The Best Tacos in San Diego

This one is all about this city’s favorite food: San Diego tacos! With San Diego being on the border with Mexico you know it’s going to have an abundance of amazing tacos. When visiting America’s finest city home hungry and try as many of these 13 best tacos in San Diego.

The very best tacos in San Diego:

  1. Tacos el Gordo
  2. South Beach
  3. Lolitas
  4. Taco Stand 
  5. The Brigantine
  6. Cerveza Jacks
  7. Rubio’s
  8. American Junkie
  9. Lucha 
  10. Rigoberto’s
  11. Humbertos
  12. Kiko’s Place Seafood
  13. Las Cuatros Milpas

Best Tacos in San Diego – Episode Transcript

1 (55s):
Welcome to taco Tuesday, this weeks episode of the Travel Squad Podcast. Taco Tuesday is a weekly holiday in San Diego. You could say we take it very, very seriously here. And every San Diego and you speak to compassionately tell every single place they love for the best taco Tuesday. Right?

2 (1m 16s):
Absolutely. So today we are going to tell you about the best 13 taco places in San Diego and tacos are definitely one of my favorite foods to eat because they just make me so happy. They’re so delicious. And every time I take a bite of a taco, I just do a happy food dance.

3 (1m 37s):
Don’t let taco Tuesday full year though. Every day is a great day for a taco in San Diego taco Monday, Taco Wednesday, Taco Thursday,

4 (1m 45s):
I like a taco morning, noon and night Zana. Let me tell you that. But with all seriousness, we are going to go over our top 13 favorite places to get Tacos in San Diego. Now keep in mind that these are in no particular order, but I do want to say, and I’ve said this before on other podcast recordings. I do find the foods since we are all from Northern California. I’ve said this before the Mexican food to be better up there, but I will say this San Diego’s and Southern California’s taco game is on point maybe better than north Hills, but Mexican food as a whole, I think better in nor Cal, but we are talking about Tacos today.

4 (2m 26s):
And yes, the Tacos here in San Diego are better than anywhere else. So with that, let’s get right into it.

2 (2m 32s):
Okay. I know we said in no particular order, but I’m glad we’re talking about Tacos El Gordo first, because it is my absolute favorite place for Tacos in San Diego. And there’s actually a location down by where Jamal and I live. There’s multiple locations throughout Southern San Diego, and they have so many different meat options. They have langua, they have Pastore. They have a choice called Azteca, which is half Carney, Assata, and half cactus, which sounds interesting, but it’s actually super delicious. They have so many different choices for me and I love the way they cook them. Jamal, how do they cook their meats?

4 (3m 9s):
Well, the thing about Tacos El Gordo, that makes them so delicious. And I would dare say authentic is they are actually Mexican street style tacos, originally Tacos, El Gordo opened in Baja, California, Tijuana, Mexico. It’s worked its way up north. So these are truly authentic street style, Mexican tacos, and the way that they cook their most popular taco, which is the Pastore, which is your pork it’s roasted on a spicket and then shaved off into your Taco. So again, the most authentic tacos I feel here in San Diego are Tacos El Gordo, and definitely some of my favorite.

4 (3m 51s):
And just real quick, I do want to say, if you are not in San Diego and happened to go to Las Vegas, they do have a Las Vegas Tacos, El Gordo. So do check it out if you’re in Vegas. Yeah.

3 (4m 2s):
Yes. Tacos El Gordo is also known as TEG and I’m just kidding, but

4 (4m 7s):
I call it,

2 (4m 9s):

3 (4m 9s):
Have heard Jamal, Brittany and Kim talk about that because even as we’re recording, we had a conversation about whether or not we should go get some tag tonight.

1 (4m 17s):
This is like a talker Rhea kind of vibe of a place. But the number two place on our list is one place I love to go for taco Tuesday. I’ve probably never gone outside of taco Tuesday, but this is South Beach and Obie ocean beach. That is, it is so good. They have several different kinds of Tacos. My favorite is the fried zucchini taco. They put it in like a flour tortilla with cabbage and delicious Chipola sauce. It’s a whole good, but a lot of people like it for their seafood fried fish, different things like lobster that I don’t eat. So I know nothing about, but I hear it’s bomb and this place is really cool. It’s in Obi red on the ocean. It’s two stories. So it’s a really big place.

1 (4m 58s):
Super casual surfer, OB beach five.

2 (5m 1s):
Is it near the pier?

