Best Things to Do in Cabo on Vacation

In this episode we take you on a Cabo vacation! Cabo San Lucas sites on the southern tier of Baja California, Mexico and is one of the best places to take a vacation in Mexico! If you’re looking for clear blue warm waters, friendly people, delicious food, some of the best parties, and a fun place to unwind and have fun, then Cabo is for you!

In this episode we share the best things to do in Cabo whether you’re visiting just for one day on a cruise, or you’re spending multiple days there on an epic girls trip. We share tips for visiting Cabo, the best things to do in Cabo on the water including Yacht days, seeing the Los Cabos Arches, snorkeling, and drinking games at Mango Deck on the beach. We also share the best places to eat and party in Cabo.

We always start every episode with the tips so here’s our best tips for Visiting Cabo.

  • Bring sunscreen! 
  • Ensure you have cell service in Cabo and won’t be charged for roaming. Check with your mobile provider to see if you have free international cell phone service (we use T-Mobile and its free).
  • A lot of places have free Wi-Fi
  • Everyone speaks English! So many Americans come her that you won’t even need to use Spanish here if you don’t know any
  • Yes, it truly is a party place so you’ll see plenty of that here. Have fun with it!
  • The Los Cabos International Airport terminal has an amazing outdoor bar! Plan to get a margarita while waiting for your ride to your accommodation.

Things to Do in Cabo – Episode Transcript

2 (58s):
Welcome to this week’s episode of the Travel Squad Podcast. Today we are going down to Mexico to Cabo San Lucas.

4 (1m 7s):
Oh my gosh, I am so excited for this episode that the last time I was in Cabo, I was probably 12 years old. It was a stop on a cruise ship. So Kim, I’m so excited to hear all about Cabo and how it’s changed over the years. It’s one of those places that it’s super easy to get to from San Diego and Jamal and I definitely have it on our list, but we haven’t planned a trip there yet and I feel like this would be a really good destination to try out an all-inclusive vacation.

2 (1m 33s):

3 (1m 33s):
Yeah. I’m really excited to dive into this because I myself have not been to Cabo and I know you went on this on a bachelorette party too, so I know it’s gonna be wild. Have some good information. I’m ready to hear all about it on that one, but I don’t know why I haven’t been to Cabo where Brittanie and I, and like she said, it’s one of those places that’s so easy from San Diego. We live right by the Tijuana airport, can just cross catch a domestic flight really, really cheap. And I think it’s one of those things that it’s so close and it would be easy and convenient for us to go anytime that we haven’t taken the initiative to plan it. So I’m really excited for you to dive into it more, to inspire me and ideally Brittanie since it’s been a long time so that way we can make our trip.

3 (2m 15s):
But I am so stoked to hear about Cabo cuz you know everything like Tulum, Cancun, which is going to be East coast. Mexico gets all the hype but Cabo on the west coast. Let’s do it.

2 (2m 26s):
Cabo is on the west coast and it is easy to get to from San Diego or anywhere in the southwest region of the country. It’s like a two hour flight. Super easy. But what you’ll like more about Cabo is the humidity is way less than Cancun.

3 (2m 40s):
Ooh, that’s a relief.

2 (2m 41s):
Way less like I like the climate a lot better in Cabo and it’s closer so it’s cheaper, it’s easier. I don’t live in San Diego anymore but it’s still pretty easy to get there from Austin. I highly recommend everyone go. It’s amazing. I’ve been there twice. But before we get into the episode, you know we start with the tip.

3 (3m 0s):

2 (3m 1s):
First. Bring sunscreen. You’re gonna be out on the water out of the beach, out, out and about. Definitely bring sunscreen. It is a hot sun out there. So some phone companies will give you cell phone service and other ones will not. So check before you go you’re going to another country. So just make sure you can use your phone or understand If you’re gonna be charged for roaming or not. Some cell phone carriers don’t even provide it unless you pay for it. And so

4 (3m 28s):
That’s why I love T-Mobile. Oh hell yeah. The three of us have T-Mobile

3 (3m 32s):
Non-sponsored. T-Mobile by the way, we’re just throwing a shout out. T-Mobile. You should sponsor us cause we’re letting all the travelers know what’s up. Put service. It’s

2 (3m 39s):
Like T-Mobile is the best phone service for travelers.

4 (3m 42s):
Yeah because you get free data in most countries and it’s usually pretty decent as well. So you don’t get charged the roaming fees. You can use data. The only thing is If, you make a phone call, they charge like 25 cents per minute but I don’t think that applies to Mexico and who, who

2 (3m 57s):
The hell talks on the phone anymore? I

3 (3m 59s):
Honestly so unlimited text, you get your data, T-mobile rocks it. I don’t know about any other mobile services now for you, but always a good tip when traveling internationally. Check to see what international data and service you do have

2 (4m 11s):
And the people you’re going with. Cuz there were some people in our group that did not have cell phone service. So If, you’re using the buddy system. Make sure those people have someone with a phone to get a hold of because Cabos a party town, you’re gonna be drinking probably and you don’t wanna lose the person without cell phone service. Another tip is that everyone speaks English. It’s a big tourist destination for Americans and they know it. So pretty much everyone speaks English in Cabo you’ll have absolutely no problem getting around. People really don’t even try to speak Spanish to you honestly.

3 (4m 44s):
If they see you and they can tell you’re a gringo or a gringa, it’s just automatic English I imagine. Yes.

2 (4m 49s):
Yeah, pretty much. And they speak great English. It’s not like broken English, it’s great. And then Cabos a party place. So just know there’s gonna be plenty of that around a lot of the restaurants and businesses are catered toward tourists that’s looking for that type of experience. At least the things that I’ve done there. Which I came to party and I did party. So I’m sure there’s a lot of other like relaxing or spa or just like out on the boat things you could do that you guys might like.

