Romantic Places to Visit in the U.S. and Worldwide

We’re getting romantic with 11 places to visit in the U.S. and worldwide that give off major love vibes. This episode comes just in time for Valentine’s Day. Each place on the list brings its own lovely atmosphere, charming views, and intimate settings that makes for a perfect couples getaway. Whether you’re celebrating the holiday, or are looking for a romantic getaway any time of year, these 11 destinations will not disappoint.

11 Most Romantic Destinations in the World

  1. Paris, France
  2. Petra Tou Romiou, Cyprus
  3. Lake Tahoe, NV, USA
  4. Venice, Italy
  5. Coronado (San Diego), CA, USA
  6. Chamonix, France
  7. Bacalar, Mexico
  8. Koh Samui, Thailand 
  9. Saltzburg, Austria 
  10. Chicago, IL
  11. Bled, Slovenia

Romantic Places to Visit

3 (55s):
Welcome to this week’s episode of the Travel Squad podcast today. We’re spicing things up a bit with some romance just in time for Valentine’s day

4 (1m 4s):
It’s, February Valentine’s days in 12 days. So we wanted to bring you guys amazing romantic travel idea, destinations to add to your list.

2 (1m 14s):
Now, if you’re single like me, I just want to say, do not count yourself out of this episode. Do not turn this episode off, do not skip over this episode. There’s still juicy content for you in this episode, and you can also always just spoil yourself without your own romantic trip.

3 (1m 30s):
Hey, I know we’re recording this just a little bit early Zayna but don’t rule out the possibility of you falling in love before Valentine’s day.

4 (1m 38s):
You could meet the love of your life out one of these destinations. I mean, we know Kim met her boyfriend in Peru, so there’s a possibility that you can meet at the destination.

2 (1m 48s):
I mean, I’m not saying that I can’t meet someone, but I don’t think that I will choose to be exclusive with some

1 (1m 54s):

3 (1m 56s):

4 (1m 57s):
You don’t need to be exclusive for a little romance. Can wine and dine.

1 (2m 2s):
So some of these destinations are cliche classics and others are surprising additions. And I’m also hoping that this list inspires Jamal to plan us a romantic getaway.

4 (2m 13s):
Ooh. You know what? Several of these places are obviously places that we’ve been to Brittany. So I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve taken you to these places and that’s how we know the romantic.

1 (2m 23s):
Some of

4 (2m 23s):
Them, most of them,

3 (2m 25s):
I feel a trip being planned soon,

2 (2m 27s):
But none of these trips have anything to do with hiking.

4 (2m 30s):
That’s true.

3 (2m 32s):
So is hiking romantic or not?

4 (2m 35s):
Not to me.

2 (2m 36s):
I know, but Brittany takes you hiking on your birthday every year. So that’s why I’m just like, oh, there’s no hiking in this. It sounds like that’s your guys’s form of romance.

4 (2m 44s):
February is all about romance. So we’re gearing this towards people who like to be snow bunnies. I feel a lot of these locations here are actually in the snow. So let’s get into this list. And so everyone can see what we’re talking about.

3 (2m 56s):
So all of these places really do capture that essence of romance. And yes, Valentine’s day is just around the corner, but these places are romantic all year round. So we know that some of these places may not be accessible because of the times or because of where you’re living or your situation, but just keep them in mind because they’re going to be romantic today. They’re going to be romantic tomorrow and they’re going to be romantic in 10 years.

4 (3m 21s):

1 (3m 22s):
So number one on our list is Paris France.

4 (3m 25s):
This is one of those classic cliches we were talking about. How can we make a list of romantic travel destinations without including Paris, France?

1 (3m 33s):
You can have a picnic under the Eiffel tower with pastries, macaroons, charcuterie

3 (3m 39s):
Board, and each other

1 (3m 40s):
Wine, oh, you can feed each other. Kim, that’s a great idea. And you can do this during the day and you can also visit the Eiffel tower at night because at night, the Eiffel tower lights up and has so many twinkling lights, like 20,000 twinkling lights. And there’s like a light show on the Eiffel tower. And it’s so beautiful.

3 (4m 1s):
It sounds romantic

2 (4m 2s):
Bonus points. If you hold your lover’s hands and skip together while gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes on the lawn there under the Eiffel tower,

4 (4m 11s):
Brittany and I did that. We had the picnic, the charcuterie, the

3 (4m 16s):

4 (4m 18s):
Fed her something, But no beyond just even the Eiffel tower portion of things of Paris, it’s a romantic destination. The French language people find to be so romantic. You can take beautiful strolls along the seen river and see the classic French architecture that they have. There’s so much more to do. And you can go to the bridge. I forgot what it’s called, but you know, rest in peace, a little bit to the Notre Dame cathedral of obviously we know what happened to it, but they had that bridge that crosses the river where everyone puts the locks. And if you enter lock the lock together and you guys are the only ones that have the key, and then you throw it into the river, it’s locked there forever.

4 (5m 1s):
I’m totally butchering the whole purpose of that, but no one’s familiar with. Yeah.

2 (5m 5s):
Yeah. I know exactly what you’re talking about. I think that they forward bid you to put locks on the bridge though, because it was so heavy that it was starting to weigh down.

4 (5m 12s):
It is, but you know, maybe they’ve reinforced it since then or find a new bridge in Paris to do it

3 (5m 17s):
On that bridge. Still. There

4 (5m 19s):
It is still there when Brittany and I were there, they put up the plastic partitions that didn’t allow you to put on the lock. So

1 (5m 27s):
Some areas, but there were still people selling locks and keys, like at the entrances of the bridge.

4 (5m 33s):
I know someone who had gone to Paris a little bit before didn’t go on a romantic getaway. She went on a girls’ trip and all of them as friends put on like a little love lock. And I was literally trying to find it on there and I was unsuccessful in doing so. I do know the French government did cut some of them off to alleviate the weight. So maybe hers was one of the ones that got cut off, but find another bridge. I’ve seen other cities throughout Europe that have had bridges like that. So you can make it the tradition of France, where it started.

