Our ‘How We Met Stories’ + Tips for How to Start Traveling

We share our ‘how we met stories’ and give you a more in depth look at where each of us came from, our journey to becoming travel obsessed, and how we became a travel squad!

We also give you advice on how to start traveling because as you can see from this episode, we weren’t always avid travelers! Kim didn’t even leave the country until she was 26 and look at her now! That can be you too, and it all starts with that first trip.

How We Met Stories – Episode Transcript

1 (9s):
Welcome to the Travel Squad Podcast.

2 (11s):
We’re four friends that grew up together in the same small town.

3 (14s):
We followed each other to San Diego, and now we adventure the world together.

4 (18s):
One passport stamp at a time,

2 (20s):
We’re here to share our travel stories and inspire you to go on your own adventures, even

4 (25s):
If it starts with your own backyard. I’m Jamal,

5 (28s):
Brittany Kim,

2 (29s):
And I’m Dana. And where are the Travel

1 (31s):
Squad Podcast?

3 (32s):
So grab your tickets,

2 (34s):
Your passport,

4 (35s):
And don’t forget your travel insurance and

5 (37s):
Prepare for takeoff Fellow travelers. Welcome to episode nine. You’ve listened to a few of our episodes already, but we want to give you more information about who we are, where we came from. We’re all from the same hometown, how we met and how we got to be the travelers that we are now. So Kim and I, to start, we met in the principal’s office

3 (1m 17s):
Seventh grade. I think we were 11 years old. And I said this before, and I’ll say it again. I was in there for something innocent, but Brittany wasn’t there for something very bad.

5 (1m 30s):
We don’t know that to be true. I don’t remember why I was even in the principal’s office.

2 (1m 35s):
So you can’t deny that it was for something. She

3 (1m 38s):
Definitely the bad one.

5 (1m 39s):
I, I can’t confirm or deny.

4 (1m 42s):
I’ve heard some stories about Brittany back in the day, but you know, can’t really confirm if they’re true or not. I

5 (1m 49s):
Am not true.

2 (1m 50s):
Brittany’s credit. The way that I know her is she’s usually the one putting me to bed after a long night. So,

3 (1m 59s):
So yeah, we met there. We instantly became friends. We got into lots of mischief together throughout junior high and high school. Our very first trip we took after Brittany got her license when she was 16.

5 (2m 14s):
When I was driving on a restricted, well, not a restricted

3 (2m 18s):

5 (2m 19s):
Permit license.

3 (2m 21s):
We printed out directions from MapQuest on paper.

4 (2m 24s):
That’s how old school that was MapQuest, not Google maps.

3 (2m 29s):
We didn’t have GPS on our phones. We

5 (2m 31s):
Didn’t even have cell phones that had internet. We just

3 (2m 35s):
Had, I think we only had one cell phone, the

5 (2m 37s):

2 (2m 38s):
Hey man, I wrote down the directions. I couldn’t even print it out.

4 (2m 43s):
Well, I remember, you know, when we would go on road trips as a family Zana, you know, mom and dad would stop by the local AAA office and pick up actual maps that folded. Yeah. We would go to AAA and get maps and you know, old school times how they, yeah,

2 (3m 3s):
So for, sorry, I cut you off. But for those that don’t know, Jamal and I are brother and sister, I am 22 and a half months older than

3 (3m 13s):
22 months and 20 days to be exact.

2 (3m 15s):
Did you do the math? My goodness.

4 (3m 19s):

3 (3m 19s):
Surprised. You don’t know.

2 (3m 21s):
I dunno. 22 and a half. Yeah.

5 (3m 23s):
Kim and I, after being friends for years and years and years, we kind of lost touch in our final year of high school. And during that time I actually met Jamal cause I was working at the local target and our wonderful hometown of Woodland, California,

3 (3m 39s):
Woodland, California,

2 (3m 40s):
35, 30 fun fact. That’s in Yolo county

3 (3m 44s):
Would loan.