1 (5m 2s):
It is it’s right by the pier. Check it out. If you’re looking for a hot taco Tuesday place and actually they do talk Thursday to

4 (5m 9s):
Taco Thursday. Look at this. What is that? No, Kim, I know you said you hadn’t had the lobster, but let me ask you a serious question. Have you had the fish taco there?

1 (5m 19s):
Absolutely not.

4 (5m 21s):
I know I had to ask

1 (5m 22s):
The people I’ve gone with have gotten the seafood or fish tacos and they say they’re really good.

4 (5m 27s):
Very nice. So number three on our list is going to be Lolita’s. And Lolita’s also has multiple locations here in San Diego, and I love these ones. So Lolita’s is not just a taco place. You can do some Carnegie Assata fries. You could do burritos, other stuff, but I love their Tacos. I’ve never gotten anything else from there except their Tacos truly because they are that good. And I love them because they are nostalgic to me. And I will tell you why they are crunchy shelled tacos. And I think I could speak for all of us. When I say this, they remind me at least, and I’m sure all of us have our fair tacos are Yolo county fair from our hometown of Woodland, California, the Catholic school, holy rosary.

4 (6m 18s):
They would always sell the tacos at the fair. They’re the deep fried ones that have the sprinkled Parmesan cheese on top. And Lolita’s does the exact same thing. And it’s absolutely delicious.

3 (6m 31s):
I’ve never had a taco at Lolita’s, but I have had their chimichangas. And when I opened it up, it was insane. It was insane. It was so big. It was so good.

2 (6m 43s):
Lolitas has some really good food and squad tip. When you get those crunchy Tacos, get the crunchy taco plate, you get two tacos, rice and beans, and don’t forget to add sour cream into your tacos to make it even more amazing.

3 (6m 56s):
Yes. And to just throw one more thing out there. I remember one year we had a white elephant gift exchange at work and someone brought in a $20 gift card for Lolita’s and it got nasty.

4 (7m 7s):
I mean, whoever got that gotten real lucky because I’m telling you, Lolita is one of the best taco places in San Diego. That’s for sure. And they, again, they do have multiple locations and I know some people are more partial to a crunchy taco than a soft one. And if you are a crunchy person, Lolita’s is the place to go for that.

1 (7m 27s):
I can’t stop thinking about those crunchy fair Tacos from the Woodland county fair.

4 (7m 31s):
They’re the leader, the ones that are exactly like that, Kim.

1 (7m 35s):
Okay. Lolita’s Okay. Before I go to Lillita is number four on our list. The Taco Stand, there are several locations around San Diego. One of them is downtown right next to my office. So of course I frequented that one the most, the way they do their Tacos reminds me of Tacos, El Gordo, like TJ tuckeria style. They have the auto Bata on the spicket that they shave off, that they serve with pineapple and this delicious Chipotle salsa dressing. It’s so good.

2 (8m 5s):
Taco Stand might be one of my list to try out now,

1 (8m 8s):
Oh my God, you have to try it out. There’s usually a pretty long line at the lunch hour downtown. But besides that, there’s not a long line at all. They’re probably around the same price, like two and four bucks a taco. So pretty cheap. They hand make the corn tortillas right in front of you in the tortilla press. And everything’s good to watch it happen. It’s so good.

2 (8m 26s):
Oh, that sounds

1 (8m 27s):
Really. Oh my God. So good. But they have Carney, Assata and chicken and they have like a cactus kind of a flavor to bomb. You have to try it

2 (8m 34s):
Definitely going there. I can’t wait to go to Taco Stand Jamal. Let’s put that on our list.

4 (8m 39s):
Taco Stand here I come.

2 (8m 41s):
So the next taco place we’re going to talk about is called the, The Brigantine. And it is a one of my favorite taco places specifically for their fish tacos. So long story short, Jamal and I once came to San Diego before we lived in San Diego in 2009 to try the best fish tacos ever. We went to a place that we saw on TV. It was such a let down. My sister was like, let me take you to the best taco place. What

1 (9m 3s):
Place was it?

4 (9m 4s):
I forgot what it was called. That’s a really good question, Kim. But we did see it on food network. Bobby Flay went there. I think it was on his show. Like throw down if I’m remembering the name correctly, where he would go to restaurants and recreate his own version of each restaurants, famous item. And he was someplace here in San Diego that did fish tacos that were supposedly like amazing. So Brittany and I were like, oh, we need to go to that. We went to, it told Brittany sister who lived down here at the time that we were disappointed with it. So she was like, no, no, no, no. Like you want good fish tacos. You need to go to The Brigantine. And let me tell you something. The Brigantine fish tacos are on point.