4 (5m 17s):
Well you trying to say Kim

3 (5m 19s):
Hey you know what, normally you’d be right Kim about it, but you throw tequila in the mix, which is gonna be prime time over there cuz you’re in Mexico And Brittanie will get wild. You put tequila in front of her face and that that’s when Brittanie wants to drink. I’ve

4 (5m 32s):
Learned that I have a pretty good tolerance to to tequila like I can down about seven shots. And

2 (5m 37s):
I learned something fun about tequila from TikTok and that was real tequila that’s made in Mexico with small batch farms. They’re legit and they’re good quality and they take a long time to make it and they’re labor intensive and so the quality’s really there. But a lot of these other tequilas that are coming out like I think eight 18 is Kendall. Kendall Jenner’s tequila. George Clooney has a tequila,

3 (6m 0s):
The rock has a tequila, everybody has a tequila mark.

2 (6m 3s):
All celebrities are making tequila now, but there aren’t enough agave farms to supply it. So they’re doing different farming techniques to speed up the process which reduces the quality And then they have to add artificial like flavorings, like there’s more vanilla. And so it’s reducing the quality makes it not as easy to put down. Makes hangovers worse. Ooh. So go for traditional Mexican tequila.

3 (6m 26s):
Absolutely. And I don’t know if they’ll have the tags here in the US for it, but when we did tequila tasting in Mexico just south of the border from San Diego, when we were in Ensenada Rosarito, they were telling us on that tequila tasting tour that If, you look at the bottles, it will actually have a sticker that says it meets the definition of what true tequila is by like Mexican standards. And if they invented tequila, that’s what you wanna look for. Yeah, but I think here in the US you don’t really have those but If, you go to specialty shops, you will find it. And I think that’s a really good tip. If, you wanna drink tequila? A lot of these big expensive ones now aren’t even true tequila. And you could buy a lot better tequila at a lower price. If, you know what you’re looking for.

2 (7m 6s):
Yeah, I’m not a big tequila drinker but even in Mexico I can do shots of tequila. Wow.

3 (7m 11s):
Kim taking shots. Oh

2 (7m 13s):
Shit. Remember me at Nicole’s wedding?

4 (7m 14s):
Nicole’s wedding. Even when we were in Mexico you did a shot of tequila too.

2 (7m 19s):
Hell yeah. Hell yeah.

4 (7m 21s):
So Kim, tell us about Cabo.

2 (7m 23s):
So when you think of Cabo, you’re thinking of beaches, you’re thinking of bars, but there’s actually different areas of Cabo. So you wanna make sure you’re staying in an area that has what you’re looking for. There’s a couple different ones and first of all it’s in Baja, California, which I think we kind of talked about cause it’s close to San

3 (7m 41s):
Diego. And I was gonna say for geographical context, for anybody who doesn’t know, I mean I’m sure you know to some extent what the shape of Mexico looks like. That long thin peninsula that is on the west coast, Cabo San Lucas is at the very, very bottom of that long peninsula. Just for geographical

2 (7m 59s):
Context. Thank you. Our resident geographer. Yes. So the location in which it is makes it warm much of the year. I’ve been in March for a cruise. I was there for six wild hours. Ooh. And then I was there for four days for a bachelorette party with 16 girls. Oh wow. Two very different experiences. Weather was amazing both times. But like I said, with the areas of Cabo, if you’re gonna be staying there then you want to really research what area you wanna be in because Los Cabos means there’s multiple areas of Cabo. So near the airport is what they call San Jose Del Cabo. I wouldn’t recommend staying by the airport. It’s kind of a ways away.

2 (8m 40s):
You definitely are gonna need a ride to wherever you’re going.

3 (8m 43s):
Now real quick, cause I don’t mean to interrupt your train of thought on this Kim, I have not been, but I’ve heard that there’s actually two airports in Cabo and with your research when you gone went down there, I know you went one time on a flight, but when you were going down this time for the the bachelorette party, did you have to really make sure, cuz I know where you’re talking about San Jose Del Cabo. I’m near the airport, that’s like the big international one and then they have like a smaller one that’s closer but not very many flights I think if I remember correctly. Well

2 (9m 8s):
I’m not sure. I don’t know if there’s more than one airport, but I will say this about the airport because believe it or not, the airport’s gonna be your first stop on the party train. There is two terminals at the airport, one’s domestic, one is international. The time that I flew in, we did fly domestic because we crossed the border into Tijuana and flew over to Cabo. It’s a small airport, there’s really not much going on. There’s like a subway there. So what you’re gonna wanna do is most of our listeners are probably gonna be flying in the international airport. Right. Which is where you wanna be. We were getting picked up for this bachelorette party and so our driver showed up but we were also picking up people who flew from Washington International.

2 (9m 48s):
So we went over to the international side and that is where the party is. There are several bars right outside of the airport. Oh wow. That are serving huge margaritas. There’s music going like people are just posted up drinking at the airport.

3 (10m 3s):
Oh that reminds me of when we flew into Cancun. The Cancun airport is pretty much the same way. Yeah. And we flew domestically not into the international one when we were there. And same thing bars just outside of the airport. Oh

2 (10m 15s):
Hell yeah.

3 (10m 15s):
So the party gets started right away.

2 (10m 17s):
It’s really cool over there. Actually we stayed there for probably an hour just drinking and kind of waiting for the airport people to flights to get in. Cause there were people coming from different places. Oh my god. It was so much fun.

3 (10m 27s):
But why would you not wanna stay by the airport? Because I know you said don’t.

2 (10m 30s):
Yeah, so there’s not much else to do there besides drink at the airport. So you get in there, there are two kind of other areas or I’ll say three. So there’s Madonna Beach, that’s where you’re gonna have the nice beaches. A lot of bars are over there. You can swim there. That’s a great place to be. Cabo San Lucas is like the center of town where there’s shopping and you can walk around the streets and go to restaurants and all of that. And then there’s Lands End, which is more of the cliff side area. Along the water you still have great views of the water. You have beautiful cliffs but you cannot swim there. Okay. Just too rocky and too you can’t get down to the beach. Got it. And then there’s also the port side where there’s a lot of boats and whatnot.

2 (11m 13s):
The waters are just too choppy, too rough. You can’t get down to the water in a lot of these places. So If, you want to stay somewhere where you can walk to the beach very quickly. Madonna Beach is where you’re gonna wanna stay and I think that’s where most people stay. We stayed for the bachelorette party. We actually stayed more in the Land’s end area and we had an amazing property on the cliff side. It was only about a 15 minute walk to the other stuff we went to. Oh great. So it’s

3 (11m 39s):
Really not that far. And when you’re drunk an easy walk, 15 minutes flies by real fast.

