How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

We’re bringing you a whole episode dedicated to how to stay healthy while traveling.

This year we have talked more about health and traveling – or not traveling – than ever before  and we want to keep you doing both! We’re bringing you our best tips to stay healthy while traveling including what to pack to help keep you healthy, how to prepare your health before the trip, and what to do if you get sick while on a trip. We share our sick travel stories and give tips from our nurse co-host so you can stay healthy while traveling.

We did a series of episodes centered around health, fitness, and traveling. We know travel can throw off your healthy eating routine, and it can throw off your fitness routine not being able to make it to your local gym, but these episodes are designed to show you how to work in health, nutrition, and fitness into your travels so you don’t start form square one after that trip of a lifetime.

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How to Stay Healthy While Traveling – Episode Transcript

4 (55s):
Welcome to this weeks episode of the Travel Squad podcast. Today, we’re talking all about staying healthy while traveling.

2 (1m 2s):
I’m excited for this episode because I don’t really know what I’m going to add to it because every single trip I get sick, I guess you can say I’m a Donald Trump of traveling in terms of nobody knows getting sick on the road. Like I do.

4 (1m 14s):
He knows everything on every topic and Zaina, you know, everything about getting sick on vacation. That’s your forte.

3 (1m 21s):
Well, then we need you for this episode.

2 (1m 23s):
Strep throat Montezuma’s revenge,

4 (1m 26s):
Herpes outbreaks.

2 (1m 29s):
No, no, no ear infection flu. You name it except for herpes outbreaks. I got it.

3 (1m 36s):
Nice. Well, I’ve always been one to power through. I rarely ever get sick in general and I rarely even more rarely get sick while traveling. We’re recording this in about mid November right now. I just came off a trip to Boston where it was nice and chilly and rainy. Did I get sick? No, but I have gotten sick one time. There’s one time that sticks in my head. And that was when I think I was about 22 and it was for my birthday and I was going to Las Vegas with my boyfriend and his friend. And it was actually a spur of the moment that we were coming to San Diego. It was when we lived in Sacramento and we’re driving down the five, probably been driving for about two, three hours and decided why don’t we go to Vegas?

3 (2m 17s):
And we diverted to the 99 instead of the five and drove to Vegas. Got there, maybe two, three in the morning, partied all night. I was in the back seat, coughing, cause I was so sick, but I didn’t want to miss this trip. So this was like obviously way, way before COVID. But I powered through, I went to the oxygen bar in Vegas and got a massage to help me breathe. But I powered through,

4 (2m 43s):
I was going to say, so you got somebody else sick by going to the oxygen bar and being sick and all that.

3 (2m 49s):
Lovely. They cleaned it up. They

4 (2m 51s):
Do. I’m just giving you a hard time.

3 (2m 53s):
But yeah, that’s obviously not something anybody would do in this day and age, but this episode is not about being sick while traveling it’s about how not to be sick and not to get sick while traveling, which is really relevant at this time.

5 (3m 5s):
Yeah. It was just going to say this episode is just so relevant because we are currently living through a pandemic and we should all be doing our best to stay healthy while traveling and keeping everyone else safe as well. Jamal and I have some upcoming trips we’re going to arches and canyon lands and Capitol, right?

3 (3m 22s):
When are you doing that?

5 (3m 23s):
This weekend? Oh,

3 (3m 24s):
I didn’t know that

5 (3m 27s):

4 (3m 27s):
Weekend. We’ve already gone.

2 (3m 30s):
That’s right, because you guys are going to go try that burrito place where I used to live that I keep talking about.

5 (3m 34s):

2 (3m 35s):
Oh, I can’t wait to get a text message here at all about it.

5 (3m 38s):
So we want to keep everyone safe and BC for herself while we’re traveling and flights are going to start flying at full capacity soon. So we’re going to be using a lot of our own tips that we’re providing.

4 (3m 51s):
And I just want to call you out real quick, Kim. I could think of another time that you’ve gotten sick on a trip. It was our first squad trip. I’m just going to leave it at that. We can continue on.

3 (3m 60s):
We can go back to our episode on hiking, the Inca trail in Peru, to hear all about how I got sick and still powered through

4 (4m 7s):
You did. And it was only a one day sickness, I would say maybe half a day.

3 (4m 11s):
So, you know, also got sick on that trip and I nursed her back to health.

4 (4m 14s):
Yeah. And quite honestly, a tip that we’re going to have later is what saved you on that trip? Am I wrong? Right. So stay tuned for that tips that we give here have been used. They are full-proof.

