Valle de Guadalupe Wineries & Weekend Trips

We go south of the border to Valle De Guadalupe wineries in Baja California, Mexico. Valle de Guadalupe is known as Mexico’s wine region and produces some of the best wines in the world. We explore the rural atmosphere in this episode, tell you where to stay in Valle de Guadalupe, how to get to Valle de Guadalupe from San Diego and dish on where to eat in Valle de Guadalupe for some of the most gourmet dining you will be raving about.

We talked about wine tours, the best wineries in Valle de Guadalupe, gourmet restaurants, and other things to do in nearby Ensenada, which is a very short drive apart. In fact, we often stay in Ensenada when visiting because it’s so close and has more ocean view options to stay at. Valle de Guadalupe is just a two-hour drive from San Diego, and makes a great day trip, or weekend getaway.

Wine Tasting in Valle de Guadalupe – Episode Transcript

1 (55s):
Welcome to this week’s episode! Today, we are talking about Valle de Guadalupe.

6 (1m 1s):
Valle de Guadalupe is Baja. California is a wine country, but at a fraction of the price that you would pay in California. And since it’s literally in our backyard, Jamal and I decided to take a little weekend or getaway and treat ourselves to a wine filled a weekend

4 (1m 16s):
By any Guadalupe has just a hop, skip, and a jump from the border here in San Diego. It’s about an hour south of San Diego slash Tijuana nestled in the valley, just east of the beautiful coastal Mexican city of Ensonata.

3 (1m 32s):
I have been to many places in Mexico. In fact, I think I’ve explored more of Mexico than any of you guys, because I always go to Mexico city to see my friend, Nicole

1 (1m 41s):
I’d have to disagree. I think I have explored more than you. I’ve been to Puerto Vallarta, Cabo Cancun, Tulu Mexico city, a small, small town outside of Guadalajara via to Guadalupe, Rosarito and Sonata.

6 (1m 54s):
Damn. She’s showing you.

4 (1m 55s):

3 (1m 56s):
Whoa. Wow. I mean like I’ve

1 (1m 60s):
Definitely explored more Mexico city though.

3 (2m 3s):
I, in fact, I’ve, I’ve been to a lot. I’ve been to a lot, but you actually took me off guard with so, oh yeah. Okay. Boy. I’m excited to hear all about by the Guadalupe because of all the places that I’ve been to in Mexico, I have not been to the Guadalupe

1 (2m 21s):
I’ve actually been not once, not twice, but three times,

4 (2m 26s):

1 (2m 26s):

6 (2m 27s):
You are the

1 (2m 27s):
Expert Here. I went once for a really cool holiday party with a job of mine in the past, we did a day trip there, beautiful wine excursion there. I went once on a girl’s trip for a friend’s birthday. Amazing. And I just recently went on a romantic trip with my boyfriend,

4 (2m 46s):
Very romantic. Huh?

1 (2m 47s):
So, you know, you guys want a couples trip there. Yeah.

4 (2m 50s):
It is very romantic out there like Brittany was saying. I mean, it really is going to Napa, which is the U S and California’s version of wine country. I mean, that’s really what it is. It’s the epitome of that. But this is in Mexico via de Guadalupe. This is their wine region.

6 (3m 6s):
So we’re going to start off the episode with some tips. And I think Jamal and I, and Kim, we all drove down there cause we were leaving from San Diego. And one tip that I have for you all is the roads are a little shitty to drive on. So it would be better to have an SUV.

1 (3m 21s):
That’s true. But you also can get through the car. I drove my old Chevy cobalt down there. Yeah. But it is rural. And, and because of that, they’re not super developed roads.

4 (3m 34s):
Right. And so if you’re coming from the us and going to go to Valle de Guadalupe, you fly into San Diego, fly into Tijuana. If you’re just going to fly into Mexico, the roads and highways down there to the Ensonata region where via the Guadalupe is, are actually really, really good highway coastal roads, seeing the Mexican Pacific region. However, once you get into those rural regions within the valley where they’re growing the grapes and have the vineyards and the wineries, that’s where the roads as touristy as it is, aren’t as developed. So yes, you could do it in a car, but it may be more beneficial to have an SUV that way you don’t really have to worry about bottoming out or popping a tire or something to that.

1 (4m 16s):
Yes, actually the most recent trip that I went on, we got a tour and the tour was supposed to have another couple in it, but we had to make some arrangements and alterations because this couple was coming from San Diego and they didn’t take the toll road. So they did bottom out on the roads and then their car broke and had to get fixed in the region.

6 (4m 38s):
That sucks. Yes. And

4 (4m 39s):
Some of them,

6 (4m 41s):
The rural roads are more like dirt roads. And we had gone in January and it was after a big storm. And so the roads were really wet and there was a lot of big puddles that I wouldn’t want to get stuck in.

4 (4m 55s):
Another really good tip to keep in mind is that most places except us dollars, it really is a touristy area. Yes. You have a lot of Mexican nationals who come to that region because it is very well traveled. And like I said, it is Mexico’s wine region, but being so close to the United States, lots of Americans come over there. They do have lots of places that accept us dollar, but I would still recommend converting your currency to pesos just to have as well. It’s

1 (5m 25s):
Squad tip The price you’ll pay in Mexican pesos is cheaper than the price you’d pay in us dollars or us credit card. So it is advantageous to have pesos.

6 (5m 40s):
Yeah. And an example was even for the bathroom in Mexico, a lot of places you have to pay to use the restroom. So the bathrooms, they were charging 10 pesos, which is like 50 cents, or they were charging 75 us cents.

1 (5m 52s):
But of course, if you’re at a winery, you don’t have to pay to use the restroom. You’re a customer there and it will be and free to use. Also, I love going down to Mexico because you do get a little bit more for your money with the U S dollar. We’re recording this in early 20, 21. The conversion has been around 20 pesos to one us dollar, but it kind of ranges between like 16 and that range. So the conversion rate is nice.

4 (6m 18s):
Not only is the conversion rate good, even if it necessarily wasn’t and it was at its normal rate and wasn’t really fluctuating. You’re still going to get more value for your money of what you’re doing down in Mexico and the Wine Tasting than you would here in the United States. Even if we’re not talking about going to Napa, which is, you know, a Northern California famous wine region, even down here in San Diego county, there is a place that is famous for its wines in the Temecula area. And even then, if you were to do that, it would be a lot more expensive than going to via de Guadalupe in Mexico.

1 (6m 53s):
Right? And I have one more tip. That’s very important for via, you can get an Uber there, say you get an Uber at the border, or if you’re seeing an Ensonata, which is very close, but you cannot order an Uber once you’re in via, because it is rural. It is spread out. You cannot rely on Uber’s once you’re in via. So a tour is really recommended if you don’t have your own car,

6 (7m 16s):
That’s a really good tip, Kim. So Kim, tell us a little bit about the trip that you and your lover took down to via.