2 (11m 44s):
Doesn’t just make sure to use that buddy system of the people that don’t have salsa. You don’t wanna get lost. Yeah. So just do a little bit of research, see what’s around and also knowing what kind of trip you wanna have, who you’re going with. Plan your area based on that. Hey Scotties, let’s take a quick detour to talk about our travel Itineraries that we’ve created just for you.

3 (12m 3s):
We just launched several new international trip Itineraries, including Tulum and Japan. This is on top of the Itineraries we already have for us trips like the Hawaiian Island of Kauai, the US Virgin Islands, as well as National Park Trip Itineraries, including Utah’s Mighty five national parks and a week at Grand Teton and Yellowstone.

1 (12m 24s):
These fully built out 20 to 30 page PDF guides are available for instant download on our site. Right now every detail of the trip is laid out for you. So all you have to do is download book, show up and have fun.

2 (12m 38s):
The Itineraries tell you where to fly into the exact route to take, where to stay, park entrance prices, where to eat, driving distance between attractions, the things to see and do, even the hikes we recommend they’re mileage and the time to allot for each one. And believe it or not so much more,

3 (12m 55s):
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It’s everything you need to make a podcast in one place. And we love tracking our podcast statistics and seeing which episodes you guys like the most.

2 (13m 55s):
Start podcasting now by downloading the free anchor app. We’re going to anchor FM to get started. One other thing I’ll say about the airport when you first get in, this is true from most of Mexico, but you can’t get an Uber from the airport. You have to get a taxi and there’s plenty of people readily available with taxis for you. But I would recommend that you make your trip a little extra special and order a driver to pick you up with a sign. It’s like so special to have your name on a sign waiting for you. It really sets the party trip off on a good note.

3 (14m 28s):
Bougie Kim coming out.

2 (14m 30s):
But it doesn’t have to be bougie. They’re not expensive.

3 (14m 32s):
No, I know. I’m just joking around but I, I know what you’re

2 (14m 35s):
Saying and that’s a great thing about Mexico. You can uplevel your bougieness but not the expenses that go along with it.

3 (14m 42s):
So speaking of expenses, cuz I know you’ve been to Cancun, Tulum area and those are areas of Mexico that are really resorty, touristy expensive American prices if not more. Cabo is a very popular tourist spot, but I wager to say not as popular as those other locations I just mentioned. In terms of the price, where would you say it’s at? American still a little bit below but beyond normal like regular Mexico prices that aren’t in tourist areas or where is it at?

2 (15m 10s):
I will say it’s less than Tulum. Tulum has just become very touristy and

3 (15m 17s):

2 (15m 18s):
Cabos still. Like people are going there to party. So you can find cheap drinks. They’re not gonna be like $20 a margarita, but there depends where you go. Of course. Yeah. But it’s a good time there. It really is. And so Mexico has amazing Mexican food. There’s also plenty of other places to eat there that aren’t Mexican food and drinking. So eating and drinking are two of the major things to do there. And we did lots of them. But actually I wanna go back quick to the budget question. I’ll be honest with what I paid for bachelorette party trip

4 (15m 47s):
Probably a little bit on the price your side because it’s bachelorette party so you’re doing things up for the bride.

2 (15m 52s):
Yeah, exactly. And I think we probably in some ways chipped in for the bride too. So it probably added to cost. But my total for the trip was 700 and then it was about 200 for the flight.

4 (16m 5s):

2 (16m 6s):
So the $700 included four nights a day on the Yacht included a reservation at a really popular place that we went for like a day party and it included some other stuff. But so bachelor party trip, much more expensive. But you could definitely do a four day trip for less than I wanna say 500 bucks. Oh

3 (16m 26s):
Wow. That’s great. That’s inexpensive.

2 (16m 27s):
You really could buddy

3 (16m 28s):
You. And keep in mind the pricey state of kind of your logins too with so many people in an Airbnb, if you’re gonna do a hotel, I wager to say it’s gonna be a little bit more, you know, expensive or even an all inclusive that is very popular down there also. But you’re saying If, you go outside of that, things are still reasonably priced.

2 (16m 46s):
Yeah, and I’ll actually just talk about places to stay right now. So when we went for the bachelorette party trip, we stayed in an amazing property. It was a four story unit and I think you could have rented out each story If. you were with a smaller group. Okay. But because we were with a large group, it ha we included all of them. Huge staircase going up to all four floors, two pools. 16 of us were in that house. So

4 (17m 13s):
How many bedrooms?

2 (17m 14s):
Mm I wanna say there was like eight bedrooms. Wow. Yeah. And each floor had a kitchen and two of the floors had a pool. Wow. So it was massive.

3 (17m 24s):
I remember seeing your stories when you were posting and you had arrived there. I was like, holy fuck. Look at this little mansion that they’re all staying. Yeah, it was pretty awesome. It

2 (17m 31s):
Was mansion. Yeah. Yeah. It was really cool. The only thing that was weird, and sometimes things like this happen in Mexico was the first floor, the floor I got put on in the seating chart did have a poop smell.

3 (17m 42s):

4 (17m 44s):

2 (17m 45s):
It, it was like a moldy like, I don’t know, weird situation. But besides that it was fantastic. All

3 (17m 52s):
Right. Maybe there’s just plumbing issue and you’re on lower level versus the The higher one.

2 (17m 57s):
Yeah. And then a lot of communities If, you do rent an Airbnb, you’re gonna stay in a gated community. That’s very common in Mexico and in Cabo. So ours was a gated community. There’s a guard there. The safety is just off the chain. I have a story later that I’ll tell you that involves the gate guard. But If, you’re never been to Mexico. You’re a little hesitant on safety. Just know that you can find a property with a gated community and a guard and that’ll give you a little extra security. Alright, let’s talk about fun stuff.

3 (18m 28s):
I’m ready for it.

2 (18m 29s):
Eating and drinking. Ooh,

3 (18m 30s):
It’s some good stuff to talk about.