4 (9m 47s):
We got ourselves a soft tortilla, Taco beer, battered fish with amazing ranch, cabbage tomato. Super, super good. I mean, when I go to The Brigantine, that’s the only thing that I do get is the fish tacos. And I do want to say The Brigantine is also an amazing seafood restaurant. If fish tacos, aren’t your thing. You can go and get other types of food, but do keep in mind their fish tacos are why they’re on the list here. So do check it out.

2 (10m 14s):
And they pair so well with a handshake in margarita. Oh my God. Good. And if you happen to be going on your birthday and you print out the certificate, they do give you a free mud pie on your birthday to top it all off.

3 (10m 30s):
The mud pie is ridiculous. Like I can’t even describe it. It is So good.

4 (10m 42s):
There are multiple Brigantine locations. They have several. So you can pretty much find one in any region of San Diego. Quite honestly, our favorite one to go to is the point Loma one only for the atmosphere. It’s right along the Harbor. You could see lots of boats by the water. So I feel like it has a little bit more of an ambiance, but again, anywhere you are in San Diego, you can find a regional one and do check out their fish tacos. And again, if that’s not your thing and you want a full blown meal, Brigantine is a good place for that too. And another squad tip, regardless of where you go do, ask for that extra ranch to go with your fish. Taco makes a clutch

1 (11m 23s):
Shop on all the

4 (11m 24s):
Ranch. You know, we got to love the white sauce. Gotta love the white sauce. I know you ladies like the white sauce a little bit more than me, but

3 (11m 32s):
Never did me wrong

1 (11m 34s):
On everything. All right. Number six, another taco Tuesday, favorite Cerveza Jacks in Pacific beach, or as a locals call it PB. I have gone to taco Tuesday here, countless times. I moved to San Diego six years ago. So in 2014, and this place used to be typhoon saloon and Fred’s and the Tacos, there were still bomb. And typhoon saloon was like this place that had a stripper pole in the back gets wild, like holes in bus fulls of San Diego state students on Tuesdays to turn the fuck up,

4 (12m 7s):
Crank that shit

1 (12m 8s):
A year or two. After I moved here, they changed it to Cerveza Jacks in the front and then moonshine beach in the back. So more of a country theme bar. So on taco Tuesday, you can come in, get an amazing autobody taco with the pineapple. So good. All the other meats are really good. Have your great tacos. And then they do line dancing in the back and moonshine beach, which is fun after you’ve had a few beers or margarita is with your Tacos. You’re in a country, get buck wild out there y’all

2 (12m 35s):
Time. No, that just really reminds me of Woodland, like some tacos and then some country dance.

4 (12m 43s):
I was going to say what an odd mix. So you got yourself here, authentic Mexican food, and then let’s just throw on some line dancing and country Jack’s coming in hot and PV. All right. So number seven on our list, we would be remiss if we did not include this one, interestingly enough, I’m sure lots of people have heard of it. Rubios and yes, I am referring to the chain Rubios that is across the United States. Now, the reason why I do mention it is because the original Rubio’s location is in San Diego, California in Pacific beach, homeless Cerveza Jacks, or should I say home of Rubio’s because that’s the original spot.

4 (13m 30s):
So Kim, why don’t you tell us a little bit about the Rubio’s Tacos? Cause PB used to be your old stomping ground. And I know you’ve been to the original, Rubio’s

1 (13m 38s):
What actually drove me to Rubio’s was that on your birthday, you get a free meal. So you’d sign up for the birthday thing and then go in there and the Tacos, they have this gourmet chicken taco. That’s so fucking good. Like it is so good guys. So it’s on a little corn tortilla, chicken, bacon, and grilled cheese in the tortilla is so good with all the sauces. Oh my God. But they also squad tip for all you keto friends out there. They have a keto version of their Taco where you can literally have the shell be a cheese taco shell. No tortilla. It’s amazing.

2 (14m 10s):
That’s really, I want to go, just to try that out,

1 (14m 13s):
Do it. Yeah,

4 (14m 14s):
That sounds right up your alley. Kim always talking about little, little keto or low carb fads, but you’re talking about the chicken taco. Let’s talk about their original fish taco that they do have

1 (14m 26s):
Talk about that one.

