’re up there, your carriage or what do you want to call the

2 (35m 27s):

3 (35m 27s):
It’s fully enclosed, but it’s glass. So you can see all around you. It’s really clear and you get amazing views of big Ben and parliament, all the sky rise buildings they do have there. So it’s really unique in a nice perspective way to see London.

1 (35m 42s):
And one of the first things that Jamal and I did when we went to London and what we like to do when we go to new cities is kind of take a hop on, hop off bus tour. And that kind of gives you the lay of the land. And so we were able to see a lot of things. We were able to see the London eye from a distance, big Ben tower of London tower bridge, which people often think is the London bridge, but it is not

3 (36m 2s):
London bridge is trashed by the way, nothing exciting about it. It’s famous in the song, but it’s trashed tower bridge is what you want to see and do.

1 (36m 10s):
And tower of London, I really like the shows dated back into that era. And so we’re like you see Royal residences. And so terrible undone was actually used as a prison at a Royal residence. And it’s currently a museum that houses the crown jewels of the Royal family. So that’s really cool to see as well while you’re there.

3 (36m 28s):
I mean, it’s so old. I think it dates back to like the year 10 66 of when they originally started building it. Obviously it looked different than, and they’ve added to it. And it’s also a famous place because this is where I think king Henry, the eighth actually beheaded one of his Queens at the tower of London, just as well. So it has a very storied history, really cool thing to see there, but definitely not to be missed. Another couple highlights of things that you would for sure want to do in London is go to Westminster Abbey. This is where the queen has her church services. This is where a lot of Kings and Queens are interned. We saw a chortle service when we were there. So that was really interesting.

2 (37m 6s):
Open to the public.

3 (37m 8s):
Yeah, it is. It is. So you have to go in and go do it. Obviously at a time, the Queens, there are, they’re having an official event. It’s not open to the public, but it is open as a regular church to the general public. So we were able to go and cam, this is going to be right up your alley. Two things actually right up your alley, got to do afternoon tea when you’re in the UK and London. And London’s really good for rooftop bars. We hit up a rooftop bar when we were, they have lots of them. So you’re going to love it when

2 (37m 36s):
I’m dying to go to London one because I absolutely love afternoon tea. I’ve heard all about it from your trip there. I cannot wait to do an authentic high tea in London,

3 (37m 46s):
No more authentic than that. They created it.

2 (37m 49s):
It’s amazing. And I also want to see the guards that don’t move

1 (37m 53s):
The changing of the guard.

3 (37m 54s):
No, no, no. Well the guards that stand at attention that don’t move, we asked, but we did see the change in the guards. That’s another thing, so many cool stuff.

2 (38m 1s):
I’m going to see some cool Monarch stuff because we just don’t have that here in the U S

1 (38m 6s):
Well, in the summer you can tour Buckingham palace and it’s open for 10 weeks between July and October because the queen actually leaves England and goes on vacation.

3 (38m 16s):
The Scotland, that was a little bit better of an accident. I think that I pulled out,

1 (38m 21s):
They do open up Buckingham palace to tour.

3 (38m 25s):

1 (38m 25s):
Did do that. Cool. London’s also a great city for any Harry Potter fans out there. Anyone, anyone just me. Nope. And it’s a great day trip to which is,

2 (38m 36s):
I want to see that too.

3 (38m 37s):
I know we’ve brought this up as a possible episode and we just, whatever reason, we’ve never put it out there, but now I’m really inspired. We’re going to have to do our London episode. Cause I feel like I’m just rambling about it. I really loved London. Like I’d like that a lot.

2 (38m 50s):
We have talked about it before, but how about we wait until I go.

1 (38m 53s):
That’s what Kim keeps saying. You can’t do an episode until I go. So can you better go soon?

3 (38m 57s):
So I just wanted to

2 (38m 58s):
Open the borders.

3 (38m 59s):
Yeah. I want to throw this out there though. Obviously when Brittany and I plan our trips alone or even our squad trips for that matter, you know, we always like to go someplace that we haven’t gone before, right. Because who doesn’t want to see and do new things. But I tell Brittany all the time, there’s certain places that I would go back to in a heartbeat. If we were to just say like, let’s go somewhere. If it’s someplace that we’ve already done, one of them was actually on this list are ready, which is Yellowstone and Grand Teton. But London is on that list again too. So if you can convince Brittany to redo another trip before she goes somewhere else that she really wants to go squad trip on that one.