2 (18m 32s):
So you’ll have absolutely no problem finding places to eat and drink around Cabo. But a couple of the ones that I went to that were really, really fun, we went to a place called John’s Place. It was when we first got in, we were hungry, we’d just been partying at the airport. We’re looking for some food now. And at this point there’s probably about 10 of us who have arrived. Chai, the bride and then several other of us from San Diego and from different destinations that have met up. So we’re walking around our neighborhood, which like I said, we stayed in the cliff side area, which is technically away from town but only a few blocks outside of the community. Were in the thick of it. We walk around, we find this place called John’s place.

2 (19m 14s):
Sounds great. Looks great there. It’s a big restaurant. Tons of tables. Not a lot of people in there yet. Cause at this point it’s probably like 1:00 PM, 2:00 PM maybe. So not primetime necessarily. We get in there, they are able to set up tables for us so that all of us can sit together. That’s and which is great because with a big group, yeah, that’s definitely something to think about. And in Mexico they’re very, very accommodating. If, you need to push things together. Like it’s so well received. I think so much more than the US. Oh I feel

3 (19m 46s):
This exact

2 (19m 46s):
Same thing. They, they’ll go out of their way to really do anything for you. So did that sat down, the fajitas were amazing. Margaritas were amazing. And at this place, I wanna say like six bucks a margarita. Oh

3 (19m 59s):
That’s great. For a restaurant and a touristy spot. Six bucks That’s cheaper than in the US still. So you’re

2 (20m 5s):
Winning. Yeah. Yeah. I I feel like it’s like happy hour prices in the US Right. So we did that, you know we’re having fun. They know we’re at a bachelorette party so they’re bringing out dick shots and Oh there you go. All kinds of weird stuff going on there. And then we’re all starting to feel kind of buzzed at this point. And Charlotte gets up and puts like music on, they play 50 cent in the club and then Charlotte starts like ballroom dancing with the waiter,

3 (20m 32s):
The fit set.

2 (20m 33s):
The waiters are really funny there too cuz they know a lot of girls go for bachelorette parties. Yeah. And people are partying there in general and so they really like play into it. It’s a good time. I’m impressed Charlotte knows how to ballroom dance. Yeah, video proof on my phone. So we did that and then once we kind of ate and wrapped it up there, we just kept walking along. We were just waiting for other people to get in. So we didn’t really have an agenda at this point. So we’re walking around, there’s tons of places to shop and eat and we see this other corner spot with fish tanks full of little fish and they’re the little fish that eat your feet for pedicures.

4 (21m 12s):
Oh my gosh. I’d be attracted to go there.

2 (21m 15s):
You know a group of 10 girls zones in on this place. And we walk over there, we go in and and the, I think it was either 10 or 20 bucks, I think it was 10 bucks to get a pedicure. It comes with I think, I don’t even think there was a time limit on how long you can put your feet in there. They had like six chairs. So came with that and a foot massage.

4 (21m 36s):

2 (21m 37s):
So that’s the reason we went there. But then it’s also a bar. So the guy that takes your money, that gives you a foot massage is also getting you your drinks. It’s hilarious. It this place is called Dallas and Jimmy, it’s on the corner of a street down there. There’s probably other ones but and they’re just the same way. They are there to entertain. They know you’re there to party. And so we were like the only people there and we’ve probably stayed for over an hour peop different people getting pedicures and foot massages.

4 (22m 9s):
How many tanks? At one time

2 (22m 11s):
There were six tanks. Okay. Some had more fish than others. It was a good time It

4 (22m 17s):
Happened to the

2 (22m 17s):
Fish. I don’t know but that was really fun. I’ve done the fish thing before. I didn’t do it here. I did it in Thailand before. Did

4 (22m 26s):
It tickle your feet?

2 (22m 26s):
Oh yeah.

4 (22m 27s):
Jamal would not do that.

3 (22m 29s):
I could do it with the fish. I don’t think I could do, I don’t like my feet being straight tickled by your freaking hand.

2 (22m 34s):
It’s hard to keep your feet

3 (22m 35s):
In there but you know the little fish munching on it. I think I could handle it. I’d actually right now I’d actually be really interested in doing one of those things. Another reason why we need to go to Cabo Brittanie.

4 (22m 45s):
Absolutely. Well Kim’s built an itinerary for

3 (22m 49s):
Us. Yes she has. Yes. I’m ready to hear what else. Cause I know it got a little bit more wild than just margaritas at the bar and then fish eating of your feet.

2 (22m 59s):
Yeah, so I’m not gonna do a play by play of the bachelorette party but you know cuz there’s a lot of stuff that we did at the house and and if you’re staying in a nice place with a great view in pools, you do wanna spend time at the property as well. So we had a great time there. And Cabo also has all of the same technological luxuries that the US does. So we were able to UberEATS food to the house or just walk down the street and pick up pizza and come back to the house. So If, you’re worried about that going to Cabo. Don’t even worry. There’s Ubers, there’s an Uber’s a really cheap Squad tip from Mexico. You can get an Uber that would here in the US cost you like 25 bucks over there. It’s like 10 or less.

4 (23m 39s):
That’s great. So in terms of outlets and plugs, what are you bringing anything? Are we plugging straight into the

2 (23m 45s):
Wall? You’re good to plug straight into the wall. You don’t need any type of converter from us. That’s perfect.

3 (23m 50s):
So if you’re coming outside the US or anywhere that uses us plugs, then bring it. But that’s one of my favorite things about Mexico too. Especially since we travel there quite often internationally since it’s so close, don’t need to even worry about it. Yeah,

2 (24m 2s):
Yeah. It’s funny. The first night we did stay mostly in the house and party and went to bed really late and God, I wanna say it was like almost sunrise when the sun finally did come up. The people I was sharing a room with started waking up to get ready and whatever. Cause we had a Yacht day and I was like turn the light off. And Stacy was like, it’s not the light Kim, it’s the sun

3 (24m 27s):
Party real hard. Didn’t

2 (24m 28s):
You? But that was fun. That was fun. So another really fun place to go that a lot of people will be at is Mango Deck. This is in an area where it’s on the beach first of all and then there’s also like the Deck and the boat and the port right there as well. So Mango Deck is this really big venue that has indoor outdoor space. The outdoor space is all sand. Okay. So even though the beach is like right behind even where you’re sitting, everything is sand. It is a great time. They have amazing drinks, they have great food. We sat outside at a table right in front of their outdoor stage and on this stage they were hosting games.

