A Funny Q&A with the Travel Squad

This is a  fun one! The squad surprises each other with a Q&A session. Listen live as we hear the questions for the first time, recount hilarious stories, and reveal travel mishaps that have never been revealed before. If you’re looking for a good laugh, this is the episode for you

Travel Squad Podcast Q&A – Episode Transcript

2 (58s):
Welcome to this week’s episode of the Travel Squad Podcast. Today we’re doing like a rapid fire Q and a, all of us have prepared our own questions. We haven’t shared them with each other, and so I’m super excited to hear each other’s questions and answers for the first time today. Hopefully this is gonna be a really interactive episode and get you guys fired up and participating in our questions too.

2 (1m 18s):
Yeah, so when you hear us ask the questions, answer them on your side too, or hit us up and let us know what your answer is. We actually did an episode like this once before very beginning of like the covid lockdown when even we weren’t meeting up to record and we were on Zoom just trying to have some fun in the middle of dark time. But it was really fun. We learned a lot about each other. We had good conversation and there were definitely some curve ball questions coming in hot. So get ready for version two.

3 (1m 49s):
I know, and I’m definitely ready for those curve balls to be thrown in this episode for sure. I know all three of us are really excited to dive right in and usually we start our episode soft and gentle with the tips, but there’s no tips to be had on this rapid fire. So we’re just gonna dive right in and go full throttle on you right here with this Q

1 (2m 8s):
And a, so I’m gonna start off off with our first question. Okay. All right. So would you guys rather stay in a place with no AC or a place that had mosquitoes? Oh,

3 (2m 20s):

2 (2m 21s):

1 (2m 21s):
You’d rather have mosquitoes

2 (2m 23s):
Than, no, because I have got the solution to mosquito Bites and it’s a really, really good mosquito repellent spray that I used in the Amazon when we were there. And I sprayed myself even after getting outta the shower before going to bed. And I did not get any bites there. AC is just miserable. I can’t sleep like that. I want reprise from the Sweatiness.

1 (2m 49s):
I mean, that’s a really tough question. We had just stayed in a place that had mosquitoes and also didn’t have AC gross the

2 (2m 57s):
Double wing,

1 (2m 58s):
But it did have a fan and that did help. So, and

3 (3m 1s):
I was gonna say, that’s a tough question. So I’m of Kim’s mindset, like I fucking can’t be hot going to sleep. And if I am an uncomfortable and I would wait you to say, crank up the fucking AC and I could hide under the sheets and the comforter and avoid, although you didn’t say how bad the mosquitoes are. So I’m, that might actually play into it, eh? I mean, if I’m gonna for sure wake up and have 20 plus bites, that might change my decision. But for the most part, even when mosquitoes are around, not to say I don’t get bit, but I’m not usually torn up like you, but I’m gonna have to go AC all day. Ac,

2 (3m 38s):
Ac. Hell yeah. Ah,

1 (3m 40s):
No ac. I mean, if there was a fan, I could do that if, if there’s no fan, I would take the AC for sure and ride out the mosquitoes.

2 (3m 47s):
I get bit by mosquitoes all the time out here in Texas now and Oh, so you’re, it’s part of life.

3 (3m 52s):
Yeah. But you’re not in an area where it could be malaria or yellow fever or something crazy with it, right. I mean she didn’t specify in the question. She could have gotten real dark with the question she didn’t want to, but she just left the AC or mosquitoes and off of that, I’m going, I’d rather have ac.

2 (4m 9s):
All right, question from me. Where is somewhere you would want to visit on a solo trip?

3 (4m 16s):
Ooh. Oh, I had a similar question written like this and I’m not gonna ask it now cause I’m gonna answer yours, but my part two of that was as a trip of self-discovery for like a month or two months If, you were to travel. Oh. So since you have a similar one, you know, I’m just throwing out that that was one, but I’m gonna nix that one. Where would I want to go on my own to travel? Oh god. You know,

2 (4m 40s):
None of us have done solo trips.

1 (4m 42s):
No we haven’t. I would probably say somewhere in Spain. I feel like Spain’s a really good place. You can easily get around. There’s a lot to do. It’s a big beautiful country. There’s a lot of different ways to travel throughout it and I feel like it’s safe enough, not super remote. So I feel like Spain would be a good place for me to do a solo trip.

3 (5m 3s):
See I don’t have any one particular location and by that, like you listed a specific country. So even when I wrote my question, I thought, well how would I answer that? And at first I thought somewhere like in Latin America, cuz it’s cheap and expensive would be fun, but I changed it to go Europe and probably country hopped to a few places like Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, you know, and kind of make a circle. Spain, Portugal would be a good circle too, but why I say that is because I feel like even though you’re traveling alone and I guess with my question, you know, as kind of like a self-discovery and stuff, you still wanna interact with people and I feel like the interaction with backpackers would probably be better there than maybe what you come up with in Latin America.

3 (5m 47s):
And it could be completely wrong, but that’s a thought that I have. So I would say Europe in that vicinity and hit maybe like three, four countries in a circle like that and just spend time, that would

2 (5m 54s):
Be nice. Yeah. And and I think a lot of people do that. I think Europe could be great. I’ve always thought like Vancouver, Canada because it’s, but it’s safe. London I think could be cool for a solo trip. London

1 (6m 6s):
Would be an easy solo

2 (6m 7s):
Trip for sure. It would be fun. And there’s a lot to see and do people speak English so you can get around pretty good

3 (6m 13s):
And it depends on what do you want out of that trip. Right. Is it just for yourself or is there a reason why you’re taking that trip too? You know? But I think London would be a good spot also for that. So my question, I’m just gonna come out with a hard-hitting one. I, I wanna know what you like say isn’t hard right off the bat, what’s the least favorite Squad trip that we’ve ever taken? Like you actually, I don’t wanna say that maybe there’s even been one that we’ve hated, but what’s your least favorite,

1 (6m 37s):
Least favorite

3 (6m 38s):
Squad trip? And it could be a long trip, it could have been a weekend trip,

2 (6m 40s):

1 (6m 41s):
I don’t even know the answer to that.