5 (3m 49s):
So Jamal and I met because actually he caught my eye at target and I was talking to him and a manager at target actually pulled me aside after seeing me talk to Jamal and told me that he wasn’t a good influence. And I probably shouldn’t talk to him.

4 (4m 5s):
I think that was actually the first time that you made the effort to stop to talk to me while we were working was when the manager had said that, because I feel like, you know, I vaguely remember like seeing you, you know, around target, but

3 (4m 21s):
I don’t

4 (4m 24s):
Keep in mind. You know, she was still, you know, couple months away from graduating high school. I was out. So I was working more hours than she was. So

3 (4m 33s):
I believe in the neighborhood,

4 (4m 34s):
I feel like I saw Brittany less, but the one time that she decided to stop to talk to me, I think I was having to restock something or do go backs. And then Brittany started to talk to me and then, you know, the manager came and broke it up and said, no talking while on duty. And then Brittany told me later that he was giving her advice to be like, oh, don’t talk to Jamal. He’s a bad influence. He’ll get you into trouble.

5 (5m 0s):
I had to talk to him first. I had to put the moves on him. So this is back in the day of my space. And I started to stock Jamal on mice base. And I told a fellow coworker that I was interested in him and she actually knew him and was able to get me his phone number.

4 (5m 16s):
I remember the first time you actually started texting me as well. I was on a camping trip. Yeah, I know you laugh, Kim. I remember it specifically.

3 (5m 25s):
I know

4 (5m 26s):
I was on a camping trip with the boys. We had all gone to Dylan’s beach to go camping. And then we’re all sitting around the fire at night. And then all of a sudden I started getting texts from Brittany. Didn’t have her in my phone. So she was like, this is Brittany from work. And then that’s how we

3 (5m 44s):
Did you say something like, can you cover my shift

5 (5m 47s):
Or think so

3 (5m 48s):
Straight in, I

5 (5m 49s):
Just probably went straight in.

4 (5m 51s):
She was bold. She said, I wish I was camping with you so we can share

3 (5m 53s):
The same tent.

4 (5m 55s):
Well, I’m just kidding.

2 (5m 57s):
I don’t believe Jamal was a bad influence. I don’t know where that came from. And for all you listeners, I believe I only found out about this like three hours ago that Jamal, that, that the manager told Brittany that Jamal has always been a really smart dude.

4 (6m 11s):
I can get into trouble if I want, but for the most part, I feel like I’m pretty straight laced. So, you know, when I hear them say that, I just, I just don’t understand. But you know, in all fairness, not a lot of people at target liked me, but that’s because I didn’t put up with any of their crap and I’ve talked back for my age. So that probably had a lot to do with it.

2 (6m 32s):
That’s a crazy bed. And then Woodland is a super, super small town. It’s

4 (6m 39s):
A farm north of Sacramento. Yeah.

3 (6m 42s):
An hour and a half from Tahoe

4 (6m 44s):
Hour and a half from San Francisco, very isolated farmland town.

3 (6m 48s):
But we went to both of those places all the time. All of us growing up.

2 (6m 54s):
Yeah. But most people worked at target or Denny’s.

4 (7m 0s):
I worked at both.

2 (7m 2s):
I got hired twice at Denny’s never actually started. And I did work at target. I don’t know if I worked at target at the same time that Brittany worked there, but I know that I overlapped with Jamal because you would try to get someone’s cart shift. So you wouldn’t have to do the cashier’s shift.

4 (7m 18s):
Ah, you know, like I really, really hated doing the cards at target. Like anyone who ever does carts at any store props to you because that is one of the most unrecognized drop of any supermarket or store, but yeah. You know, like I always wanted to get off of it and then they put me on a cashier shift finally. And I guess you get what you ask for and man, eight hours as a cashier shift, that is some of the most boring stuff you’ll ever do in your life. But no, you should have, but you just didn’t cross paths with Brittany because I worked for a short time at target when Brittany did, because after like a few months of working with Brittany at target, that’s when I quit again and went back to Denny’s. Yeah.