4 (14m 27s):
Well, that’s why I’m bringing it up. Cause I know you haven’t tried it, but this is their original, their famed claim. I really love it. It’s like classic Baja style and Baja style. I mean just in a tortilla, beer battered cabbage your sauce, tomatoes, simple enough. But so, so flavorful and so, so delicious. And my favorite thing about it is when I get it, that’s just wrapped in that foil. And then I open it and I know what delicious goodness is hiding in that foil. For me, the Rubio’s original tacos are amazing.

1 (15m 0s):
Number eight on our list is American Junkie. This is a bar restaurant, downtown San Diego in the Gaslamp. I know for a fact they have one in Hermosa beach that is equally as wild. They may have more locations. I’m not sure, but I know for sure there’s two, this place gets a spot on our Taco list. Not because they have phenomenal tacos, but because this place fucking kills the taco Tuesday, why do they kill taco? Tuesday was not top notch Tacos. Here’s why $5 gets you a wristband for all. You can eat tacos the entire night. All you

2 (15m 36s):
Can eat tacos.

1 (15m 37s):
Yes. And they’re actually good. They are good. They’re just not like gourmet. Amazing. But here’s the thing that sets them apart from every other Boothbay taco Tuesday, You get your plate, they give you three corn tortilla setups, and then you can choose your meat. They have Kearney Assata, they have chicken, they have carnitas and they have potatoes with red peppers. So good. And then they have an entire toppings bar with rice beans, five different cheeses, five different sauces, guacamole, cilantro, ranch dressing. It’s like endless

2 (16m 13s):
Even make money off of it.

1 (16m 16s):
Taller Margarita’s as well.

2 (16m 19s):
They probably make money off the booze.

1 (16m 21s):
Oh, for sure. And then after about nine 10, it turns into a total nightclub in there. It’s so much fun, but if you’re just going for the Tacos too, and the drinks, like that’s perfectly fine. This place is great.

4 (16m 31s):
I mean, we love a breakfast buffet at a hotel. I mean Taco Boothbay, talkable fate all day For $5. Holla,

2 (16m 44s):
You really can’t beat that at all. Yeah.

1 (16m 46s):
Yeah. It’s amazing. You can literally eat 20 Tacos if you want. There’s no limit. There’s no time limit. There’s no taco limit.

2 (16m 52s):

3 (16m 53s):
Kim question for you, how many Tacos have you been able to put?

6 (16m 56s):

1 (16m 57s):
Think I ate six ones and they don’t skimp on the meat. It’s like a big ass Taco. And with all the toppings, you get overzealous with what you’re putting on there. So it, I think I try, I think maybe I got to six or five. I don’t know.

4 (17m 9s):
I was going to say I was a little disappointed with that six number, but when you’re talking about how they really build it up and make it a bulky Taco and we know you love that girl, Kim. So

1 (17m 19s):
I can barely put my hand.

4 (17m 20s):
Yeah. I was shocked at that. I was shocked at that six, but that doesn’t surprise me now that you say that considering how big they are.

2 (17m 28s):
So number nine on our Taco list is Alucia Libris and Lucia Lee Ray has three different locations in San Diego. Mission Hills location is the original location. And Lucia Libra is actually a term for Mexican freestyle pro wrestling. So this shop is actually Mexican wrestling themed and it was featured on man versus food. And they actually have eight champions booth inside the mission Hills location, where you need reservations to sit at the champions table and champions booth.

3 (18m 2s):
So to say, what does that mean?

4 (18m 3s):
You know, it means nothing other than you need a reservation. And that whole booth is like glittered in gold, like a you’re a champion, you’re the rock star wrestler of the world Because it is a small little shop and the seats are just like, whatever. It’s not like it’s uncomfortable, but this Champion’s booth is the only place that you could sit in there that looks like pure luxury. And they have it all roped off. Like it’s VIP, like you’re in the club and everything like that. So it does have a little Corky theme that does make it fun. And again, its famed claim is that it was on man vs food for their surf and turf burrito, which is absolutely amazing.

4 (18m 44s):
But we’re talking about Tacos on this taco Tuesday and traveled Tuesday. And let me tell you something, they got themselves a surf and turf taco bomb. Got to check it out.

2 (18m 55s):
Yes. And Dana, you were asking about the champions booth and the champions table and I’ve never eaten at it, but maybe we should as a squad sometime when we can eat indoors again, go check it out because guests receive full table service while you’re at that booth your own salsa bar. And you can call on the staff whenever you need something like

3 (19m 16s):
Crazy. I love

2 (19m 17s):

3 (19m 17s):
Yes. What a great theme for the champion booth. I mean, even when Jamal said and they rope it off, I’m just like, oh my gosh, I can picture it. That sounds good.