1 (7m 23s):
So we went for new year’s this year and it was just a two day trip. We actually rented a really nice Airbnb in the area, which is just outside of the valley on the coast. So via they go to loop bay starts, right. Kind of where the coast is and goes east inland into a valley. So we stayed right on the coast and we stayed about two days.

6 (7m 48s):
And for more contacts, it’s just north of Ensonata correct.

1 (7m 51s):
Just about 15 minutes drive north of Ensonata. So about two ish hours from the San Diego border,

4 (7m 58s):
A little bit less. And I was going to say, for people not familiar with the region down here, you can get to Ensanata from the U S border in San Diego from an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the traffic. So really, really close to the border. I mean, it’s like driving from San Diego to LA, but without the traffic.

1 (8m 15s):
Yes. And when you cross the border, you’ll have two options to get south. You can take the one or the one D the one You want the D definitely want

4 (8m 27s):

1 (8m 29s):
So the one is a non toll road. The roads are not as good. This is where people bought them out. They’re not as well-maintained the one D is a toll road. You’ll probably pay around one to $3 in tolls, depending on your length, you’re driving on it, but it’s a beautiful road, super nice road coast, the whole way. Great views. That’s the road you want to take. And it’s also less trafficked because it is a paid road. So there’s less cars on it. It is the road. You,

6 (8m 56s):
Yeah, that’s the road Jamal. And I took down and Jamal, I, we left San Diego on a Saturday pretty early in the morning by eight 30, we did the one and a half hour drive down to Ensonata and we did a tour. So we were picked up for a tour.

1 (9m 10s):
In fact, it was the same tour we did that. I sent you from Airbnb,

4 (9m 14s):
Thanks for the recommendation, Kim.

6 (9m 15s):
And we were home by Sunday afternoon. So it was just a quick little getaway, but it was definitely worth it definitely doable, especially for a lot of our listeners here in San Diego, I would highly recommend it.

4 (9m 26s):
And you can actually really do this on your own if you don’t want to do a tour and go to the wineries, but I will say this, why do you want to do some drinking and have to worry about the driving? Right? So I would highly highly recommend the tours and going that route. The reason for it is obviously the people conducting the tours. They are locals. They will take you to a whole array of the different wineries that they have down there, take you from one to the other. Some of the wineries will do tours and then a tasting and other place. We’ll give you a straight bottle to have overlooking the valley. Other ones will give you like cheese plates and accordance with tastings. So lots of really good values that you can get out of doing the tours.

4 (10m 8s):
And I will say this, we did ours through Airbnb experiences, which is really legit.

1 (10m 15s):
And I did my research and that was the best price and the best value in terms of hours and number of wineries that I was able to find. I actually got ours for $75, $74 each. Thank you guys. Pay just a little bit more. It depends on the day that you go and what’s going on, but typically around a hundred, 150, you can even get a tour that will take you from San Diego on the U S side to via. And it could just be a day trip for you to,

6 (10m 43s):
Yeah, absolutely. And even though Jamal and I just went for a small weekend trip, we actually packed a lot in, we did the wine tour. We also went to the Laboo fedora. So today oh, perfect. And then we had

1 (10m 55s):
To talk about

6 (10m 56s):
That. And then on our way home, we were like, you know what? is on our way home. It’s a lobster capital of Mexico. We have to go just eat lobster there. So we did that and then we drove home.

1 (11m 8s):

4 (11m 9s):
It was fantastic, but let’s get a little bit more into what the whole heart of the episode is, which is the via the Guadalupe experience. So let’s talk a little bit about transportation and getting there. As we mentioned, we being so close to San Diego, drove across the border and went to Ensonata, which is the hotel areas that we stayed at Kim state and Airbnb. And obviously Vida Guadalupe is no further than 30 minutes away in Lynn east. From there. One thing I will say is if you are driving across or again, if you’re not a local coming from somewhere else in the United States and flying into Tijuana directly versus into San Diego, nonetheless, you should get car insurance.

4 (11m 52s):
It is required law in Mexico for you to have car insurance for the weekend for Brittany and I, it was about $45. It’ll make you fully covered that way. God forbid, you get pulled over. You don’t have to worry about the issues of not having something that is legally required of you while you’re in Mexico. So I would highly recommend doing that. If you just Google Mexican car insurance, there’s tons of links. That’ll come up. All of them are pretty legit and that’s what you should do.

1 (12m 19s):
Yes. And then, like I said, the one D is the toll road. Now, if you’re going San Diego to Ensonata and back it comes out, at least when we went to around

6 (12m 29s):

1 (12m 30s):
Yeah. So it’s not expensive. But when you get to these various different toll stops, you’re going to see Mexican police officers sometimes with very large guns, but don’t be alarmed. They’re just toll road guards pretty much. And you pass right there, you pay the money and pass away.

4 (12m 45s):
It’s really there for your safety. I mean, these are the toll roads. These are the more safety and protected roads. So they’re not there to really harass you. It’s more of a safety issue than anything else. And on our way down from San Diego to Ensonata, there’s about two or three tools to go through. Each one of them is equivalent to about like a dollar $82 like us. So that’s what we’re saying back and forth, down and back up is going to be about $10 realistically. And they do have the prices there for you in Mexican pesos. And as we were saying earlier, they will even have them listed in the U S dollars. So you can’t pay those tolls in us dollars

1 (13m 20s):
As well to get a better rate if you use Mexican popcorn.

6 (13m 23s):
So if you aren’t from San Diego, one thing to just know is you can’t rent a car and bring it into Mexico. So the other option would be to fly into Tijuana. And we actually met a couple who was from Guadalajara and they flew into Tijuana and they took a bus to Ensonata to get there. And that worked out for transportation. For them.

1 (13m 43s):
You can also easily get an Uber or a cab if you flew into TJ and they will be happy to take you to wherever you’re going within a couple hours, south.

4 (13m 52s):
So inexpensive for Uber’s in Mexico, really, really inexpensive.

1 (13m 56s):
And then there’s like I mentioned a little bit earlier, you can get a tour from the U S side of the border or the Mexico side of the border that will take you to via you can hire cars. I think I saw a couple that were for about 10 hours of car service, about 120 us dollars. So depending on what you’re looking for, what your group size is, where you’re coming from, there’s a lot of options for transportation.

6 (14m 19s):
So, Kim, you mentioned earlier that you stayed in an Airbnb, but you didn’t really describe how beautiful it was because I saw some of the pictures. So tell us about your experience in the Airbnb you stayed at.