2 (6m 44s):
I would say Denver.

3 (6m 45s):

2 (6m 47s):
Not the first one we did cuz we did a lot.

1 (6m 49s):
Like when we went to

2 (6m 50s):
Br, I guess Breckenridge, even though I liked Breckenridge, but at the end that last day we were just like, let’s get the hell out of this place. There was nothing to do. It was snowy, it was too cold outside to be walking around.

1 (7m 2s):
Yeah, the weather was bad. All of that, you know. That’s a good answer Kim cuz I really don’t know off the top of my head how to really pick one. I mean I think part of it is when we’re in each other’s company we have a good time no matter what we’re doing. Like even if we’re just having drinks or going out to eat food, it’s easy to just like be happy and okay. So I feel like that’s a safe option to say.

3 (7m 25s):
Yeah cuz I, I and I wrote that I didn’t even know if I knew the answer and I was really trying to think like, fuck what, what is a trip? And I didn’t know if one of you ladies was gonna say it was a bad trip cuz we got annoyed with each other on something. Or like I’m upset

2 (7m 39s):
Like yeah, yeah.

3 (7m 40s):
Fights and, and I can’t really think but he, you know, I didn’t even think about that one. And that is a great one because he, Cali

1 (7m 46s):

2 (7m 48s):
No, mecal was fun. It was hot

3 (7m 51s):
As head. Yeah but that’s nobody’s fault. That’s nobody’s fault. That’s nobody’s fault

2 (7m 54s):
Aren’t planning fall.

3 (7m 55s):
Yeah, yeah, yeah. But still but Denver that second time I would say because we were all geared on Breckenridge, we all fucking sucked at cross-country skiing so it wasn’t our jam of what?

2 (8m 5s):
And the thing is we wanted to do, were closed cuz of the snow

3 (8m 9s):
And then you realize that there’s absolutely nothing to do in Denver and everything is outside of Denver and then you can’t really leave when there’s snow cuz you don’t know if you’re gonna get stuck. So good answer. I had no clue what my answer was. And then you said that and you pulled that one out of your ass and it’s a good one.

2 (8m 23s):
And Denver that was like strike two cuz the first time we went we also had weather issues that delayed our flight and then we the stupid shuttle thing and we were walking the side of the road.

1 (8m 34s):

2 (8m 35s):
It was the Squad nose already Denver’s on my shit list.

1 (8m 40s):
All right, another question for you guys. Do you guys prefer the window seat or the aisle seat?

3 (8m 45s):
I mean this is a simple answer for me. I prefer the window, I love to look outside who doesn’t wanna look outside? But it depends on how long the flight is. If it’s a a long international flight and it’s a three seater and I’m only flying with Britney and not a third person that I know, even though I have the etiquette to not care if someone gives me the tap to get up, I don’t know if the person that I’m sitting next to on granted either I’m window or middle in somebody else’s aisle in that scenario. But you gotta give somebody the tap to get up and I don’t want them to rule their eyes at me like if they’re annoyed by it. But I think it comes with the territory. But in generalities I’d much rather have a window you can lean up against something, you have the view window all day.

2 (9m 28s):
If it’s a short flight, I prefer the window. If it’s a longer flight, I prefer the aisle because of the getting up reason.

1 (9m 35s):
I would say the same. I do tend to like the aisle more, but if it’s a short flight, I do like the window. However, Jamal loves the window more than me. So I always give the window up to

2 (9m 47s):
Him. If it’s a packed flight and I’m not gonna get either, then I’ll just look for the hottest guy on the plane and see if I can sit in the middle next to him.

3 (9m 55s):
There you go.

2 (9m 57s):
Good plan. Okay, question for y’all. Tell me and our listeners a bathroom confession or embarrassing travel story.

1 (10m 7s):
Okay, got one. Ooh, good

3 (10m 8s):
One. Good question Ken.

1 (10m 10s):
Good bless. So when we were in Kauai, this is before I started drinking decaf coffee just really like fucks with me. Like it makes me pee a lot. Like on the way to China, China I stopped like three times on the side of the road to pee. But I’ll be completely honest, we drank some coffee before a mor, an early morning hike, sunrise hike, sunrise hike in Hawaii. And I went and PE and got a little bit more than what I bargained for. Luckily Jamal had some baby wipes

3 (10m 42s):
Packed, always packed the baby wipes, especially when we’re hiking. You gotta have ’em, you never know.

1 (10m 46s):
And I didn’t let the, the whole Squad know at the time. But yeah, I definitely broke etiquette

2 (10m 52s):
And that’s when Zena walked over there and said, what’s that smell

1 (10m 55s):
It smell good. It was like donut it smell like donut. And I was like oh my God.

3 (11m 0s):
Well maybe there was some sort of other scent in the air. But yeah, I don’t know. For me if we hearken back to our episode about Death Valley, we mentioned how right before we started our hike had Thai food the day before Thai food would bomb so spicy about it Jack with my stomach and in the middle of the desert and the parking lot I was like guys, you know, happening right now. Like there was no bathroom or anything. So I’m not gonna say that because we know of it, but I’m just gonna reiterate that was baby number one. Up until very recently and in January of 2022, Britney and I went to Tulum for our vacation, which was an altered trip from when we were supposed to go to Morocco and got canceled cuz of Covid and Omicron.

3 (11m 47s):
So I think this was even like our first full day, like we had landed the day before, just kind of slept and went around town. But the first day actually exploring, you know, it’s one of those things when you travel, you know your body just needs to get adjusted by that. Your bathroom schedule right? Wasn’t able to go as I had actually hoped. We did something in the morning and then we parked along a stretch of road that leads to the Tulum ruins where you can get into there and also gives you beach access. If you want to go to the beach. But I really had to go and I told Brittanie, I said I, I don’t have faith in what these restrooms are gonna look like at the Tulum ruins. Like I’m just gonna step outside the car right now and go in the jungle.

3 (12m 28s):
So literally I stepped out the car, luckily again had baby wipes, always have ’em and yeah I I, I went in the jungle

2 (12m 37s):
Like the parking lot jungle or like side of the road jungle side of the road jungle.