2 (7m 58s):
Well, whenever I’m out shopping and I see the cart boy out there, I always give them my card and they say, thank you. And I always let them know, oh, my brother did carts. I respect it.

4 (8m 7s):
Okay. I still, I still put the shopping cart back in the, well, you got to like

3 (8m 12s):
Way back to the store,

4 (8m 14s):
Put it in the well, you know, I do sometimes

3 (8m 17s):
If I have,

4 (8m 19s):
If I don’t have a lot to take, I definitely will leave the part there and take my bags that’s for

5 (8m 24s):
Sure. Definitely very respectful. Yeah.

3 (8m 26s):
Okay. So at what point did you guys actually start dating?

5 (8m 29s):
So we started dating June 1st, 2007. Oh wow. He asked me to go to the movies and we went and watched, knocked up in theaters.

3 (8m 40s):
Great movie. The classic

5 (8m 42s):
We’ve been dating ever since. So that was over 12 years ago to this date.

4 (8m 48s):
Definitely a long time. He used to work at buoys five. Didn’t you?

3 (8m 51s):
I did. Yeah. I sold you guys that ticket

5 (8m 57s):
Jamal and I were dating for a bit. And Kim and I started to reconnect Kim and Jamal met together

3 (9m 5s):
In college.

4 (9m 7s):

3 (9m 7s):
We had filmed

4 (9m 10s):
The intro to film. We did a lot of watching of movies and had to write essays,

3 (9m 13s):
Which is so funny because Jamal constantly quotes movie line

4 (9m 18s):

3 (9m 19s):
Even though he never went to class.

4 (9m 22s):
That’s so untrue. I think you never want to ask him. Cause I don’t,

3 (9m 28s):

4 (9m 28s):
Don’t remember seeing you. So

5 (9m 30s):

2 (9m 31s):
And then actually I met Brittany before Jamal and Brittany officially got together because I went to my best friend’s house, who his roommate also worked at target and she,

5 (9m 44s):
The one that gave me Jamal’s number.

2 (9m 46s):
Yeah. So it’s a really small town. Everyone knows everyone. Even if you’ve never met them, you just know names.

4 (9m 52s):
That’s true.

2 (9m 53s):
Yeah. So that’s how I met Brittany. And then I went home that night and I told Jamal that I met Brittany. Oh. Cause we were on the rooftop. We weren’t even in the house. We went up to the,

3 (10m 3s):
Was it a holiday? Like you’re up there watching fireworks or no,

2 (10m 6s):
It’s just a normal Wednesday night.

4 (10m 10s):
Well, it was at the apartment complex. And you could take like the fire escape ladders or whatever to the top. Wasn’t it isn’t that. But I, yeah. I mean, I know that, I know that’s how you had met Brittany, because I remember you coming back home and saying like, oh, like Brittany was over at, you know, our friend’s house and she was dancing on the rooftop with everybody else’s so, okay. That doesn’t surprise me. That sounds a lot like Brittany.

5 (10m 38s):
So that’s how we met each other in our hometown Santa and Kim didn’t really know each other when we lived in Woodland and Susanna moved down to San Diego in 2010. Yeah.

2 (10m 49s):
Yeah. I just came back from living overseas actually. And I came, oh yeah, yeah. I was living in Lebanon. I was there for gosh, I bought a one-way ticket to Europe and I went to Ireland because it was the cheapest one out of San Francisco. I think it was like less than $300. And then I just bought tickets going west to east until I hit Beirut Lebanon. What parts

3 (11m 12s):
Of Europe did you go through? Gosh,

2 (11m 14s):
I stayed in Denmark for two weeks because of my, I haven’t been back there. Yeah. And then I went to Amsterdam because we have a friend there. I went to Italy to meet a guy. Bad story, fun story, bad story.