1 (14m 29s):
So we didn’t stay exactly in buying. We stayed, like I said, on the coast, the place that we stayed in was an, a gated property. You go all the way up the mountain until you cannot drive any more. And our house was right up there. It was a little one bedroom place, gorgeous views of the ocean from every single window. And they had this beautiful deck with a huge table, a big swinging chair. It was like the best thing to wake up to in the morning. It was beautiful. And I think it came out to like a hundred bucks a night for this Airbnb, like I’m saying it’s cheap. If it was in the U S it would be easily 300 or more per night for that place, because of the view. If you’re looking at a map, the three highway, which is virus highway and the one D which is the nice road that goes to Ensonata kind of cross paths and about right there is where else has Willa.

1 (15m 20s):
So it’s the perfect place to stay. If you want to go to Ensonata and buy a, and there’s a lot of great Airbnb properties right there. I stayed one with the girls trip. I think it was only like $78 a night and it had three bedrooms. Oh wow. And an ocean view. So there’s a lot of options there, but actually in via, if you’re willing to splurge a little bit more, you can get the most beautiful, unique glamping experiences. They have one that’s like this gorgeous, big bubble. They have some that are built into these giant wine barrels. They have really cool stays that I would love to go back for.

6 (15m 52s):
I would love to do that. Maybe we should do a couples trip and get some yurts or go glamping

1 (15m 58s):
In the middle or

6 (15m 59s):

4 (15m 60s):
Yurts are like tents. I

6 (16m 1s):
Have never heard of a year.

1 (16m 3s):
Oh yeah. You’re hurt. It’s, it’s a glamping experience. And also these amazing experiences that they have in these unique stays are often in the middle of a vineyard, on a winery, right. In the middle of it,

6 (16m 15s):
Right in the middle of it, right in the middle of the,

4 (16m 18s):
I’m not running out of your booze. If you’re staying there and be like, where’s the more

1 (16m 21s):
Just to wake up, walk out to the field and there you go.

6 (16m 25s):
No, we should actually consider doing that. And maybe doing like a staycation there with the Travel Squad. I think it would be great idea. So Jamal and I did not stay at an Airbnb. We stayed at a hotel just north of Ensonata. It was called city express plus in Sonata. And it also had really great ocean views and our hotel room. We were on like the fifth floor. Our window was from the floor to the ceiling and it had the perfect ocean view. And on Sunday morning, Jamal and I woke up and we were able to watch the sun rise up above the water from her bed. And it was just so really

1 (17m 2s):

4 (17m 3s):
We saw the colors rising over, cause we’re on the west coast. So sunrises in the east, we saw the colors in the clouds rising, not necessarily the sun cause we’re looking to the west, but it was still beautiful, really nonetheless. And that’s one of the things like, I mean, Ensonata is a cruise port city for that matter too. Granted they’re not doing cruises now with what’s going on, but it is a beautiful new Mexican Riviera coastal city. So you really have those beautiful vibes and then you just go a little bit inland and then you’re in wine country. So the whole audience of the whole entire area, and Brittany said, we stayed at a city plus city plus or city express plus, excuse me, is a chain in Mexico.

4 (17m 46s):
I mean, when we stay at a city express plus when we were in Mexico city also. Yeah. So it is a chain. I highly recommend it. We had a complimentary free breakfast, which was actually really, really legit. Yeah. I think a non COVID times, it actually is a buffet this time. It wasn’t, they had pre-made breakfast, but they were legit once it was still served to me on a plate at potatoes, had eggs, came out with like a grilled cheese and ham sandwich. They brought fresh fruit out. You had your coffee, it was legit.

1 (18m 18s):
You know what? We didn’t have free breakfast in our Airbnb obviously. But we stopped at a grocery store in Mexico and picked up this fresh baked tortilla, bread and ham and cheese

4 (18m 32s):

1 (18m 34s):
Louise Mexican. So he obviously knows how to make this. And he made this for us one morning and it was so good. I literally tell him every day, that’s what I want to eat. And that’s what I want him to make. It’s so good.

6 (18m 47s):
We need to have Louise breakfast. Yes. You’re constantly coming over and eating Jamal’s lunch dinner. We need to have Louise breakfast. Yes.

4 (18m 55s):
I’m ready for that and try it out. But I do want to say something if you’re not staying at an Airbnb, which as Kim is describing is a fantastic experience and really good value for the money in Mexico. But the city express plus that we stayed at an Sonata was really close to a very, very legitimate tuckeria. And so I would highly recommend staying here because one, the ocean views, the breakfast, the cost value, and the fact that obviously after a wine tour or even before, you’re going to have the munchies a little bit, that talk area that was there. Wasn’t just any, you know, run of the mill talk Korea. It was a real, real, legitimate one.

4 (19m 34s):
So I do recommend the city express. Plus

6 (19m 38s):
I have a question for you both. Have you guys ever had Barea?

1 (19m 40s):
I have. We had it on this trip.

6 (19m 43s):
Oh, you have? Yes. What about using that?

3 (19m 47s):
Maybe if you describe it, I might

1 (19m 50s):
Shredded me in this sauce and then you put it into tacos. Yeah,

3 (19m 54s):
Just kidding. I was thinking it was actually a drink. Okay. I’m drinking

1 (19m 57s):
A lot.

3 (19m 59s):
So I was like, I don’t know. Maybe you describe the drink, call, remember it, but no, I did not eat that.

4 (20m 4s):
No Berea is usually go, but it can be. I know

1 (20m 9s):
That, but it

4 (20m 10s):
Can be beef, but what makes it as how it’s cooked in that sauce that you were talking about

1 (20m 15s):
In Sonata, we went to a Exactly. We went to one and you could choose your meat. And they had beef pork in goat.

4 (20m 26s):
Very nice.

6 (20m 27s):
Th this tuckeria had that and it, Ooh, it was so good. And

4 (20m 30s):
That’s how I

6 (20m 31s):
Got, like, I would recommend before you go to the wineries, eat something because you’re gonna be drinking a lot.

1 (20m 37s):
That’s exactly what we did. We went and got beer for breakfast and we had some leftover after the winery that we ate when we got home.

6 (20m 44s):
Oh, perfect.

1 (20m 44s):
Highly recommend.

6 (20m 45s):
Highly recommend. So let’s get the highlight of our episode, getting to the wineries in via de Guadalupe.

1 (20m 53s):
One winery that I’ve been to, not on the tour that we took, but on another trip that I went to is called Quatro Quattros and it’s one of the most popular and well-known wineries in , it’s actually not very deep into via either. It’s got coastal views. So it’s on the very beginning of it. And it’s huge. There’s one big draw of it. And that is that when you park, you can get into a shuttle bus and they will take you up to the top of the mountain, where they have all these amazing lounge chairs, lounge areas, and coastal views. And you can get wine and cocktails and food that’s really popular. But when I went, it was raining. So it was closed. So we went down to the winery portion where it’s still gorgeous.

