Visiting Grand Teton and Sharing the Best Hikes in Grand Teton National Park

In this episode we are visiting Grand Teton National Park and all of the amazing sights here! We give you all the details on hiking trails, and where to stay and eat in Jackson, Wyoming plus tons of laughs and stories from our few days there.

Hikes and Sights to See in Grand Teton National Park

  • Taggart Lake and Bradley Lake Loop
  • Antelope Flats Road / Mormon Row
  • Cascade Canyon Trail and Jenny Lake Trail
  • Schwabacher’s Landing
  • Snake River Overlook
  • Oxbow Bend

Where to Eat in Jackson Hole Wyoming

  • Snake River Brewing Company
  • Million Dollar Cowboy Bar 
  • Roadhouse Brewery 
  • Big Hole BBQ
  • Moo’s Ice Cream 
  • Cowboy Coffee 

We did this trip to make possible visiting Grand Teton and Yellowstone in one trip! And we built our optimized itinerary out for you to use too! We put together a week itinerary to visit Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks with a detailed route to take, how long to stay in each place, hikes, sights to see, even where to eat! You can download the PDF on our website for your trip!

Visiting Grand Teton – Episode Itinerary

1 (37s):
Welcome to this week’s episode of the Travel Squad podcast. Today, we are taking you with us to grand Teton national park grantee. Dawn national park is probably one of the most scenic, majestic and serene spots that I have ever visited. And I cannot wait to eventually go back.

3 (1m 12s):
I absolutely loved it. This was actually a trip that we took to not only grand Teton, but Yellowstone national park, but since there’s so much to do in both of the parks, we’re splitting up the episodes into a two part series, but the parks touch each other. So if you’re at one, you’re going to want to do the other. And yeah, we have a lot to talk about. Lot of love to give to each park. So grand Tetons.

4 (1m 33s):
Yeah. And grand Teton national park is in the Northwest corner of the state of Wyoming, just south of Yellowstone national park. So like Kim said, both of them truly touch grand Teton is south of Yellowstone. And while grand Teton is famous for its scenic mountain views and its tallest peak actually being 13,776 feet, it’s also home to some amazing wildlife. You’re going to encounter some grizzly bears, black bears, moose, elk, beavers. And Zaina this is for you even mountain lions.

1 (2m 6s):

4 (2m 8s):
I love me some cougars.

2 (2m 9s):
I love mountain lions. I don’t know what you’re talking about

4 (2m 12s):
And bears too.

2 (2m 13s):
There you go. So I enjoyed this trip from Instagram text messages and one accidental FaceTime call to Brittany and chem. So in other words, I did not go on this trip. It was for personal and business reasons. So just like you, I’m super stoked to hear all about this trip.

1 (2m 30s):
All right, guys, to start off, we have some tips, tips, tips, tips, tips, tips, tip counts,

4 (2m 35s):
Always tips. First,

2 (2m 37s):
Nobody knows tips like us.

1 (2m 39s):
So we did not bring any binoculars on this trip. And man, do we wish we had, we saw sown in people with binoculars, seeing bears, wolves, all sorts of wildlife. And I definitely would recommend bringing binoculars on the trip.

4 (2m 56s):
Yeah. I mean, we encountered some wildlife up close and personal, but no doubt. There are certain areas for wildlife viewing where they’re not super close to the road. So you’ll just see people parked out there with their binoculars. I don’t want to call them telescopes, but they’re like single binocular telescope type things. And you definitely do want that to see them from a distance because grand Teton is one of America’s national parks. That’s pretty much almost like being on an African safari. So you do really want those to see the wildlife in the area.

1 (3m 30s):
Another tip that I have for you guys is of course, to download the offline maps, you’re going to go through some remote areas as you’re driving or trekking through the parks. So make sure to download the offline maps prior to that. So you guys don’t get lost

3 (3m 43s):
80% of the time in the park. I didn’t have phone service, the offline maps clutter.

4 (3m 49s):
Interestingly enough, I felt like on some of the trails I did have, it was like spotty. It was like in and out, in and out. So you do want it just in worst case scenario so you can never really rely on it. So the offline maps is good. And another thing to keep in mind is obviously be mindful of the time you’re going and look at weather conditions. We went in may and some of the trails and portions of the trails were closed because there is still snow. So we were at the late end of may, close to June. You think it would be warm? The weather was pleasant enough, but there’s definitely still snow on the ground. And one of the hikes that we did and we’ll talk about later on, there was some snow then it cleared up.

4 (4m 29s):
So you may need some crampons depending on what it is that you want to do in the parks. So definitely just research that and be whether mindful

1 (4m 36s):
Last tip that we have is to be prepared to rent, bear, spray, and know how to use it.

2 (4m 42s):
I fully look forward to hearing how to use it

4 (4m 45s):
Well when we rent it. And we’ll go over it a little bit more, but let me tell you this, obviously I know there’s tons of like bears in that area, specifically Grizzlies. I think it’s like one of the few places in the contiguous 48 that there’s actually still Grizzlies. Otherwise they’re up in like Canada and Alaska and on the national park websites, they have some videos and I prepped myself by watching those videos. And obviously when we rented it, we got the rundown too. So definitely know how to use it.

2 (5m 11s):
I know that we have a lot of listeners outside of the United States. So could you just real quickly describe where Wyoming is in the United States?

4 (5m 18s):
It’s in the Northwest of the United States, not on the coast, like Washington, Oregon, it’s a states over. So it’s just south of Montana, which touches Canada. It’s in, I don’t want to say the exact middle, but it’s like Midwest of the United States,

3 (5m 33s):
We were actually having a great debate about, is it the west coast? Is it the Midwest? Like

4 (5m 39s):
The great Plains, even though those mountains, I mean, and grand Teton, it’s famous for the mountains, but there’s a big valley. That’s right there too. Just all flat. So don’t really know the official term, but I will say a west coast of the United States non touching the Pacific.

1 (5m 53s):
So we started off this trip on a Friday, we flew into salt lake city. And the reason that we flew into salt lake city was because flight prices were much more affordable than flying directly into like Jackson hole.

4 (6m 6s):
So Jackson hole is the biggest and closest city to grand Teton national park. Interesting fact, the airport in Jackson is the only airport that is in a national park itself, but to fly into it is incredibly expensive. I mean, we were talking about how much was it, Brittany?

1 (6m 25s):
I was seeing prices in length, the S 5, 6, 7 hundreds, depending on when you wanted to go.

4 (6m 30s):
It’s so super expensive. Whereas if we just flew San Diego to salt lake city and from salt lake city, it’s a four and a half hour drive. It was like an $89 ticket. So, you know,

2 (6m 40s):
We’re going to go

4 (6m 40s):
With this. Oh yeah. I’ll I’ll, I’ll take the drive. No doubt for four hours and versus paying $600. That’s crazy. I’ll

2 (6m 47s):
Take the sleep in the back of the drive.