3 (25m 10s):
I love it. Already

2 (25m 11s):
Twerking, pushup. Well what do you got going on? Exactly, exactly. So it is a party place and they are totally leaning into that with all of this. So they did a pushup contest, Charlotte went up there, another one of the girls in our group went up there and they do, they did like a girl group for it and then a guy group for it. Okay. So girls run against guys that would be unfair. But Charlotte did pretty good. Did she win? No, this girl that won was a machine. She was buff

3 (25m 42s):
And this is that Mango, Deck,

2 (25m 43s):
Mango Deck.

3 (25m 44s):
You know it’s already on the list for when we go because as you’re just describing it and having like the games and drinking it reminds me of activities on a cruise ship. And that’s one of the favorite things that I love about cruises also is that you know at the pool Deck area, they’ll have like events and games and contests and now here you are in the city at a bar restaurant and they have all that going on with it. It just adds a whole new dynamic of fun to your

2 (26m 8s):
Experience. Oh yeah, totally. It’s not family friendly. So it’s not so much like a cruise

3 (26m 14s):
But X-rated version or adult rated, let’s

2 (26m 17s):
Put it that way. But it’s funny because you go up there or you do the game whatever, while Charlotte was in her pushup position, someone’s coming around with a camera and they took a picture of her and then they slap that on a tequila bottle and then we’re selling the tequila bottle out there. So you know I bought it. Yeah,

3 (26m 34s):
Well do have you drank it? I would love to see the bottle with Charlotte on it.

2 (26m 38s):
Someone else ended up with the bottle. Okay. I didn’t end up bringing it home, but we did take the bottle with us as a group. Nice. Whoever has it, I’m not sure. So that was really, really fun. We stayed there for probably six hours. Six hours. We were there for a long time.

3 (26m 55s):
It sounds like a good time. Yeah it does sound really fun. But food and drink aside, what actual activities are there to do other than just eat and drink? I mean we’re on the water on the beach. There’s gotta be on

2 (27m 5s):
The Well yeah Mango. Deck you can leave your table and walk straight out into the ocean so you can go swimming, you can just walk the beach and then there’s tons of people selling stuff on the beach. You can take a picture with an iguana. There’s a bunch of people with iguanas out there. So there’s a lot of like entertainment people watching swimming, the water is warm so you can swim no problem.

3 (27m 27s):
I’ll be really easy getting in that cuz I can’t get into cold water so it’s

4 (27m 30s):
Not on my, so and a lot of these bars and restaurants are people in casual attire. Are there are bathing suits allowed to be worn?

2 (27m 36s):
Yeah, we all wore bathing suits to Mango Deck. Everyone’s in casual attire. You wouldn’t wanna wear heels or anything cause it’s sand so that wouldn’t be very functional. But yeah, it’s just a good time. Like everybody there, you feel like you’re on spring break when you’re there. And I’ve been there twice because when we came with the cruise ship it doesn’t go into Cabo because of the shallowness. So it parks out and then a little boat picks you up and brings you in If. you

4 (28m 1s):
Like barter in, do

3 (28m 3s):
You know what it’s called on the cruise ship lingo? No, Tindering

2 (28m 6s):
Tinder. Tendering.

3 (28m 7s):

2 (28m 7s):
Oh okay. So when I went there on a cruise ship we did that and the guy that picked us up in his boat also took us out to the Arches, which is one of the main attractions of Cabo. These Arches made from rock formations. They’re beautiful, you have to see them when you go out on a boat. But Mexico again really leans into the fact that you’re there to party. So this guy that’s driving this little boat, he’s like getting up on the bars and swinging from it like a stripper, like outta nowhere. It was actually really wild. But yeah, so you can’t have a little spring break action from a cruise ship too.

3 (28m 41s):
And when you say the Arches, you’re obviously talking rock formation like kind of little that are carved out from the ocean and things like that. Yes. Like almost when we were in Lebanon. Yeah. And the pigeon rocks that are out there, right? On the Mediterranean Sea. Yes, exactly.

2 (28m 56s):
Excellent. Yeah you have to see them. You can’t go to Cabo without seeing that.

4 (28m 58s):
The one thing I do remember about Cabo was I went kayaking LA and I was there and there were a ton of jellyfish in the water. Did you guys get in the water and see any jellyfish?

2 (29m 7s):
We did, yeah. I haven’t talked about the Yacht day yet, but when we went out on the Yacht we did see jellyfish in the water and we had to move to a different spot. Okay. But the spot that we did move to also had jellyfish and we jumped in anyway and we were all fine. They’re little little ones.

4 (29m 23s):
Yeah they kind of just like sting you just like where it doesn’t really hurt but you know something’s there and you can kind of feel it.

2 (29m 29s):
I don’t know if it was all the shots or the marks or

3 (29m 32s):
You just didn’t feel it yourself. Yeah because when Brittanie and I, we were in Biscayne Bay or is it Biscayne Bay or Biscayne National Park out in Florida. And when we were snorkeling out there there was the little baby jellyfish like no bigger than the size of a dime. Yeah. Oh. But there’s tons of them. So those are the little ones that were like getting us. So I wonder if that’s what Britney’s maybe.

2 (29m 54s):
I think these were maybe quarter or silver dollar size. Okay.

3 (29m 57s):
A little bit larger.

2 (29m 58s):
Yeah, you can see them from the second story of the Yacht. Oh okay. Okay. So Mango, Deck, If. you do anything in Cabo, go here. It’s a really good time. You will have fun. A couple of other places that I do wanna mention that we did go to for eating and drinking Outpost was another really cute one. Kind of in the neighborhood we were staying in. Really cute two story dinner spot again the waiters are just totally catering to the party aspect. The bachelorette aspect, they’re bringing out like chocolate syrup on their chest. Wow.