3 (6m 2s):
Beautiful sounds beautiful. It’s actually one of my top dreams to go on a romantic trip to Paris. I want to have the bag get with the Brie and the Eiffel tower and the whole thing. That sounds amazing.

1 (6m 14s):
It is. I can’t wait for you to go and try it out.

2 (6m 16s):
So question for you guys bonus points. Who knows how to say, I love you in French.

4 (6m 22s):
Please tell us you

2 (6m 23s):
Should a tame. Ooh. All right, guys, this next one, number two. I have been dying to share. Okay. I am known for always talking about Cypress to the squad. I love Cypress. I’ve been several times. It’s a tiny little island in the Mediterranean. And so I of course put Petra Tou Romiou Cypress on here. Of

3 (6m 47s):
Course you did

2 (6m 48s):
Absolutely anything that I can do to talk about Cyprus and further convinced the squad to take a squad trip to Cyprus.

1 (6m 56s):
You know what you always tell me about Cypress sweat it’s Aphrodite’s birthplace.

2 (7m 1s):
I even have a mug at home at my parents’ house that has a map of Cypress on the mug. And it says Aphrodite’s birthplace

1 (7m 7s):
In aren’t you supposed to swim around a rock or something like that?

3 (7m 10s):
Tell us about it.

2 (7m 11s):
Well, Petra Tou Romeo is the place where Aphrodite was born. She was said to have emerged amongst the seafoam. Basically Petra Tou Romeo is a beach and there’s a huge rock out there in the sea. And that’s where she was said to have emerged from. And if you swim around her rock on a full moon, it’s supposed to take away one year of the aging for every lap that you swim. And you’re supposed to get eternal beauty. These of course are urban legends. We aren’t encouraging anyone to make those laps. Okay.

3 (7m 42s):
I can tell you what if we go as a squad am definitely lapping around that rock,

2 (7m 46s):
Right? That’s what I’m saying. I’ve always wanted to, I have not done it, but on your way down there, they do have a whole bunch of bushes. And so since Aphrodite is the goddess of love, she’s the goddess of fertility. If you tie a ribbon around any of her branches, it’s said to be that you’re asking for her help in finding love, maintaining love or with fertility. And so I did tie a string around her branches years ago. I think when I was 23 years old.

1 (8m 17s):
Very nice.

2 (8m 19s):
I think it got blown off. I don’t think I tied it too tight.

4 (8m 21s):
Is that what happened to it? Does that? Why it’s not working currently?

2 (8m 25s):
Well, I’m not really trying anything right now. I know.

3 (8m 27s):
Okay. Like I said, Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Don’t give up hope yet.

2 (8m 31s):
Boom. So anyways, I absolutely love it. It’s located off the shore, along the main road between and Lima soul to big towns. It’s about 22 miles from . It’s huge city there in Southwestern Cyprus. So you’re really just kind of passing there. There’s no place to stay, but it is a beach you can get there and watch the beautiful sunrise. You can watch the beautiful sentence set. The colors are incredible because you’re on an island in the Mediterranean sea, looking out to forever. It is a little bit crowded during the summer months. It’s better to go during the off seasons, but whenever you go, it really is always the perfect time. Okay. So bonus points for you guys, Cyprus is an island that speaks Greek.

2 (9m 12s):
So how do you say I love you in Greek?

1 (9m 15s):
Tell us

2 (9m 16s):
Saga poll

3 (9m 17s):

2 (9m 17s):
Poll. Not a poll PO saga.

3 (9m 20s):
Oh, saga pole. Yeah. I like it. Hey travelers, we’re going to veer off the main highway for a moment to announce a fun giveaway on our Instagram.

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We’re giving away some of our favorite travel products,

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The airplane foot hammock. We rave about

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And inflatable travel pillow,

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4 (9m 53s):
The winner will be announced on our February 16th travel Tuesday podcast episode. So be sure to tune in, to see if the winner is you

1 (10m 1s):

6 (10m 2s):
Luck. Scotty’s

3 (10m 3s):
I want to add another place on our list. This one’s going us domestic coming back home all the way from Cyprus. This is a place I know all of us have been to. I’ve definitely been on a romantic trip here, both in winter and summer. This is Lake Tahoe, Nevada love it.

4 (10m 21s):
I love Lake Tahoe too. It’s so nostalgic for me. For many reasons, we talk all about it. In episode 66, we have a whole episode dedicated to it. It’s two hours from all of our hometown and central California. So all of us have been to Tahoe many times, but what I really love about it is just the whole ambiance that is like Tahoe. It was going to be a national park. It wasn’t for many reasons, but just picture that in mind, when you’re thinking of the scenic beauty of the area, high Alpine lake, beautiful snow skiing, or even during the summer when there’s no snow, just time out on the lake. But imagine getting yourself a cabin in winter in the snow, locked up there with the person you love the person you’re with and just watching the snow fall out the window and the beautiful forest out in Lake Tahoe.

4 (11m 10s):
It’s absolutely amazing.

2 (11m 11s):
While you have a warm cup of hot cocoa in your hand.

1 (11m 15s):
Exactly. I love seeing snow fall under trees when they’re just dusted with snow. It’s just so beautiful and magical. And can you just imagine if you go outside and there might be even a hot tub on the porch for you to enjoy while it’s snowing outside, that would be so romantic

2 (11m 34s):
And it’s the best time to, because the bears are all snoozing.

1 (11m 36s):
Can you even imagine a bear skin rug in front of the fire

7 (11m 41s):
In front of a roaring

1 (11m 42s):
Fire in front of a roaring fire?

4 (11m 45s):
Sounds like a fantasy of yours. Brittany might

1 (11m 47s):

3 (11m 48s):
I have so many memories of romantic getaways and experiences here in Tahoe. I had one, I was seeing this guy and we got breakfast sandwiches somewhere to go. And we went to the lake and sat on these picnic benches that they had just around the lake. It was I think, November. So it was cold. There was snow around, but it wasn’t covered in snow everywhere, but it was just like the morning. It was quiet. There was no one around, it was just us. Two having breakfast, looking out into the lake. It was so romantic.