4 (6m 49s):
Hey, Hey.

1 (6m 51s):
So on Friday night we just flew into salt lake city and we just stayed the night near the airport, got our rental car and just rested for the rest of the night before Saturday, where we started on our drive to grand Teton national park. So one thing I wanted to mention is the drive on the maps. It says about five hours with stops. It took about six hours to get there. But when you look at the maps, it’s going to have several different routes and you kind of want to look to see what route you’re going to, because the way that it said was the shortest route. It literally looked like we were going to go through no major cities. And we were concerned about, are we going to be able to get food? Are we going to be able to get gas? So just make sure that you look to see where you’re going through before you commit to a route.

4 (7m 32s):
And on top of that, what if I need to go to the bathroom? Right? So there was a route that it tried to take us that was 15 minutes shorter, but it was through the middle of nowhere. So we took the 15 minute longer route, which took us through Idaho falls, but it kept us mainly on interstate 15 before we had to go on to one of the U S highways that cut over. But you do have more access to food, gas restrooms. So definitely weigh those pros and cons. We opted to say 15 minutes is worth it just to have those conveniences if we needed it.

1 (8m 5s):
So I, once we made it to Jackson hole, our first stop was to Teton a back country store to rent, bear spray, because we knew that we were immediately going to the park to hide.

4 (8m 16s):
And so the bear spray is an essential, you can Google the statistics of how many people die in grand Teton and Yellowstone because of bear attacks. And quite honestly, within the last, you know, 50 years, maybe like nine, 10 people have actually died from bear attacks. But so many people actually encounter bears. And we went in may, which is when they’re coming right out of hibernation, mamas have Cubs. That’s when they’re the most defensive, if you come across them or scare them. So you really do want that bear spray. Absolutely.

2 (8m 52s):
Not only are you coming right when they’re coming out of hibernation, you’re kind of coming when the world has been coming out of hibernation because we’ve been shut down because of COVID. And so for me, you know, like obviously I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff online about how, because the humans aren’t going out into the world, the animals are kind of taking back their landscape, right. Or take nature back. So I’m really interested to hear about this because animals have already been used to going out into that area since we have not.

4 (9m 21s):
And that’s another thing I was keeping in mind to a very good point. I was also thinking one, this is their territory. They come close to trails. But beyond that, this year they’ve gotten used to the fact that, Hey, why is nobody really here? So you do want to take that extra precaution and have the bear spray.

3 (9m 38s):
So the bear spray, I don’t know if any of you guys knew this, or if, if I was just having a blonde moment, but bear spray is pepper spray essentially. And it’s, it’s in a larger container and it’s more potent, but it’s, it’s pepper spray,

4 (9m 50s):
It’s pepper spray. And like Kim said more potent, but what makes it specifically like bear spray? You don’t want to take pepper spray that shit’s going to do nothing on the bear. This bear spray is designed to come out of the can like a fog. It shoots up to 30 feet as a giant fog. So if it starts

3 (10m 8s):
To hit with

4 (10m 9s):
It. Yeah. So if it starts charging you, that’s why it’s officially bear spray is because it creates a giant fog. It shoots up to 30 feet. But if you push the can to just empty it, you have about five, six seconds before it’s completely done. So you have like a really limited window, but again, that’s because of how fast and the way it comes out as a giant fog.

2 (10m 32s):
So does it work on them? Like pepper spray would work on us? Like it gets in their eyes.

3 (10m 38s):
You’re supposed to point it down cause they charge on all fours. And then the nice gentleman at the bear spray store, let us know lots of fun stories about bear attacks and how bear spray saved these people. Another thing to keep in mind and the bear spray salespeople will give you all this information too, but you want to keep it on your hip. So it’s easy to grab when we were on the trails, I saw people have it in their backpack pocket. It’s like, that’s not going to help you. What do you think?

4 (11m 1s):
And I saw so many people without bear spray. And I thought to myself, who are these fricking idiots? Like

3 (11m 7s):
One can per person, because if Brittany’s over there getting mauled and she’s the only one with bear spray, it’s not going to help her. But one story that guy did tell us was that some guy had his bear spray on his belt. Like you should run on your hip. And a bear ran at him from the side and he didn’t have time to grab it. But the bear bit, the bear spray instead of his hip and got scared and ran away.

4 (11m 28s):
Yeah. Punctured the Canon that the bear spray blew up in the bear’s face that way. So it almost saved his life. And I know Xena was going to jump in with something here, but before you say it’s and I just want to say one, as we were going to grand Teton, we read a story very recently of a mountain biker in Montana who had just got mauled by a grizzly. And as we were leaving Yellowstone, which again, we’re going to have a separate episode on Yellowstone. But again, this was all on the same trip, right outside of west Yellowstone, where we were staying, someone was hiking in a state park, got attacked by a grizzly bear. So it happens. He did not die.

1 (12m 2s):
And he did have the bear spray on him, but he didn’t have enough time to pull it out. So that’s how fast these bears are. So having it in your backpack is not the smart thing to do because you can’t access it. If a bear sees you and is going to attack you, you’re not going to really know that it’s attacking you. So you need to have it at your hip. So at this store that we rented it from, there were options to have like a clip or have a belt, or, you know, there were several different clip ons that they offered and that we were able to try out before we rented and to buy bear spray, it’s like 40 to $60 per canister to buy. And if you can’t take it on the airplane, so you can’t travel with it, but to rent, it’s like $8 per day for the first two days. And then the price drops after that.

1 (12m 43s):
If you’re going to run it for more days than that.

2 (12m 46s):
Okay. And so Kim said one per person. So like each one of you guys rented one. Correct. Okay. And then you said that it gets on you too, if you spray it.

4 (12m 55s):
Well, I mean, if you’re standing downwind and it’s blowing your way and you spray it, obviously it’s designed to create that fog, but there’s definitely going to be some potentially coming back at you. None of us sprayed it to experience it, but the person who rented it to us informed us that. Yeah. I mean, if you spray this and you’re standing in the wrong wind direction, obviously a little bit is going to come back on you, but wouldn’t, you rather be pepper sprayed than mauled by a bear. And I can affirmatively say yes to that.

2 (13m 23s):
And he gave you a little tutorial of how to use it.