3 (11m 26s):
Getting to that later.

2 (11m 29s):
Gosh, what else? I, I can’t even tell you what I did. I mean, when I was in Croatia, they, they moved me from a room with a whole bunch of random people to a room with three Spanish boys.

3 (11m 41s):
You had nothing to do with, right?

2 (11m 43s):
Well, they told me that if I leave a good review, they’ll move me to the room with the Spanish boys. So I said done and done, but they were kind of boring. They, they didn’t want to go out and do anything were just on their computers. Let’s see, what else did I do? And then, okay, so then I, I got to Lebanon finally. And then that’s where we’re from my, yeah, we used to live there when we were younger, we came back to the states because of the civil war. And I actually landed in Lebanon. I don’t know if you guys remember, but it was right before the volcano in Iceland erupted.

4 (12m 19s):
I remember that a while back at disrupted flight patterns, because so much Ash was getting up into the atmosphere and it would cause crashes. If it got into the jet engines,

2 (12m 28s):
It was crazy yet. I landed, like I remember in the morning, oh really? I landed at like three in the morning and I was feeling really defeated about coming. Like, cause I left from Italy and I was super frustrated with the whole experience with that dude. And so I landed, went to bed, woke up and then I found out that a volcano exploded and no one could get out of Europe. And I was like, oh man, thank goodness I got here when I did. So I came back to the states and I needed to do something. And I had a really close girlfriend who was in San Diego and she said, why don’t you move to San Diego? So I said, okay, I didn’t have anything really. So I was able to throw everything I didn’t own in the back of my car and drive down.

2 (13m 12s):
And then a year later I told Jamal he should move down because I was able to get him a job in the office where I was working. Jamal came down with Brittany, that’s your story? Go head.

3 (13m 22s):
Didn’t you always want it to move down.

5 (13m 24s):
Yeah. I’ve always wanted to move down to San Diego. I went to San Diego often as a kid because my sister actually grew up in San Diego. My sister’s 10 years older than me. And she lived with my aunt down here. So every Christmas or on holidays, we would come down to visit San Diego. And during summer breaks I would come down and visit my sister and spend time with her and visit the beaches. So I always wanted to come back to San Diego. So when Jamal asked me to move with him, I jumped on it.

4 (13m 52s):
Yeah. Well I remember too, when we had visited your sister down here, I think it was summer of 2009. Actually. I said like, I want to live in San Diego. So when Zaina had moved down and then she said, oh, you should move down. I mean, it wasn’t even an option. It was like, yeah.

5 (14m 9s):
And it was perfect timing. I had just graduated from UC Davis and right after the day after graduation, my mom actually took myself, my siblings and Jamal on a trip to the Philippines for two weeks. And so the, a few days after we moved, came back from that trip, we moved down to San Diego.

2 (14m 31s):
I didn’t realize you guys went to the Philippines. Oh, it’s just been so long, I guess.

4 (14m 34s):
Yeah. We went right after her graduation from UC Davis,

2 (14m 39s):

3 (14m 39s):
Your second home at this

5 (14m 40s):
Point. Right?

2 (14m 42s):
And then I graduated from UC Davis as well. And Jamal was at UC Davis and my parents were actually really pissed off because I told Jamal, you should move down and Jamal totally dropped out to come down here. And I applaud your decision. Not that I’m telling you to drop out of

3 (14m 58s):

4 (14m 59s):
See other people or the bad influence. I may be, am a follower, but I don’t

2 (15m 3s):
Think so. No, I don’t think you’re a five.

4 (15m 5s):

2 (15m 5s):
I think you should take opportunities when they present itself.

4 (15m 9s):
I don’t regret moving down to San Diego

2 (15m 10s):
And now you’re a business owner. Yes.

4 (15m 12s):
That’s very true.