1 (21m 34s):
They have couches. They gave us blankets, amazing wine, beautiful bathrooms. Actually, they took us down to the cellar and gave us tastings of a mezcal wine straight from the barrel, which was really cool. And then they have these huge old wooden ships with bars on top. And you could go up there and sit and hang out. It’s a beautiful winery.

3 (21m 55s):
Speaking of the view, I did look this up online and the pictures are gorgeous.

1 (21m 60s):
Yes. I would love to go back when it’s warm and I can like actually sit up there.

4 (22m 3s):
Which winery was this one again?

1 (22m 5s):
Quatro Quatros

4 (22m 7s):
What’s a good one. Yeah.

3 (22m 9s):
Good job.

1 (22m 9s):
All fours for legal help.

6 (22m 13s):
Just a quick question. Kim, did any of the times you went to via Guadalupe? Did you go by the Valle de Guadalupe sign and get like that photo op? No. Yeah. On our tour, they actually took us by it and was like, anyone want to take a picture?

4 (22m 25s):
So, you know, we, yeah, we did. So, you know, when we were in Lebanon and specifically in Beirut, they have the, I love Beirut and an Amsterdam. They have the iHeart Amsterdam. Well, they had the exact same thing, but for via to Guadalupe and Brittany and I were driving well, we weren’t driving the tour. Drivers were driving us on the roads and I thought, oh man, we’re really getting into the cuts right here to get to one of these wineries. Cause it was really, you know, unpaved. And then all of a sudden they’re like, oh, here we’re by this photo spot for you. And it was the sign. And they took us out of the way specifically to get to it. It’s on this one random ass dirt road, but then it’s in front of this beautiful winery, which unfortunately the tour didn’t go to, but it was just like, oh man, they really took us out of the way on this crazy ass road for this photo op.

4 (23m 12s):
So women were forced to take it. So it was really cool, but yeah,

1 (23m 15s):
Of the roads and how rural they are, because that really is how it is out there.

3 (23m 19s):
How do you fit that? All in one picture though, via the Guadalupe,

4 (23m 23s):
It was tough.

1 (23m 26s):
If you go to the minus five angle on your iPhone and it will widen it up for you.

6 (23m 31s):
And it was funny because when we got to the sign, the girl and the guy that we went with, they were like, oh no, we don’t need a picture. And I was like, oh no, Jamal, you know, we’ll take a picture. And so Jamal’s like, oh, we’re fucking stopping Brittany. Now we’re going to make everyone get out. And I was like, it’s an opportunity. Let’s take

3 (23m 47s):
It. They brought you there for that.

4 (23m 49s):
They did because I thought we were going to a winery. And then as soon as we took that photo, we cut back to the main road. I took us completely. And they didn’t even describe to us that, oh, we’re going this way specifically for this. And that’s really what it was at that point. But they do have one out there and it’s in front of a beautiful winery and I was really disappointed. We didn’t get to go in it because it looked really, really nice. But no, I really don’t remember. Unfortunately I didn’t pay too much attention to that fact, but the roads were, like I said, you know, real rural dirt roads, like unpaved. So

1 (24m 21s):
A lot of wineries out there, we’re only going to talk about a few, but there are so many more.

4 (24m 26s):
Yeah. And I do want to say this as we’re talking about the roads and people thinking like, oh, this is in the middle of nowhere. It’s really not. Even though this is a very touristy area, it’s really becoming a lot more touristy. So they are putting money into it. And by they, I mean like the local government, the Mexican government, regional, et cetera, into making it more tourist friendly. So it still has that rural vibe to it. But don’t let that deter you or scare you from it. Everything you are going to experience there is legitimate.

1 (24m 57s):
Well, that’s part of what they want to, they want to keep it rural. They like it that way. And it is part of the personality of it. I like it that way too.

3 (25m 5s):
Well, Jamal, you said that like, don’t think that it’s in the middle of nowhere. If it’s on the coast, it can’t be in the middle of nowhere. That’s

4 (25m 11s):

1 (25m 12s):
You can probably drive from the coast to the end of it. Maybe two hours. So it’s not like it’s all coastal, but they want it to be rural. And so just enjoy that when you go there because you don’t actually get that in a lot of places. Yeah. That’s true. That are popular, you know? So it’s nice. It’s

3 (25m 27s):
Nice. You’re not getting rural in Mexico city.

4 (25m 30s):
No, you are not

3 (25m 31s):
Very populated.

4 (25m 33s):
So another one of the wineries that Brittany and I had gone to on our tour was the Donald LoopPay winery, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

1 (25m 41s):
I love that one too. I went there. It had just a gorgeous view. The best time to go is around sunset. That’s when we went. Yes. Because you can just look out into the vineyards and it’s just so picturesque and it’s a huge outdoor place. And there’s like wild cats around there. And I think they had pizza. You could buy two.

4 (25m 59s):
Yeah. And they did have the pizza, but I don’t know if when you went Kim, they included it for you. They gave us complimentary like bread and cheese to have with our tastings at the Donald LoopPay winery. So did you have any or no,

1 (26m 13s):
We didn’t have that, but we did get a flight tasting and they had a lot of really good wines there.

4 (26m 18s):
They did. They did have a lot of really good wine. But did you try the pizza though? I mean, how was the pizza? Cause I saw it, but no one was Manning the station and obviously we had what I just mentioned we had, but how was the pizza?

1 (26m 29s):
That’s pretty good. I mean, I would eat it again. We were like kind of hungry and getting a little hangry, getting a little wine away. Stirred.

3 (26m 38s):
You say that this pizza was better than the one that we got at the Kings canyon. National park?

1 (26m 44s):

4 (26m 45s):
Think pizza was better than the one that we had at Kings canyon. National park.

6 (26m 50s):
Did you hear the cows in the background?

5 (26m 55s):
I would like

1 (27m 0s):
Are there cows around here too?

4 (27m 1s):
And I was then it’s just putting us in the hole on Viansa

6 (27m 5s):
We were sitting there and I was like, is that how that I hear? And then I looked at the edge and I was like, yeah,

1 (27m 14s):
I think that they might make cheese somewhere around there too.

6 (27m 17s):

4 (27m 17s):
Okay. Maybe that’s some of the cheese that we had, Brittany,

1 (27m 20s):
There was a cheese of Rhea somewhere around there.

6 (27m 25s):
You know, what else I liked was I tried the honey wine on my Way and I really liked it yet.