2 (39m 35s):
I have a question about London, selfishly, if I were to want to plan as quick of trip as possible, but still get to see, you know, do high tea ride, the Ferris wheel, maybe tour Buckingham palace, go to Stonehenge. How many days

1 (39m 50s):
For, I was going to say three to four,

2 (39m 52s):
Including that includes travel time with,

3 (39m 54s):
And that’s what we did because we did a week vacation and we split it halfway between London and halfway between Amsterdam and we were able to make it work. Honestly, we could have spent some more time there, but if you really want to see the highlights and quick and your ruling to move, like we did it in four days. You

1 (40m 10s):
Can, everything we just listed, we were able to do in that time. Hmm.

2 (40m 13s):

3 (40m 13s):
London’s very central has a really good Metro system too. So you don’t need to worry about like transportation. You could get a lot done because of that too.

1 (40m 21s):
We’re moving on to number nine on our list, which is Boston. I actually haven’t been, I don’t think Jamal’s been either. So Kim,

2 (40m 27s):
I have been Boston, Massachusetts in the new England part of the United States of America. It has a lot of colonial history. This is where the Boston tea party took place. The middle or start of our civil revolution. Is that right? Mr. Is

3 (40m 44s):
You say civil like civil war has started the revolution,

2 (40m 48s):
Evolutionary war I stand corrected, but yes, you can feel those colonial vibes there. And there’s a lot of brick buildings. There’s an acorn alley, which is the oldest standing original cobblestone alley in Boston.

1 (41m 1s):
I bet it was really beautiful.

2 (41m 3s):
It was gorgeous. And the houses, there are like $10 million estates,

3 (41m 7s):
Maybe Ben Affleck and Matt Damon habit. Cause they’re Boston Knights themselves. Oh, maybe they live on this.

2 (41m 13s):
I, I loved Boston. I love the vibes of it. I was there in the fall, which I think is an amazing time to visit because of the changing of the colors. But in Boston they have a ton of outdoor spaces. They have a whole bay area with lots of boats. So there’s a lot of good outdoor and like rooftop bar type activities to do there. It’s also a really busy city. Like you imagine Chicago in new York’s, there’s tons of people out. You can go down to the Boston commons, which is this big natural park area. I guess you can kind of think about it like golden gate park or central park, but not as big, but it’s, it’s a very well known.

3 (41m 48s):
Well, I would say that makes it a little bit more quaint and unique to that. It’s not so big. Right? It’s more, even though it’s big but localized in a sense. Yeah.

2 (41m 54s):
It’s definitely a major element of their downtown, but it’s not quite as big as

1 (41m 58s):
Our ballot Bo park. Maybe

2 (42m 0s):
I would say that even though Balboa park is bigger. Okay. But really nice. And then of course the Boston red Sox are major major player in the city.

3 (42m 10s):
So should I wear my Yankee hat when I go there or no, no I wouldn’t. I definitely wouldn’t. I’m not a Yankee

2 (42m 17s):
Park is actually really small and it was being renovated when I was there. They’re expanding it.

3 (42m 23s):
Fenway park.

2 (42m 24s):
Yes. Fenway park, but it’s so iconic. And you can really tell how old it is when you’re walking around. There’s a lot of bars and restaurants around there. So there’s actually bars. You can go to that. You can watch the baseball game live from, you have the view of the baseball game from the bar. Oh,

1 (42m 37s):
That’s really cool.

2 (42m 38s):
Yeah. So it’s really cool. Really cool neighborhood. Even if you’re not going to the game,

3 (42m 41s):
I haven’t been there as we had just mentioned, I really do want to go to Boston and I heard it’s great during the summer in terms of their weather too. Cause you went during that season where it gets a little bit cooler and fall, but you don’t want to be there during winter. I mean, they have crazy snow storms and everything, but I got a little off track, but I want to go specifically to, because the way you just described the ballpark area for Fenway reminds me of when we were in Chicago or around The Chicago Cubs stadium. Why am I drawing a blank on the name of their stadium right now? Yes. Wrigley field. Thank you all coming in. I know. I know. And I know it too. I just blanked on it. Yeah. I’ve been

1 (43m 18s):
Impressing you.