3 (30m 29s):
Did anybody lick it off?

2 (30m 31s):
I cannot say what happens in Cabo stays in

3 (30m 33s):
Combo. Oh okay.

4 (30m 35s):
It was probably the bride.

2 (30m 37s):
No, she was on her best behavior but who knows the single ladies on the bachelorette trip. The one place though that I would highly recommend for anyone, even if you’re not there for a major party moment is Flora Farms. You guys would love this place and I want to start a business like this because it was just an amazing place to be. I would recommend going for brunch. It’s a great breakfast brunch, lunch spot and it’s a little bit out of the way so you definitely need a taxi. And I think from where we stayed to getting there was probably like 40 minutes. Okay. So it’s a little outta the way but it, it’s a farm floor farms, the property has vegetables growing, it has flowers growing.

2 (31m 20s):
It has ponds with turtles in it. Huge iguanas in the trees.

4 (31m 26s):
Was it like a farm to table kind of situation? Yeah. Where they’re trying to be sustainable

2 (31m 30s):
And all that. Oh yeah. Everything’s sustainable. They have just like a bunch of beautiful areas to walk through and grab a drink and grab an ice cream. And they even had puppies, they had a huge area with like six puppies. Six

4 (31m 45s):

2 (31m 45s):
I love that. And so we went here for brunch as soon as we checked in they handed us all a little fresh carrot, tequila drink. It was so good. Sounds

4 (31m 57s):

2 (31m 57s):
Refreshing. I ordered another one cause it was so amazing. And then you sit down for brunch then these huge tables, it’s all outdoor. There’s live music, beautiful singing, live music, food was amazing. They have all your typical American and Mexican brunch food options. So from the time we got there to the time we left and we were trying to kill time a little bit before our flight. But I would say we probably spent like four hours there.

3 (32m 22s):
I’m looking at photos right now and it looks really, really cool. It’s a mix of from what the photos look like mellow. But you can part If you want but it’s not geared to party. Yeah, it’s more that serene kind of aspect in a farm. And I’m seeing it even lit up at night and they have the lights strewn across the bench area where you eat food it looks like. So really, really pretty

2 (32m 42s):
Weddings there. I wouldn’t doubt it.

3 (32m 44s):
I’m seeing photos of the weddings as I’m looking at it right now as you’re talking about us. So yes they have weddings.

2 (32m 49s):
Yeah it’s a great place for groups. It’s a great place for couples, a great place for just a couple gal pals. I really, really like it there. Great time. Okay so we ate and we drank enough. What else is there to do in Cabo? I mentioned the boat or the Yacht. Snorkeling. Snorkeling, yes definitely. I didn’t, I haven’t gone snorkeling in Cabo but I’m sure you’d see a lot of really cool stuff out there. The boats that will take you out will definitely provide snorkeling gear if that’s what you wanna do. I

4 (33m 18s):
Know you can kayak cause I’ve been

2 (33m 19s):
Kayaking out there. You can kayak but I would highly recommend a Yacht If. you can make it happen. Do it and say you save in another area. Splurge on the Yacht because it was the highlight of any experience I’ve had in Cabo. If you’re choosing Mango Deck or Yacht, go with the fucking Yacht.

4 (33m 36s):
And do they provide alcohol in the Yacht or you Yacht or you have to like bring it on for you or does it

2 (33m 42s):
Depend? You know, it might depend on what your deal is with that boat. They they, some might allow B by o b but the Yacht experience that we did, I’ll tell you about it. We got on the Yacht at 10:00 AM we were greeted with watermelon juice, tequila drinks. Yes we got on the Yacht, it has a beautiful indoor space down below there were two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and then up on the top floor there is plenty of seating around. And then a place you can lay out on the front of the Yacht, you feel like you’re worth a trillion bucks when you’re up on the top front of that Yacht area and you’re dancing and then they go straight into drink making mode margaritas, they come around with shots like just on a platter.

2 (34m 26s):
You don’t even ask for them, they just show up. So everyone’s usually kind of chill in the beginning, you know getting over their hangover. We went on the Yacht the day after Mango Deck. So this was now day three of partying. So I was a little calm the first hour and well

3 (34m 43s):
But once you have a couple drinks it, let’s go when you’re ready,

2 (34m 45s):
Go over here, you start shaking it and the music goes like I think every song with the word as in it was played on that Yacht and we’re all wearing matching outfits. So even if you’re not on a bachelorette party, just do the matching outfit thing cuz it really makes it that much better.

3 (35m 2s):
Enhances the fun.

2 (35m 3s):
And then the people that have that are running the Yacht, they’re used to people coming for vacation so they know all the right angles to take. They direct you in your pictures. Oh wow, look at that. They even did a video and he was like dance, like have fun. And he took a video and it came out so cool. So after four hours I was just like man, I don’t wanna get off. Like it goes by so fast. You think four hours is a lot but it’s not, it goes by really fast. They made sliders, they made tacos. There was a few other like seafood things that they made you that you actually tell them what you want them to make from what they offer. So you get to control that. Whatever drinks you want on, you get to control that.

2 (35m 45s):
They take you to a certain area and put out floaties for you to lay on or kayak or standup paddleboard, whatever they have. It was amazing. That

4 (35m 53s):
Sounds really fun.

2 (35m 54s):
It really, really was Part of the other thing to do in Cabo, like obviously you’re gonna be drinking but just walking around is part of the fun. There’s a lot of shopping you can do. There’s like I said, people with iguanas you can take pictures with. There’s just like a lot of fun things just to immerse yourself in. There was one spot that we went into called Mr. Mustache.

4 (36m 16s):
Was it a souvenir

2 (36m 18s):
Store? Yes it was. It was a souvenir store. The guy had a mustache who owns it and he had pictures all over the place with him and Taurus. So he’s you know, very well known in this place.

3 (36m 30s):
I mean he’s Mr. Mustache.

2 (36m 31s):
Mr Mustache and he was serving tequila shots in his store. So we took some tequila shots with him. He like walked us around the store and picked out certain things for us that he thought we would like that we were looking for. I think we spent like an hour and a half in his store just like hanging out and taking shots with him.