1 (12m 15s):
That sounds romantic

4 (12m 16s):
Bonus points. If you want an even more romantic dinner with amazing views of the lake Lake Tahoe does straddle the border between California and Nevada and on the Nevada side on the 18th floor of the Harris hotel and casino, they have the amazing Friday station restaurant. The top floor is all glass windows. So you can see high up amazing views out onto the lake. Nice steak dinner, really romantic ambiance in that,

2 (12m 43s):
You know what else is really romantic about Lake Tahoe? What take a step outside of your cabin and take a deep breath in. She smell that, that

1 (12m 52s):
Sweet Alpine pine air.

2 (12m 54s):
That’s exactly what I smell too. Oh my God.

4 (12m 59s):
So taking us all the way from the west coast of the United States to Italy, we’re going to go to Venice specifically and we’ve all been to Venice. Have we not?

2 (13m 8s):
I have not.

4 (13m 9s):
Oh three out of the four of us have been events. I’ve

2 (13m 12s):
Been to Rome twice, but I have not been to Venice.

4 (13m 15s):
Well Zaina maybe this is where you’re going to meet your Italian stud here in Venice.

2 (13m 19s):
Yeah. I was going to say Italian instead, it’s an Italian stallion.

1 (13m 23s):
It’s going to get a lot of Italian beef and Venice.

2 (13m 26s):
You know how I feel about Italian beef,

3 (13m 29s):
That this is definitely a cliche classic, but I have been there on a couples trip and it was romantic. You cannot deny the romance in the air there. You guys went a couples trip as well. Right?

1 (13m 41s):
Absolutely. And we didn’t do a gondola ride, but I can imagine if you are going through the canals on a gondola ride, having the person rowing the gondola, singing to you, how romantic that would be,

3 (13m 54s):
Or just wandering through the small little alleyways and corridors and getting lost in those streets together,

1 (14m 1s):
We did that wall, eating gelato, holding hands, walking the canals, getting lost. And that was just a nice afternoon getaway.

2 (14m 8s):
I really want to be singing some kind of Italian opera song right now in the background as ambience like, Oh,

4 (14m 19s):
I’m quite impressed with what you just pulled out right now. But Brittany was saying it was nice and romantic, just eating our gelato while we were walking the streets, imagine eating the gelato in the gondola being serenaded to just equally romantic.

2 (14m 34s):
How about eating that gelato, having it drip down your cheek and your partner lovingly reaches across and wipes it off your face, licks his finger, and then gives you a kiss

3 (14m 44s):
Or just licks your face like that.

1 (14m 48s):
That’s what I was thinking. Why not just lick it right off my face.

2 (14m 52s):
Really set that

4 (14m 54s):
Love session in the gondola.

3 (14m 55s):
Hi. I remember being in Venice. Nice, nice background music. I remember being in Venice and just sitting at a small little bistro table with wine and some assorted. What is that toast with the tomatoes

4 (15m 10s):
Bruschetta for

3 (15m 11s):
A Sheda yes. All different kinds of like delicious bruschetta and wine, right along the canals while the gondolas with the romantic couples were floating by. But I just got to see one after another and just experienced that whole vibe. That’s like romance to a T.

4 (15m 26s):
It really was. I can’t say it enough again, like you said, Kim, it is a cliche classic. It is on here for a reason and not to be missed European, romantic travel destination. That is for sure.

2 (15m 38s):
So, you know, I have to ask, who knows how to say, I love you in Italian.

1 (15m 44s):

3 (15m 44s):
Tell us more

2 (15m 47s):

3 (15m 48s):
Okay. Okay.

1 (15m 49s):
So number five on our list is one of my personal favorites. It’s Cornado in San Diego and this is one of my favorite romantic destinations because it’s actually the place that Jamal and I got married, but it just has soft, clean white sand and the beach just stretches for miles and miles. And then you have the classic hotel Del Coronado, which is Victorian architecture and it’s always Insite and it’s just a beautiful backdrop. It’s a gorgeous place to watch the sunset or Jamal. And I used to go there to do some fine dining watching the ocean.

4 (16m 26s):
Yeah. I mean, I love Cornado. And you said Cornado is in San Diego actually Cornado is in core natto. It’s its own city and San Diego is on the side end of it. But it’s absolutely amazing. As Brittany was saying, it has the famous hotel Del Coronado with that classic Victorian architecture. And that is really what gives you that whole romantic ambiance. It’s just the classic architecture. You may even feel like you’re in Europe yet on a beach. So I don’t want to give the impression like it’s a European city, but it just gives that classical romantic feel to it. And they have several restaurants that are along the beach front, and it’s so, so amazing.

4 (17m 8s):
And one of the very reasons why Brittany and I got married on the beaches of hotel Del Coronado,

2 (17m 14s):
You know, what’s so crazy about hotel Del Coronado is they say that it’s haunted. So what makes something even more romantic is as you’re cuddling in bed in case there’s a,

4 (17m 25s):
There’s a ghost

2 (17m 26s):
In case there’s a ghost. You just jump into your lover’s arms and have him protect you from a Casper.

1 (17m 31s):
Jamal. And I actually stayed in hotel Del Coronado on our wedding night. And he didn’t realize that the lights in the bathroom were automatic and we had the lights on in the bathroom and all of a sudden they just shut off and he was like, oh my God, this place is fucking haunted.

4 (17m 47s):
Well, it is haunted. They have numerous documented cases of things happening, but this isn’t about that. We’re talking about love and romance, but I just want to throw out how iconic the hotel Del is. Tons of celebrities have stayed there, grinned and all the way back from the days of Maryland and row, you’ve actually had British royalty stay here. All the presidents when they come to visit San Diego have stayed here. So iconic and

3 (18m 11s):
Obama stay

4 (18m 12s):
There. I don’t know if, when he came to San Diego, he did or not, but tons of presidents have stayed there all throughout the 20th century. But what I really like about the hotel Del too, is they do allow fires on the beach, which not a lot of beaches do and how nice the beaches are in Coronado too. That also surprises me cause really nice beaches more often than not. I feel like don’t allow the bonfires. So imagine just sitting, watching a sunset, having that glass of wine in hand with your loved one, how romantic is that?