4 (13m 26s):
Yeah. I mean, he made sure all of us were comfortable with it on our hip because he gave us, you know, the belts clips themselves and it’s like just practice, you know, pulling it out the safeties on it. You know, when you pull it from your hip, you’re going to want to remove the safety at the same time. And like I said, if you go to the national park website, specifically grand Teton or even Yellowstone for that matter, they have a, like a 32nd 45 second tutorial video. That pretty much shows you the same thing. But that’s what I really liked about Teton back country is they had an empty can that they allowed you to practice with. So you get comfortable with,

1 (14m 0s):
They also made it very convenient that if you were going to drop it off after hours, they had a Dropbox for the bear spray that you could just drop in after your rental period was over. So that made it really convenient as well, because we were going to leave one day early before their shop had opened.

2 (14m 14s):
So we do like to go cheap, but it sounds like this is something that you should not go cheap on. Get it.

4 (14m 21s):
This is an essential, this is an essential

3 (14m 23s):
Something else that was essential on this trip was the deli that was right next to back country.

4 (14m 29s):
Yes. I’m glad you mentioned that, Ken, because I was going to say, this is a tip that we did not mention one with COVID restrictions. A lot of food services that are in national parks aren’t even open. But beyond that, I mean, if you’re on the trails, hiking through long hikes, you’re going to want food in there. So when we were at Teton back country, we got recommended an awesome deli that’s right next door. And we got deli sandwiches or specifically wraps every day to take into the park to have lunch while we were hiking,

3 (14m 59s):
It’s called Creekside market. And they have more than just deli sandwiches and wraps. But the wraps were bomb. They have breakfast burritos and sandwiches. They have a Caesar salad that looked dynamite and I’m sad. I didn’t get to eat it. They also had, this is my favorite thing about the Creek next to the raps. These adult slushies like to go.

4 (15m 19s):
And they came out of like Slurpee machines, pretty much, although with COVID restrictions, you couldn’t use them yourself. They were pre-filling them and putting them in a fridge. But under normal circumstances, these adult slushies come out like a Slurpee

3 (15m 31s):
Pina coladas

1 (15m 33s):

2 (15m 34s):
Well, I hope you guys drink after hiking on the trails. You’re fully alert with that. Barry’s

3 (15m 40s):
Saw that in the morning and we’re like, we’re coming back for this.

1 (15m 43s):
And Jamal was like the Zayna on this trip because you know, Xena gets really scared of mountain lions and bears on her hiking. And Jamal was that person on this trip. And he was like, Brittany, we’re not going to bring food in our backpack. You’re going to go hungry on this trail. We’re going to eat when we’re back in the car. And I asked the guy at the, the Teton back country shop. I was like, Hey, is it cool if we bring food on the trails? And he goes, yeah, it’s safe to do so,

2 (16m 9s):
You know, Jamal, I’m a hundred percent with you because I’m going to tell you, I think it was, it was outside of Mexico city. I’m trying to think of the mountain that Nicole and I climbed and I had food in my backpack and we were attacked by, I don’t

1 (16m 23s):
Like badgers.

2 (16m 24s):
Yeah, that’s it. That’s it. Cause I was like, they’re called the wholeness and in Spanish, but yeah, they were badgers. And I even had a Badger jump on my back and 20 came at me and like, I’m like, no joke. 20 badgers were in circling me and I was crying so hard and I’m just like, I don’t want to be here. And one of the girls said, leave us alone. And of course they didn’t go away and she’s like, leave us alone. And they didn’t go away. And she said in Jesus’s name, leave us alone. And I swear to you, they all dispersed.

4 (16m 53s):
Well, it’s like when we were in Africa and there was a monkeys, they come at the food in your backpacks, but you know what? Brittany is being a little bit more overdramatic than what was really displayed. But I did thank you Zana, but let me just in my defense here, one, you read up on bears. They have an amazing sense of smell. That’s usually why they will come close to humans. If you don’t have a surprise encounter with them is because they smell it. And they always searched for food too. I was the only male on this trip. I was with Brittany. I was with Kim and then your place Santa. We had our friend Charlotte come with us, which I don’t know if we touched upon earlier. So I am saying it now. So I thought to myself as a man, it’s my obligation.

4 (17m 34s):
If one of these ladies get attacked by a bear, I need to step in front. I need to put it in the bear spray, do my manly duties. So yeah, I was the one in danger if there’s food in there. So I was slightly concerned about the food. I wasn’t the same slightly concerned, slightly concerned.

2 (17m 50s):
Jamal, you are such a gentle man. Yeah. I mean like even in lake Tahoe they have, what is it? Locks on trash cans because bears since have smelled. I mean like

4 (17m 59s):
They have them at the gas station, trash cans, bear safety ones and everywhere in the national park. So they’re there based on all the food they know what’s up. So I was slightly concerned. Just want to in my defense, put that up

3 (18m 9s):
And we didn’t actually encounter any bears on the trail while we were hiking. But we talked to other hikers that did the same hikes we did, who did run into bears just the day before

4 (18m 19s):
On the same trail that we were going to do the day after.

2 (18m 21s):
So, so edge of my seat guys, did you guys see any bears

4 (18m 24s):
We did, but like Kim said, not on the trail, we’re going to get there. You’re jumping the gun Zane.

1 (18m 29s):
So after we got our deli sandwich, we went straight to the trail head. And the trail that we picked was the Taggart Lake and Bradley Lake Loop, which is about a six mile loop. And there are several different ways that you can go on this loop. You can go counterclockwise clockwise. You can go in a way that is recommended on the ultra Hills website is to hit Taggart lake first, then Bradley lake. But we decided to do Bradley lake first. And I actually recommend this way because I felt like Bradley lake wasn’t, although it was beautiful and scenic, it wasn’t as scenic as Taggart lake. So I’m glad that we went, had lunch there first. And then when we got our first views of Taggart lake, it was from like the backside.

1 (19m 10s):
And so there was a lot less people. We had the area to ourselves and I think we just got better views from that area where a lot of people are just going to like the front of Taggart lake and then turning back around. And so people are more congregated towards the front.

3 (19m 26s):
So when we first started to see the back of the lake is where I decided to take my top off. Yes

1 (19m 32s):
You did.

4 (19m 33s):
Kim got wild nature. Inspired me to get a little crazy.

3 (19m 36s):
I had a vision for a beautiful photo of, you know, topless looking out to this beautiful scenic lake with the Tetons behind me, just free boob and it out there. Show

2 (19m 46s):

1 (19m 46s):
Your Tetons.

3 (19m 48s):
And as I have my arms up to the sky, sitting on a rock, I look over and see a man also

1 (19m 55s):

3 (19m 55s):
Out to the lake and I ran back so fast.

4 (19m 60s):
I’ve never known you to be so shy. Kevin I’m surprised.

3 (20m 2s):
Well, I wasn’t expecting you this a 60 year old man, just staring at my tits over there, but it’s okay

2 (20m 8s):
For the record. Did we, did we say how grand Teton got their names?