4 (19m 25s):
Oh, joke is roped off. Like it’s VIP at the club, man.

1 (19m 28s):
One of the masks though,

4 (19m 30s):
They got them framed up. You can ask them, maybe they’ll give you one aware. I’ve never asked, but you know what? We can go and rocking it. And I don’t think they’d say a thing

3 (19m 39s):
There at the GP in booth.

4 (19m 41s):
Yeah. So do definitely check out Lucia Libra. It is a San Diego staple and again, their tacos are very good. Multiple varieties. They’re surfing turf Taco. In my opinion, I think is the best, but you’re going to have a good variety of different type of Mexican cuisine there for you to try.

3 (19m 58s):
And next on our list is Rigoberto dose. This one, I love this place. It has a special place in my heart. It’s a chain throughout San Diego. And I used to walk here at like two in the morning after the clubs closed and eat some tacos because it was one of the only places open near where I live is that

1 (20m 20s):
24 hours,

3 (20m 21s):
24 7 hell.

1 (20m 22s):

3 (20m 23s):
And I just want to preface when I say that those were when I was younger

4 (20m 27s):
Early, did I was going to say your party days,

1 (20m 29s):
Good taco at any hour of the night at any age.

4 (20m 32s):
Well you can, but she’s talking about coming from the club, but that’s what I was going to say. That’s how serious San Diego is about their Taco game. Lots of places open 24 7. Yeah. Rigoberto is one of them,

2 (20m 43s):
You know, is this the place that has the fried green onions?

3 (20m 46s):
They do. They do. They have free fried green onions and the carrots cause most places yeah. Pro tip go to Rigoberto is because most places in San Diego, they do this as spicy carrot. I don’t even know how to describe it, but it is delicious. And

4 (21m 1s):
Like a

3 (21m 1s):
Pickled carrot. Yeah, there we go. And everyone charges for it, but Rigoberto does not. And they do have the free fried green onions as well. And so they used to have one while it’s still there, but it was where I used to live and it’s around the corner from me. So when it’s late, when you’ve been drinking and when you don’t feel safe to take an Uber or Lyft, why not walk there? Right.

1 (21m 25s):
It’s a 24 7 places also make really good hangover drive through stop. Yes. The next day

4 (21m 32s):
Don’t be the one with the hangover driving though.

3 (21m 35s):

4 (21m 36s):
That’s for sure. But speaking of what you did say the fried green onions, I just want to clarify, they’re not like deep fried. They’re really like char grilled green onions. Correct?

3 (21m 47s):
Exactly. Yeah. We’re not talking onions. We’re talking the long green onions, charred grilled and just it’s, it’s an amazing flavor.

4 (21m 55s):
I know exactly what you’re talking about and I don’t want to jump from number 10 at Rigoberto is back to number one at Tacos, El Gordo. But this has reminded me of something that I forgot to mention about Tacos El Gordo. They have the exact same thing. They have the grilled green onions, some grilled like jalapenos and peppers. But what I love about Tacos El Gordo, and again, sorry to do the jump, but it just inspired me talking about the onions right here is it’s literally onion, Rue that at Tacos, El Gordo, you never know if you’re going to get green onions or actually regular onions that they kind of roast up themselves. I had Tacos El Gordo recently it was regular onions. The time before that it was green.

4 (22m 35s):
So it’s always onion roulette over there. But at Rigoberto is rest assured it’s always the green non

3 (22m 41s):
Exactly. That’s hella funny. Cause I was like, what is he talking about? Onion roulette. Oh, gotcha.

4 (22m 46s):
Versus green onions.

3 (22m 47s):
Now Rigoberto is always has the green onions and they do have the jalapenos to cause. And you know what, here’s the thing. If you buy the sides, they’re going to be super cheap at other places. But Rigoberto says give it for free. And Ooh, I love the jalapenos. Just biting into one of their chart, jalapenos and then with the carrots and onions and your tacos and your whatever else you got like, and they have like so many different salsas to choose from.

4 (23m 10s):
Just completes the whole Taco experience,

3 (23m 13s):
Red salsa. And it’s not just your green salsa. They have like an avocado salsa.

4 (23m 18s):
I like a little variety with one

1 (23m 20s):

3 (23m 21s):
They have an orange salsa. You know, we can just take you through this screen,

1 (23m 26s):
Have a whole episode on salsa.