4 (27m 32s):
No, I took a sip of the, yeah. And that was actually one of my favorite ones. I usually don’t like sweet wines or dessert wines for that matter. But I was like, all right, you know, I want to try the honey wine. And I took my first sip of that on the taste. And I thought to myself, all this is a little too sweet, but I didn’t hate it. But the more I kept sipping on it, the more and more I was like, Hmm, this shit is fucking delicious. And it really, really grew on me the more and more of that I had it. So

3 (27m 56s):
How do you feel about, Moscatos

4 (27m 58s):
Not a huge fan.

3 (27m 59s):
I like those. Those are nice and sweet too.

6 (28m 1s):
I like them too, but this was the third winery we visited that day. So we, we were here at sunset. So it was really beautiful looking out at the vineyards and seeing the sunset in the distance.

4 (28m 12s):
Yes. Because this time you could really see it going over the ocean. Not that you could see the ocean, but you can see out of the valley going to the coast and just watch it nose really, really beautiful to see it.

1 (28m 23s):
Yeah. And I don’t know how busy it was when you guys went, but when I was there, there was almost nobody there. And it’s a huge space. So if you are thinking about COVID, this is a great place to go because it’s all outdoors, super open and not very busy.

6 (28m 35s):
Yeah. That was the experience we had to it. Wasn’t very busy.

1 (28m 38s):
And the wineries that we went to on this tour, being that it was in the COVID era. Very good with precautions in terms of like, they could take your temperature, they give you hand sanitizer. When you walk in, they even make in a lot of places make you walk over a thing that sanitizes your feet.

4 (28m 55s):
I really felt like they took COVID precautions a lot more seriously than places here in the U S anytime you walk into a building or go into one of those, they forced you to sanitize your hands. They did temperature checks on everybody, like you said, so really good place to go and actually feel really safe. Like you said, outdoors, and they are taking the precautions very, very seriously.

6 (29m 15s):
Hey travelers, let’s take a quick detour to talk about our travel itineraries that we’ve created just for you. We now have six different trip itineraries one week in Hawaii and

3 (29m 25s):
American Southwest weekender road trip a

1 (29m 28s):
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Road trip adventure featuring all three of Washington. State’s national parks,

6 (29m 36s):
Big island, Hawaii, and an Arizona road trip that features all three of Arizona’s national parks.

3 (29m 42s):
We are obsessed with these. These itineraries are 20 to 30 pages PDF guides with every detail of the trip laid out. We’re talking about where to fly into the exact route, to take where to stay park entrance fees, where to eat driving distance between attractions, what things to see and do the hikes. We recommend the mileage of the hikes and even the recommended time to allot for each one, plus so much more.

1 (30m 8s):
We have story highlights on our Instagram at Travel Squad Podcast, where you can see the full guides. We have done all of our research and actually taken these exact trips. And we have taken all of the guesswork out of the planning. So all you have to do is show up and have fun

4 (30m 23s):
Purchase your comprehensive Travel Squad Podcast, itinerary on our website at Travel Squad, Podcast dot com, best of all, they’re on sale right now for $25. That’s 50% off the regular price. So travel on over now to get yours today.

1 (30m 40s):
Another one that I went to that wasn’t on this tour, but it was on another time is called vena cava. And it’s actually a cave they’ve built into the ground. Ooh, it was really cool, beautiful wines. And they also have a whole outdoor space with lots of tables and really good food that they’ll cook on an outdoor kitchen right by the table. So I recommend that place too, if you’re not going on an organized tour that doesn’t hit it up.

6 (31m 3s):
Another winery we went to was called barren ball Che, and this is a Mexican winery and it also has a cool little cave kind of area where we had to go down these steps and they use the natural climate from the rocks. So like no AC so that the earthiness of the area seeps into their wines.

1 (31m 24s):
And you wouldn’t even need AC cause it was cold. It was

6 (31m 26s):
Cold down there. Stay squad, tons of barrels just lined up. You could get really nice, cool photos while you were down there on this little wine tour before the tasting. And they even explained how the user barrels and their barrels are used for seven years. So for four years they put in their premium wines. Then they reuse that barrel. And for two years they use their medium wines in there. And then they once again reuse them for six months to a year for the young wine. So they’re completely reusing it every single time. And then after the barrel has hit its lifespan, they either resell them or repurpose them for furniture.

1 (32m 2s):
I guess what, what, I got a free glass of wine at this place.

6 (32m 6s):
How’d you score that?

1 (32m 9s):
Because like I said, we had the other couple that was supposed to be on our tour, had some car issues. So we were waiting for them. So while we were waiting, we ordered a glass of wine, boom, boom, boom. It was free. Bam. And we got the tasting,

4 (32m 21s):
You know, what’s really interesting about this one winery is that I like white wines. They’re just not my preferred favorite, but of all the wines that they gave us of their samplings that they had here. And they gave us a variety of their young to mediums. I don’t think they gave any of their high-end ones on the tasting that we did. You, you can, they had many different ones. The tour that was included for us that went over the whole process. And the tastings didn’t include that one, unfortunately, but their white wine was probably the best wine I had the entire time of all the wineries invited to Guadalupe and white wine is my least favorite. I mean, well, I shouldn’t say least favorite. I likewise I prefer reds though, but it was exceptional really, really exceptional.

1 (33m 6s):
I loved the rose, the

6 (33m 7s):

1 (33m 8s):
I bought a bottle of the rose de

6 (33m 10s):
Yeah. So they gave us three different wines to taste one white, one Rosie and one red.

1 (33m 15s):
Nice. And, and you mentioned that it was a hundred percent Mexican owned, which is actually surprisingly rare. Not all of them are a hundred percent Mexican owned. In fact, they have a large Russian population out there.

6 (33m 26s):

1 (33m 27s):

6 (33m 28s):
Wouldn’t have

4 (33m 28s):
Guessed that

1 (33m 30s):
Random, but yes, that’s what I learned on the tour.

6 (33m 33s):
So the last winery we’re going to talk about was called Dominic. And I don’t think you were able to go to this one, Kim.

1 (33m 39s):
No, because like I said, we had some

6 (33m 41s):
Car issues,

1 (33m 41s):
The car issues, and then it was closed by the time we went there.

4 (33m 45s):
That is a shame because this one would have been really up your fucking alley. Really? Fuck on. Huh?

6 (33m 50s):
Your name can, so let me just

1 (33m 53s):
Go back

4 (33m 54s):
Well, real quick before you describe it, all this means is squad trip down there. Oh yeah.

1 (33m 58s):

4 (33m 59s):
This weekend. I w I want to do different wineries, but I totally would do this tour again through Airbnb experiences because that’s how much I enjoyed it. It was really legit.