4 (20m 12s):
We did not. That’s a very good point. Real quick. I forget the French translation. I think you did a little bit of research when I told you I had read it Zana. Do you remember what exactly it said?

2 (20m 23s):
Yeah. So it was a French travelers who were on the trail and they saw the Tetons, which are three big mountains. And they thought that they looked like breasts. And so they called it , which is like the three tits.

3 (20m 39s):
That’s exactly why I had this, this urge come over me. That must’ve been,

4 (20m 43s):
Even though they say that the tallest point reminds me of looking at the matter horn because it almost forms like a triangle a little bit. So yes, there are two other peaks that are right by it that are high. But the grand Teton itself eclipses them by like at least 3000, 4,000 feet in height. But they look like as the French trappers thought back in the day, looked like three breasts.

2 (21m 6s):
All right. So Kim, you’re really engaging in show me yours. I’ll show you mine. Oh yeah.

1 (21m 12s):
And on this trail, like we said, we took this trip at the very end of may. There was still some snow on parts of the trail. So just keep that in mind, there was some slippery portions, but for the majority of the trail there wasn’t snow.

4 (21m 23s):
And I would say there was a little bit uphill, but this one was again, following the perimeter of a couple lakes. So yes, there was some up, there was some down, but it wasn’t like a really steep, steep incline. So even though this is about six miles, I wouldn’t say it’s too strenuous. I would say it’s a moderate hike. Yes. There is some up and down and you do go through some forest areas away from the lake, but for the most part, you’re following the lake shore. And so it’s a relatively flat,

3 (21m 51s):
Our phones step counter though logged us at more than six miles. I think we were closer to eight miles

1 (21m 58s):
At the end of this.

3 (21m 59s):
Might’ve been a little bit longer than six miles, but

4 (22m 1s):
This isn’t the first time we’ve come across national park websites that say the trail is this long. And then our trackers say it’s longer. So I don’t know. But nonetheless do keep that in mind. But yeah, it’s definitely a good hike, but I wouldn’t say it’s strenuous, strenuous.

1 (22m 16s):
I also want to point out that between the two lakes while we were walking between the two lakes was our first glimpse of wildlife up close and personal. What did we see guys

3 (22m 24s):

4 (22m 25s):
We came across a giant moose and we were admiring it for a little bit and then it wasn’t ready to charge, but it definitely started looking at us and walking towards us and we’re like, oh, we got to get away. Because even though people are afraid of the bears, definitely you don’t want to get charged by a moose. Have you? I mean, have you ever seen one of those things? These things are massive.

2 (22m 43s):
Well, the ask, how does a moose char I mean, like when I think of a moose, I think of just someone moving, really, not someone, but like an animal moving really slowly.

4 (22m 51s):
No. Just imagine a horse with horns twice. The size of a horse, like running at you. I’d be pretty scared too, but he wasn’t running at us. He was stepping towards us, gave us an eye.

3 (23m 3s):
She wasn’t testing us. He was like, are they going to back up? If not, I’m going out of.

4 (23m 6s):
Yeah. And then we, and then we kind of like turned away, backed up and then he started grazing a little bit again. So, you know, even though these aren’t like what you would assume as deadly animals don’t mess around with them, honestly,

2 (23m 17s):
Would the bear spray work on him?

4 (23m 19s):
I wasn’t about to use the bear spray one because they didn’t feel threatened. And two, we didn’t mention this. If you do use the bear spray that you rent, you have to buy the full canister by the way. So as being a little cheap in that sense, I was like, I’m not about to pay 60 bucks cause I’m scared of a moose right now. So

2 (23m 34s):
I’ve not suggested use it. But I mean like in the event that the,

4 (23m 38s):
It probably would, but I wouldn’t have used the bear spray on the moose.

1 (23m 42s):
Yeah. So after the hike, we got our first glimpses of the lakes, the grand Tetons and some wildlife. We went to a place called antelope flats road, also known as Mormon Row. And I actually had read that the road to this place may not even be open at the time that we went and it was contingent on if the snow melted or not. But what is Mormon Row famous forge mall?

4 (24m 5s):
Well, apparently before it was a national park, this was a settlement area. As we do know, Utah is a highly religious state, a lot of Mormons live there. So obviously Wyoming north of Utah, there are Mormon settlements up there. So in the 18 hundreds, there was a Mormon settlement that they created in the valley of grand Teton. So you can find an old school, old homes, old barn house, et cetera. So those buildings are super old and it’s in the valley area. But when you’re there, I mean, it does have historical value in the terms of like, it’s one of the first settlements in the area, but it’s just an amazing dynamic to see.

4 (24m 45s):
You’re just seeing the beautiful landscape and the mountains. And like I said, I mean, if you know what, the matter horn looks like, I feel like the grand Teton looks like the mater horn. And then it’s such an amazing dynamic because you have the mountains and they just jet up out of nowhere because then you’re in the valley. So you get this really scenic historical view of these old buildings, old settlements, and then just have the background behind you of the grand Teton. And it’s so beautiful out there.

1 (25m 11s):
And it’s actually where you get an iconic shot with the barn in front and then the grand Tetons jetting up behind it. And sometimes even ice and grays in front of the area. So it’s just a really scenic place to be.

4 (25m 23s):
It’s so iconic that one of our hotels actually had a photo of that very spot of the barn with the grand Teton in the back. And that wasn’t even a grand Teton that was in west Yellowstone, Montana, so different national park, but it’s so iconic that that’s one of the stock photos that they put up in the hotels.

1 (25m 40s):
So after exploring the national park for a little bit, we were starting to feel a little hungry. So we decided to go back into Jackson and head over to snake river brewing company to get some beers and a bite to eat.

4 (25m 53s):
Yeah, I really liked snake river brewing. It was a fun little spot to go. It was really nice because again, this trip was coming out of, you know, COVID regulations. So this was the first actual trip that we took. So it was nice and different to finally eat out in a restaurant, have a drink. I really enjoyed it. The beers are actually really good for a small Wyoming town and brewery. But what I really, really liked is they had Buffalo cauliflower bites. So instead of Buffalo wings, Buffalo cauliflower, favorite food, they were super delicious. All the food. There was actually really good. I will say this though about the Buffalo bites is the cauliflower that they use. They don’t really cut it up real small. It’s actually gigantic.

4 (26m 34s):
So do keep that in mind, like Brittany and I thought like, okay, this’ll be enough for us to get with something else. And it’s just listed as an appetizer. No, they’re huge. Like that could be a meal.

3 (26m 44s):
They also have really cute, like outdoor seating there. We didn’t get to sit outside because of how busy it was, but the outdoor seating and really cute.

