The Best Things to Do in Guanajuato, Mexico

We are sharing the best things to do in Guanajuato travel in this episode! Guanajuato is an artsy, colorful town in Mexico. There are so many fun things to do in Guanajuato Mexico that make for the perfect weekend getaway. Not to mention all the things to see in Guanajuato! Just walking around and looking at the color, decor, shops, and architecture would make this place amazing on its own, but it’s even more than that. Some of the things to do in Guanajuato city include cave bars, taking in colorful vistas, seeing live music or performance, eating delicious Mexican food, and taking in the colonial history and architecture of this town.

The best time to travel to Guanajuato is during the Cervantino festival which takes place over several weeks in the fall. During this time you can see free, public live music, dance, and cultural performances while you go about your day around the town. With all the fun things to do in Guanajuato Mexico you’ll want to spend at least 2-3 days here to see it all. The city is very walkable so you won’t need a car to experience the things to see in Guanajuato, most importantly the gorgeous colorful houses, quaint alleys, and views from the funicular.

The Best Things to Do in Guanajuato – Episode Transcript

2 (57s):
Welcome to this week’s episode of the Travel Squad podcast! Today we’re going to the artsy Mexican town of a one-on-one though

3 (1m 3s):
Juana Watteau is in central Mexico, just Northwest of Mexico city. It is known for its picturesque rolling Hills and colorful buildings. And in fact, the historic city center won though and the surrounding adjacent minds because there is a very big mining town, historically our designated UNESCO world heritage sites.

1 (1m 24s):
I’ve been talking about visiting one ortho for two to three years. And so Kim I’m so jealous that you’ve been twice. Now. I always see amazing pictures of how beautiful and colorful the city is. And I can’t wait to visit. I’m hoping to make it sometime in 2022,

2 (1m 39s):
I have been twice the first one, I was there for a wedding in August, 2021, and it was really just kind of a day trip, really only in the town for six hours. But I loved it so much that in October, 2021, my then boyfriend and I took a weekend trip there and spent the whole weekend actually in the heart of the town. And it was amazing. We actually went during the month long serving Tino festival, which is really well known for music, art, dancing culture, like everywhere in the town every day. It was amazing.

1 (2m 11s):
Maybe when I go this year, we’ll go in October

2 (2m 14s):
As a tip. Since we always start with tips, I would highly recommend you go during this festival. The prices are not even hiked up either.

3 (2m 21s):
Well, you know, Brittany is always going to do a birthday trip. Hers is an October, so it seems like it lines up perfectly, but you know, she touched upon it. How jealous she is that you’ve been. Brittany has been tough. She says two to three years. I mean, I swear. I feel like it’s been four or five. She’s been talking about one a lot though. And for whatever reason, we just haven’t done it yet. But your photos and stories of it are always such an inspiration. So I have a good feeling. 2022 here is going to be the year for us to finally make us

2 (2m 47s):
Super easy weekend trip from San Diego, especially going across the CMX. The flight tickets will be pretty cheap too. So it’s, it’s a good one. And just for everyone a little bit about one a lot though, since I know it’s not a world renowned town to everybody, it’s so artsy, there’s lots of colors. I mean, the buildings themselves are colorful pink, blue, yellow, green. So when you’re looking at them on the hill, it’s just like a colorful hillside, but then you get down into the town and everything has decorations hung up. Art lights everywhere. You look is something to see buildings wise, if you’ve ever been to Burano right outside of Venice, that’s what the buildings look like.

1 (3m 27s):
I’ve seen your pictures, a Bronto and it’s beautiful. Every house is a different color. It looks amazing.

3 (3m 33s):
And I think words don’t really do it justice. So before we really advanced too far in this episode, I highly recommend you. Squaddies just Google want to walk though and see the photos and the colors of exactly what it is that we’re talking about. That way, as we’re describing it, you can really see it visually, because like I said, words, don’t do it justice in this case, pictures do it justice,

2 (3m 55s):
Right? You really have to see it and also want to get those made up of a ton of alleyways. So there are no cars in the city of and the outskirts. Yes. And to get in there are, and there’s lots of tunnels to get around. That’s really quick. You walk everywhere. You do not need a car. It’s a great place for couples. I mentioned that on our couples traveling episode, it’s, it’s just a cute place to hold hands, walk around. The gastronomy is out of this world. You’ll just be eating and drinking the entire time that you’re there.