1 (18m 45s):
That is super romantic. And you know, even if you aren’t there to go on the beach or stay at the hotel, you can walk the town or even bike ride the town. I always see people on their cruisers just cruising along through the city going about. And it just looks like a really nice morning there.

3 (19m 1s):
I was going to say that too long walks on the beach. Hello, low you’re talking romanced right there. And Coronado is the perfect one beautiful sand. Oh my gosh. It’s so soft on your feet.

4 (19m 12s):
I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret one time, Brittany and I found a secluded corner on that beach and we hid from people and did the unmentionable. I’m just kidding. That doesn’t

8 (19m 22s):

4 (19m 24s):
But just go in with that on Vance. We’ll probably cut that

3 (19m 27s):
And I’ll leave it in. I mean, you’ve got to put the coordinates in the show notes for the listeners.

2 (19m 34s):
I know though, cause people up there at a Cabrio monument might be able to look down and see you guys

3 (19m 39s):
Or the Navy just off shore spying on you. I think we’ve spent a little bit too much time in the U S for this episode, let’s go back international. I know the next one on our list we have is Shawmanee France. And this is one that Jamal never stopped talking about.

4 (19m 59s):
So as Zaina never stops talking about Cyprus, I can never stop talking about Shawmanee France. So we’re going back to France. But this time, instead of being in Paris, we’re going to take you to the French Alps, the beautiful city of Shawmanee it’s nestled at the foot of Mount Blanca, which is the tallest mountain in the Alps. And it’s such a quaint Alpine city. Think of it almost as the European version of Vail or Aspen or one of those go-to mountain towns for winter here in the United States. This is the European version of that. So you get that European romance, that European village, you can have more French food and wine.

4 (20m 42s):
And then my favorite thing of all, when Brittany and I were there, it actually did happen to be winter. We were there for new years and there was nothing more romantic than being out in the French Alps in a snow storm, being cold. And coming back to the room, warm and cuddling up with your loved one and even going into the spa at our hotel. Brittany, do you remember that? I loved it. It had a beautiful, it was inside cause obviously it’s cold out there, but it was a glass windows. And we were just in the spa watching the snow fall on the outside with the mountains as the backdrop. It was so, so beautiful. So romantic,

1 (21m 17s):
It’s just like one of the most cliche things where you see like a swimming pool with the glass cover and you get to see the snowfall in the background. And it was one of my favorite places that we’ve been, and it was just so romantic. Jamal said we haven’t been for Valentine’s day, but we did go for new year’s Eve one year. And we had a, I want to say like a 15 course meal at the hotel, whoa. And with champagne and a full bunch of French food, we just felt so wined and dined and so romantic. We got to cuddle up because it was just so cold outside. I was my true snow bunny. The mountains are just dusted with snow.

1 (21m 57s):
And we also got to take a gondola ride. What was the mountain Montblanc?

4 (22m 2s):
The top of Montblanc? Yes. To

1 (22m 4s):
The top of Mount Blanc. It’s over 10,000 feet in elevation, but it just has gorgeous panoramic views. You can see the French Alps, the Swiss Alps, the Italian Alps.

4 (22m 16s):
I mean, Mount Blanca is literally the border between Italy and France. So when you’re on there, you’re looking into Italy. If you’re actually skiing or snowboarding, you can snowboard from within France into Italy. And when you’re on there, you can see into Switzerland. If it’s a clear day, you can actually see the tip of the matter horn. That’s how amazing it is up there.

3 (22m 38s):
It sounds beautiful. And any time there’s cold weather and a need for cuddling, that’s romantic right there.

4 (22m 44s):
And in the French Alps, how does it get more romantic than that? I mean, Shawmanee is really one of my favorite travel destination places ever, and definitely romantic.

3 (22m 53s):
Did you and Brittany also find a secret little spot in this trip?

4 (22m 57s):
We did not know the secret spot was our hotel. It was too cold to do anything else. Let’s put it that way. I don’t know. You know, I mean it’s a little too cold for even my comfort out there.

1 (23m 8s):
But other than the gondola rides, this is a great place for helicopter tours, paragliding in the summer and hot air balloons. So it is a place to not be missed and it is so romantic, no matter what season you visited,

2 (23m 22s):
Hey travelers, we’re going to take a quick break to tell you about our sponsor. Popcorn.

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Popcorn is a marketplace connecting podcasters with amazing brand sponsorship opportunities. Some of those are host read ads, interview segments, topical discussions, and so much more. We’ve used it to earn cash, to fund our travel adventures and bring you new premium episodes. Every travel Tuesday,

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Pod court’s mission is to give it podcasters, transparency, creative freedom, and full control of how and when podcasters make money,

2 (24m 17s):
Click the link in our show notes to sign up and claim sponsorship opportunities. Now flying back halfway across the world, we’re going to land ourselves in Bacalar Mexico. So this is a super, super quaint little town located in Kitano Ru, which is right below Taloon most people know to loom. So this is another city pretty much just like it. It has a whole bunch of cenote. They S which are what are Sanofi’s. How do you describe it?

3 (24m 46s):
We’re like underground cave, swimming, holes, and freshwater too, and really blue and turquoise and beautiful. Like you will feel romantic while looking at one of those with your lover

2 (24m 57s):
In Bacalar specifically, they’re famous for its lake of seven colors

3 (25m 2s):
Actually seen pictures. And you talk about this place often. This is one of those Cyprus places to you, but I’ve heard from other people that the waters are just so gorgeous, turquoise, beautiful sand. That it’s also not as populated as to loom. So you can have a little more privacy with your lover,

4 (25m 20s):
Privacy and intimacy. Right. And correct me if I’m wrong, you know, you’re on the beautiful coast of Gulf of Mexico here, the Caribbean area. And then you get into the jungle. So you’re like beach on the jungle kind of atmosphere. Am I correct?

2 (25m 37s):
Kind of. Yeah. I mean, I wouldn’t say it’s too much jungle, but it’s definitely not like beach beach.