1 (26m 51s):
Yeah, it was really cute. And I also want to mention that we walked over from our hotel. Jackson is a really walkable, cute quaint town. So

3 (26m 59s):

1 (26m 60s):
And I was really glad to be able to walk from our hotel to the brewery and back not have to drive a car and just kind of like explore the town a little bit as well.

4 (27m 8s):
It’s a nice rugged town. All the buildings are made out of wood. It just really fits the entire landscape in which you’re in. And I really enjoyed Jackson as a town, a lot

2 (27m 19s):
Where people wearing masks and like even in the restaurant,

1 (27m 23s):
The workers in the restaurant were wearing masks, but the people out on the streets, no we’re not.

4 (27m 28s):
And even people who are shopping in shops weren’t necessarily wearing masks, not to say that there wasn’t a couple, but in Wyoming, their regulations were, yes, we are wearing masks. People, patrons, not necessarily so much. It was kind of really up in the air.

1 (27m 42s):
After snake river brewing company, we went back to our hotel. We stayed in Jackson and we actually stayed at a really nice hotel called the Lexington at Jackson hall. And on Sunday we woke up bright and early to go do a trail that Kim was dying to do

3 (27m 58s):
So excited for

1 (27m 59s):
It. And it was called cascade canyon trail.

4 (28m 2s):
Well, before we get into this, I just want to say we did stop back at the deli. Oh

3 (28m 8s):
Yes. We forget about the devil.

4 (28m 10s):
You can’t forget about the deli, because again, that goes back to one of the tips we were talking about. You need food for in the park, we’re doing a long hike. So along the way you want that food, we stopped at the deli first picked up the wraps because they’re easier to hold in your backpack than a sandwich itself. So definitely do keep that in mind, bring your food into the park.

2 (28m 27s):
All right. So I heard a rumor from you guys that you thought these wraps were better than the rap that I had in Kauai. That teriyaki wrap that I had, that I wouldn’t stop talking about. You guys go back to the quiet episodes

3 (28m 40s):
And to that wrap so much you got at once. We liked these wraps so much. We got it three times

2 (28m 45s):
In all fairness, though, we only stopped at that restaurant once because we didn’t go in that per parameter. Again,

4 (28m 50s):
We did, but you were talking about that rap nonstop because you loved it. And let me say something to you. We were talking about this on the trip. How many times would Zana say I love this rap because even ourselves like each one of us, at least three times where like how fucking bomb are these rats were like Zane, over here. Like she would be orgasming over this thing over this Ravel over here.

1 (29m 10s):
I also want to mention that one rap is enough for two people. So each day Jamal Knight would get a rap and split it. Kim and Charlotte would get a rap and split it. So it was just enough to hold you over. But to me,

3 (29m 22s):
The bacon avocado, bean sprouts, pepper, Chinese Italian dressing.

4 (29m 28s):
And I just want to throw it again. Creekside market definitely go there. If you’re getting 10 out of 10, if you’re getting sandwiches and deli wraps Creekside market

1 (29m 38s):
. So back to the hike, we were going to hike the cascade canyon trail, which starts out a very famously called Jenny lake in grand Teton national park. And this cascade canyon trail is supposedly about 12 to 13 miles round trip.

3 (29m 54s):
So obviously it was very excited about it. So

1 (29m 56s):
Kim was super excited about it actually in the past, she would have been, but Kim has sent hit 30 and Kim

6 (30m 2s):
Who’s 30

4 (30m 4s):
Kim at 30 is a completely different cam. I just want to say. And we, I, you know, I wasn’t going to say anything, but since you’re saying it now the day before, there was a way to make the hike a little bit longer. And Kim was like, no, let’s take the shorter route. So that, that’s just a little bit for you of information of how Kim has changed since she’s turned 30, but nonetheless, she was excited for this one. And so you can actually do the Jenny lake trail and just go around the lake itself. It’s roughly about six miles. If you were to do Jenny lake

1 (30m 35s):
Seven to eight

4 (30m 36s):
Miles, seven, eight miles. Okay. So in the past you can take a boat that the national park provides. You do have to pay a fee for it, and it takes you to the other side of the lake to make the hike a little bit shorter, but because of COVID regulations, they didn’t have that open. So we had to hike from the east side of the lake to the west side of it and bypass that shorter boat trip to do the cascade canyon trail. So we got halfway around Jenny lake before we started to make the hike up, but what do we come across on the way up to the cascade canyon trail?

1 (31m 9s):
So on the way up, you go by an affection called hidden falls, which is a spectacular waterfall, just kind of tucked in the corner and going up there is a whole bunch of snow as well. So it’s like you go from going around the lake at like a flat level then to a crazy ascend up to the falls then with a whole bunch of snow as well. The

3 (31m 30s):
Falls were so pretty though,

4 (31m 32s):
But when you’re standing at the base of the falls, and again, it could change again by season, but oh my gosh, like normal weather for us was high sixties, low seventies. It was perfect for, at least for me, I was wearing shorts and like a regular shirt. Yeah. If you’re standing in the sun, it’ll definitely get a little bit hot. But when you were actually at the falls, there was still snow in that area. It’s not wide out in the open by the lake. And we were standing there and that was like, wow, I’m the coldest right here. Because I was getting all that cold mist from the waterfall, from the wind, just pushing on me, but it’s so, so beautiful to see. And, you know, anytime you’re in a national park and come across a waterfall or any waterfall in general, I mean, they’re, they’re just really special.

4 (32m 12s):
And this was a nice one.

1 (32m 13s):
Yeah. We were able to see portions of the waterfall, like hiking up. But at this point you can see pretty much like the base and the top of the falls. So it was a really good view. And then from there from hidden falls, we went onto hike to inspiration point, which is at an elevation of 7,200 feet. And it gives great panoramic views of the entire Jenny lake.

3 (32m 34s):
Very inspirational place.

4 (32m 36s):
It is, it is. And you know, you get up there and again, you’re hiking pretty much along the lake. And then you’re thinking to yourself, all of a sudden, how am I really up this high? Like, even though I wouldn’t say this, one’s a moderate, I mean, maybe it’s a little bit more strenuous of a hike, but you get up there before you really realize that I felt like, and it was, it was interesting on the way down. I felt like, man, I don’t even remember coming up this high, but when you were going up, I didn’t really feel like that so much, but you do get an amazing, amazing view. But once you’re at inspiration point, this is where you continue onto the cascade canyon trail. And what makes this trail really famous is obviously like it’s a canyon high up in the Tetons itself, but this area is where you start getting into what they consider the back country.

4 (33m 21s):
So even though it’s a designated trail, this is more rugged. Yes, cam. And this is where you come across the bears and you should be seen bears in this area. Very, very high potential for you to come across them for us. We didn’t come across them in this area, but it was still beautiful. Nonetheless, hiking through the cascade canyon.