3 (4m 25s):
What is the food scene there? Like, I mean, I know you’re talking about third gastronomy, but when I think of Mexico, I think lots of street food, not necessarily restaurants, even though there’s fantastic restaurants in Mexico, but you know, I just equated to Tijuana and other places that we’ve been where I know there’s street food. Is that the same here in Guanajuato? Because from the photos, it just looks like it’s a little bit more classical and what that classical illness. I just get the sense that it’s a little bit more, you know, not really that way. When it comes to the food scene on the streets,

2 (4m 51s):
It’s both actually they have the corn that you expect in Mexico. They’ll have tacos, lots of street food, but the restaurants they’ll do it. Fancy. They’ll take it up a notch. They’ll do a fusion, really, really, really good food. They also have a ton of rooftop bars

1 (5m 5s):
Right up.

2 (5m 6s):
That’s amazing. And surprisingly, a huge cave bar scene.

3 (5m 10s):
I’m really excited to go for the K bar scene. I love rooftop bar, no doubt, but the cave bar aspect really unique. You could get a rooftop anywhere. Where can you get caves? Yeah. Well, we did the one in Croatia. That’s really about it. Otherwise there’s hundreds of them apparently here in Guanajuato.

2 (5m 25s):
Yeah. I mean, everywhere you go, it’s like you see the door you go in and then you just keep going and going. And that’s

3 (5m 31s):
Really the cave.

2 (5m 32s):
Yeah. You’re in a cave and there’s a huge party down there. So that’s cool. You’ll definitely explore a lot of that. And then just knowing that, like I said, you’re going to be walking everywhere. So as far as tips go, you don’t need a car. You do need good walking shoes. I made the mistake of wearing heel boots one day, bad decision, another tip, very important. So there’s a couple of attractions in that are iconic. I struggle saying this word every single time, but the are these guys dressed in these outfits that kind of remind me of the guards that are on London bridge or tower bridge in London, the poofy

3 (6m 8s):

2 (6m 9s):
Beefeaters they, they kind of look like that and you go around the alleys and you sing and you dance. That’s an iconic tour as well as the mummies is an iconic toward just some of the different sites around there. You don’t need to buy these in advance because those men that are dressed in those outfits, you’ll see them all around the streets and you can easily make your reservation right there. Same day, next day. Anything you want?

3 (6m 30s):
Speaking of tours on the streets, Kim, I mean this with no joke intended, are there free walking tours here? A lot

2 (6m 38s):
Though? I don’t know, actually.

3 (6m 40s):
Okay. Cause I feel like this would be a good city for that. So there’s paid tours clearly, but we’re not too sure about the free walking tours

2 (6m 47s):
And I’m not too sure about English tours.

3 (6m 49s):
Okay. That would be very,

2 (6m 51s):
Or in Spanish, the ones that I did, but you could probably ask them if they had any English speaking tours. Cause it is a really big tourist destination. It’s a new Nesco city. You’ll also see a ton of people selling flowers on the streets. This was big. Actually ladies are carrying around bouquets of flowers, their flowers in their hair. It’s one of the things that you’ll notice along with like the Panama hats. And so that’s a really big item that people are selling. You’ll see everybody wearing that stuff too. So definitely come ready to shop. It’s a great place to shop.

3 (7m 21s):
And how were the prices out there Kim? Like in terms of the restaurants street, food hotels. I mean, I know it’s a new NASSCO city, but is it really pricey and hyped up for it?

2 (7m 31s):
No, not at all. The prices were amazing. So still

3 (7m 34s):
Classic prices that are normal for Mexico. Yes. Okay. I love it because I hate when tourists places, I know this isn’t like super, super touristy, but where they just exaggerate the prices for no reason whatsoever.

2 (7m 46s):
The servant Tino festival attracts people from Europe, from Japan. So it’s a really world renowned for its arts and culture. Do

1 (7m 54s):
You remember how much you paid for your plane ticket?

2 (7m 56s):
I think for two tickets round trip was somewhere around two, two to 300.

1 (8m 1s):
That’s not bad at all.

2 (8m 2s):
No, not at all, not at all. And we booked it like two weeks before.