5 (15m 13s):
When did you put down to San Diego? Can remind me,

3 (15m 15s):
Well, speaking of taking opportunities. So I just graduated college myself in SAC town and, And I was living with my friend, Stacy, who all of a sudden said, I got some interviews, I’m going down to San Diego. And I said, okay, well I’m coming with, you came down two weeks later. We were living here. And that was in 2014.

2 (15m 42s):
So how did you guys reconnect?

3 (15m 44s):
We just did, but that was years before we were still

5 (15m 48s):
Friends came down to San Diego and said she was visiting and was going to move down. We started to hang out more. We started to hike more and because she wanted to explore San Diego since she was new to it. So we explored San Diego through hiking.

3 (16m 4s):
Gotcha. Yeah. We hiked all over this place.

2 (16m 6s):
Yeah. Yeah. Cause you know, I used to live with Jamal and Brittany and then I think it was in 2013. I moved out,

3 (16m 12s):
You know what? We, I came down here for a Mary Kay trip once and we stayed at your guys’s house. When you all lived together, you weren’t there. And I missed you.

4 (16m 21s):
Remember where you were, but you were out of town. I was

2 (16m 24s):
Probably traveling.

3 (16m 25s):
So I still had met Nina. So my travel life, my lifetime of travel is a little bit different because I never really went on a vacation until I was 26. And I went on like trips, like to Southern California and my family. That’s where we’re from. But I never really counted that as a vacation. Cause it was like always visiting family. So my first trip ever, well technically my first trip ever was down to Rosarito. I packed up a car full of girls and drove down there to just party. But a week or two later was our Peru trip. And that was my first like real vacation ever.

4 (17m 4s):
Yeah. Well that’s how you actually ended up meeting Zayna as well. Right? It was because of the Peru trip. So at the wedding and Brittany and I’s wedding, Kim was there, obviously Zeno was there. My sister,

2 (17m 20s):
I don’t remember much of it.

4 (17m 21s):
And she doesn’t,

3 (17m 23s):
I know

4 (17m 24s):
We had to cut her off at one point

2 (17m 27s):
And then they let me back on. But anyway,

4 (17m 30s):
You guys didn’t really conversation there. So when the idea came up of, yeah, we want to go to Machu Picchu, hike, the Inca trail, you know, Brittany and I were going, Kim wanted to go,

3 (17m 44s):
I think Jamal, you weren’t on board at first. I had to convince

4 (17m 48s):
You, I wasn’t not on board. It wasn’t the next trip that I wanted to do so

5 (17m 54s):
Already set on it. And we had to convince

3 (17m 57s):
Jamaal. This happens often, actually happy wife,

4 (17m 60s):
Happy life.

2 (18m 1s):
I don’t know if you know this Brittany, but years ago when you first started to date, I was always traveling, right? Like I was always someplace coming back, blah, blah, blah. And I used to try to get Jamal to go with me and tell him you should travel. Don’t be like settling down in a relationship. And Jamal would always say, you know what, though? I want to travel with Brittany. I love Brittany so much. And she’s the one that I want to be traveling. I know that I can tell you that. Yeah. I tried to get him to break up with you and travel with me. He said,

5 (18m 33s):
And he did. He did here. We are with me when we were young and in our first parts of our relationship, we did go on small trips down to Southern California. We went camping a lot. We did little mini vacations,

4 (18m 47s):
A little weekend trips, a lot of the camping going to San Francisco, coming down to the amusement parks when we were on break from school and could get time off from work. So that’s kind of like how Brittany and I started to travel together. But I think we always individually, each love traveling because I know what Zayna when you and I were kids, mom and dad would always take us kind of on road trips to some of the national parks. We would always come to Southern California. Do the amusement parks just as well. Disneyland Knott’s Berry farm. We

2 (19m 22s):
Went on a few times

4 (19m 24s):
Naturally. Yes, those were the only really big vacations mom and dad took us on in terms of like international travel. But we definitely always Canada. Well can’t well we have family friends in Canada. It wasn’t for that. I don’t think they would have just said, Hey, let’s go to Canada, but Canada’s a great country, by the way.