3 (12m 43s):
I was wondering like what creatures gonna come out and get

2 (12m 46s):
G PEs, areola

3 (12m 46s):
Monkeys, jaguars, snakes, who knows? But I was like better than the bathrooms that are to be had I’m sure. And then I was glad that I actually went there when I saw the bathroom, so. Yep. Wow. There’s a confession for you. What

2 (12m 60s):
About you Kim? I, I thought I was gonna sneak through up, that’s why.

3 (13m 3s):
Oh no. Too juicy of a question and not answer.

2 (13m 6s):
So I actually don’t think I’ve ever told this story to a soul. Oh.

3 (13m 11s):
So we’re here it and the Squad is going to hear it is a

2 (13m 14s):
Good one. I can’t remember if I have it. I don’t really don’t think I have. So this took place at Coachella. Okay.

3 (13m 20s):
Artie could be

2 (13m 21s):
Good. I already thought it wasn’t, you know, travel. But we did travel to Coachella, we were camping there and it’s three nights you have to camp and you’re partying. It’s a festival so you know you’re drinking all that stuff. So the concert happened and then at night they do a silent disco for people that are camping or anybody can go. And I went and actually went by myself cuz all my people I went with were being pretty lame and didn’t want to go. And when I get there, I’m having fun, you have the headphones on, you’re partying, whatever. And I’m like, oh shit I have to pee so bad. So I go over the porta potty line and there’s only one person in front of me and I’m like oh my god I have to pee so bad. And she’s like, you can go in front of me but we’re still waiting for the person to come out.

2 (14m 3s):
And I peed my pants. So did you and the night there or did you, what’d you I peed so much, it dripped down into my boots.

3 (14m 13s):
Oh no.

2 (14m 16s):
And yeah, I sent myself home. It’s probably a good idea. Probably a good idea. Well thank you for sharing that one. That’s the Squad all of us.

3 (14m 27s):
Yeah. Oh gosh. Well I don’t know how I’m gonna top that one but I have a good question that’s just a little bit more thought-provoking on we’re our personality lies and what we would want to do. And if the choice was yours and you had to choose right? Right now, what would our next Squad trip be? No consensus from anybody you’re choosing. But it is as a Squad trip

2 (14m 49s):

3 (14m 50s):
Real rapid on you. You guys No thought on that. I don’t e fuck I don’t know the answer. Why Greece? And let me and why Iceland? And let me think of my answer I guess in the meantime. Well

2 (14m 58s):
We as a Squad, we haven’t done Europe and we, none of us have been to Greece and it’s a beautiful place that I feel like you for whatever reason have something against. And I don’t know if it’s cuz of your history with the Mediterranean

3 (15m 13s):
Has nothing to do with that. I don’t even know. Has nothing to do

2 (15m 16s):
With that. Well you experienced some of the Mediterranean before so maybe you’re,

3 (15m 19s):
That’s what you mean by experience. Oh I thought you meant other type of stuff. Experiences

2 (15m 22s):
And Yeah so I feel like I wanna prove it’s a good place to go. Mm.

1 (15m 27s):
I wanna go to Iceland cuz it’s something we’ve talked about. Yeah. As a Squad and we just haven’t done it. Kind of like Greece, we’ve talked about going to Greece as a Squad but I feel like for Jamal too, he would lean more towards Iceland and so I feel like it’s a safe consensus where it’s really beautiful. There’s a lot to do. The blue lagoon we just talked about,

3 (15m 46s):
There’s consensus. It’s supposed to be your own pick.

1 (15m 48s):
I know, but I would want to pick somewhere that we would all enjoy going too and that we’ve all talked about.

3 (15m 54s):
Well that’s true. But I’m sure regardless of where we go, we’re gonna enjoy it. I mean I know when we go to Greece I’m gonna enjoy it. And to answer your question on what it is about it is like I want to go to Greece. I’m just not like hard on it though. You know what I mean? Like I, I feel like I’ll get there when we get there. Not like I’m immediate desire to go there if that kind of makes sense. But I do want to go to Greece, no doubt Iceland I want to go but Iceland is a multiple times go, I need to go during Northern Lights times but that’s cold. I want to go when it’s actually temperate weather because I wanna do other stuff that you can actually see there. So Iceland is a multi one, I know the answer to mine and especially if it’s gonna be a Squad trip and I’m gonna say Alaska and I’m gonna say it for national parks and we’ve thrown this out but you’ve been to Alaska, I have family in Alaska and you’re like, I’m not, I don’t really wanna go to Alaska but I wanna do it for national park oriented stuff.

3 (16m 44s):
And so almost how you feel like you’d pick Greece to kind of drag me along based on that question. I’d pick Alaska to drag you along. Yeah, that one for it.

1 (16m 51s):
Well I think all of our answers are really good. I’d be happy to go on all of those.

3 (16m 56s):
I’d love, I can’t wait to go on all

2 (16m 57s):
Of them. No one said Spain or Argentina. Cause we have talked about

3 (17m 0s):
Those ones many times. Right?

1 (17m 2s):
I feel like our list is just so long though that it’s like what came to the top of your head just immediately.

2 (17m 7s):
Hey squats. Let’s take a quick detour to talk about our travel itineraries that we’ve created just for you.

3 (17m 13s):
We just launched several new international trip itineraries including Tulum and Japan. This is on top of the itineraries we already have for us trips like the Hawaiian Island of Kauai, the US Virgin Islands, as well as National Park trip itineraries including Utah’s Mighty five national parks and a week at Grand Teton and Yellowstone.

1 (17m 35s):
These fully built out 20 to 30 page PDF guides are available for instant download on our site. Right now every detail of the trip is laid out for you. So all you have to do is download book, show up and have fun.

2 (17m 48s):
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1 (20m 18s):
Alright guys, so would you rather fly first class for the rest of your life or stay in bougie hotel accommodations? You couldn’t do both. You could either do one or the other. Well

3 (20m 31s):
How un bougie is the accommodations? Are they mid-level

1 (20m 35s):

3 (20m 35s):

1 (20m 36s):
Yeah you’re flying even tisa,

2 (20m 38s):
You’re flying Emirates in the sky and then you’re going to motel six.