3 (8m 6s):
And for us looking now preliminarily here for 2022, we’re seeing some trips for as low as $75 round trip. Granted we have the luxury of crossing over into Tijuana and flying from Tijuana, but you can definitely make it happen for on the cheap in terms of airfare.

2 (8m 22s):
Sure. So going into the trip, this was a weekend trip only. So it did not take Friday off work did not take Monday off work. So we flew out later on Friday, went across CBX into TJ to fly out into the lane airport. From there, we had a driver take us to one Watteau. It was about a 50 us dollar ride, quite expensive actually.

3 (8m 44s):
But how long is the drive from Leon to want to walk though?

2 (8m 46s):
I wouldn’t say about an hour or so.

3 (8m 48s):
So I guess that makes sense. It’s expensive for Mexico prices for a cab up for 50 minutes. I think it kind of makes

2 (8m 55s):
The most expensive thing of the weekend.

3 (8m 57s):
Let me ask you another question. Speaking of the cap, I know particularly when you land in Mexico city in the airport, you should pay for your cab ahead of time with the preferred vendors versus actually getting them out on the street. They recommend it for safety and for other reasons too, in terms of making sure that the drivers don’t price gouger you preset the price, is it the same in Guanajuato?

2 (9m 18s):
The same, but that’s not what I did since we were there just a few weeks before we had met a driver. So we had his number and he was there picking us up. But if you’re just coming fresh and new, that’s what you’ll want to do. There’s a place to get your ticket inside the airport. Excellent. So we went to check in at the grand hotel, right in central on a Watteau there’s lots of hotels to choose from. There’s actually a lot of boutique, nice hotels to choose from too. I would not recommend staying at the grand hotel.

1 (9m 44s):
Okay. Why? It sounds

2 (9m 46s):
There were no windows in our room. That’s

1 (9m 49s):

2 (9m 49s):
Weird. We had a fan it’s

3 (9m 50s):
Like an inside cabin on a cruise ship.

2 (9m 53s):
It was very small. The bathroom was so tiny. The door was like open on the bottom and top and the door was see-through. So the privacy for the bathroom was no, I just wouldn’t recommend it. It was, it was cool because it was like six floors and it like wrapped around like spiraled up to different levels and had offshoots and

3 (10m 11s):
Cool, but not cool room is what you’re saying.

2 (10m 13s):
Yeah. But you know, not the worst, worst option ever.

1 (10m 16s):
And what time did you guys get into on a walk though?

2 (10m 19s):
By this time it was probably like 10 or 11, probably 11:00 PM, but we’re not going to bed. We’re not bringing and Jamal. So we hit the ground running. We go out to the closest bar that we see, which is the Condesa bar. And I know I mentioned the cab being the most expensive thing, but the bottle of champagne that we got here was actually the most expensive. We got bottle service. We got food Tampa’s was really good food. There’s a DJ there’s dancing. So yeah, we’re getting the mood started. Right?

1 (10m 47s):
Very nice

2 (10m 47s):
Rooftop bar. We move on to the sky bar, which has another DJ on the rooftop table seating, little bit more mellow, actually more open air. And that was nice. And then we went, you know, bouncing around a little bit. We got some street food slice of pizza, which this was like, we saw the pizza. We were like, we’re going to get pizza and go home and walk home pizza is trash.

1 (11m 10s):
Oh, did you go somewhere else? Instead

2 (11m 12s):
We ended up right next to our hotel. Was this place called Che cave bar go down in there. They’re playing traditional Mexican cholo music and we’re just partying, drinking beers. And we ended up going back to the room, like 5:00 AM after 30.

3 (11m 28s):
So real question. Did you even end up getting food or did you just let that trash pizza holds you over?

2 (11m 34s):
Yes, that’s what we

3 (11m 35s):
Did. That’s a shame because there’s such good.

2 (11m 37s):
So it was supposed to be the end of the night. Right.

3 (11m 41s):
But after you went back to Che clear to the year in a cave bar, you’re going to party it up. I know you Kim and you made mention how you handle it after 30, here at this one. So for that, I am proud of you, but you didn’t eat any food or anything in there?

2 (11m 55s):
No, we did have typos at the first place and then we had the pizza and that’s all we had for the night. But the next day, Saturday, as you can imagine, the day got started a little bit later around 11 or 12, but I actually noticed that it’s not a place that starts early in the morning anyway. So you are better off staying out late and getting up later. It’s not a place you want to get up Brittany at 5:00 AM and go hiking. No, because the places don’t open everywhere starts opening between 11 and one.