2 (19m 43s):
I love Canada.

4 (19m 43s):
But you know, I think just always kind of with mom and dad, you know, going to Tahoe, coming down to San Francisco, it just always, and obviously having a foreign background of sorts always made me excited to see and experience new places, cultures, things like that. Yeah.

5 (20m 1s):
And I was actually born in Guam and we moved to the United States when I was two. My mom took my brother and I back to the Philippines when I was five. And then growing up with my dad, he always took us on road trips, took us to the national parks. And then with my mom, my parents did divorce. So with my mom, she would take us on a cruise every year. And she did that for four years straight, which is why I love crew thing,

3 (20m 29s):
Which is why I always loved when they went out of town because me and Robin and our other hoodlum friends would jump Brittany’s mom’s backyard fence and just go swimming there, have our own little staycation.

2 (20m 43s):
Meanwhile, me and my friends are hitting up the best Western on west street, getting

3 (20m 47s):

4 (20m 49s):
So class

2 (20m 50s):
It’s only for fun.

3 (20m 51s):
Well, you can find Woodland where it’s like 110 degrees, like jump in it

4 (20m 56s):
Once. So why don’t

3 (20m 57s):
You dads too?

4 (20m 59s):
I don’t do it in Brittany’s dad. You’ll find

3 (21m 2s):
Out. Sure we did.

4 (21m 5s):
But I mean, what made you want to get out of the states? And I like when you were started your traveling because you traveled well before all of us, you know, on your own and doing all that. So why did you,

2 (21m 20s):
I guess, you know, I always just wanted more out of life and we are from a small town and I just always knew that I want to do something bigger and I guess travel was just something that made me feel good about myself because I had really bad self-esteem when I was younger. And even like, I look back and I think how different life could have been if I had a different level of self-esteem, but it is what it is. And Traveler’s just what filled me up. So I studied abroad when I was 20 years old, I went to the American university of Beirut and I remember telling my dad that I was going to do that. And he said, no. And I said, okay, great. Well, I’m not asking you, I’m telling you what I’m going to do. I went eventually he got on board, but I went and then I came back and I had already, I was completing my senior year of college and Nicole, the girlfriend that was here in San Diego who told me I should move down here.

2 (22m 15s):
Her and I were traveling, we’re planning an international trip after graduation. And so we did that. And then ever since then, I don’t know. I just, I went home and I would work a little bit, save a little bit and then go off and do something. And then that’s when I was in Lebanon for the last time that was in 2010 for the four and a half months. And I came home only because I got sick three times in a row and I couldn’t handle

4 (22m 42s):

5 (22m 45s):
Nope. When you and Nicole came to visit Jamal and I, we had talked about hiking, mochi, the Inca trail to Machu Picchu and you and Nicole both wanted to go, but unfortunately Nicole was not able to make it. And so you were kind of paired with Kim.

2 (23m 2s):
Yeah. She went to Cuba and said, well, I didn’t know that you guys were talking about it because Nicole was in town. It was December of 2015, January, 2016. You guys got married in August, 2015, but you didn’t do your honeymoon until December, 2015. So Nicole was in town and she lives in Mexico city now. So she was stopping through San Diego to get back to Mexico city. And I brought her to your guys’s place so she can see your pictures. We were talking about the Inca trail. Then all of a sudden, you guys were saying that you wanted to do it. I had no idea that you wanted to. And Nicole ended up going to Cuba instead.

2 (23m 45s):
And yeah. Then all of a sudden Kim or Brittany tells me that Kim is going, and I know the name, but I don’t know who she is.

3 (23m 55s):
. And so when we met, did we actually meet on that hike? Or did we meet at the Thai food place?