1 (34m 8s):
Montay Zanuck is another winery I’ve been dying to go to down there. That’s really popular.

6 (34m 12s):
Let’s go. Let’s go. But Kim, I really think you would have liked this winery. It just had the ambiance that said Kim’s name lush.

1 (34m 21s):
’cause it was just like, so cute, beautiful stylish. She wanted to be there.

6 (34m 25s):
Yeah. So they had this huge elevated deck and they had really comfy white couches. They had chairs to sit on, they had those egg swings or the other kinds of like shaped like eggs hanging from the ceiling. And they had beautiful views of the vineyards. So it was just a really cool unique space. And it was really nice. And this place they gave each couple, their own bottle of wine.

4 (34m 51s):
Yeah. So you could choose either a white or a red instead of tastings. You got a full blown bottle.

1 (34m 57s):
You guys drink the whole,

4 (34m 58s):
We talked it off, which is shocking because Brittany likes to drink. But when she does not a lot, but this one, we were like, Ooh,

1 (35m 6s):
Said, you guys were after this trip,

4 (35m 8s):
Brittany was pretty tipsy. I held my own, but we weren’t too wild. Although

1 (35m 13s):
I have a story for you, but I’ll, I’ll say it.

6 (35m 15s):
We had the three tastings at the first winery. Then we had a whole bottle of wine. Then we topped it off with the four Wine Tasting at the loss right away. And I was like, damn, I am compostable. But like, you know, I was racing myself,

4 (35m 28s):
But at this place at the Domecq Q or Domecq however they pronounce it, I am unsure of it. One thing I will say is that if you want the deck experience, they do require that you order something from the restaurant. So we did order a cheese board from here at some of their local cheeses and breads. Otherwise, if you’re not on the deck, you don’t have to order anything. So because of what the deck is, they do charge the premium of making you have to purchase something. So do keep that in mind. But I will say it is very well worth it for that entire ambiance

1 (36m 3s):
Experience costs you

6 (36m 5s):
About 18 bucks,

4 (36m 6s):
Which is expensive for Mexico, but for an a winery, like if you were to do that somewhere here in the U S and get like a full-blown cheese plate, as big as we got, I mean, it would be a lot. Yeah. I don’t struggle to eat food. I was struggling to finish all that cheese. Cause there’s like, holy crap. Geez. Are they going to give me? It was good though. Yeah.

6 (36m 23s):
A couple that we were on the tour with, they were like, do you guys want to split the cheese board? And I was thinking, no, it’s probably not going to be that big. Like, we’ll just get our own. And

1 (36m 31s):
It’s like the cauliflower in Wyoming.

6 (36m 33s):
Exactly. And then it came out and I was like, dammit, we could have easily split this.

3 (36m 37s):
So did they get a cheeseboard? And you guys got a cheese.

1 (36m 41s):
This is why I am so pro picture menus.

6 (36m 45s):
So, and they were really nice. Couple.

1 (36m 48s):
We had a couple of my tour was also really nice. Now we’re friends on Instagram and they live in San Diego.

6 (36m 53s):
We’re friends on,

1 (36m 54s):
We were just talking about solo travel. Now, here we are making friends on

6 (36m 57s):

3 (36m 58s):
Well, actually the solo travel is going to come out in a few weeks, but you’re going to catch that reference when you hear it.

1 (37m 4s):
So in addition to wineries, yes, wine is a huge draw of this area, but so is the food. They have so many gourmet bomb restaurants in this area. Chef Javier Placentia is a super well known chef locally. And he has a couple of restaurants down there. One of them is Finca Altiplano and the property is gigantic and it’s gorgeous. And we got there just before the sun went down. So we were able to take it in while the sun was still up, but it was like golden hour. So it was beautiful. They have these giant wine barrels with spiral staircases going around this. You can go up on it and take pictures. They have these kind of like steel, wooden statues of like different kinds of animals.

1 (37m 48s):
They have huge areas where you can sit by a fire and it just is sprawling in the property. This is also on the same property where they have the big bubble Airbnbs.

6 (37m 58s):
Oh, we need to go there.

1 (37m 59s):
Yes. And the food, the restaurant is amazing. So this was our last stop on my tour. And we sat there, we got Wine, we got food. Our tour guide actually ate with us in the couple. And we had a really great time. Those wild dogs there that are just like hanging around too, that are just laying around sleeping. It was an amazing atmosphere. Amazing way to end the tour.

6 (38m 20s):
We actually didn’t eat in via dig Guadalupe. We actually went back to Ensonata and ate, but we did get some recommendations for when we go back. One of the places that was recommended to us was called a Deckman.

1 (38m 32s):
I really want to eat there. I’ve seen pictures. It looks beautiful.

6 (38m 35s):
Yes. And it’s supposed to be like a culinary concept, multisensory experience where you’re in contact with nature. The restaurant’s designed to be like exposed to partially being outdoors. Yeah.

1 (38m 46s):
Yes. They really like incorporate the rural atmosphere into the restaurants, into the wineries. Like it is part of the identity of that place. And they really incorporated in.

6 (38m 57s):
Yeah. And you do have to make reservations. We didn’t have reservations nor were we going to eat there, but it’s somewhere where I’m like, I’m definitely want to go back to and eat here. And another place that was recommended to us, which isn’t a dinner place. It’s actually a breakfast place. It’s called luck casino de Donna Stella. And it’s voted the best breakfast in the world guys.

4 (39m 18s):
Wow. I know a little bit of Spanish

3 (39m 24s):
In the world. Oh my God. Just like created an entire sentence in Spanish, Jamal. Like, I’m really proud of you.

4 (39m 31s):
I try my best, but I want to go. I mean, it’s hard because when I go to Mexico, I know it’s so stereotypical. I really do want like talk or I want like some chili keyless or something traditional breakfast. But when we go back to Vita Guadalupe, I do want to eat at LACO Siena de Donna Stella. I really want to try that out. I mean, it’s bloated best breakfast in the world someplace in rural New Mexico wine country. I mean, imagine that

1 (39m 59s):
Like what dish is.

6 (40m 1s):
Yes. The house specialty is machaca con Wavell.

3 (40m 5s):
Oh my God. I love machaca. I don’t even know what it is, but like I fucking

1 (40m 11s):
Shredded beef.

6 (40m 12s):
It would be for the eggs tortilla. So let’s go there because I want that bread. Just like we can have like a whole day where we do a big breakfast in the morning. Then we go to the wineries, get wind up. And then we go to like deck mins for dinner, stay in our little bubble.

4 (40m 31s):
We can be real bougie on the inexpensive Mexican peso. Huh?

3 (40m 36s):
There you go.