4 (36m 48s):
He has a pretty cool job.

3 (36m 51s):
The more he gets you drunk, the more you’re gonna buy.

2 (36m 54s):
And I did. Yeah,

4 (36m 56s):
That’s something he like totally wouldn’t see in the US cuz you can’t have a shop just like here’s some tequila shots. Let me show you around. Yeah

3 (37m 2s):
And that’s one of the things too about the us, God bless the US and all its comforts, it provides, but they gotta stick up their ass in terms of like lots of rules. Like you know you can take open alcohol as a parks and have picnics or have be a proprietor and have a shop like that and be like, oh yeah you want a shop with me. Like, you know like that. That’s the cool stuff that I love about other countries. Yeah and you find that galore in Mexico. Not to say everywhere Mexico is a party like that, but certain regions such as Cabo catered themselves to be that way and absolutely just create a unique environment.

2 (37m 34s):
You know, even when I was in Italy, in Florence, we were shopping at a leather place and the guy brings us red wine in nice fancy glasses and we shopped for hours, talked to him, took a picture with him. Yeah, additive was a friend on Facebook. He even customized our outfits, tailored them to our size and when we came to pick them up he took us next door to the bar and gave us a bottle of wine and the fact that they can even serve alcohol in the store and there aren’t rules against that kind of thing. Build those ties, the community, the personal experiences that you have there.

3 (38m 11s):
Same thing kind of happened when we were in South Africa. You know we went into a diamond shop and you come in, they give you like a drink, you buy something and they bring out the better stuff for you. So when I bought a necklace from Brittanie, not a diamond one, but a necklace nonetheless from them then you know what, oh let’s bring out the good stuff and they brought it out and a cantor and poured it and like that’s the type of fun shit that the US needs to get on board with. I’m just gonna

2 (38m 34s):
Come out and say and not just at like Tiffany and Co where it’s gonna cost you 5,000 to get that one glass of champagne, right? Yeah. Support it at your local seven 11.

3 (38m 43s):
Well I’ll tell you what, when you go to Cabo I’m going to Mr. Mustache and I wanna meet Mr. Mustache.

2 (38m 48s):
Yeah, you see my picture up there?

3 (38m 50s):
Excellent. I’ll look for

2 (38m 51s):
It. I do just wanna say though something about safety because anytime you go to a place where there’s a lot of partying, whether that’s Vegas, Miami, Mexico or somewhere else, you do wanna just think about safety cuz I know you’re drinking and partying and that can kind of go out the window, but you are kind of seen as sometimes as a target, especially as a female especially. Especially as a good looking female. Especially as a female who’s not from that country. Sure. Especially as a female, not from that country who’s drunk. So I mentioned the buddy system. Buddy system is always, always a good idea in Mexico especially because some people don’t have cell phone service.

2 (39m 30s):
So say together if you’re drinking with someone and then just keep an eye on your stuff. So when we were at the bachelorette party, a couple of girls went out, it was day three night. So you know they’re in that mindset. They go out, are having fun, drinking, partying, whatever. I actually went to sleep.

4 (39m 48s):
Whoa. Came over, came over 30, came over

2 (39m 51s):

  1. But I, I was, like I said, there were two previous nights where I barely slept so I needed some sleep. Justifiable. Yeah, the bags were starting. No. So they went out there dancing, partying, having fun and I guess they got split up. One of the girls went out to smoke and lo and behold her purse goes missing and she doesn’t know who took it or when it happened, but now she’s alone drunk in the middle of the night, doesn’t have her phone money, doesn’t even know where to go. And pretty far from where we were. So I guess she walked around, found someone to get her an Uber home and then the gate guard is there, right?

2 (40m 32s):
Yeah. So the gate guard re like recognized her from our group and she was able to like talk to him and get in and figure it out. And this goes to show like Cabos actually not that big. Depending on where you’re staying you could find your way back. But it is kind of scary when you think about being drunk female alone, no money, no Id, no phone and not really a clear idea of how to get back to your place. Sure, yeah. In the middle of the night

4 (40m 57s):
I could see

2 (40m 57s):
That and already have been targeted by a crime once. So you’re like probably freaking out and it just can happen really fast and

4 (41m 5s):
It can happen anywhere. I mean we’ve talked about South Africa, our friends Josh and Anna, they went back to South Africa cuz they loved it so much. They went partying, they were hanging out with the locals and whatnot and they realized one of their phones was gone. Really?

2 (41m 18s):

3 (41m 18s):
It was the locals who were all chummy with them purposefully to like target them and jack their phone and

4 (41m 23s):
Everything. And so when they were all leaving the bar at the end of the night, he was like patting himself down. Like, oh, where’s my phone? And then like the one of the locals said, well you can have it back If, you wanna give us a hundred dollars?

2 (41m 32s):
Wow. Yeah.

4 (41m 34s):
So I mean it could happen anywhere in No, no, you

3 (41m 37s):
Just let them. They just let it go. Wow. I think that one was the phone was Jack like fuck this. But it could, like you said, it could happen anywhere. And I love how you said US City’s first Vegas, Miami, wherever, like obviously because you’re in another country, not necessarily just Mexico, you should always err on the side of caution. But even here domestically, if you’re partying male or female, you could be a target for anything. If. you don’t keep your wi about you or have somebody, I don’t wanna say to keep an eye on you, but at least one friend who’s having a good time, but at least coherent enough to be like, all right, I’m keeping a watchful eye.

2 (42m 10s):
Yeah. And I think even the buddy system being one to one, I don’t even think that’s enough because like look how easy these two got separated. Right? And I think she was just going outside to smoke so it’s not like they were lost from each other. Yeah. But even in that sense, you really shouldn’t go alone. But it’s a good time. So don’t let that deter you from going to Cabo cuz it is really, really fun there. Now you guys haven’t been, I’ve been once with this bachelorette party once from a cruise ship. I really, really want to go again though. And what I wanna do is stay in an all-inclusive.

4 (42m 42s):
That would be amazing.

2 (42m 43s):
Have you guys ever done an all-inclusive?

3 (42m 46s):
We have not done an

4 (42m 47s):
All inclusive. We haven’t done one.