4 (25m 42s):
It’s tropical. Let’s maybe not jungle, but you remember may have been the bad word,

3 (25m 46s):
Right? Caribbean. Yeah,

2 (25m 47s):
Exactly, exactly. And you’re right, Kim. Cause you know, most people go to Taloon most people go to Cancun and like, those are jacked up prices for tourism. That’s fine. Right. So when you go to Bacalar, it’s still a little bit undiscovered. So I just remember when I was there, it was dirt cheap prices. Like it was so crazy and it’s just as beautiful as all the other locations and you pretty much have it all to yourself. So there’s hotels along the water. There’s little huts along the water as well. You can take a catamaran on the lakes. It’s just really such a beautiful place to be. And so secluded, like the majority of the people there are locals,

3 (26m 26s):
That’s definitely a place I want to visit.

2 (26m 28s):
I mean, it’s high on my list for us to go as a school.

4 (26m 30s):
I mean, you were into loom. I know it was a short trip, Kim, but maybe when you go back and visit your family, well, obviously we should do it as a squad. I say that even though we’re talking romance, however, if you go back and visit your family, you could just take a short little drive down there. You

3 (26m 44s):
Know, that’s a good point, but that family actually moved shortly after my visit there, which is why I’m so thankful and grateful that I took that extension of that trip to go visit them and get to see to loom. But yeah, short trip, we didn’t get to see this. So I won’t go back for family, but I will be going back for romantic trip.

4 (27m 1s):
There you go.

3 (27m 3s):
All right. Number eight on our list is one that I’m really, really excited to share. This is Kosta Moya in Thailand. It’s not exactly an island. It’s actually connected to land, but it’s coastal. So it feels like an island. It’s very tropical. It has those picture S Thai boats that you can get inside of one with your partner and go for a cruise. A romantic Thai cruise really cute has just gorgeous turquoise waters. It’s really warm water. So you can go out and swim together. It also has quite a bit of culture. A lot of the Southern islands in Thailand don’t have a lot of the temples and Thai culture that the Northern parts do, but this is one of the exceptions and they have just beautiful temples, Thai temples and different statues.

3 (27m 46s):
You can go look at it and experience the culture there. But I think the biggest draw that I liked when I was there is the beaches. The beaches are just gorgeous and they have these tables that they can set up for you. There’s a lot of people in restaurants that line the coast. And so they’ll set up these tables for two, with like white tablecloth candles, right where the water is touching the sand. So you’re like right up in

1 (28m 9s):
It. Oh, wow. That’s really

3 (28m 10s):
Nice dinner for two. And you’re in Thailand. So your money us money is about three to one. So you’re getting this beautiful romantic experience for two, for a third of the price that you’d be paying for it here.

1 (28m 21s):
That’s amazing. That’s why I love traveling is because you can go to so many other places in the world and get such romantic and all out

3 (28m 30s):

1 (28m 31s):
Luxurious dinners for two, for a fraction of the price you’re going to pay here.

2 (28m 36s):
Nothing says, I love you like fucking them hard.

3 (28m 40s):

4 (28m 41s):
That’s so true. You know, Thailand is high on all of our lists to go to why we haven’t been other than you Kim. I do not know, but as you’re describing it to me, it reminds me of other Southeast Asian countries that I’ve actually been to. And it has that type of beach feel and romance ambiance to it with the seclusion, the moderate prices. And so I can imagine Thailand is that on another level?

3 (29m 8s):
Yeah. You can definitely get like a romantic, almost like a tree house for you and your lover to be like put away. And they also have a lot of massages, their time massages or oil massages. You can get a couples massage again, super cheap. So this is definitely of our list. Like the place I would recommend

1 (29m 26s):
You had a very interesting massage in Thailand. Mm Hmm.

3 (29m 30s):
That was in co-PI P but yes, it was a lady boy and I, you know, they, they have to get into certain scissoring positions to really get up in there. And if that’s the kind of massage that says romance to you, then Thailand has that,

4 (29m 45s):
Did it say romance to you?

3 (29m 48s):
No, actually it

4 (29m 50s):
Didn’t. They didn’t wine and dine you first as I was

3 (29m 52s):
A little hung over. So I think that was the problem.

1 (29m 55s):
So now we’re going back to Europe, we’re going to Salzburg, Austria, and this is where the sound of music was filmed. And you can go to Salzburg stroll around the Maribel, palace and gardens, which is absolutely beautiful. And just imagine that you are in the sound of music.

4 (30m 14s):
Well, even if you’re not a sound, a music fan or a musical movie fan for that matter, it just has that quaint European charm that just exudes romance, number one, and the Mirabelle palace and gardens just imagine being in gardens and topiaries anywhere in the world, even here in the United States, they’re so beautiful. That’s romantic just set it on a European architecture backdrop. And it just to me, you know, ma obviously being American, that exudes romance to me and so beautiful. They also have one of those lover’s bridges that we talked about that they had in Paris, France. So you can leave your Lovelock attached to the bridges out there. They have a very famous one as well.

4 (30m 56s):
And one of the world’s most famous composers, Mozart was born in Salzburg. So they’re all about moats are over there. And nothing says romance quite like going to see a Mozart concert. He is not conducting it. I could tell you that, but they are playing his tunes. And that is so romantic to do.

1 (31m 16s):
And that’s actually one of my regrets on going on this vacation, Jamal. And I took a trip to Salzburg, Austria on our honeymoon. And we went around Christmas time and there was an option to add on the Mozart dinner concert. And we did not. And I wish we had, because everyone that went from our group absolutely enjoyed it and came back so thrilled. It was a really good dinner. They said, and beautiful classic music. And if we go back, I’m definitely going to do the Mozart concert.

4 (31m 43s):
You said around Christmas, you are very wrong. We were in Salzburg on Christmas.

2 (31m 49s):
Okay. So wait, why did you guys say no?

4 (31m 51s):
You know, when we were in Salzburg, it wasn’t, oh, we’re just going to Salzburg. We did a Danube river cruise and Salzburg happened to be one of the cities that we stopped on. It was on Christmas. So they did have that as an add on. And I think we thought to ourselves, we just wanted to explore the city on our own, which we did. And it was great. Had we had more time and they were doing it in another location. We probably would have gone to the concert, but we did not. So it’s one of those things in hindsight regret.