1 (20m 42s):
Yeah like a bath western.

2 (20m 47s):
I’m gonna stay like

3 (20m 49s):
Up to three star though. Like three outta five star. Like a regular rating.

1 (20m 54s):

3 (20m 55s):
Three. Okay, I just wanna make sure where we’re at.

2 (20m 58s):
I’m gonna say first class flying because that is the most annoying part of travel is the flying, the weight, the crowds, the cramped, the shitty sleep, the crappy food or no food. I wanna be treated like royalty and then it sets the stage for your mood of the trip.

3 (21m 17s):
I agree wholeheartedly with you. Funny cuz I know you love staycations and a bougie hotel when the time suits itself for it. But I completely agree with you because you can always leave your hotel and to a extent what you say all the time, it’s a place to sleep. So I don’t wanna sleep in a flea bag but you give me a mid grade and I can enjoy my travel experience. I got lounge access, good food, can lay back drink to my content with excellent alcohol selection that they have. I would say fly first class all day.

2 (21m 46s):
You know

1 (21m 46s):
I am gonna disagree with both of you and I’m gonna go with the bougie accommodations because your flight’s only a very small part of your trip and yes it leads up to it but what if you’re in a destination for a week, maybe longer If you’re staying at a bougie hotel where like it’s like the Atlantis and Dubai every single night or something when in Africa, Uganda, when you’re staying at like some of those luxury resorts, I would rather go home even though if we’re just sleeping there, be super comfortable, have all those accommodations and troop it out in economy.

3 (22m 20s):
Right? But to what you’re saying about when we were in Africa and had those type of accommodations, those are part of a guided tour so it’s not like I picked it myself. So I just wanna say that could still be an option and that’s kind of why I chose what I said. But I agree with your sentiment. That is a very good point. But first class, you

2 (22m 38s):
Know, first class you guys know that’s my dream.

1 (22m 41s):
Yeah. To

2 (22m 42s):
Fly first class laying down champagne,

3 (22m 45s):
Not business first. I mean there’s a difference. People don’t

2 (22m 48s):
On my own private room. Yeah, laying down. Yeah with a down comforter and slippers,

3 (22m 54s):
That would be nice.

1 (22m 55s):
Sometimes they provides you pajamas too.

2 (22m 58s):
Oh hell yeah. Okay. Hard hitting one. Ooh, we’re getting down to the nitty gritty here. How do you create a travel budget? And I guess this is a twofer, do you budget for individual trips or do you just have a general fund for travel?

3 (23m 14s):
Oh gosh, well I guess this is a joint question for me and Brittanie to some degree because we’re married and share finances.

2 (23m 21s):
But also like when you plan a trip, say you’re going to Chicago for your birthday weekend, do you have a set number in mind that you’re going to spend on that trip or your max that you’re gonna allow yourself to spend? Well

1 (23m 35s):
We contribute into a travel fund monthly. And so like

2 (23m 39s):
Per paycheck you put a certain amount in there?

1 (23m 41s):
Yeah. Per month or what whatever. So not, not necessarily per paycheck but yeah on one of those paychecks I just put a a set amount into our travel account. I also do like an expense sheet as well. And so if I’m already dipping into that month I am tracking like how much we’re spending leading up to that. And so we have a set amount per year that I try to stick to. And then if we’re doing individual trips, like typically I try to pair if we have like a really big trip, we just got back from Africa recently so our trip after that isn’t going to be as extravagant. It’ll probably be like a road trip. So I try to balance maybe not having to get a flight or a rental car in that sense.

1 (24m 25s):
So to help like still do something but not have it be as extravagant. I wouldn’t say that I try to stick to a certain number but I feel like weekend trips always tend to be almost around the same amount once you get the rental car and like rooms they all, we stick within like the same budget for like hotel rooms and like rental cards.

2 (24m 44s):
So the, the amount that you spend or you set for your year, do you get to that number by looking at like average cost per

1 (24m 52s):
Trip? Yeah and then typically in that year, like we know that we are next year we’re going to bam, we know that we’re going to October fast so I kind of have something in my mind like I don’t wanna spend more than like five grand for one of those trips and then kind of budget out from there for the smaller weekend ones smart

3 (25m 9s):
And Brittanie hit the nail on the head. I mean like I said, we share finances so she really does the budgeting. But as a good response to your question is we recently did her birthday trip and we wanted to go to Boston cuz we haven’t been to Boston and we bought the flights there just ahead of time and then we started really doing research and to stay there and everything there is to do we’re like oh wow, this is like really expensive for a weekend. And it turned out to be cheaper to drive up into New Hampshire and go to Maine to go to Acadia National Park and kind of just use Boston as a hub. So we’ve even altered a weekend trip for her birthday because it went out of like what we deem as acceptable of a cost for a weekend trip even though it would still come from the budget fund.

1 (25m 52s):
What about you?

2 (25m 53s):
So I have a couple different ways. I do have per paycheck and a certain amount goes straight into a an account that’s designated travel fund. So that’s one thing and there’s no intention with that money, it’s just there when needed. And then I have this app called Capital which I’ve told you guys about and you can set different different accounts and different savings goals with it. So I have a grease one, I also have just a plain travel fund one and then I actually have a startup business fund going right now in there and you could set up different rules. So right now grease has 85 travel fund has three 40 cuz I use it so right it replenishes and the rules you can set up are like a dollar a day, $2 a day, $3 a day, whatever you want.

2 (26m 38s):
Or you can do like 5% of your paycheck, 10% of your paycheck, whatever. Or you can even round up If, you spend a dollar 25, it rounds up the 75 cents and puts in it in whatever count you say. So that’s really cool because it happens in the fly without you even looking at it.

1 (26m 54s):

2 (26m 54s):
And then you don’t feel bad about using it for that cuz it’s what it’s for. So I like the idea of like saving in that way. I’ve never really saved for a trip. I’ve always just bought it and then either paid it with money I had in savings or just put on a credit card and paid it back when I got paid or whatever. And so this is kind of cool cause it gets you excited. Like I’m going to Greece in a year, I have 85 bucks right now so I have a a while to go. Probably won’t just use this, but you can kind of track and say okay now time to buy the flight at 400 bucks. So that’s kind of cool. We also have a piggy bank out there that was gifted by you two and it’s this rectangle shadow box looking thing and

3 (27m 33s):
Looks like a suitcase.