1 (40m 37s):
That’s a benefit. You can splurge a little bit more here in Mexico because your dollar goes a little bit farther than it would in the U S so I love it. Fucking hard. Okay. Question. When you finish your wine tour and a one to 10, how drunk were you?

6 (40m 53s):
I would say I was a solid seven and a half

1 (40m 56s):

4 (40m 58s):
Because I have a little bit higher of a tolerance. I would put myself at a six.

1 (41m 4s):
All right. So I was blacked out.

4 (41m 7s):
But did you get more than what was included? Like when you were there, did you purchase more?

1 (41m 11s):
We didn’t go to the third place to get the bottle, but we got a bottle at Finca. I think we got two bottles. Actually.

4 (41m 18s):
Are you talking about blackout when you were with Louie or when he went with the girls one time?

1 (41m 23s):
No, no, no, no. With the girls I was driving, so I wasn’t blacked out, but this was the core

4 (41m 28s):

1 (41m 29s):
There was another driver. So we finished our dinner at and we were taking the couple back to their spot and we made such good friends with them. They invited us to come over and go in their hot tub. So it wasn’t blacked out. I guess I was browned out because it’s all a little hazy, but we ended up in their house with the driver to We just went in their house for some reason. And, and then we ended up leaving. But then when we got back into the van for him to take us home, I started feeling sick and, and I think I rolled the window down to throw up and he like stopped. So I call it,

4 (42m 5s):
Oh, I’ve seen Kim be that before I add my wine drunk on wine drunk cab. This is cliche.

3 (42m 12s):
Can I just want to say that? Had I been there? I would’ve been at your level and no shame in puking in the car, the

1 (42m 20s):
Car out the

4 (42m 21s):
Window. There’s no shame. I’m just laughing because I’ve seen this.

1 (42m 24s):
Well, I did this, I know I did this with us at that one Christmas party, but Louis is so nice. He was like holding my hair back and we get back in the van. I woke up in the morning and was like, what the hell is all over my shoes? And my black boots were just like spotted an orange puke. And that is why you bring a shoe bag when you travel.

6 (42m 49s):
I, That is so funny. Well, Jamal and I, we went to a restaurant with our new friends and we were like, we could be down in this area at any point in time. Like you guys are visiting, you guys took a plane here, like wherever you guys want to go, we want to eat. So we went to this resort and I wanna say it was called like L restaurant. They at Puente, the Moro and oh, okay. It had ocean views. It was a very nice place to eat and not crowded at all. We were like the only people on the deck there.

4 (43m 23s):
Yeah. And we had some lobster enchiladas, and they were pretty fun.

6 (43m 27s):
El restauranty at Puente, the Moro Puente,

1 (43m 29s):
The Moro.

4 (43m 30s):
It’s one of the big resorts that they have down there in terms of like, I don’t want to say super, super luxury hotels, but definitely on the upper scale of the hotels that are available in Sonata. And they had an beautiful restaurant, great bar just as well with it too. And you have amazing, amazing ocean views. By the time we got there for dinner, it was a little dark. So we could only see really the waves crashing on the rocks and hearing them. But if you’ve timed it perfectly and went there for sunset for dinner, it would be absolutely amazing.

1 (44m 2s):
It sounds great. There’s another restaurant I’ll recommend in the strip of Ensonata called Planta Baja and it has a big indoor spots, two story, but the outdoor spot is ocean facing as well. Gorgeous, gorgeous views, great food. I’ve eaten there before in a different trip. And I would highly recommend that spot to

6 (44m 21s):
So a quick little bonus is we both mentioned earlier on in the episode that we went to Laboo fedora. So who wants to explain what that is?

4 (44m 29s):
Well, quick Zana, we’ve talked about this in another episode. I don’t know if you remember what oh, you do know. I was going to ask, what does it translate to,

3 (44m 37s):
You know, at the first time that we talked about Laboo fedora on the Travel Squad Podcast? I did not know what it meant because I do not use the word blow hole that month.

4 (44m 46s):
I don’t know who you need to step up your Spanish lingo. If you’re talking about using blow holes,

3 (44m 50s):
I’ve started to incorporate it in my vocabulary, which is why I now show me your

4 (45m 4s):
Task. Well, I will tell you

3 (45m 5s):
What you have used it in this.

4 (45m 8s):
Well, I can’t say it in Spanish, but my sentence would have been when an in Sonata I went to Laboo fedora and I will tell you exactly what Laboo fedora is. So it’s a little bit south of, Ensonata

1 (45m 20s):
Not an hour drive.

4 (45m 21s):
Yeah, proximity wise. It’s actually not that far. It takes a while to get there because one of the highways does go through the city. So there are stoplights, it gets to a little bit more rural area. So even though it is technically signed as a Mexican highway, you do go through the city. So it takes longer than it really should in terms of actual distance. But when you get to Laboo fedora, it’s a very popular tourist attraction. They have a strip mall of sorts of all these different shops, where you can buy souvenirs. You can get drinks, whether they be like Marco, redoes surveys, restaurants, and then you get to Laboo fedora, which is right along the rocks of the Pacific ocean coast.

4 (46m 5s):
And what it really is, it’s this perfect little corner where as the tide and waves come in, it creates this pressure in a squeezed tight area between the rocks where the water actually rises and blows up, hence the name blowhole. So it’s almost like a natural Geyser, but not really a Geyser, but that’s the best way I could really describe it. And

1 (46m 28s):
It happens like every minute

4 (46m 29s):
When we were there, you know, it was going and going, and then it stopped for quite a while. So I think it just really you’re right. It does have a real high frequency cam, but sometimes, I mean, you could really have a long lull between when enough pressure gets pushed up between those rocks for it to really like come through, you could always hear it gurgling, like the blow holes ready, but it doesn’t always give you full explosion

1 (46m 54s):
When you guys were there. Were there a lot of people standing to watch it

4 (46m 58s):
When we were there, we were there early enough in the morning. And wasn’t that crowded yet, but I’m sure if we were there later in the day, it definitely yes.

1 (47m 6s):
The good tip. Yeah. I was there around one or two and it was very crowded. Yes.

4 (47m 11s):
So it’s a cool little tourist trap. It’s fun to go there just to see the souvenirs have the drinks. It is an experience. If you’re an Ensonata you might as well, would I say it’s an absolute wow factor for me? No, but if you’re there, it is something to do and I would recommend it, but just don’t expect to be like completely enthralled by

1 (47m 27s):
It. We had lunch at a restaurant right there. Ocean view, like indoor outdoor kind of space drinks,

6 (47m 33s):
Huge wooden restaurant. Cause there was one that I was eyeballing.

1 (47m 37s):
I, I can’t remember what the building material was, but it had a beautiful view and it had a live, a man playing music and singing life.