1 (12m 24s):
Okay, good to,

3 (12m 26s):
I know you’re saying that’s when it really opened. So where you even outside early to see if people are outside, because I think it would be something unique. If you were an early bird, just in general to walk the city by yourself before it gets the hustle and bustle on the inside. Yeah.

2 (12m 40s):
Louie had gone out earlier that morning and he was saying, yeah, there wasn’t that many people out I was out earlier on Sunday, which is when I really noticed it. We were trying to get breakfast and there wasn’t that many places open. So Saturday we did notice several buffets being advertised.

1 (12m 55s):

3 (12m 57s):

2 (12m 57s):
Phase. So that’s there. If you’re interested in that, just started walking around kind of getting our bearings on this place. Truly you will start to see the same things over and over and over again because there’s only so much to walk, but there’s a lot of main attractions that you’ll want to see. So before hitting some of these main attractions we needed to eat. And so we went to a place called Tuska Delapaz and I would highly recommend this restaurant. It is right in front of this beautiful big orange church looking building. I don’t know the historic sense of it. It’s gorgeous though. And so they have all this outside dining, these beautiful chairs, beautiful tables.

3 (13m 35s):
I don’t know if it’s the church that I’m thinking of, but when you Google photos of one, oh, WATO one church in particular, that’s really colorful will come up. But what you’re describing with the tables and outside of that, I could almost equate it to just sitting at a cafe in Europe. Did you kind of have that feeling?

2 (13m 50s):
It w it has a huge European feel to it. I think it was developed back in the day or the Spanish. And so it still has that architecture to it. In addition to these colorful buildings, like it has a lot going on there. So it’s a beautiful place to sit and have breakfast. The food was really good. The mulattoes I think that’s how you say mulattoes there. These like pieces of bread that are toasted with refried beans on top and tomatoes. And it sounds weird, but it was actually so good. Huevos and Mola that was really good. Had this ice coffee. It was really delicious. So it was amazing thing to start the morning off on. You’re

1 (14m 24s):
Making me hungry.

2 (14m 26s):
Yeah. So that was really good. And then, you know, we love to take gondolas for Nikila Lars and they have one there there’s a pretty long line for it, at least when we were there. And so we got in line, we got our ticket, we rode the up to the PPLI, which is one of the most iconic places in one a Watteau when you see pictures of it, it’s usually from this spot, it overlooks the entire town. There’s this huge statue. I don’t know what it exactly a warrior or something, but it’s huge, like 30 feet. And so that’s, what’s behind you. And then in front of you is the sprawling colorful town. You can see the churches below you. It’s a beautiful view. Can really just sit up here. There’s tons of street food up here.

3 (15m 6s):
Love it,

2 (15m 7s):
Corn, these like tostada things that they’re really known for up there. You can put any kind of meat on top. Oh my God. They’re so good. And they’re like a dollar. There’s a lot of shopping up there too. Like I got these beautiful gemstone rings up there, then there’s tons of other stuff to buy. You can, you can spend a lot of time up here,

3 (15m 22s):
The way you’re describing. It almost reminds me of when we were at the top of rainbow mountain and just how they have the vendors selling food and beer and things like that. Obviously it’s not like at that level because it’s not out in nature, but that just kind of reminds me

2 (15m 35s):
And vendor wise, it’s like 20 times as many vendors, right? Yeah. So it’s a great place. You’ll probably spend at least an hour here. Depends on the day. But if you’re lucky, you will get to see the guy that’s dressed in grim Reaper costume. And you see him. I saw him one of the two times I was there. Okay. Yeah. So it depends. He’s not always there.

3 (15m 55s):
What significance of the grim Reaper.

2 (15m 56s):
I’m really not sure,

3 (15m 58s):
But it’s a big thing and he’s

2 (15m 59s):
Just, he’s there and you can take pictures with them. Yeah. They have this vibe of like death in one. And what though, to the mummies, they have torture museums there. Ooh.

1 (16m 9s):
I’d love to go to a torture

2 (16m 10s):
Museum. It was actually very creepy.