2 (27m 35s):
Looks like a suitcase. It says travel fund on it. We’ve been putting our loose change in there. And then also Louie works in HVAC and randomly people will give him tips. Okay. Sometimes there’s some creepy people who are like, I have a tip for you. Yeah it’s really

3 (27m 52s):
Weird there. It’s a weird ass way.

2 (27m 53s):
You’ll get like 20 or 40 bucks of the tip. So he’s been putting his tips in there. You were commenting earlier about the 25

3 (27m 58s):
I saw that swamp. I was like oh what a nice little build to throw inside that or

2 (28m 3s):
Tips. And then a couple random ones are just like loosen the wallet, we just throw it in there. We said that when that thing is full we’re gonna cash it in and take a trip with it however much it is. Whether that’s Fredericksburg for a night. Yeah. Or going to New Orleans, whatever it is, we’re gonna put that towards a trip.

1 (28m 20s):
That’ll be really cool.

3 (28m 22s):
And people don’t understand how fast change adds up. If, you have change coming from somebody who used to be a server and a waiter and you get that change. I mean I used to go to those coin star machines all the time. I can even believe how fast you can get yourself a couple hundred bucks and just change.

2 (28m 38s):
Yeah. That’s why we’re like, oh okay, yeah we’ll put dollars in here cuz we know it’s going towards a trip so we want more money to be in

1 (28m 45s):
There. Yeah and if like if it’s a tip and you aren’t like you weren’t expecting that money, it’s easy to put it away.

2 (28m 51s):
I don’t ever really budget for trips though. I think that’s kind of a bad thing. But I’m like we’re going to Mexico for my birthday. It’s a birthday trip so it’s a little bit different. But say it was it like I never really think in my head, okay I’m gonna spend 500 bucks here and force myself to stay in it and do that. Which is bad. I think I should probably get better about that.

1 (29m 12s):
And well recently when we just went to Africa, that trip we did not take out of our annual budget money. It was because Jamal had a bonus. And so I was like we’re gonna designate this portion of the bonus to go to this bucket list trip

2 (29m 26s):
Extra funds that are unexpected. That’s

3 (29m 29s):
Cool too. We use the money windfall for that one right there. So I guess we have extra in the budget fund for another,

2 (29m 38s):
For that month trip. Britney wants to take Nick.

3 (29m 42s):
Oh gosh. Don’t even get her excited about that month long trip. That’s not gonna be happening. Well okay, well I got another one for you ladies here. And I’m curious to know what’s the most overrated place in your opinion that you’ve been to and travels that everybody raves about and loves?

1 (30m 0s):

3 (30m 1s):
Venice. Good one.

2 (30m 3s):
I’m trying to think like where I’ve been that I thought was overrated. Oh,

3 (30m 7s):
Dubai. Dubai.

1 (30m 8s):
That’s also a really good

3 (30m 9s):
One. Yeah, that is a really good answer

2 (30m 11s):
Because whenever I talk about our trip to Lebanon and Dubai, people always go Dubai. I was Dubai and I’m like, Lebanon was better honestly.

1 (30m 18s):
Yeah it was. That’s really true. I feel like it’s trying to top Vegas, there’s just so much opulence there but like there’s so many rules there too. And like it wasn’t a place that really captivated me. I think we did cool things. Like I feel like going at sunrise,

2 (30m 33s):
That was the coolest thing on

1 (30m 35s):
The Campbell’s really cool thing

3 (30m 36s):
And the water park Atlantis since we were staying. What was cool that day on a hot day though, that would be fun as fucking, we had fun on the water slides. Let’s not get ourselves. But I agree, you know, really good answer on Dubai. Really good answer on Venice also. But yeah like Dubai is just a place where unless you have that type of money to spend, you’re really going to just see it and obviously you’re gonna experience a few things but other than that it’s just, it’s built to be showy, you know?

2 (31m 5s):
Yeah. It’s like I’m glad we went and I’m glad we did the tasting experience and all of that but I don’t feel the urge to go again.

1 (31m 12s):
Same. We

2 (31m 13s):
Only spent two nights there.

1 (31m 14s):
Yeah. And I’m glad we only spent two nights together. I’d say Venice, just because I feel like people really, really hype it up and it is cool. I, I do feel like it is a nice place, it’s a good place to people watch, it’s cool to see but it’s so crowded and I, I just feel like it’s just, it was just a little overrated for me and I don’t know that I would go back like I went there, I did it, I’m glad I did but I’m not like dying to go back to

3 (31m 43s):
It. I wouldn’t go back to Venice specifically to go back to Venice. But if we were in Italy and in that region, I would go and give it a second try because I agree with Britney’s sentiment like it was cool but like everyone’s like oh it’s like one of the best places. Didn’t really get that vibe. But we’ve talked about this a lot of times where sometimes you need the historical context. We didn’t do a tour, we were there at the tail end of a tour that we actually did to other places and technically they were just flying out of Venice. So we’re like well let’s stay an extra day and do it. So all that could have played into it. But even in generalities I will say like it’s cool but even the canals after a while, like okay, it is what it is. It’s unique but that’s a good one.

3 (32m 24s):
Me if we remember back to our Maui episode, I’m gonna just throw out and say Maui in here cuz you guys actually picked really good ones. That would be on my list too. But Maui, you know like people love Maui. People will rego to Maui a million times and don’t go to other islands of like what are you doing? Like there’s Kauai’s awesome Big island is awesome and Maui’s cool but like don’t think it’s the best island. I don’t get it. Like I was unimpressed with it.

1 (32m 51s):
I feel like we all had really good answers. Yeah. Last

2 (32m 53s):
Question. I really wanna go to Maui just to see what I feel the same.

3 (32m 57s):
You’ll feel the same.