1 (32m 21s):
And so like Jamal said, we did visit it on Christmas and we got to enjoy the traditional European Christmas markets. And we got to stroll it for the it’s amazing food desserts and gifts that are all created by the locals there. So it was a really good trip and it was just so quaint, able to walk to all the little shops in a row. I would definitely recommend it.

4 (32m 42s):
It’s like a little European village city, even though Salzburg is a big city. It still has that localized, small vibe, which I really like and adds to the romance and ambiance too. But real quick speaking about Mozart, we can’t not mention the Mozart cafe or cafe Mozart, I should say. And I’m only bringing this up because there’s one thing that Brittany loves about this place that we had, and she can’t ever stop talking about it sometimes when we talk about sweets and desserts and why don’t you tell everyone what that is, Brittany,

1 (33m 11s):
They were these apricot dumplings and my gosh, they were just these like little pieces of dough filled with warm apricot, filling that just like gushed out in your mouth. And it was so flavorful and delicious Jamal Knight ordered a plate and we’re like, damn, should we get another plate?

4 (33m 29s):
When they say a plate? It was like out as an appetizer of four dumplings. So it’s not anything too huge, but just even having a nice dessert and coffee is romantic to do in and of itself. And that’s one of the things that I really like about Europe is they take their time and take things slow. And you can put yourself in that and just enjoy the moment of going out. And it’s not even a full meal having, you know, dessert, coffee. They’re all about that for the leisure and that’s romantic in and of itself. I feel like

3 (33m 59s):
I love the dessert and the mini coffee in Europe. I love that.

1 (34m 4s):
I love it.

4 (34m 4s):
Amazing apricot dumplings at cafe Mozart. So when you’re in Salzburg, do check it out.

2 (34m 9s):
All right guys. So I looked it up and I see that Salzburg, or even Austria in general, their main language is German. So you know what my next question is,

4 (34m 17s):
How do you say I love you in German?

2 (34m 19s):
Yes. That’s exactly what I was going to ask.

4 (34m 21s):
I don’t know the answer.

2 (34m 22s):
Anyone? Nope. Nope. Lieb dish

4 (34m 25s):

1 (34m 26s):

2 (34m 27s):
I do apologize if I’ve butchered it. I got it from Google translate. I know that that is. I love you. I just don’t know if I’m saying it correctly.

4 (34m 34s):
Well, we should ask our German friends, Tata and Lena who hugged the Inca trail with us. Maybe they can confirm if we have the accent and pronunciation. Correct.

2 (34m 42s):
There you go.

3 (34m 44s):
Yeah. By the way, please reach out to us. If it is wrong. We’ve had some listeners DMS to correct us on a couple of things, but we appreciate that. Keep us honest. All right. Number 10 is one that I’m recommending. And this is Chicago, Illinois right here in the U S this is maybe not a place you would think of right away when thinking of romantic destinations. But I absolutely do think it is. We went there as a squad. That’s the only time I’ve been there, but I was just getting the romantic vibe because of all the hot guys, all the beards and flannels. Oh my God.

4 (35m 17s):
I was rocking my beard and a flannel camera me right now. I made it to speak. Now Brittany’s here. We can just air it out. It’s Valentine’s day.

2 (35m 27s):
Or maybe you should move to Chicago, but I’m going to have to double down with Kim on that one. There are a lot of good looking men in Chicago, and it’s a city filled with Italian beef.

4 (35m 37s):
Yes. Well, minus the good looking men that are out there in

2 (35m 42s):

4 (35m 42s):
And flannel, there are more reasons than that. That makes Chicago or romantic place. One of them is actually just walking the downtown area. They have a waterfront that you can walk on and stroll. And you’re feeling like an ant amongst the tall skyscrapers that they have out there. And it’s so romantic. And when we were there, it was October as we’re starting to get that brisk, autumn chill. And it was, yeah. And I was going to say, even when we were walking along the river promenade and holding hands, Brittany, just, even that was romantic. Even though we had the other two members of the squad, I just felt the romance.

3 (36m 19s):
The Riverwalk is very romantic, very pretty picturesque. I can see people getting proposed to, in that walk all the time

4 (36m 27s):
That then walking to millennium park and on Navy pier, Chicago is a really walkable city. At least when you’re in the downtown areas, it may take a while to get from one place to the other, but it is walkable. And so that’s fun to do.

1 (36m 41s):
I can imagine you Kim getting proposed to at one of these rooftop bars overlooking the river. So Louis, if you’re listening

3 (36m 51s):
Yes. They have so many rooftop bars with beautiful views. Like that’s romantic having a cocktail with your lover up there. Maybe it is a little chilly. So you’re all bundled up. Maybe there’s a fire. Maybe there’s a complimentary blanket that you don’t steal. Cause it’s not from the airplane.

1 (37m 7s):
And Chicago is known to have a lot of gourmet restaurants to try out Jamal. And I actually wanted to go there in 2020 for our anniversary. However, because of COVID, they weren’t allowing us to go visit the city of Chicago and the restaurant we wanted to go to was shut down. But I hear Chicago has a lots of gourmet restaurants to try out and I definitely want to go back to hit up the food scene.

2 (37m 29s):
You know, I’ve always considered moving to Chicago, but I always felt like it might just be a little bit too cold for me,

4 (37m 35s):
Cold to live, not too cold to visit for romantic destination.

2 (37m 38s):

3 (37m 38s):
Is true to yourself. Some gloves you’ll be good.

2 (37m 41s):
Yeah. You know what? I’ve been pushing Brittany to watch the princess switch on Netflix and she has finally watched it. And the setting begins in Chicago, Illinois. And I love the beginning because all you see is just snow covering the downtown area. The bridges is

3 (37m 57s):

2 (37m 58s):
It really is. It’s like the perfect picturesque scene before they actually start the movie. And it just makes me think, oh man, I wish I wasn’t so afraid of the cold, because that would be a perfect place to be.