3 (16m 12s):
So I’m glad that you actually really like want to walk though Ken, because I think one, it would be fun going as a squad, just cause going anywhere as a squad is fun, but you have a base for it. But I think this time, because I know when you went, you did Explore, had a lot of party aspect to it too, but maybe we need to find the tours that give us the historical significance. Cause I’m sure there’s a lot of great stuff. That’s yes, yes, yes,

2 (16m 36s):
Yes. For sure. There’s also a little bar up here right by the bathroom. So you can definitely sit there and have some drinks and hang out. You can definitely bring your own drinks around one a lot though, too. That’s one thing that is very interesting. It’s BYOB, everywhere you go. Even on the tours, even on the tours, all tours.

3 (16m 53s):
So open alcohol container. I could walk on the streets and have beer and they don’t have any problems with that. Excellent. Because what’s funny is, you know, Tijuana is right next door for us. I know in Tijuana you can’t have open alcohol.

2 (17m 6s):
Yeah. And I think it’s just because it’s small, it’s a walking town. It’s I don’t know. It’s just acceptable.

3 (17m 12s):
Well, I love it. I, that excites me even more to go for that aspect.

2 (17m 16s):
In fact, we were purchasing a leather bag off of a street vendor and he was showing us, he has these leather beer koozies and he and I had a beer in my hand. He had a beer, popped his ear open and cheers me. Wow.

3 (17m 31s):
Beer koozie.

2 (17m 32s):
Yes, it was cool. I should have got it.

3 (17m 35s):
I have a cool koozie that I want to use, not a leather one, but I wonder how the moisture on the outside of the bottle of the can, will affect the leather though.

2 (17m 43s):
It doesn’t affect leather. And he actually showed us that he was like, scratching the leather, put water on the leather. It makes it look better. I don’t know. I don’t know how to describe it, but they’re durable.

3 (17m 52s):
Interesting. Okay. Well, when I go, I’m going to buy one. I’m intrigued by it. Now

2 (17m 56s):
Leather is very big in this area. I got Emma, a little leather dog harness. There’s tons of leather bags, belts. The hats are also really big. So definitely come ready to shop.

3 (18m 7s):
Did you look for a matching leather to the one that you got an Italy cam, you got a leather jacket in Italy. Did you get a matching leather jacket?

2 (18m 14s):
The jackets are actually not very big there. It’s not jackets

1 (18m 18s):
Like bag

2 (18m 19s):
Bags, belts, bracelets.

1 (18m 21s):
I can see that

2 (18m 22s):
Beer koozies

3 (18m 23s):
More so than clothing.

2 (18m 25s):
Yeah. Wallets

3 (18m 27s):
Makes sense.

1 (18m 28s):
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2 (19m 42s):
So this weekend was really just about wandering around eating, drinking, exploring, and that is exactly what we did after we went up to the . We came down and we just went into other places. There was one place that I couldn’t remember the name of it, but honestly, there’s so many restaurants to choose from. You can’t go wrong with any of them. But this one was in one of the main courtyards and they had a stage set up for 17 hours. So there was this big, like dance performance going on with like 10 men and 10 women. And it was beautiful and all choreographed and sinked up. And we went up to the top of the balcony where it had a table for two. So we’re just drinking a margarita on this balcony, overlooking the courtyard with its dance going on.

2 (20m 25s):
It was really nice. It was like something out of a movie, eating chips and guac.

3 (20m 30s):
It sounds like a really good time. I mean, you’ve mentioned servant Tino a couple of times now, and I know you said what it is, but give us like a little bit more of a feel of what can you expect. Is this all around the city? Does each restaurant do something different or Plaza? Like what, what is it particularly?

2 (20m 44s):
Well, first of all, if you’re not there for that, there’s going to be music everywhere, live music. They have the mariachi bands that just go around and ask you if you want song.

1 (20m 54s):
Yes, we would like

2 (20m 56s):
Outside and they come inside the bars too. So that’s just part of the essence of this town. It’s very musical artsy theater, but in Cervantino they actually set up stages all around the town. It’s not at restaurants necessarily. It’s out in the public spaces

3 (21m 12s):
Like Plaza as a courtyard. Exactly,

2 (21m 15s):
Exactly. And so it’s free to see, they have chairs set up. If you want to actually sit there and watch that one, or you can see it from all around too. So it’s really nice to just be sitting, having a margarita and chips and guac, and then having a performance right there for you.