1 (32m 60s):
Yeah. I mean I wasn’t super impressed. Did I hate it? No. Did I love it?

3 (33m 5s):
No, my expectations were really high because of what I thought of Matt and I think that’s what people say

2 (33m 9s):
It part of the reason I don’t feel as strongly that way towards Venice. I went into it knowing, reading the comments that people said it’s overrated, it’s this, it’s that. So I had lowered my expectations but I actually really loved it and yeah, you don’t wanna spend like a week there or maybe you do and then you take it slower and you appreciate it more. That’s what I think. I only stayed maybe one, maybe two nights and I loved walking through the alleys, I loved the canals, I loved going out to Barran and

1 (33m 40s):
Yeah and maybe it was cuz we only had a day

2 (33m 44s):
There and you were at that tail end of a really long

1 (33m 46s):
Trip. That’s true. It was like our 13th day. So that does, you know, play into it as well and, and Jamal actually you took a question of mine that you just asked. I’m gonna ask the other end of that and it’s, what is the most underrated destination you’ve been to?

3 (34m 2s):
Oh really good question. Well we’ve talked about this in a couple episodes off the top of my head, I’m gonna say Hot Springs, Arkansas, but I’m also gonna throw out like Boise, Idaho. Yeah. Also. So there’s lots of places that we’ve been that I would say are underrated and in this moment like I don’t wanna do any other underrated place of disservice but those ones are sticking out in my mind real fast right

1 (34m 26s):
Now. You have one Kim.

2 (34m 28s):
I think Lebanon’s pretty underrated.

3 (34m 30s):
I agree it it is

2 (34m 31s):
You. I hear a lot of people talking about it but I thought it was an amazing place with such cool stuff and it’s a really small country so it feels like it’s more than California, more than Texas. You know it’s,

3 (34m 42s):
It’s it’s way smaller than that. I beat the size of like Delaware. Yeah

2 (34m 46s):
An island. So it doesn’t feel like a cond country but it totally is. There’s so much pride, there’s so much love, good food, beautiful scenery,

3 (34m 54s):
Ancient ruins to get, you know,

2 (34m 55s):
Ancient ruins. Woo. And so I think more people need to go there.

1 (35m 0s):
I was gonna say China like

2 (35m 2s):
Oh yeah, good

1 (35m 3s):
One. Yeah I feel like anytime we told people like oh we’re going on a trip to China, like why, why? Why are you going there? And I kept my like expectations pretty low and they were completely exceeded. I had such a great time on that China trip. If I had to pick another, I would probably say Montenegro. I don’t feel like Montenegro gets the love it deserves. It’s a small country but there is so much beauty there. There’s a several national parks. It’s a great place for hiking. No one talks about it.

3 (35m 30s):
So, and I was gonna say I mentioned domestic places and the new ladies went international so it got me thinking of what international places I would actually say. And I thought of two places again cuz I can’t think of one. Britney took one with Monte Negro cuz that came to my mind. And also Slovenia.

2 (35m 48s):
You guys both like those places a lot.

1 (35m 50s):
Yeah, very scenic, beautiful places but not talked about

3 (35m 53s):
Ever very scenic Eastern European countries.

1 (35m 56s):
I feel like they’re not as accessible as like, you know France and Switzerland and some of the more popular spots so they don’t get as much love. Yeah.

2 (36m 4s):
All right, so for a final round of questions, I have a hard hitting one for you. Very introspective one,

3 (36m 11s):
You’re gonna interject first cuz it was going Brittanie you me. But I love it switching it up for the last hit us with it. Kim I’m going hard hitting hit hard hit. I’m ready.

2 (36m 19s):
How has your travel style changed over the years? Oh

3 (36m 25s):
Well I have a great answer and it’s the answer I tell people all the time, even just casual conversation. I’m 35, I’m halfway to 70, I’m fucking old. It is hard now as much as I still love to push through and get the most of weekends to be like, yeah Monday morning let’s take that early flight back home or do this or that. And even on our last like long haul flight that we had, I told Britney, I said like no more like I, I really need to start flying regularly like business class. Like I’m ready to be at that level of maturity to do it because I can’t handle two like eight or 10 hour flights back to back and be in a situation like that.

3 (37m 6s):
So I will say that I still have the drive and I’m willing to do it but it just fucking sucks now compared to like when we were younger. So that is how my travel style is changing. I’m willing to spend more money on the comforts.

1 (37m 18s):
Well we’ve definitely traveled more over the years and I feel like before we were doing a little bit more budget. Like when we went to Cusco it was like let’s see what a host looks like. But that was

3 (37m 30s):
A fun experience with Cusco though I think that city lended itself to look like.

1 (37m 34s):
But would you do that at 30, 40?

2 (37m 37s):
Remember the last night though in in the nice hotel we stayed at?

3 (37m 40s):
Yeah I loves luxury after the fucking hostel, after the trail.

1 (37m 45s):
So I feel like now we’re looking more into like what’s comfortable. Definitely And we’re definitely traveling a little bit more we’re versus where it was like we were only going on one major trip a year kind of thing and not putting as much thought into it as we’re putting in now. Like we’re, there’s a lot more intention going behind it now we have like travel goals that we’re trying to accomplish. Things that we specifically wanna see getting more into like the history of things as well. Like, like Jamal said, where was it that we could have used a history tour?

3 (38m 19s):
Oh gosh, several places but very recently I would say Charleston sticks out in my mind as a place that we didn’t do it and that could have enhanced our experience in Charleston.

1 (38m 28s):
And I feel like learning those things and going on a guided tour with a local really brings out a different perspective where when you’re younger you might not appreciate those things as much. Yeah I

2 (38m 39s):
Think mine’s a little different because you guys are traveling more but I feel like traveling less

3 (38m 45s):
Interesting. We’ve noticed that a little bit

1 (38m 47s):
But yeah I’ve definitely noticed

2 (38m 48s):
And it’s weird cuz I was just thinking about it as I was thinking about this question a few days ago and like I don’t want to be gone every weekend. It’s really like kind of draining for me. I feel like you once a month, like I said this before, once every two months I think that’s good to take a weekend trip every two months. Even once a month. I just feel like it, like the few days leading up to it, you’re kind of preparing the few days coming back you’re kind of

3 (39m 17s):

2 (39m 18s):
So you’re out a whole week of the month and then If you have other shit going on but like, I don’t know what it is but I don’t

1 (39m 25s):
Over 30.