1 (33m 38s):
The one tip that I do have in this portion of the trail was that we did see all, some people coming from cascade canyon trail. We asked them, were you able to make it to the end? Because we were worried about snow. And every person we came across was not able to make it to the end. They said that they did stop and turn around at some point due to the amount of snow. So if you are going to take this trip and go at the end of may or early June, just be where snow is going to be on the trail. Crampons might be good to pack for that. And there was a portion where we kind of got slightly lost because we were supposed to follow a Creek and we saw a small Creek and we were trying to follow that. Well, that Creek was just made by the snowmelt. Wasn’t the true Creek.

4 (34m 17s):
Yeah. I mean, we only found out that we were continuing to correct on the trail because there was a sign that said cascade canyon still this way. So that little Creek runoff ran through the trail that we’re supposed to go through. There was actually snow. What was interesting about this is that some points you could definitely see where the trail was. Then there was snow, then there was no snow. Then there was snow again. So the further along you went and you know, from inspiration point, it’s maybe about another two and a half, three miles before it ends and you have to turn back. So we made it about two thirds of the way before it got to snowy because we didn’t have crampons. So, you know, definitely do keep that in mind. You may want the crampons, but nonetheless, still really beautiful to see.

3 (34m 59s):
And I just want to underscore how afraid of bears Jamal was because it was in this,

4 (35m 5s):
The mindful I told you earlier, I had to jump in front of them. If that was the case,

3 (35m 9s):
It was in this back country area of the trail where we got hungry and we wanted to have our raps. And Jamal’s like, here, you want to have lunch here. And he’s like, okay, I’m going to look this way. You look that way. And everyone keep an eye out for bears while we eat our sandwiches.

1 (35m 24s):
We weren’t even,

4 (35m 25s):
I just worried about your safety ladies. I don’t know why you’re judging me for that

1 (35m 28s):
Area. At that point,

3 (35m 29s):
It was a big,

1 (35m 30s):
The big opening with a whole bunch of rocks. And I was like, this is the perfect place to have lunch,

4 (35m 34s):
Big opening by a Creek where they like to be. And we were at a flat area by rocks where they like to chill. Like, I don’t know how you ladies don’t understand that, you know, that you throwing shade at me. I was worried about your protection.

3 (35m 46s):
So we did a lot of stuff in this back country area, because this was also the place where Brittany was inspired to climb a log and moon the camera get some beautiful, full moon shots.

1 (35m 56s):
Why not? You know, I had a vision like Kim did, the nature has took over me,

3 (36m 3s):
Took over.

1 (36m 4s):
I just had to find this log that looked like it needed to be stood on with my pants down. So,

3 (36m 10s):
And then the urge took over Charlotte and I, and we just climbed that log.

4 (36m 15s):
And as The Squad photographer, I was fortunate enough to be the one to take the photo. So I don’t know what more to say than that, but the ladies were inspired by the Tetons, if you will.

1 (36m 25s):
We sure were. So we probably made it. How many miles would you say we made it from the trail head to, into cascade canyon?

3 (36m 32s):
Like one to two.

4 (36m 34s):
You mean from inspiration point

3 (36m 35s):
From inspiration point? Yes.

1 (36m 36s):
Okay. So I want to say, we probably did how many miles that day, probably about 10 miles round trip that day. So we had a long day of hiking. We turned back around after kind of hitting the, the farthest. We wanted to go in cascade canyon and headed back to the parking lot. It was a great hike. And so we decided that that was kind of going to be the itch of our hiking adventures for the day, headed back to Jackson. And we got ready to go out on the town.

3 (37m 3s):
I have a question now and I need to know we were debating this on the trip. Is it Jackson? Is it Jackson hole or is it both?

4 (37m 10s):
So I didn’t know when we were there. Cause I feel like that term was interchangeable. And I did research after we got back home and I found out the answer. Jackson is the name of the city, just south of grand Teton national park Jackson hole is the name of the geographical area. And it was given by the, for and like beaver trappers back in the day of the late 17, 18 hundreds that were in the area for all the furs and wildlife, et cetera. Apparently hole is a term for like a valley or meadow between like two mountain ranges. So as we know, the Tetons is one range and then we saw that that’s just the big, huge valley.

4 (37m 51s):
And then off to the side, that’s not part of the national park we saw from the distance that there was other mountains. So hole is the name, what they give of like the valley. So Jackson hole is the region, but the city itself apparently is only Jackson.

1 (38m 3s):
Hmm. So where did we go? After we went back to town, Kim

3 (38m 6s):
Million dollar cowboy bar,

4 (38m 9s):
This one had Kim’s name all over. She was super excited for this one.

3 (38m 13s):
So the draw of this place is that the bar stools are saddles. Like you’re riding a horse at the bar. Looks really cute. Isn’t that comfortable?

2 (38m 24s):
I’m not surprised to hear you

1 (38m 26s):

4 (38m 26s):
The comfort factor. Didn’t stop you ladies from trying to take photos though.

3 (38m 30s):
You guys

4 (38m 30s):
Got some good photos, you know, when you were in there, it definitely felt like, you know, I was even saying this to the ladies when we’re sitting at the table, like having a drink. Cause we only went here for the photo opportunity for the ladies to buy the saddles number one at the bar. And when we were there, I was like, you know what? I can’t tell if, if I was here without really knowing what I know, like, Hey, I’m in the middle of nowhere and this is like a cowboy bar or is this just like really themed to be of the area? You know? Like, is it just designed to be like this? But it was definitely had a little rugged feel in there. I liked it. It was quaint. It felt like small town, rugged America. And I really dug it in there.

3 (39m 6s):
We didn’t just go for the saddles and the picture. This was our night out on the town. We were going out for drinks.

4 (39m 12s):
Well, we went out for drinks, we got ice cream later. This was like pre food. Like this was our night out on the town. No doubt. But you know, I know how much of Instagram whores you ladies are. So the saddle was part of it.

1 (39m 23s):
You guys know how I knew about this place, how the recommendation was given to me by my dad’s girlfriend who went to this bar.

3 (39m 30s):
Good choice, good choice. I think it might be like the only official bar bar in Jackson area.

1 (39m 36s):
So after we got a drink, we got one drink here. And then we headed over to Roadhouse brewery, which is literally just a block away,

3 (39m 44s):
I guess what it had Dana beer. Guess what else had had wraps a roof top bar?

2 (39m 52s):
I don’t know why I wasn’t going in that direction.

4 (39m 55s):
I was wagered to say probably the only rooftop bar in Jackson, Miami,

3 (40m 0s):
More like a large balcony outdoors on the second story. Oh, it was lit AAF.