1 (21m 29s):
And so it goes for the entire month of October, I

2 (21m 31s):
Think it’s like half of September, half of October in that timeframe, but it’s four weeks long and they have a whole schedule. So if you want to follow the schedule and see certain things, you can do that too. There’s a lot of really cool things you could see. So that night we’d actually made reservations to see the Kai Honiara, which is the men that are dressed in those outfits. They take you around the different alleys. They explain the different history. There’s singing, there’s tons of singing. They make you do different dances. It’s actually really fun. And along the way, there are different stops where they say, if you want alcohol, get it here. And there’s like an outdoor bar for you to get a drink and take it along the way. And it’s like 40 people in your group. That’s moving along this pathway

1 (22m 11s):
In English or Spanish,

2 (22m 12s):
It was in Spanish. And I didn’t hear any that we pass in English, which is why, I don’t know if they have it. They may, but I really wish it would have been because he was making a lot of jokes and making people laugh. And he had a lot of like women, men jokes. Cause it is a romantic town with couples. And I couldn’t really understand them

3 (22m 30s):
As you’re talking about the Chi Honiara, if we’re saying it correctly, I’m Googling it right now. And I know how you describe the outfit that they look in. I’m seeing them all as a group. So was it one person that took it or is it multiple? Because the photos I’ve seen look like it’s multiple.

2 (22m 45s):
Yeah, it is multiple. It’s like a group of 10 of them and there’s some play music.

3 (22m 50s):
And I was going to say the outfits really remind me. They almost kind of looked like mariachi, but you know, when you think mariachi, you really think more clearly Mexican, right. And that flare and style. Yeah. These ones look more kind of like European style, but of mariachi and the way that they’re dressed, if that kind of makes sense. So that they took you as a group then with multiple of them, not just

2 (23m 11s):
A couple of them. And then there was like 40 of us. So it was a big group. And there was one point where they separate the men and the women and the men. They bought flowers for the girls and the women were taken by some of the guys and the guys start like pushing each other to the front, like stripping while the girls are like, they didn’t strip naked, but they like took their shirts off their pants off. And it was just like, what the hell is going on? It’s in Spanish. I don’t know what’s going on, but Hey, I was there for it. And then the guys come back and they give us flowers. And I showed my boyfriend at the time. It’s like, do you know they were stripping for us while you guys were gone.

1 (23m 49s):
That’s hilarious.

3 (23m 50s):
And they sent the boys away and they were trying to rule you ladies. Apparently

1 (23m 53s):
What happened?

2 (23m 55s):
That was funny. So it was a fun experience to do that. And then of course I want to talk about street food here at this point. You’ve been drinking all day now. You’re ready for street food.

3 (24m 5s):
Not pizza though, right?

2 (24m 6s):
No, no, not pizza. It’s not much better though. There was a burger and hot dog vendor and I was like, oh great. I’ll get a burger. I’ll get a hot dog. You know, you got to get a hot dog when you’re in Mexico, but they’re not like TJ,

3 (24m 18s):
TJ, dog.

2 (24m 19s):
It wasn’t. And I kind of regret getting it actually.

3 (24m 21s):
Well, if I’m being honest with you, Kim, no judgment whatsoever. The street food. You’re talking about getting pizza, hot dogs, burgers. I would not be getting in Mexico. I think you set yourself up for failure. However, I can allow the hot dog. Cause I know TJ dogs in Tijuana or something completely different and well known, but maybe just not in Guanajuato.

2 (24m 41s):
I went to the wrong vendor. I’ll say that because I found the right one on Sunday, but this place had two burgers for 45 pesos and four hot dogs for twenty-five pesos.

1 (24m 51s):
What a deal?

2 (24m 52s):
I thought you can just get one, but no, they don’t do that. You have to buy four hot dogs And you have to buy two burgers.

1 (24m 59s):
Well, it’s not much money though.

3 (25m 1s):
Right? 25 pesos is a dollar and a quarter.

2 (25m 4s):
I know. So you get four hot dogs for a dollar and a quarter, but I ate one, he ate one, we had two more, tried to give one to a dog and it didn’t even want it.

1 (25m 15s):

3 (25m 15s):
No good.