4 (38m 8s):
So I’m going to throw a curve ball on the love in Chicago. Okay. You guys are sports fans or anyone’s a sports fan. What better place to go than Wrigley field with your loved one. Now people don’t maybe don’t consider sports to be romantic, but let me tell you something. If you are baseball fans back classic ballpark, the ambience being out in Wrigleyville right there. Some people could find that romantic and believe me, I’m sure there’s a lot of people having that train thought I would

3 (38m 36s):
Say. So I think it’s super cute to go as a couple and watch a game together, get hot dogs and get a beer together

2 (38m 42s):
Before you guys started watching the bachelor bachelorette. I forgot which season I’m thinking. I think it was bins season. Anyways, they went to Chicago and he took a girl to Wrigley field and they sat in the field all by themselves. It was super romantic.

3 (38m 56s):
My dream is to have come up on the screen. Will you marry me? And then the camera shoots to us and it’s the kiss cam. And then, ah, yes. And then fireworks go off.

1 (39m 8s):
Well, that’s a second way to in Chicago, second

2 (39m 11s):

1 (39m 14s):
So now we’re going to take you back to Europe for our final destination. It is a blood Slovenia and you might not think of Slovenia as a romantic place, but blood is so beautiful. And what I really loved about bled was that it’s right, all along a lake and our hotel that we stayed at, which was the park hotel. They had a restaurant right along the lakefront and they had their authentic blood cream cake. And we went to enjoy it at night and got views of the blood castle lit up on the Cliff’s edge. We also went to the castle and was able to get beautiful, beautiful views of the lake below.

1 (39m 55s):
And in the middle of the lake, there is a church that you can see and it just looks just so quaint and European, and it’s just such a beautiful place to be.

4 (40m 4s):
Yeah. And I really loved it. You know, you talked about getting the cake, you forgot to mention the coffee aspect too, with it at night. And so I am a sucker for coffee and dessert that it screams romance to me. So that’s the reason why I’m mentioning that. But yeah, you just see the beautiful castle up along the hill. But the church to me on the island in the middle of the lake is what really makes it so romantic. It’s just this picturesque European looking church out there. There’s a story that goes behind it. That church has called the church of Mary, the queen. And there are 99 steps up from the shore of the island up to the church. And if you ring the bell of the bell tower, it said to have your wishes come true.

4 (40m 47s):
So lots of people will go there to get married and actually wish for a happy life with their spouse.

1 (40m 55s):
Not only that they go there to get married and then the traditionist for the groom to carry the bride up all 99 steps. And then they ring the bell together to wish. And you didn’t even mention the best part is the only way to get to the island with the church is to get there by taking a boat ride. And so it’s just this romantic boat ride on the lake to even get to the island with the church on it.

4 (41m 19s):
But these aren’t boats, like we’re thinking of these are called polenta boats. And so just imagine like a little wooden boat, it’s a romantic boat. Doesn’t have, you know, an engine associated with it. So it has that type of slow, steady vibe to it. And you’re sailing across the lake. And when we were doing that, it was just so serene and picturesque. It was early morning. There was some low mist and cloud cover just rising off of the lake. You’re looking at the green mountains beside you coming across this beautiful European church. And it was really romantic.

1 (41m 55s):
Dana. I’m going to challenge you to go to blood Slovenia because the guy that is Manning the polenta, the boat, he is just ruin it with his muscles.

2 (42m 7s):

1 (42m 8s):
Has ripped,

2 (42m 9s):
He have a manly lumberjack style beard

1 (42m 11s):
He does

2 (42m 12s):
With flannel, oh my God,

1 (42m 14s):
He’s throwing you across the lake. He might pick you up and take you up those 99 steps. And you guys bring the bell wishes together.

2 (42m 23s):
I would love for him to pick me up, throw me over his shoulders, spank my bum and run up the stairs.

4 (42m 30s):
He may

2 (42m 31s):
In may.

1 (42m 32s):
And then you guys can have dinner at the blood castle, enjoying views of the lake below.

4 (42m 37s):
And the view from the top is absolutely gorgeous from the blood castle down onto the lake. And I forgot to mention too, that you can actually take a beautiful stroll around the lake. The lake is not very large, so you can walk around it relatively quickly in about an hour, or you can be a little bit more romantic and take a beautiful carriage ride around the lake. We did not take a care dried. It’s one of those things where in the moment it looked intriguing, but it didn’t really scream to us to actually do it. And then you come back home and leave the trip and realize, oh, I should have done it. And so when we were there, we weren’t even thinking about it. But now in hindsight, it’s like, it should have been done

2 (43m 14s):
Right when we were in Mexico. And we didn’t order a song from the,

4 (43m 19s):
Yeah, it’s a major regret. Except the difference was we were thinking about it in that moment and just decided not to do it. This one wasn’t like clarity, hindsight should have done it. And it wasn’t even on our mind when we were there.

2 (43m 30s):
Yeah. Well, I’ve got a very hard question for you guys. How do you say I love you and Slovenian? No clue. Okay. I’m really hoping that I’m going to pronounce this correctly, but it is Yes. The Juven think it’s cute.

4 (43m 47s):
Hopefully we’re saying it right.

2 (43m 48s):
I know again, you know, like Kim said, if, if you’re listening to us and you do speak Slovenian and you’re like, Beau, that was way off. Anyways, let us know. We want to know, we want to learn

1 (43m 59s):
Any final thoughts about the romantic destinations. We’ve mentioned so far.

4 (44m 3s):
I’m sure people are hearing this and thinking to themselves, we left off a lot of places that are romantic and probably so we did highlight few that were, again, those classic cliches and some of them that are on the off beaten path that we think are just underrated. But all of these places that we’ve listed, we have actually been to. So we wanted to list places that we have been to specifically.

2 (44m 27s):
I have a question for you guys. So even though we’ve been to every single one of these places, not each of us have been to every single one of those places.

4 (44m 34s):

2 (44m 35s):
So out of everything on the list, what’s the one place that you haven’t been to, that you are like, number one on the list

4 (44m 42s):
For me, I’m going to go with Bacalar.

2 (44m 44s):
It’s not Cyprus.

4 (44m 46s):
It’s not Cypress. He keeps selling up Cypress Cena, and I have no doubt about it just for whatever reason. It’s not high on my travel rate.