3 (43m 18s):
I know you have, you’ve come up with some trivial, random knowledge that has just blown my mind with him knowing Wrigley field or at least the w aspect really saved me there from having to rack my brain around it. But yeah, just the old ballpark style with the nightlife and restaurants around and being able to see the stadium from outside of it and watch it. That sounds really exciting to me. Cause I enjoyed that aspect in Chicago. Yeah.

2 (43m 41s):
Yeah. I felt a lot of similarities between Boston and Chicago and actually Chicago is not on our list, but I would totally recommend Chicago for summer too.

1 (43m 49s):
Yeah. You know, I think one of the reasons why it didn’t make it on our list because he gets super humid in the summer.

3 (43m 54s):
Yeah. It could be deadly hot. Then

2 (43m 57s):
They have a major rooftop bar scene though.

3 (43m 60s):
I’ll tell you what Chicago was spring and fall. That’s the time to go

2 (44m 2s):
Right? There we go. There we go.

3 (44m 4s):
Not summer, but honorable mention shoulder season,

2 (44m 7s):
Snuck it in. And now we’re at number 10 of our list and we have saved the best for last.

3 (44m 13s):
Yes. So we are flying from the east coast, new England all the way to the opposite corner of the United States to our current hometown, San Diego, California.

1 (44m 23s):
So one thing people always think of like San Diego is great to visit know may June, but we actually have may gray and June

2 (44m 30s):
Gloom majorly. It’s

3 (44m 32s):
Real. And I actually enjoy that a lot, but you know, if you’re coming as a tourist and are thinking, oh great weather, I mean temperature wise, maybe, but you know, the sun ain’t going to be shine. And especially if you’re trying to go to the beach,

2 (44m 43s):
It’s funny because that’s when the rest of the country’s heating up and people are getting all excited for summer. They’re out for school. And then they come here on vacation and all the locals laugh at the tourists for going out into the water, even though it’s cold when the cloudy, when they come. But after June the may gray, June gloom typically burns off. And then July, August all the way through October San Diego is warm, sunny and fun.

1 (45m 6s):
Yeah. And there’s a lot of great things to do in San Diego. Obviously we just mentioned the beaches, sand shark season in the LA Jolla shores as like July and August, you can always go to the world famous zoo in Balboa,

3 (45m 18s):
No better zoo in the world and the San Diego zoo. I don’t just say that. Cause I live here. Like I’ve been to several and they just don’t compare,

2 (45m 25s):
You know what? I love our zoo, but I also did love the Shanghai zoo.

3 (45m 29s):
That’s the Shanghai zoo was cool.

2 (45m 32s):
Balboa park is really cool. There’s tons of museums. There’s tons of like open grassy areas to picnic and hang out and people watch

3 (45m 40s):
Well, one of my favorite things to do in Balboa park, and this is a great summer activity too, is actually going to be playing Frisbee golf. Frisbee golf is becoming really hot as a cool little recreational sport that a lot of people are getting into. And Balboa park has a field area called Morley field. It’s well shaded also and a really, really good course. So even though the sun’s going to be out and we do have temperate weather here during the summer, it’s still nice to be shaded and still feel that warmth a little bit. So I would highly recommend that. And what better thing to do in the summer then have a few drinks. San Diego is known for its craft brew scene down here. Tons of breweries for you to go to and brewery hop or just even keep it casual, go for nice little ambiance, have a beer or two and leave and then just go do something else.

3 (46m 27s):
Like San Diego is perfect in the summer. And I’m just going to say, we’re real fortunate to live here. So come on down, if you want to enjoy it.

1 (46m 36s):
And we talk about San Diego a lot since it is our hometown. So we have several episodes where we’ve talked specifically about things to do in San Diego, like episode 2013, things to do in San Diego or episode 52, where we talk about the 13 best taco spots in San

2 (46m 50s):
Diego. Lots of tough.

3 (46m 52s):
The Eaton’s good and San Diego, especially if you want some Mexican food tacos are king.

1 (46m 56s):
Sandy goes also a really good place to go hiking. We have a hiking episode, which is episode 41 and last but not least, if you’re from San Diego or if you’re visiting San Diego for an extended period of time, you might want to take some day trips from San Diego. And we have an episode all about that. That’s episode 62.