2 (24m 2s):
We met at the Thai food place. I’m so hungry, but we got together to talk about the trip and it was at a Thai food place. And that’s when I first met Kim

4 (24m 16s):
Because the wedding doesn’t count. You don’t remember right. Why? Remember

3 (24m 20s):
I was on the friends side. You’re on the family side. Yeah,

4 (24m 24s):
No, I’m giving you a hard time, but yeah. So the Thai restaurant was the first time you guys officially like met conversation. Wow.

2 (24m 32s):
But then I guess like everyone on the Inca trail, which is another episode we’ll bring to you guys. Oh my

3 (24m 37s):
God. I can’t

4 (24m 37s):
Wait. Is it?

2 (24m 39s):
Ooh. Yeah. But that’s where everyone got super, super close and Kim and I shared a tent and

4 (24m 47s):
It’s your hiking buddy?

2 (24m 48s):
Lots of intimate gatherings. So yeah. And I don’t, I just think that when we first all got together for that trip, it was like a, it was just one trip and we didn’t, at least for me, didn’t expect it to become what it is.

5 (25m 6s):
Dana. You actually told me that you would never hike again. You were hiking to go on this trip and that would be your first big and last type.

2 (25m 15s):
I would never hike again, unless I dated a hot guy who liked to hike.

4 (25m 19s):
So you said, right,

3 (25m 20s):
But she got Kim instead.

2 (25m 23s):
Kim is better.

4 (25m 24s):
Yeah. So the Inca trail, realistically was the initiation of the Travel Squad. Pot. Yeah.

2 (25m 30s):
Yeah. It was. And then all of a sudden we started doing all these hiking trips all throughout California,

4 (25m 36s):
Hiking trips, weekend trips that are national trips.

3 (25m 40s):
Yeah. Which just goes to show like, it doesn’t matter if you started traveling when you were a baby or you are by coastal or have never been out of the country in your life, you can start traveling now and let travel be your future in your present and like live it up.

4 (26m 1s):
Yeah. I know. Like, I, I really think about it. You know, like you said earlier that your first trip was to Rosa Rita, but that’s because you got the passport Machu Picchu. And I remember telling Brittany, I was like, I’m so excited. We’re going to be, Cam’s like first international, like trip. And then she was like, oh, you didn’t know, like next week. And she’s going to go to like Rosa Rita. And I was like, oh, is the Rita Rosarito? Excuse me. Yeah. And I was, I was so disappointed. I was like, we’re not gonna, you know, be Kim’s burst international expedition, but I can’t even believe how many we’ve already gone on

5 (26m 40s):
Pop, her travel cherry.

2 (26m 42s):
We did for Josh. Josh is

3 (26m 46s):
Really, that was his first time. He was even older than me.

4 (26m 49s):
First international. Yeah. When we took Josh to Africa,

2 (26m 53s):
All right, anyone can travel. Anyone can do it. I can’t encourage you enough. It’s life-changing it opens your eyes to different experiences,

3 (27m 1s):
Opens your heart. You’ll never find who you may love. If you don’t go.

4 (27m 9s):
That’s another podcast story sharing later on, we may or may not find out

3 (27m 16s):
The next week, find out where the heart goes. Yeah.

5 (27m 20s):
So that pretty much sums up how we all met each other and how we got into traveling.

3 (27m 26s):
Thank you guys so much for listening. I hope you enjoyed learning about us and we have a lot more to share. So keep on listening.

2 (27m 36s):
Okay. You kill me podcast. Please subscribe to our podcast and leave a review and tell us why you like.

4 (27m 45s):
And if you haven’t already, please be sure to follow us on Instagram at Travel Squad Podcast,

5 (27m 51s):
Make sure to pack your bags and you grab your passport because next week we’re telling you about our experience hiking, the Inca trail.

2 (27m 57s):
Woo bye.

3 (27m 59s):
Bye guys.

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