2 (42m 48s):
Never. Never.

3 (42m 50s):

2 (42m 50s):
Even with your family, Brit.

4 (42m 51s):
No. I mean we’ve done cruise ships where pretty much everything’s yeah, included but not like at a

3 (42m 57s):
Resort. And I would love to do one. I think Cabo would be a good place because the ones in Cancun, Tulum are way too expensive now. And I’m sure they’re good and pricey in Cabo but probably not as much. And I think this would be a great spot to do

4 (43m 10s):
It. The one resort that I have heard of that’s really good and Cabo for all-inclusive is secrets.

2 (43m 16s):
Secrets. And it’s 18 plus.

4 (43m 19s):
18 plus. I’ve heard really good things about that. All-inclusive resort.

2 (43m 22s):
Yeah. Secrets Port, those Los Cabos was one I had noted down as being a place I would love to go. 18 plus swim up bar, a lot of these all-inclusives have swim up bar. All inclusive means you pay one price, all of your food, all of your drinks, your stay and everything you need is included. You gotta read the fine print though because some of them will say that certain beach activities are included, like If, you wanna go jet skiing and some will not include those. Okay. So do your research and and see if that’s something you prioritize, if it’s included or not.

4 (43m 55s):
I also know that in some places that have the all-inclusives, they’ll give you a wristband and then If, you go to other places in town, sometimes you get a

2 (44m 2s):
Discount or their partner or their partners properties. Yeah. Yes. And there’s one other one that I really wanna stay in. This is just an experience for travel that I want in general. No Boo Hotel, Los Cabos is an all-inclusive run. You about 500 bucks a night. It’s more of a luxury high-end option. But what’s really cool about it is that right outside of your room you have a private little pool.

4 (44m 25s):
Oh that’d be

2 (44m 26s):
Amazing. I want that experience.

3 (44m 27s):
Like it when we were in Ecuador at Thema

2 (44m 31s):
But not No, no, no. It’s a private pool just for you right out of

3 (44m 35s):
Your door. Okay. Whereas everybody else was kind of commuting, but there were so many small sections. That’s kind of why I equated it. But that’s cool that it’s just your own, nobody can use it except

2 (44m 43s):
For you. Yeah. And there’s even some, I don’t know about here, but some I’ve seen where you’d be high up on a story and it jets out from your room.

4 (44m 51s):
Oh, that’d be amazing.

2 (44m 52s):
I want that experience so badly.

4 (44m 54s):
Well let us know when you’re going. We might have to jump on that trip.

2 (44m 58s):
So anyone listening, If, you have recommendations on all inclusives in Cabo or anywhere else that have a really cool experience like that, let us know. Definitely interested in it. And then I’ll just say for all inclusives, I’ve definitely researched like the cheapest way to do an all-inclusive. I remember looking from San Diego on Expedia with packages for flights, all-inclusive stay for like two nights, 500 bucks a person maybe, which I think is pretty good. And then

3 (45m 25s):
If that includes your flights and everything then yeah,

2 (45m 27s):
Yeah. For two nights. And you just have to do your research on the food. Really look at reviews because some luxury places don’t have that good of food reviews. Some lower end places have great food reviews and I’ve seen a lot of good quality content on that on TikTok. So if you’re looking for an all-inclusive go to TikTok, but you know for having these two really distinct types of trips and experiences in Cabo, I think I’ve done a lot. I love, love, love, love to go back. But as far as I know right now that’s Cabo for you,

4 (45m 60s):
How many days would you say you need to spend in Cabo to really get a good experience?

2 (46m 5s):
I think three days is good. Okay. Because any more than that, you’re just sick of drinking. Sure.

4 (46m 9s):
And I think that really leads us into, I asked a question and that was just one that I had off the top of my head, but I think that leads us into questions of the week.

2 (46m 17s):
Ooh, let’s hear it.

4 (46m 25s):
So we actually got a question from Kimberly b from Kentucky and she is asking, is there a time of year to avoid Cabo? Because in Tulum there’s a whole bunch of seaweed problems. Yeah. So does Cabo have that same problem or other problems that we should know

2 (46m 39s):
About? Cabo does not have the seaweed problem.

4 (46m 41s):

2 (46m 42s):
I don’t know if they do have any seasonal issues, but to my knowledge they do not.

4 (46m 47s):
I mean I know that in the winter months it’s a great place to visit because weather’s really good if you’re trying to escape the cold.

2 (46m 54s):
A lot of people go there for

4 (46m 55s):
That reason. Yeah. So it’s typically the high season cuz people are trying to escape the cold and that’s when a lot of cruise ships happen as well.

2 (47m 2s):
When I took the cruise, it was in February, it left from Long Beach, it was cloudy, cold, we sailed down and the closer we got to Cabo, the warmer and 80 degree weather showed up. It was so nice. And then you could see it coming back, got colder and colder the more you

3 (47m 17s):
Came. So I’ve just Googled right now winter weather, Cabo San Lucas, December, January and February the average high is 81 degrees with the low bean, 61. So even in the evening it’s nice and temperate. So during the summer you can imagine it’s gonna get hotter. Obviously people If, you don’t know. I’m gonna tell you right now, Baja, California’s kind of like hot dry, so it’ll be warmer. But if you’re gonna do beach activity and it doesn’t have that fucking gross humidity like the other side of Mexico does in Cancun, Tulum area, then you’re gonna be in good shape regardless of when you go And no seaweed sargassum issues as they call it on the East Coast over there. Yeah. So that’s good.

2 (47m 56s):
All right, Squad. Well thank you so much for tuning into our episode this week. Keep the adventures going with us on Instagram and YouTube at Travel Squad Podcast, and send us in your questions of the week.

3 (48m 7s):
If, you found the information this episode to be useful or If you thought we were just plain funny. Please be sure to share it with a friend that would enjoy it too. And as always, please subscribe, rate and review our podcast and tune in every travel Tuesday for new episodes.

4 (48m 21s):
Stay tuned for next week’s episode. We have some more amazing adventures and tips in store for

3 (48m 25s):
You. Bye everybody.

4 (48m 26s):
Bye everybody.

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