4 (23m 32s):
And then we’re going to have a little special on Jamal’s mango salsa.

1 (23m 37s):
We can have a whole podcast on your food.

4 (23m 39s):
We should. One of these days, one of these days, I might make this as honorary number 14. Jamal’s tacos on here.

1 (23m 47s):
And we can’t add that until you make it for

4 (23m 49s):
Now. I know I’m just joking. So moving on, number 11 on our list is Umberto’s and Kim, why don’t you tell us a little bit about Humberto? Cause I know it’s one of your favorite.

1 (23m 59s):
Well, I’ve never heard anybody pronounce it that way. Maybe that’s the traditional way to say it in Spanish, but everyone says Humbertos even the Mexican people I know. So may not be pronounced.

4 (24m 10s):
My Spanish is terrible. So I thought I was saying it correctly.

3 (24m 14s):
He did such a good job. I was like, wow,

1 (24m 17s):
Maybe that’s the proper way, but nobody calls it that everyone says Humbertos it’s in the golden Hills neighborhood of San Diego, which is just outside of downtown. It’s open 24, 7 as well. So it’s got that. Tuckeria kind of vibe to it, but it’s really, really good. They’re also really well known for their salsas. People will get jugs of their salsa. Oh

3 (24m 35s):
Wow. That’s intense.

1 (24m 36s):
Yeah. Like they’re that good? But it is just red and green. So, but anyway, I’ve had the crispy chicken taco from there and it was just on another level of delicious. And then it just the vibe of it being a place to go when everything else is closed. And it’s usually very lively in there. It’s got a great vibe for a tuckeria.

4 (24m 54s):
I’ve had Bertos a couple of times after some late nights out, not with Brittany, with James, our friend who unfortunately has moved back to Northern California. So I no longer have a 24 hour taco buddy in that sense, but all right, we’ll be in on that one. So, but that’s what, just what I’m saying. Look at this two that are 24 hours and there’s more, I mean, they’re really on point with their Taco game here at Tacos all day, every day, man, Taco life is real life.

1 (25m 24s):
It’s a lifestyle someone’s got to live it.

3 (25m 27s):
So the next one is Kinko’s place seafood. I love this place. Like if anything on the list, I would say that this is my favorite place for a fish taco. It’s not an actual location. It is a taco truck. So they used to be on Texas street and north park. But now they are on mission center road in mission valley. And they are just so dynamite. The OG fish taco is the one that everyone lines up for its Baja style. It has cabbage Pico, the guy IO cream and it’s 2 25 a taco. And it is so, so, so worth it. And it’s always, there’s always a wait outside of the truck.

4 (26m 2s):
I remember when you lived by Kiko Zana, your and I came to visit you. You were like, you got to try this. It’s so good. You got me on to Kikos and I actually work pretty close to the original location that you were talking about. And again, it’s a food truck, so it definitely does move can move from its current location. And I went up there and it was gone and I was so disappointed. I have since found it in mission valley and very occasionally do go and get myself some fish tacos for lunch while I’m at work. Yeah, absolutely. I love it. So, so good. And why a really like it is. And again, this goes back to what I was saying a little bit earlier, again, reminder all of us from Northern California up there, we have more Taco and food trucks than we do here in San Diego.

4 (26m 46s):
Although the food truck scene has definitely taken off nationwide. I feel like we had the originals up north in our hometown. So eating at Kinko’s does remind me of getting that real like authentic street, taco style food. And I love it.

3 (27m 1s):
Yeah. Well it’s funny because now I actually live right next to it and it’s new location

2 (27m 5s):
And 2 25 for a taco. What a steal.

3 (27m 8s):
It’s so good. Have you had it?

2 (27m 9s):
No, I don’t think I

3 (27m 10s):
Have. Oh my God. It’s so good. Now that you say that Jamal, I’m just like, shit, I live right next to it. I’ll walk there and we’ll go to lunch.

4 (27m 15s):
You got to go and we’ll do it came. You got to try it. I know you see food right up your alley

1 (27m 21s):
Right now guys.

3 (27m 24s):
Cause Kinko’s place was literally like right around the corner from me versus Rigoberto was actually three blocks to walk, but Kikos place is not 24 hours because it’s a taco truck moving right along the next one. Number 13 on the list

1 (27m 38s):
And our final taco shop on the list for now,

3 (27m 43s):
Las Cuatros Milpas,

4 (27m 46s):
Very elegant accent on that Spanish then loved it.