2 (39m 27s):
Yeah I just like don’t want to, it’s not that I don’t wanna travel cuz that’s not it. It’s just like

3 (39m 32s):
You’d rather put thought into like your specific travel and enjoy that experience more, save your money doing less and put it into that. Well

2 (39m 40s):
Yeah so we’ve been talking about Oklahoma City and you sent me this long ass text in like the middle of the night about there’s flight braces and this and I and do you wanna take a flight from Austin to Oklahoma City? And I was like, I don’t know about that one. And

3 (39m 52s):
I hear this shit, I hear this shit every day and it gets stressful. I’m just like, oh let’s just relax. Like I’m good but like see I’m, I’m, I’m halfway to 70 like I said you know like need the need a little bit of like the big vacations that we take and the amount that we do are great. But I agree with you a little bit more space between the week and ones. Yeah. Only because I’m old but I think that has a lot to do with obviously we are all still actively working full-time jobs. Yeah If we weren’t working full-time jobs had other sources of income to support doing all of that, then it would be a little bit different. But I think with the, the grind going on, you know once you at a certain age you’re almost at peak

2 (40m 29s):
Performance. My grind has not changed. I’ve had the same job for three years, just

3 (40m 34s):

2 (40m 34s):

  1. Similar job for four before but there are things I did in my twenties and I think about the full Mumm party in Thailand. I still would do that today if I hadn’t ever had that experience. But like I think about our trips where we’ve woken up before Dawn and stayed out pretty much go, go, go, go go for 10 hours. And I think about like a couple years ago we would’ve woken up early to go out to Four Corners Monument and came back and now it’s like eh it’s not that cool. Like I can miss it. I think about that in terms of like being on the trip too. I’m like eh, I can miss it maybe cuz I’ve seen a lot more than say five years ago. That’s true. That now I’m like eh, it’s weird. I don’t, I don’t ever wanna stop traveling but I just, I guess, I don’t know.

2 (41m 19s):
I don’t even know how to describe it but it’s weird. I’ve noticed that change in myself.

3 (41m 22s):
It’s a respectable answer. All right, what’s your last question?

1 (41m 25s):
Did you ask yours? No you

3 (41m 27s):
Didn’t ask. Okay. No, I’m gonna go last

2 (41m 29s):

1 (41m 29s):
All right so my last question is what’s currently on the top of of your bucket list?

3 (41m 34s):
Oh well we just got back from a bucket list trip which was Uganda to go gorilla tracking and do other safari and that was fucking epic. So it’s like what replaces that now that is a tough one

1 (41m 48s):
For me. It’s I think Chili and Argentina and going down to like Patagonia seeing the glaciers and the forests that are down there going to Mendoza, wine country experiencing all of that. I think that’d be like a pretty epic bucket list trip since we just got back from Uganda and that was like the bucket list trip I had prior to that. Yeah I think

2 (42m 9s):
Mine is like climbing Mount Everest.

1 (42m 12s):
No it’s not.

2 (42m 17s):
I just listened to a guy on a podcast talk about it, him doing it and I was like hell to the no sounds terrible. Like he turned back on it, one of his first attempts and half the crew that went on die died.

1 (42m 30s):
Yeah they all died and it caused like $60,000 to do even more.

2 (42m 36s):
No, but for me is seeing the pyramids in Egypt.

3 (42m 39s):
Oh I that’s a real,

2 (42m 40s):
I really wanna see

3 (42m 41s):
Them. That’s a really good one. We’ll have to do Gate one Egypt.

2 (42m 45s):
I really wanna go to Jordan too.

3 (42m 46s):
Me too. Jordan’s a good one. I’ve been to Jordan in my younger days as a, with my family of course when we were traveling in the Middle East and going to Lebanon. But I would love to see it and experience it as an adult now too I think would be really, really nice. And I think that just goes to say like Middle East it gets a bad rap in certain places. Sure you definitely don’t want to go but there are nice things to do and seem like in the Middle East for sure. For me, oh my gosh. I mean I really would love to go someplace like Maldives, Tahiti, Bora Bora and just really like spend the week in relaxation in those bungalows. But some, I think that’s like a simple answer. I think a more adventurous of like what I would want to do as a bucket list kind of goes back to oh if we could choose like a trip, what would it be and where we’re all going Alaska because some of those national parks, there’s no roads, you have to fly in bush planes to get there and they have some excursions where you have guides that literally for a week you’re just rafting down a river.

3 (43m 44s):
They set you up camp and do all that stuff. See but I think that’s bucket list cuz I think that would be like really exciting to kind of just be out there in the wilderness but with people who are better at it than me who are, you know, yeah it’s dangerous but safe at the same time in terms of they’re gonna take care of you and I’m not on my own but I think that would be kind of really epic to just be like, look I’m out here surviving to some degree but in a safe environment and I think that would be really cool. I want to say one of those Alaska national parks, like really up north.

1 (44m 13s):
What? You know I thought what? I thought you would say what Antarctica.

3 (44m 16s):
Oh yes. Well that’s very true but a lot of the

2 (44m 19s):
Antarctica, you might fall off the edge of the earth. Oh

3 (44m 21s):
You don’t, won’t fall off the edge, you’ll come across the little glass dome right there block you off. But I do want to go to Antarctica. That’s a very good one. Like around the world, cruise was even a thought of mine as a bucket list cause I think that would be awesome. But I don’t want to go to an Antarctica one where they just sail you there and I don’t get a set foot on land and if the land is like the little islands that come out, no like I literally wanna set foot on the main of Antarctica.

1 (44m 46s):
It’s not real. So If

3 (44m 47s):
You can’t set. No it’s real but you know they just regulate who can actually go there and stuff like that. But Antarctica is on the list but I’m gonna go with Alaska as my number one right now for that. Like rugged, adventurous. It’s like the last frontier of America.

