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This comprehensive 1 day guide has you eating, drinking, and hiking your way down San Diego’s coast. This guide is good for both tourists new to San Diego as well as locals looking to explore in their own backyard. .

This San Diego Itinerary will take you to:
-Torrey Pines State Park 
-La Jolla Cove
-Mount Soledad National Veterans Memorial
-Mission Beach
-Sunset Cliffs
-Harbor Island 

Where the San Diego Travel Guide Itinerary Goes:

               13-pages of expert advice to help you navigate your San Diego trip and maximize your experience. This guide includes recommendations to make the most out of one day in San Diego. In this itinerary you'll find a recommended hike, places to eat, and things to see along the beautiful San Diego coast.  


December 2023

Last Updated:  


1 Day San Diego Itinerary
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How this Itinerary will help you

Plan your day perfectly to see the best highlights along San Diego's coast in just one day, ideal for day trippers, those visiting for a short time, or locals exploring their own backyard.

Exact location of each attraction and restaurant.

Hours and best time of year for the recommended things to see and do along the San Diego coast. 

Recommended morning hike in Torrey Pines, including fees, how long to allot to experience it, best place to find parking nearby, and the exact hiking route to take.  

Recommended coffee, brunch, afternoon cocktails and dinner with a downtown San Diego view.

Distance and drive time between locations.

Our local's recommendations for the perfect day along the San Diego coast.

Squad Tips!

Coastal views

Where to eat with
water views

Follow this itinerary! Yes, you could catch a Padres game or go to the San Diego Zoo but those activities take up the majority of the day. If you only have one day to spend in San Diego, we highly recommend this coastal San Diego itinerary. 

What should I do with one day in San Diego?

San Diego has several fantastic beaches. This itinerary highlights several of San Diego's famed beaches such as Torrey Pines, La Jolla, Mission Beach, and Sunset Cliffs. 

What are the best beaches in San Diego?

There are so many great areas of San Diego, and you won't be able to fit them all in within a day. We have focused this itinerary around coastal San Diego as we feel it captures the essence of San Diego and highlights different coastal areas. 

What are the best areas to visit in San Diego 

Yes! San Diego is a huge metropolis. Although San Diego has buses and trolleys, it would be hard to follow this itinerary without a rental car or using a ride share platform such as Lyft or Uber. 

Do you need a car in San Diego?

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1 Day San Diego Itinerary
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