1 (27m 51s):
This one is located south of downtown. Not quite as south as Barrio Logan, but in that general south of downtown vicinity, it’s very, very popular and very well-known among San Diego pins. You’ll find it on all the top taco lists. It’s definitely a must try.

3 (28m 6s):
I love it. You guys on the show notes, it’s highlighted in yellow potential squad outing.

1 (28m 11s):
We’re already planning a squat outing here because it’s that popular. Like we all have to go together.

2 (28m 16s):
It has just fucked up everything this year, including our Taco squat outing.

1 (28m 21s):
I will not let COVID get in the way of our Tacos.

4 (28m 24s):
These are all still open to eat. But again, the in-person dining experience with the taco is something unique just as well. Quite honestly.

3 (28m 31s):
So champion table out Lucia,

1 (28m 34s):
I mean the salsa bar

4 (28m 36s):
Salsa bar. That’s absolutely correct. I mean that’s half the excitement of the Tacos

1 (28m 43s):
Not to get off of this one, but I used to love this place that closed down called El paisa. They had free beans at the salsa bar. Yeah. But you can only get if you ate in, But anyway, this place is amazing. If you look on Yelp, the pictures of their crispy Tacos also have permission cheese all over the tortilla shells.

4 (29m 4s):
So these are crispy Tacos. Like the holy rosary ones that we talked about at the fair and like the Lolita’s tacos, crispy tacos.

1 (29m 13s):
Yeah. They have other things on the menu, of course, but this is what the draw of the taco is

4 (29m 17s):
Their claim to fame. Ooh, I love me some crispy Tacos. You know, I love authentic Tacos, soft shell tortillas, but at the same time a crispy taco just is

1 (29m 28s):
I’ll take it crispy. I’ll take it soft. I’ll take a big, I’ll take a small,

4 (29m 32s):
I don’t discriminate on my Tacos size or style. Did any of you ladies have any other final thoughts about it? I know we went over top 13, but anything ladies want to chime in, throw in and say,

3 (29m 44s):
Yeah, I’m really craving. And not only at taco, but a beer on draft to wash it down.

1 (29m 50s):
That’s a good pairing

4 (29m 51s):
Having a survey. So with my,

1 (29m 53s):
And right now we don’t, we have 13 on our list. Maybe we’ll do another episode down the road for another 13. But literally I want to say a hundred percent, but I’m sure it’s not that high, but the vast majority of restaurants in San Diego will have tacos on their menu. Even if they’re not a taco shop. And honestly, it’s almost impossible to find a shitty taco in this city.

4 (30m 12s):
It is. But when you do find a shitty taco, they’re really shitty. That’s why we’re giving you the top 13. If you’re in San Diego, be sure to check these ones out. They for sure will not disappoint. It’s time for questions of the week. All right. As you guys know, we have been doing ourselves, a beautiful little acapella entrance into the questions of the week.

3 (30m 36s):

4 (30m 37s):
Questions, but we’re not going to do that this week. We are going to change it up. Zayna has made a little rap. We were thinking that we were all going to chime in and each do kind of like a verse. But no, I think Zayna since she created this one, it’s so great. She needs to say it. Maybe Kim will say the last line

3 (30m 56s):
You guys. I mean, I was laughing just, I could barely get it out. I was so excited about this. All right. You guys, 3, 2, 1, come on and hot with questions of the week. Ask us now or forever. Hold your peace. Send in an email, a DM or the gram questions of the week coming at you. Like,

4 (31m 16s):
You know what? I loved her acapella, but how can you not love that rap? And then you just pulled that freestyle out a little bit. All right. Let’s get into questions of the week. What do we got?

3 (31m 26s):
All right. The first question is what other Mexican food do you love in San Diego?

4 (31m 32s):
Really, really good question. Obviously, you know, tacos are close to our heart because we just did an episode about Tacos and

1 (31m 40s):
We could do

4 (31m 40s):
More and we can do more. But specifically, if this is a San Diego, there’s two things. I’ll mention one. I’m sure somebody else from the squad mentioned the other, I can’t not say a California burrito, California burritos, if you don’t know, or Carnegie Assata burritos with French fries, stuffed enrolled in them. And they supposedly were created here in San Diego. Every taco RIA place you see will have them. It’s always a delight to have yourself, a California burrito love them.

1 (32m 11s):
They are good.