2 (44m 53s):
Well, you know what I put Bacalar on the list. So I’m very happy to hear that.

4 (44m 56s):
Yes, I w I wanted to choose one that you did.

3 (45m 0s):
Cyprus is my choice.

1 (45m 3s):
It’s also my choice. Thank

2 (45m 5s):
You guys. Okay. I would say Shawmanee Salzburg. I’m going to go with blood Slovenia. Nice

3 (45m 14s):

2 (45m 15s):
For the guy. That’s going to carry me up the 99 stairs. There you go. No, but really, even without him, I still think it would be bled Slovenia.

3 (45m 24s):
All right, guys. Well, that is all of our romantic destinations, but we do have a couple of questions

1 (45m 31s):
Of the week. So our first question is from William, from Arkansas. And he asks, what’s a place you want to take a romantic trip to that you haven’t already listed. I’m going to go ahead and say, it’s probably going to be Santorini, Greece. I would love to go there. I think Greece in general is just a pretty romantic place. Can you just imagine like all of the white buildings and the

3 (46m 1s):
Blue coasts?

1 (46m 2s):
Yeah, the blue host it’s it would just be so perfect.

4 (46m 6s):
Well, I’m glad he actually asked this question because it touched on what I said earlier about these are places that we’ve been so romantic place that I really want to go, that I have not been yet. And this goes back to you then, Brittany, where am I planning on taking you? That’s romantic. Well, the Mel Dave’s. How did you know that was going to be my answer, Brittany,

1 (46m 23s):
You always talked about going to the

4 (46m 24s):
Mountain. I want to go to the Maldives. Imagine us being in an over-water bungalow, just waking up in the morning to watch the sunrise, be able to watch the sunset. I mean, we’re on a bungalow over the water so I could see the sunrise and sunset in any direction. Just waking up, going for a swim, beautiful, clear waters. How romantic is that going to be?

1 (46m 45s):
Sounds so romantic.

4 (46m 47s):
That’s the trip that you get from me, Brittany.

2 (46m 50s):
Now these is what I was going to say too. Like, I really, really want to go to Maldives. It’s crazy just to even get there, you know, cause it’s such a tiny little island. You have to take a tiny little plane to a tiny little airport and then you take a boat and then you’d go to a bungalow and then there’s nothing to do, but relax and

1 (47m 4s):
Make love

2 (47m 5s):
To sweet, sweet,

4 (47m 6s):
Seriously. Yeah. And that’s a half the romance, not even just the setting is the fact that there’s nothing to do except spend time with the person that you’re there with. Right? So that again, exudes the romance.

3 (47m 17s):
It sounds beautiful. Another beautiful place I would love to go is the Amalfi coast in Italy puts the Tano being out there on the boats, just soaking up the summer sun having, oh, what is that called? When they have the drink and the snacks before dinner

2 (47m 32s):
At parity,

3 (47m 33s):
A pair of TiVo. Yes. Then a pair of teeth. Yes. Ah, just a nice little cocktail every day. Mid day. Sounds beautiful.

1 (47m 39s):
Well, my sister went to the Amalfi coast for her honeymoon and she highly recommends it.

3 (47m 45s):
Can’t wait to go.

1 (47m 46s):
So our second question of the week is from Charlotte, from Buffalo, New York. And she asks, what’s a romantic activity that you haven’t done, but you want to do on a trip. Easy answer for me. I’d have to say going on a hot air balloon ride,

4 (48m 1s):
That wouldn’t be the first one that came to my mind. Brittany has an answer. But now that you say that I’m going to agree with you and I’m going to tell you why our favorite squad tour company gate one has a trip to Tanzania to do a safari out on the Serengeti, which is very, very high on my to-do travel bucket list here. And I remember looking at one of their tours and one of their add on options was a morning hot air balloon ride on the Serengeti. Imagine taking a hot air balloon, looking over the Serengeti Plains of Africa, watching the sun rise, looking at the giraffe, grazing below, maybe seeing a lion attack, something for breakfast in the morning.

4 (48m 45s):
You know, the, the hunting part isn’t necessarily romantic, but the ambiance of watching the sunrise over the Serengeti on a hot air balloon. Tell me how that is. Not romantic

3 (48m 55s):
Hot air balloon. Very romantic. Yes.

2 (48m 58s):
I don’t know. You know what? I think that I have done absolutely a lot. And so I think it would just be really romantic to be someplace with someone, because for all the traveling that I’ve done, I’ve never actually traveled with a romantic partner.

3 (49m 11s):
It’s nice. I would like to do, you know, those like Instagram pictures you see of like in a big personal jacuzzi tub or your own private pool with like beautiful flowers floating in it. And it’s looking out in this beautiful picture of seeing maybe it’s like an infinity pool kind of set

4 (49m 27s):
Up, like maybe somewhere in Bali.

3 (49m 29s):
Yeah. Like Bali and then a big floating thing of food where you’re just like, Ooh, enjoying it together in your private little area with beautiful scenery. That’s what I want to do.

4 (49m 38s):
That’s a really solid choice there. Actually. You have me sold on it right now. I’m just picturing the Instagram picture in my mind.

2 (49m 46s):
It’s living dangerously. Cause you’re not supposed to swim after you eat for 30 minutes.

1 (49m 57s):
Such a danger ninja.

2 (49m 58s):
I know, right. I wait 15 minutes. Not 30.

3 (50m 1s):
All right guys. Well, that’s what we have for you this week. Hope you spice it up with your lover. Keep the adventures going with us on Social Media. Be sure to follow us at Travel Squad Podcast, Instagram, YouTube, tag us in your trips and let us know where you’re going with your lovers.

2 (50m 16s):
And if you found the information in this episode to be useful, or if you thought we were just playing funny, please make sure to share it with a friend that would enjoy it too.

4 (50m 22s):
And as always guys, please subscribe, rate and review our podcast and tune in every travel Tuesday for new episodes,

1 (50m 29s):
Stay tuned for next week’s episode, we have some more amazing adventures and tips in store for you.

4 (50m 34s):
Bye everybody. Bye

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