4 (40m 7s):
Well, it’s cool because you know the bar or the balcony itself, rooftop bar, whatever you want to call it overlooks a central park in the city center of Jackson. So you really at the heart of things at this area when you’re at Roadhouse brewery. So it’s cool in that respect. And again, if you’re a rooftop bar person, I mean, we were only two stories up, but nonetheless only rooftop party. You’re probably going to come across the

3 (40m 33s):

2 (40m 34s):
Oh, not only are we rooftop bar people, we are a rooftop bar podcasts.

1 (40m 40s):
I do want to mention that park. That overlooks though, it’s a really cute one block by one block park. But each entrance to the park has a whole bunch of antlers designed to be arches. I, each of the entryways that you can walk through, it’s very scenic. And apparently the antlers are collected by people each year because of the Elks in the area, like shed them. And so they’re collected now used as like an art piece.

2 (41m 5s):

1 (41m 6s):
So they were real,

4 (41m 7s):
Like I said, rugged America was cool out there in Jackson.

1 (41m 10s):
So we just stopped in to Roadhouse brewery for another beer before heading over to Big Hole BBQ,

3 (41m 16s):
Not fourth, hold Big Hole.

4 (41m 20s):
inside joke. I don’t know if we should get into it on the podcast, but inside joke that we were having on there, Big Hole BBQ. And let me tell you something, you know, I wouldn’t expect anything from the area in which we were in, but wow. Was that really good? Barbecue.

3 (41m 38s):
So good and affordable.

1 (41m 41s):
It’s only affordable. You and Charlotte were able to split a combo plate and Jamal and I were able to split a combo plate. So super

3 (41m 47s):
Affordable. They had white claw.

4 (41m 49s):
Yeah. You could actually buy white club by the Canon there. Like this is the restaurant. It’s not like you’re at a bar and like, oh, toss me up a white claw, which I still haven’t seen, but they’re selling white claws by the can out there. Pretty

3 (42m 0s):
Cool ribs were so good.

4 (42m 2s):
Fall off the bone

3 (42m 3s):
Mac and cheese was so good

4 (42m 5s):
Bomb. And they had a Caesar salad.

3 (42m 7s):
Salad was so good.

1 (42m 8s):
Everything was so good.

2 (42m 10s):
This is making me so hungry right now.

4 (42m 11s):
You know, like I said, if you’re going to go to Jackson, clearly you’re going to go to grand Teton. But even though Jackson is small, I really enjoyed my time in Jackson. What a quaint cool little American city. I loved it. Good food too. Good. Seen everything.

1 (42m 25s):
Camo plate. You could choose two different meats and then two different sides. So Kim and Charlotte, both Scott ribs, ribs, Mac, Mac, and Jamal. And I got ribs and brisket. And then we got beans and Mac ripe.

4 (42m 37s):
Oh, it was beans. Or I thought we got a Caesar. Did we add that as a side? I don’t remember because obviously we were a few drinks deep. We went to cowboy bar. We went to the brewery. So, you know, white

2 (42m 48s):
Club by the

4 (42m 49s):
Cattle. Yeah. It’s a little hazy at this point.

1 (42m 52s):
Wait and being, it was so good. And I actually got the recommendation from the hotel receptionist

3 (42m 58s):
And our service was top-notch. Our server was so sweet, super friendly, talkative. It was great.

4 (43m 5s):

2 (43m 6s):
Okay. So after Big Hole BBQ, what next?

1 (43m 8s):
We just called it a night?

4 (43m 9s):
Well, actually we got mus ice cream. Did you forget about the ice

3 (43m 13s):
Cream, Brittany? How many drinks?

1 (43m 17s):
Many drinks.

2 (43m 17s):
I saw it on the show notes and I’m just like, what? I love more than anything after I’m a few drinks, deep is ice cream. We

3 (43m 23s):
Wanted to support a local business.

4 (43m 25s):
We wanted to support a local business. And not only that we ate the ice cream in that little quaint park that we talked about. And let me tell you something, mus ice cream was good, but I would have gotten something different.

3 (43m 35s):
They didn’t have any additives or preservatives. It was healthier.

4 (43m 39s):
There was a dairy queen down the road and I’m not trying to like throw mus under the table. I love supporting local businesses. I love things that aren’t changed necessarily. Was it good? Absolutely. Could I have done a DQ blizzard for sure,

3 (43m 55s):
But eating it in the park on a park bench was Really good way to end the evening in Jackson hole.

1 (44m 2s):
Yeah, because we were in the heart of the city.

3 (44m 4s):
Wait didn’t we play cards at night in the hotel room.

4 (44m 6s):
We did play cards against humanity that night. I mean, we had a few drinks and we had the adult slushies. We got those adults slushies too again. And so we had that before we went out on the town. So absolutely

1 (44m 18s):
It was a wild night and Jackson. So Monday we were getting ready to leave grand Teton national park. And so we just went out for some local coffee at cowboy coffee. They had a coffee that was supposed to taste like a Snickers Snickers

4 (44m 33s):
Last longer.

3 (44m 34s):
It was really good.

4 (44m 35s):
Yeah. It was definitely pretty good. And it was nice to have legitimate coffee other than the coffee in the hotel room. Not that it was necessarily bad, but you know, hotel room coffee, regardless. It’s not necessarily the same. They do have a Starbucks in Jackson. But again, I like to support local businesses wanting to go here. The Snickers latte sold me. So we checked it out and I definitely recommend you guys to,

3 (44m 57s):
And the breakfast and lunch on their menu also looked really, really good. We didn’t eat it, but everything I saw looked really good.

1 (45m 3s):
And so for like the past two days, we had done a lot of hiking. Kim was hiked out, you know, she’s over 30 now

3 (45m 10s):
We had a lot of hike lifted me.

1 (45m 11s):
So on this last day we decided to just go to a whole bunch of overlooks, some very scenic overlooks. My favorite one was called Schwab Bockers landing.

4 (45m 22s):
I still don’t even know how to spell it. We’ll put it in the show notes. We’re saying Schwabacher could be something different. It’s a little funky. You’ll see it in the show notes, but definitely worth checking out. So

1 (45m 33s):
I actually had read that this landing was closed due to snow. And I was like, you know what, guys, we’ve seen so many things saying like, they’re closed due to snow. Let’s go check it out anyways. So glad that we did because this landing takes you right to the shores of the majestic snake river. And it just has beautiful views of the Tetons. And there was like a beaver dam and you could see the reflection of the grand Tetons coming off of the water. It was so nice.