2 (32m 12s):
So in San Diego, I also love the carnitas out of fries, specifically from Taco Fiesta, Jamal, Zane, and I used to live directly across from a taco Fiesta. And these are just so good. They’re crispy fries, topped with salsa sour cream, guacamole, cheese meat, so delicious and put the extra sauces on top. I have never had better carnitas out of fries then from the ones from taco

4 (32m 38s):
Fiesta. Honestly, I’ve tried a lot of places in San Diego for their Carnegie solder fries. And I agree with you, Brittany, nothing has been better than taco Fiesta for the Carnegie fries. I love it. Love it, love it. Just think nachos, but instead of 30 chips, French fries, amazing. And

7 (32m 53s):
The size that they give, you can feed two people. Yes.

3 (32m 56s):
I love just burritos from different locate while I do have a specific location that I do love. It’s the taco shop in Claremont and I always get the Kelly surfing. So check it out. It’s Carney, Assata, shrimp fries, salsa, Fresca, guacamole, cheese, and creamy Chipotle sauce. It’s quite a powerful boom in your mouth, but it’s interesting because they have so many different burritos. They have a California burrito, a Malibu burrito, a San Francisco burrito, a shrimp or Diablo burrito, a Los Angeles burrito or a chili burrito. Like it’s so crazy that they even have a big mama. Again, this is California taco shop in the Claremont area. And they’re so big.

3 (33m 37s):
They’re so big Girth and length.

4 (33m 43s):
The double combo. It really

3 (33m 45s):

1 (33m 46s):
All right. We have one last question. This one comes from a San Diego local named Ron. And he said, nor Cal versus Soquel, who has the best Mexican food. Ooh, cause we’re all from nor Cal.

4 (33m 59s):
I wish I would’ve known this was a question of the week and I wouldn’t have said it earlier, but we already heard my opinion in terms of Mexican food as a whole, I’m going to have to go with Norco. I love it. Love it, love it. Every time I go home visit my parents. I always go get Mexican food. And I will say this in nor Cal their talk areas have way, way better burritos in my opinion, but Tacos as a whole, if we’re not talking about food, truck tacos, San Diego, for sure, but Mexican food as a whole, I have to give it up to Northern Cal, go with my roots.

2 (34m 33s):
I would have to agree.

3 (34m 34s):
I, you know what? I don’t think I ate enough Mexican food when I was in Northern California to really know

4 (34m 39s):
You’re a late bloomer on the Mexican

3 (34m 41s):
I am, you know what? Dad always cooked and I always ate that’s cooking. Or then once I got older, I would just eat really healthy. So I didn’t go out that often.

4 (34m 51s):
I can’t tell you how many times I would just go out and get Mexican food at some point, even still living at home. Not that dad’s food. Isn’t great. I’d love it. But I just really went out and got my own food and always ate Mexican.

1 (35m 2s):
I definitely grew up on Mexican food in nor Cal and I still eat it habitually here in Soquel. And I’ve been here for six years now and I have to say, I have converted. And I do think so-called

3 (35m 16s):
Kyle Mexican food. I really do. Even now, like as we’re recording you guys, it’s a little bit late and I need to get dinner and I’m thinking to myself, should I get a burrito now and risk the heartburn? Or should I just like, that

4 (35m 28s):
Is always worth it.

3 (35m 31s):
I know what to say. I mean, I have Tom’s right in my nightstand next to my bed, but still like, oh, it’s

4 (35m 37s):
Brutal. Pre-gaming with the Tums

3 (35m 39s):
There, you know?

1 (35m 41s):
All right guys, well, that’s all we have for you this week. Hope this episode made you hungry. Thanks for listening to us. Hope you get to try some of these amazing restaurants when you’re here in San Diego, follow us on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, everywhere. You can find us on social media at Travel Squad Podcast, tag us in your own adventures. We love to see what you’re up to, or if you try any of these taco shops and please send us in your questions of the week. So Dana can do her wrap again.

3 (36m 7s):
So what you guys think, and if you found the information in this episode to be useful, or if you thought we were just playing funny, please make sure to share it with a friend that would enjoy it too.

4 (36m 17s):
Please subscribe, rate, and review our podcast. And don’t forget to tune in every travel Tuesday or new episodes and do be sure to go rate us on YouTube, just as well and subscribe to us there.

2 (36m 28s):
Stay tuned for next week’s episode, pack your bags, grab your passport and your bathing suits. Because next week we’re taking you to Palauan island in the Philippines.

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