3 (47m 12s):
Well, you say that’s it. I’m going to tease everybody and let you know next week we’re listing the best beaches in San Diego. Are we not?

1 (47m 19s):
We are.

3 (47m 20s):
So another episode, future episode. So do check that out and stay

2 (47m 24s):
Tuned next week. One future future episode,

3 (47m 26s):
Future future

2 (47m 28s):
Diego’s best brunches. And we do brunch here.

1 (47m 31s):
I love a good breakfast boofy or brunch

3 (47m 35s):
Or brunch.

1 (47m 37s):
So any final thoughts before we get into questions of the week,

2 (47m 41s):
I’m excited to travel, but I am more excited because I know we have two questions this week. Let’s get into

3 (47m 46s):
It. All right. Questions of the week.

2 (47m 56s):
Our first question is what plays do you want to visit in the summer, but you have not done yet.

1 (48m 1s):
So I have to Acadia national park in Maine because I feel like Maine would be a really good place to visit in summer and then Katmai national park in Alaska.

3 (48m 12s):
And we were just touching on cat, mine to got you really inspired for that one. I would say that Katmai is definitely on my list summer that I haven’t been that’s tough. I could tell you a few of these places that we’ve listed are repeat summer locations that I’d like to go. Like I just got real geared up for Africa right now. I got real geared up for grand Tetons and Yellowstone again, but

1 (48m 34s):
It’s a lot like Voyageurs national isle Royale Acadia.

3 (48m 38s):
I could list a lot too. I’m just on the spot. So, but those are solid repeats, but cat Miami going to go with you, Brittany. Okay.

2 (48m 44s):
I would like to do, even though I know in Europe, in August, they kind of shut down a little bit, but I would love to do a nice warm summer on like the south of France central pay or yeah. Or Southern Italy, Positano the Amalfi coast, or even Greece

1 (49m 4s):
To Greece in the summer.

3 (49m 5s):
So are you willing to put up with the tons of tourists that are in that location at that time?

2 (49m 10s):
I know that is definitely kind of a bad thing about traveling in a destination’s high season, but it’s a high season for a reason. Yeah,

3 (49m 16s):
That’s true. And not to say some of the places that we listed wouldn’t have high season, it’d be busy also, but just it’s that stereotype of like Europe is just overrun during

2 (49m 25s):
No, they closed down and everybody goes on vacation these certain weeks, but I see myself just like sure. Coterie board, champagne, yacht, Positano.

3 (49m 36s):
It sounds like a hymn activity. I love it.

1 (49m 39s):
So our second question is what are your best tips for summer travel?

2 (49m 44s):
We were talking about this with Yellowstone and book early is a major, major tip for summer travel, especially when you know, it’s high season.

1 (49m 52s):
Yeah. Like when it’s cold in winter, that’s a great time to start booking your summer vacation

2 (49m 57s):
Six months to a year, even ahead for those busy, busy places, they get really expensive.

1 (50m 2s):
I think for Glacier National Park, you want to book at least a year and I have advanced same for like brand Tetons and Yellowstone’s even so definitely book early.

2 (50m 10s):
You’re going to have more options, more availability and better prices the earlier you book.

3 (50m 15s):
Yeah. And I would also say always recheck rental car places and hotel prices for that matter. Like even we’re talking about book everything early for best prices and that’s usually true for sure, but those always going to be that random deal. And I can’t tell you how many times we were like, we really looked at a hotel that we’ve booked and either found it to be slightly cheaper or another hotel that’s of equal quality that is going to be cheaper, same with rental cars. So definitely do that. And last, but certainly not least off the top of my head, I would say check out those attractions early in the morning or late evening to avoid the crowds and the heat. That’s a good time mid day. Certain things are just going to be terrible.

3 (50m 55s):
So some of the more popular attractions, if you’re going someplace, try to do it early in the morning.

2 (50m 59s):
Yeah. And then with that, just remember book early, because then you’ll have the option to choose the early one versus booking later, and then being stuck with whatever’s open

1 (51m 8s):
And kind of on that same note, you know, it is high season for some of these places that you always want to reserve tickets for events or museums or places that you’re going to. And that gives you the best availability that they have as well. All right.

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