2 (25m 16s):
So they were okay. You know, nothing crazy. And then the last thing that we did on Saturday, this is one of the most iconic things I think about one of what though, that you hear about when you are researching attracts engines, you have to see, and that is the kissing Allie and that is the kissing Ellie,

1 (25m 33s):
What is the kissing alley?

2 (25m 35s):

1 (25m 36s):
I did get an out there

2 (25m 37s):
Actually. Yeah. I did get some history on this place and there is one alleyway and it’s kind of like an alleyway, you know, there’s stairs that go up the alleyway as well. Like just like Venice and these two buildings with two balconies were so close together that the lovers that lived in each one could just lean over and kiss.

1 (25m 55s):
Oh, I saw this picture that you posted.

2 (25m 58s):
Yes. So everybody lines up right there and gets a picture either down in that spot or they go up to the balconies and get a picture kissing, love it. You have to do it. It’s so fun.

1 (26m 7s):
How long was the wait?

2 (26m 8s):
Well, so the first time I went, the wait was not that long. Second time I went, it was during 17 out weight was probably going to be like 30 minutes to an hour. But this guy came up to us and said he can get us to the front of the line and he would take our picture and he just worked off tips.

1 (26m 23s):

2 (26m 23s):
But to get up to the balcony, it does cost, I think, 50 pesos for each. So a hundred pesos to get up

3 (26m 30s):

1 (26m 30s):
Bucks. Right. It’s worth it.

3 (26m 32s):
And are those balconies on people’s private balconies are these just balconies within the buildings itself and you could just stroll through it cause I’m Googling photos. And I’m just curious.

2 (26m 41s):
I think they’re private and that’s who you’re paying get up there.

3 (26m 44s):
If I was them, I would be doing the damn same thing that is for sure. Good for them.

2 (26m 48s):
Yeah. So there’s a little hack for you. If someone’s coming up saying they can get you to the front of the line, you can trust them. And I mean that Saturday, it was a full ass day. So you can imagine at 2:00 AM when I want to go home, cause I’m tired. That’s why I’m most hung over from the night before. And it was a very long day, but you

1 (27m 4s):
Still had one more day, one

2 (27m 6s):
More day. And truly because of how we maximized Friday night, this felt like a longer weekend than it actually was. So Sunday we went to another restaurant we had CAISO fundido sangrias fajitas, Margarita’s

1 (27m 21s):
Food. I’m talking

2 (27m 22s):
About this was good. And it was an outdoor seating right in front of this gazebo type thing where you walk upstairs and it’s an elevated circular platform backstory the night before during 17, they had people playing music right there and everyone was dancing as a couple there. And me and Louie went up there and danced,

1 (27m 40s):

2 (27m 40s):
It. Fast forward to Sunday. There’s an orchestra up there. So we’re outside having this delicious, you know, food and drink and there’s a fucking orchestra playing for us right in front of us. It was amazing. They’re all in suits. They have their fancy instruments. Like it was beautiful. You guys

3 (27m 57s):
Just of what you’re describing already, it just sounds like a fun cultural city.

2 (28m 1s):
Yeah. It really is really truly. And I saw it serving Tino and I saw it without Cervantino and it kept its charm both times. So on this Sunday we decided to purchase another tour and it would take us into a mind torture museum to see the mummies. We went to a candy store, provided all of that transportation. And then you got to go into all of those different venues. You do not get the venue entrance ticket included with the price. So

1 (28m 29s):
It’s more like transportation.

2 (28m 31s):
Transportation is one 50, which comes out to

3 (28m 34s):
Like seven 50 cause a hundred pesos is like $5.

2 (28m 38s):
Okay. So yeah, so it’s not expensive at all. And then the insurance fees to the different places are like $2. So it’s pretty cheap. And it was a good thing to do for the day. The mine was cool. Again, everything’s in Spanish. So they might have English tourist. You’ll have to ask about that. And then I don’t know, it was just really fun. Like a few hours. It ends at the mummy museum. So you can spend as much time as you want there. It was great, highly recommend.

3 (29m 1s):
You’ve really inspired me for one auto cam. Like I really, really want to go for the multiple aspects. One, the scenic shots just when you Google the photos breathtaking, but the cultural aspect, I know it just said it like a minute ago, but the cultural aspect just really seems fun. I mean, I love Tijuana. We’ve been to Mexico city. We’ve been to a lot of the resort areas kind of along the coast too. But this seems like it just has a unique, distinctive Mexican charm that you won’t really find. And a lot of touristy places that people go in Mexico, this is almost like a touristy place. That’s not a touristy place.