3 (4m 24s):
Yeah. We have a really great episode in store for you. We’re going to cover what to pack, to stay healthy while traveling, how to prepare for your trip and what to do if you get sick on a trip. So let’s get into the episode.

5 (4m 36s):
So let’s talk about what to pack.

4 (4m 38s):
Well, the first thing is going to be sanitizing wipes. And even before COVID we would have this on this list. We always did it. You can go back and listen to our pre COVID episodes. This was always a solid tip that we gave and it’s even more relevant. Now do bring your sanitizing wipes, whether it be you’re out in public touching anything you want to have them. But more particularly when you’re on an airplane, because when you’re on an airplane, what do we want to sanitize ladies?

5 (5m 4s):
Everything, the tray tables, armrests, touch screens, light buttons,

3 (5m 9s):

2 (5m 10s):

5 (5m 11s):
Anything that you plan or touching or putting your head on. You want to sanitize?

3 (5m 15s):
I want to call Jamal out,

4 (5m 17s):
Call me up

3 (5m 17s):
Because on our trip almost a year ago, now in January to Lebanon, we got on the flight. We were all sitting in the same row and Zayna brings her sanitizing wipes and hands them to each of

4 (5m 30s):

2 (5m 31s):
Real quickly before Kim finishes on, I take Clorox wipes and I shove it in a Ziploc baggie and then put it in my backpack because it’s always good to have those Clorox wipes. So I gave one to every single person

3 (5m 43s):
And we start wiping down our space, all those spaces we just mentioned. And Jamal’s like, well, what are these industrial Clorox wipes?

4 (5m 52s):
Yeah. I’m not judging the fact that they were sanitizing wipes, but you know, when they give the sanitizing wipes for people to use regularly, they don’t smell like straight bleach. Like the ones they Annabelle’s out. Like they were literally industrial style. Let me sanitize, probably a salmon Nyla stainless steel counter that has a whole bunch of meat guts or something on it. Like it’s smelled like straight bleach. So you know what kudos to you on having them. They were good, but those ones were not friendly sent it. I just want to say that

3 (6m 22s):
Hindsight though, this was in January before COVID had really hit the rest of the world.

2 (6m 28s):
I still didn’t even know what COVID was.

3 (6m 30s):
Neither did I, we were on a British airlines, international flight that sanitizing wipe could have been the reason we did not get COVID on that trip.

5 (6m 38s):
That’s true.

4 (6m 40s):
’cause let me tell you something. When we were in London and we were in the lounge, I’m pretty sure that one individual who we know we’re all talking about had COVID in that lounge. He looked like death and was coughing.

2 (6m 52s):
I can still hear Jamal in my head going industrial. You brought industrial onto the airplane as he shakes his head and scoffs. But I do want to say that we used our tip to get upgraded. Well, we couldn’t get upgraded because the plane was filled, but they did treat us like royalty. And we were able to board the plane before anyone else able to board the plane. So at least only we were waving in the bleach and the Clorox smell. And if you’re curious as to how we got on the plane before anyone else leave a five-star review screenshot, send it to us and we’ll give you that tip.

5 (7m 29s):
So Zayna might use her industrial wipes, but I have just these very nice pre-packaged sanitizing wipes that are made from alcohol. So they don’t smell like bleach and they’re not going to stay in any of your clothing. So

4 (7m 41s):

5 (7m 42s):
Way it gets the job done

3 (7m 43s):
At this point with supply chains, just get whatever you came here.

4 (7m 47s):
No one’s going to judge you now. If it smells like straight bleach, you’re gonna be like, Hey, yo, I’m protecting myself and no one’s going to judge. But you know, a couple months of work COVID it was like, whoa, what is this person opening up on the plane?

5 (7m 58s):
So hand in hand with the sanitizing wipes is hand sanitizer.

3 (8m 2s):
There are a lot of hand sanitizers on the market right now. There’s some that smell like tequila.

2 (8m 10s):
I have not found tequila.

4 (8m 12s):
Well, I think they smell like it because when they can’t actually make real hand sanitizer the way they usually do, they’re using alcohol. And I think in terms of alcoholic beverages, the best one to release smell is going to be tequila. So a lot of the homemade sanitizers these days are with tequila. Yeah.

3 (8m 28s):
We have a huge jug of that at my office. And I, every time I scored it, it just grosses me out. But whatever one you do, whatever scent you get, look for one that’s 60% alcohol or more not going to give you the most protection.