4 (47m 48s):
Oh, very nice. So definitely do go check out the blowhole or Lavu, fedora, whatever you prefer. And

3 (47m 55s):
Here at

4 (47m 55s):
Google. Yes. That’s the fun part is watching it blow.

1 (48m 0s):
And then we’ve been talking about tours a lot and there are a lot of places that you can buy tours. That Airbnb experiences, where we went, I felt really good about buying that one because it’s going directly to a person who is giving you this experience. And I had a really good personal experience with this person. It was also the best price, which I love, but there are tons of different tours. I know is another one. That’s really Baja wine tours. Like there’s a lot. So if you just Google them, you’ll find them, they’ll take you from the U S side or the Mexico side. And they range in prices. You can also just hire a car and choose your own path. So there’s tons of options, no matter what you want to do.

4 (48m 38s):
Yeah. And I want to say, obviously the prices, as you said, Kim will vary, but a lot of them have an average cost of maybe just a little bit of under a hundred dollars to a hundred dollars

1 (48m 46s):
Or 150.

4 (48m 47s):
I, yeah. I mean, there’s definitely higher end ones. No doubt. But I’m saying in terms on average, I feel like you can find one in the like low a hundred range or a little bit under a hundred, and it’ll give you the full experience of the wineries, the tastings. You don’t have to worry about the driving, obviously when you get to the wineries, because they do cater to a lot of Americans, lots of people, there are no English Jews, so you don’t have to worry about that and you have the tours, the transportation. So it really creates a good, good value for the money. And unless you are a Spanish speaker and can hold your alcohol or somebody is going to be DD. I really think the tours are definitely the way to go. If you’re going to go to buy it, they want a loop.

6 (49m 27s):
And one thing we wanted to talk about more in our episodes. And one of the reasons why we even created the podcast was to be able to show you guys how to do these experiences yourself and show you how affordable things like this could be. And, you know, Jamal and I try to travel about one weekend a month. And overall for this entire trip, we paid about $430 for the both of us. And if you really break that down, including the hotel, the wine tour, the food, the gas, everything, that’s really not a lot of money in terms of a trip. And one of the things that helped us save money personally was I did have a lot of Expedia points. So I did redeem them. So our hotel was supposed to be about $105 per night, but I had $75 worth of Expedia points.

6 (50m 11s):
So we only spent 30 bucks. Had it been the original price we would have spent about the equivalent of what Kim and Louie spent.

3 (50m 18s):
And this is for both of you guys just to confirm

4 (50m 21s):
Yeah, not per person. Right. So, I mean, if we’re talking 4 35, I mean, I’m just going to make it simple and say two 15, a person that includes your wine tours, the hotels, our gas, the car insurance that we purchased, food that we paid for outside that wasn’t included. So yeah, I mean it is, I mean, not to say $435, isn’t a lot of money in some sense. I mean, it is, but amongst two and what we got for the value of it really affordable in terms of

6 (50m 50s):
The dinners that we ate. Like we ate lunch at Perth and whoever, and we got a lobster and we like went and balls to the walls that, you know, for dinner at Puente, the Maura, where we got the lobster enchiladas and we got a drink and then like the wine tour and you

3 (51m 3s):
Splurged on your own cheese tray and we had,

4 (51m 5s):
Yeah, so, I mean, if we didn’t go with the high end meals you’re right. It could be substantially less expensive.

1 (51m 11s):
When I went with Louis, we spent around $600 and that was for two nights in that ocean. Do you beautiful Airbnb? The wine tours we had for two of us, a breakfast, two dinners, a lunch, all like ocean view. Really nice up two bottles of wine as souvenirs. Like we drove ourselves, but we paid for gas and then like, it was affordable. But when I went with the girls, it was five girls. So imagine splitting something by five. And if you don’t drink that much, like, you know, I like to go down and have a good time when I’m down there. So I probably spent more on alcohol than you guys did, but there are ways to make it cheaper when you’re in a group. That’s why I love having a Travel Squad.

1 (51m 51s):
You could also get an Airbnb and make more tortillas at home.

6 (51m 54s):
Exactly. Louie make tortillas at home

1 (51m 58s):
Toward does every day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I love them.

4 (52m 2s):
Any final thoughts ladies, on via to Guadalupe before we wrap things up,

1 (52m 7s):
We actually have a question of the week.

4 (52m 9s):
Oh my goodness. How did I miss that?

3 (52m 11s):
You are getting way too ahead of yourself.

4 (52m 13s):
Well, I guess the question of the week is the wrap-up isn’t it?

1 (52m 15s):
Yeah. So we’re going to wrap up with our one question of the week. This one came in anonymously and they’re asking if you don’t speak Spanish at all, can you still do this trip?

3 (52m 32s):
I’m in Jamal did it?

4 (52m 33s):
Absolutely. He just

1 (52m 35s):
Spoke as a sentence. The spirit

3 (52m 37s):
You’re right. You’re right. Sorry. I discredited you. I apologize.

4 (52m 40s):
I cannot speak full sentences cause I get flustered and I’m not going to say my Spanish is great, but I know enough to get by with key phrases and what to ask. However, even if I didn’t know that I would say yes, because this is so close to the border that you are likely if, while I take back, likely you for sure will encounter people working in the hospitality industry in that area, whether it be at the wineries or the hotels that do know English, if you do the air B and B tours that we did it specifically asks, do you want the tour in English or in Spanish?

1 (53m 15s):
Even the road signs are in English. Most of the people that work at the wineries, the tours, the hotels, Airbnbs, you can get it in English or you can translate it either on the Airbnb app or figure it out when you’re there.

3 (53m 27s):
Google translate.

1 (53m 28s):
Yes. So you’ll be just fine with just English. You want to try to learn some Spanish. That’s highly encouraged too, but you don’t need to know it at all. And in fact, you can even use us dollars. So guys, I hope you go down, have a good time, get some wine. Don’t drink too much and pack that shoe bag just in case.

4 (53m 44s):
Yeah. Don’t puke out the window like Kim,

3 (53m 48s):
Kim. I love you.

1 (53m 50s):
All right, everyone. That’s all we have for you this week. Thank you so much for tuning in. Please keep the adventures going with us by following us on Instagram and YouTube at Travel Squad Podcast. We now have the Travel Squad Podcast. Hashtag if you tag your photos with that, we will share them on our profile and please send us in those questions.

3 (54m 8s):
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4 (54m 15s):
And as always guys, please subscribe, rate and review our podcast and tune in every travel Tuesday for new episodes

6 (54m 22s):
Tuned. For next week’s episode, we have some more amazing adventures and tips.

3 (54m 27s):

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