2 (29m 31s):
It was unlike any other Mexican city that I’ve been to. And it felt very European. It was amazing. I highly recommend everybody go

3 (29m 39s):
20, 22 is going to be our year. Brittany.

1 (29m 42s):
It took Jamal to hear your episode on this to be inspired to go. Kim,

3 (29m 47s):
I’ve been inspired to go to one a Watteau Brittany, you booked trips. You just haven’t booked it yet. I’m waiting for you. You just need to

2 (29m 52s):
Tell me when invitation

3 (29m 54s):
Look at that.

2 (29m 55s):
All right. We do have a couple questions of the week.

1 (30m 6s):
First question is how long do you need to see everything in one though?

2 (30m 10s):
I really think a weekend trip is perfect because at the end of this day on Sunday, we were kind of just sitting. We got another burger from a better spot, with a whole lot more toppings and it was so good. But at that point we were kind of just waiting like we have another hour to kill. If you can continue eating and drinking, but you’ve already been doing that all weekend. You know, weekend trip, there is a place nearby, one a Watteau called San Miguel de Allende. And everyone was saying, have you been there? You have to go there. It’s just a short distance away driving. So if you did have longer than a weekend, you should absolutely go there. It’s another church, colorful town, one of the top rated rooftop bars in the world.

3 (30m 49s):
Oh, I can’t believe you did not make the time to go to,

2 (30m 53s):
I didn’t realize that until we were there. So if I had, maybe we would have planned for it or stayed another day, but I would recommend that or Laos is an hour away. And it’s also really great. Especially if you want to go leather, shopping, leather, shopping capital of the world.

3 (31m 7s):
I just Googled San Miguel day. I end day. And it looks like Europe right here. I mean, I see the colorful church that you’re talking about. The first five, six photos that come up here on Google and it looks very colorful, like a Watteau, but not as colorful, but that church is quite impressive. It looks like Europe.

1 (31m 23s):
So second question is, can you navigate the town? If you don’t speak Spanish,

2 (31m 28s):
You can navigate the town. It’s very small, very walkable. Can you navigate the tours? Like I said, I don’t know if English tours exist. I was trying to speak Spanish to everyone I talked to, but then they would just start talking, broken English to me. So I think you can get by in that way

3 (31m 44s):
And with anywhere that you go, we always say this internationally pick up key phrases. So do your Google research on it. Find out the key phrases. Where’s the bathroom I want this. Can I have et cetera, et cetera. That way you just have the base of it. But yeah, I mean, in terms of navigating download offline maps, like we always say, if you want that, but in terms of getting by speaking to people, I think you’ll get that broken English. If not somebody who knows that if you don’t know Spanish. Right. Perfect.

1 (32m 11s):
Another question for you just out of my curiosity, you obviously went during COVID. So how, what was a mascot situation? Were you required to wear masks outdoor? Like you are in some countries,

2 (32m 23s):
You know, out of all the Mexican places we’ve been, we we’ve been saying how good they were with COVID restrictions and sanitizing. And I don’t think they were as strict.

3 (32m 35s):
Okay. Interesting. Everywhere we’ve been going in Mexico has been really hard on it. So you’re saying here so much, huh?

2 (32m 40s):
Right. And this was October 20, 21. And I think we were in a very comfortable place with COVID and at least in some places it was before it started peaking up again around the holidays. So maybe that was part of it.

1 (32m 54s):
Good to know.

2 (32m 55s):
All right. Squaddies well, I hope this trip inspires you to go to one a watt though. You will love it. Thank you so much for listening to this week’s episode. Keep the adventures going with us on Instagram and YouTube at Travel Squad Podcast and send us in your questions of the week.

3 (33m 8s):
If you found the information, this episode to be useful, or if you thought we were just playing funny, please be sure to share it with a friend that would enjoy it too. And as always, please subscribe, rate and review our podcast and tune in every travel Tuesday for new episodes,

1 (33m 22s):
Stay tuned for next week’s episode, we have some more amazing adventures and tips in store for you.

2 (33m 27s):
Bye Squadies

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