4 (46m 0s):
So I just want to say real quick, this is another instance where some of the national park websites leave us a stray, like Brittany said, they said the road to this was closed off of the main highway. It was open just like they say, it’s so many miles on a hike and sometimes they seem to be longer. So when you’re there, definitely check it out yourself. But why we did this on the last day is this was one of the most north things and we were going north to Yellowstone. So we were leaving grand Tetons that day on the main highway going to Yellowstone. So this is along the way and that’s why we did it in this order. But I really loved seeing the scenic view and the beaver dams, even though we then see good to see the beavers, we saw the dams themselves.

4 (46m 44s):
And it’s pretty cool. It’s just think like they, Chuck, this would eat it, build a little hut or dam, whatever you want to call it. It’s awesome.

1 (46m 51s):
Yeah. So I really liked that overlook. What’d you think Kim?

3 (46m 54s):
I really liked it. And I also think that having this point in other points along the way, it breaks up the drive and doesn’t make it so boring and long. And so I totally recommend doing this. And then the other thing I want to mention as a spot tip, whether you’re in a national park or anywhere in traveling, if there’s something in your plans that you want to do, but you’re hearing that it’s closed or you can’t do it or this or that, just make that little effort to go check it out for yourself. Because a lot of times you do find that there is a way to do it.

1 (47m 22s):
Yeah, absolutely. So we went to Schwab burgers, landing Schwabacher we went to Schwabacher is landing. And then as we were driving north to Yellowstone, we also went to snake river overlook and Oxbow bend, which were also supposed to be iconic scenic shots in the park as well. But the highlight of grand Teton national park on the last day,

3 (47m 41s):
Potentially the highlight of our trip

1 (47m 43s):

4 (47m 44s):
Real potential probably was,

1 (47m 46s):
Was seeing two grizzly bears along the side of the road.

3 (47m 51s):
Amazing. What were they doing?

4 (47m 52s):
So they were feeding. So this was really excited. And we’re like one, knowing what I told you earlier about the bear attacks that had just happened before. I did not think that we wasted money on the bear spray. Still highly recommend everybody get the bear spray, but we were like, oh, we didn’t come across any bears. And so again, we’re working our way towards Yellowstone national park. And while we’re still in grand Teton, there starts to become this traffic jam. We’re like, why is there a traffic jam?

3 (48m 17s):
And anytime you see people or a big traffic like perk up.

4 (48m 21s):
Yeah. Because there’s probably wildlife at which point there was a, not only that we were thinking, why is there traffic? Like, this is like a little bit after COVID no, one’s really here. Why is it a traffic? Everybody was stopping to watch two juvenile Grizzlies, just grazing on some grass, trying to dig up some roots and stuff like that. And it was really, really cool. We got so lucky there happened to be a park ranger there and he was directing traffic to be slow. Anyone who wanted to get out of the car had to step to the opposite side of the road. But luckily we found an open spot on the side of the road with the bears where no one was parked and we swooped right in and were able to watch them for a little bit.

1 (48m 59s):
How far would you say they were from our car?

4 (49m 0s):
They were no more than 10, 15 feet.

3 (49m 3s):
I’m going to say there was one close like that, that at one point I was like, oh my gosh, they’re getting too close. And then there was another one, a little bit farther away. And they kept pacing around and digging in the ground and stuff.

4 (49m 13s):
Yeah. So we got to watch two bears and I was waiting to see where mama bear was because quite honestly, going to grand Teton and on our way to Yellowstone, I did my bear research, got a little bit of information about bears and obviously they are solitary creatures. So when you see them together, there are still either like babies or juveniles with their mama. And so there was two together and usually they wouldn’t be that close together unless they were babies or juveniles. These ones were larger. They were bigger than babies. They looked like they were juveniles two, three years old, probably the last year with their mom. So I was thinking like, where’s the big one, you know? Like they were still big, no doubt, but definitely not as big as mama where’s mama that we didn’t get to see her, unfortunately.

4 (49m 57s):
But the fact that there was too close together, being really pleasant with each other led me to believe like, oh yeah, these are juveniles. Like in their last year together,

1 (50m 5s):
Definitely a huge highlight of this portion of the trip. So the last thing that I’m going to say is, like we said earlier, we are splitting up this podcast with grand Tetons in one, and then Yellowstone in the other. But if you’re in the same area, you might as well do the trip altogether. So make sure to add Yellowstone on to the grand Teton trip.

4 (50m 25s):
I just want to say one last thing, at least for me, that we touched about getting the bear spray, want to throw it again, essential. But one thing too, that you will see if you read about like bear safety, where you’re in these parks is you want to be in groups of at least two or more number one, and you always want to talk and make noise because what most attacks happen, if you’re going to be attacked by a bear, whether it be a grizzly, whether it be a black bear is you actually surprise them where they don’t hear you. So then they feel like you are a threat to them because you surprise them, like you’re preying on them. So we always made a point to talk, to clap, to kind of shout every little anchor. Yeah. Every little increment of the hike that we did so that we didn’t surprise one of them.

4 (51m 8s):
So beyond having the bear spray do keep that in mind, you want to make noise as you’re hiking. So you don’t shock and scare a bear along the trail.

3 (51m 16s):
Some people even had bells tied to like their backpack or their outfits. So be jingling as they’re walking.

1 (51m 22s):
Yeah. And that’s actually a really good point. Yeah. It worked for the grizzly bears and it also works for other animals. We did come across a moose and her baby calf and so,

3 (51m 32s):
So cute. It was

1 (51m 33s):
So cute, but they were laying down, but we were kind of timid to go across their path because mamas are protective, but at least they hear their bells coming and they know that we’re, we’re walking into that area. And if you do see an animal on the trail, don’t try to go right past them, try to go borrow around them because you don’t want to get too close and potentially get injured. You guys have any other tips?

4 (51m 56s):
Not that I can think of other than go to grand Teton, honestly, one of the most scenic national parks I’ve ever been to,

3 (52m 3s):
I highly recommend. Yeah. I would tell people I’m going to Wyoming and they’re like, why? And like granted

4 (52m 8s):
’cause, they just don’t know what’s up Kim. You know what we know what’s up. And now we’re sharing and spilling the beans with everybody.

3 (52m 14s):
That’s what’s up. All right. Thank you guys so much for tuning into this week’s episode. Please keep the adventures going with us by following us on Instagram, YouTube at Travel Squad Podcast, tag us in all of your adventures and send us in your questions

2 (52m 26s):
The week on if you found the information in this episode to be useful, or if you thought we were just playing funny, please make sure to share it with a friend that would enjoy it too, and tell every single person that you know,

4 (52m 37s):
And as always, please subscribe, rate, and review our podcast. We love those five star reviews and tune in Every Travel Tuesday for new episodes

1 (52m 46s):
And stay tuned for next week’s episode, we are taking you to yellowstone

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