1 (44m 60s):
So you saved your question for last Jamal.

3 (45m 2s):
Yeah, I mean I saved it just cause I wanted to go last and switch it up. Not that it’s necessarily hard hitting but I do still think it is a very question. No mid hit, mid hit, you know, coming in but not necessarily too hot. But what travel experience sticks out to you ladies in your mind when you saw something, experienced it and you were like, wow, we’re like holy fuck. You know what I mean? Like what experience were things sticks out for you in that type of sense?

2 (45m 27s):
On the Inca Trail, not at Machu Picchu at the end, but in one of the ruins in between forever. Yeah,

3 (45m 34s):
The day before. The day before, right. The

2 (45m 36s):
Maybe, yeah where we had like the ruins all to ourselves and just being in this huge green covered, mountainous ruinous area and just looking out at it, I just felt like so at peace amazed like, I don’t know, words I can’t even use to describe it. It was amazing.

3 (45m 58s):
That’s a really good answer I think. Gosh how did you say it was like or something like that was the name of the ruins and you could

1 (46m 5s):
Translated to Forever Young. Yes.

3 (46m 7s):
Okay. Is that what it does? Yeah.

2 (46m 9s):
I felt forever young there. There

3 (46m 10s):
You go. I gave you that sense of wonder lustine then. But those ruins were really cool and I see what you’re saying because it’s one of those historical things and ancient ruins were you get to experience it by yourself because unless you’re actually on the Inca trail you can’t get to this. So it’s literally for everybody who’s day three on the Inca Trail and that amount of people is very, very limited. I would say it was maybe even more impressive than when we got to Machu Picchu. Was it? And was it because we had it all to ourselves, you know, it’s just really more terrace machu pic. You had like more buildings and other things that made it scenic. But you’re right that almost enhanced the experience.

2 (46m 48s):
I definitely think the lack of tourists definitely adds to the awe of a place because I think about Roman ruins versus Lbeck in Lebanon and Lbeck I think is better. Yeah.

3 (46m 59s):
Best preserved Roman ruins outside of Italy right

2 (47m 2s):
There with 1% of the tourism.

1 (47m 4s):
Yeah, yeah. We literally had the fights right to ourselves.

2 (47m 7s):
The Roman ruins are like cow stockyards just ruined through the like a maze.

3 (47m 12s):
And that’s how I felt Machu Picchu was. Yeah, you could only go the one direction, you missed it. You have to do the whole circle again. Can’t go back. So good pick Kim. Good pick.

1 (47m 22s):
Yeah, I mean I feel like this is a really hard question for me. I really don’t know, but I love nature trips and when we, we were in Uganda, we did a chimpanzee track and going into the jungle and knowing that the chimps are in the trees and are gonna come down to the forest floor and then you’re going to, you’re not chasing them but you are following very closely behind them to go deeper into the jungle. That adrenaline rush was so cool. And to see like how closely are to humans with their personalities and their, the traits and the callings and the language that that they kind of use, that was really intriguing to

3 (47m 58s):
See, you know, our Uganda trip. There was a couple of them that was a unique experience that you mentioned. And even when we did our gorilla track, we knew we were getting close because the trackers were in touch with our ranger and like you guys are like close to them. But all of a sudden, like we knew we were there because we heard the biggest branch fucking snap and you knew it was the three and you knew it’s the silverback like doing whatever he is that he’s doing clearing or breaking that branch to eat. And I would wanna say that might be number one cuz it was like that anticipation like we’re here in Uganda for everything else, but more specifically to do the gorilla track. Holy fuck, he’s right here. Like I hear him, I’m in his like natural element.

3 (48m 39s):
So I will say that to number two. It might even be number one, but I’m gonna give a different one as my main answer. Only because this was the first trial moment that really stuck out to me to be like, like the wow or holy fuck. And that was when we did our other Africa trip, when we were in South Africa and our very first safari that we did first animal coming across a rhino brought tears to my eyes. Oh yes. Quite literally tears. And it was like a bucket list fulfillment coming through. And that was the first major bucket list in travel of experiencing that. And I was like, I’m fucking here. Like I’m in Africa, I’m on a safari.

3 (49m 19s):
I’m seeing a rhino with a three foot fucking horn coming out of his head. So even though Gorilla and that experience I mentioned probably overtook it because the rhino was the first one, that one sticks out to me the most that I’m gonna go with. My answer

1 (49m 32s):
Did shut a tear.

3 (49m 34s):
I did. I did. Shut a tear.

2 (49m 36s):
That’s cool. I, I just feel grateful that we have so many experiences to pull back from.

3 (49m 43s):
Oh, me too. And I love episodes like this where we just get to talk and I, I hope and all of our squatters were listening, you know, chime in, send us a message, share with us like one of your favorite travel experiences or answer any one of these questions. But I hope it engages you even with your friends who wanna travel or maybe aren’t very avid travelers to have these conversations with them, inspire them to do it. Even though Kim admitted she’s falling off the map a little bit here. She still wants it. We all want it. I’m falling off the map. Like I said, I’m too old for a lot of like that go, go, go aspect. But travel for us, at least me, you know, it’s way of life. And I hope this episode inspired people to just really think about it from a different perspective of I’m just traveling and character building who you are for now and in the future.

3 (50m 28s):
You know,

2 (50m 29s):
And we’ve talked about doing an episode where we kind of air listener stories. And so we’re playing around with this idea where we create a Google phone number where you can call in and tell your story whether it’s an embarrassing bathroom story or your most amazing travel memory like we just shared, or how you budget for trips and kind of like doing a Q and a with our listeners and then airing them or reading their answers and making an episode out of that. So If, you guys are interested in an episode like that, let us know like dms on Instagram or comment on our posts from this week and we’ll see if we can get that scheduled in. Cause I think that would be really cool too. We always enjoy these Q and a episodes.

2 (51m 10s):
So imagine all of the other really cool stories you guys have at home. And on that note, thank you so much for tuning into this week’s episode. Keep the adventures going with us on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok at Travel Squad Podcast, and send us in your questions of the week.

3 (51m 23s):
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