4 (8m 42s):
TSA has actually changed the regulations because of COVID. So now instead of three ounces, you can actually bring 12 ounces of liquid, but only for hand sanitizers, other liquids. No, but you can have an increased hand, sanitizer size, 12 ounces.

3 (8m 57s):
Good to know you obviously want to wear a mask. Actually, if you’re flying, it’s required in a lot of places around the U S it’s required to go into stores. Some places have even mandated. As far as if you’re out in public, you need a mask on. If you’re traveling, you’re going to be around any type of crowds. It’s highly recommended. Even if it’s not required by regulations, some people wear a face shield. I’ve been trying to get one. I think they’re so cute. So definitely wear one of those. If you’re into that

2 (9m 28s):
For a second, I believed you. I

3 (9m 29s):
Know I am.

2 (9m 30s):
I believe that you are trying to get one, but when you said like they’re so cute,

3 (9m 34s):
I think they’re very cute. Oh, they’re fashionable.

4 (9m 37s):
Certain people could pull them off. And I dare say, Kim, you can probably pull up.

3 (9m 41s):
I’ve just the one, the one that has face shield written along the band of the head.

5 (9m 45s):
Well, you know what? I have the one that says face shield on it. Not because I bought it, but because I am a nurse, my work provided it and it has been the most comfortable one that I’ve used because it does have padding for your forehead. So the elastic band around the backside and then the padding on the forehead works out really good.

3 (10m 2s):
I always get one of those and decorate it and make it unique. And customer.

2 (10m 8s):
Yeah, like Kim, like if you got a face shield and painted like the edges pink, I think that would be so cute on you. They

4 (10m 13s):
Usually Mingo sticker in the corner.

5 (10m 15s):
They come in packs of five. You can have a variety, one to match every outfit. You have

3 (10m 20s):
Travel Squad, face shields coming soon.

2 (10m 24s):
You know what? I love the pictures that Brittany sends us when she’s all up in her mask and her face shield in her car. And just yeah. Way to way to serve and protect bridge.

4 (10m 33s):
Brittany can support the face shield. Well, too. So I just want to pay tribute to Brittany on that. She can rock it real hard to

2 (10m 39s):
Shit. No, I want to go get it.

4 (10m 41s):
Well, something for you. Number four, Zaina on our list here of things we need. Yes. Neti pot. One of your personal favorites.

2 (10m 48s):
So when we did go to Denver, I had a ear infection and a stuffed up nose. And so I climbed to the Rockies regardless. I remember even at the end, Jamal told me why I was. And I’m actually, I’m really proud of you way to be a trooper. I don’t sit that shit out

4 (11m 3s):
Because you were complaining the whole time. So, you know, I was giving you a little compliment.

2 (11m 6s):
I was good on the trail. I was good on the trail. But anyways, Jamal and Brittany were telling me about this neti pot. And so I’m just like, what the hell is this? So we went to a CVS. I picked one up and Jamal, very graciously demonstrated to me how to use a neti pot.

4 (11m 21s):
Never hurts to clean yourself out, might as well.

2 (11m 24s):
But anyways, it’s small. It fits in your luggage. And it is a lifesaver. When you have a, what is it? Yeah. The nasal cavities are

3 (11m 32s):
Control. What does it actually do?

5 (11m 34s):
So what it is is what it looks like a little tea pot, and you fill it with warm, distilled water, and you put it in distilled water. Yes. You don’t want to use tap water because if there’s bacteria, it can go into your sinus cavities and actually have bacteria go to your brain potentially. So you do want to use warm, distilled water, and you put in like a saline rinse and you put the teapot end into one nostril and you kind of tilt your head to a side and it fills up your cavity, your sinus cavity, and nasal cavity with this warm water. And it flushes out all of the mucus that has built up and it comes out the other side of your nose.

3 (12m 13s):
Does it work? Even if you’re so stuffed up, you can’t even blow your nose.

2 (12m 16s):
Yeah. Oh my gosh. It pushes that shit out.

4 (12m 19s):
You’ve heard the expression in one year out. The other, this is in one nose out. The other it’s guaranteed.

2 (12m 25s):
Like you literally just tilt your head to the side. And like Brittany said, it’s like a tea pot and you just boom, pour it like a teapot through that nostril. And it goes out through the other one,

5 (12m 35s):
Pure sinuses and your nasal cavity. You really, really well. And I actually first started using one in nursing school and Jamal and I went on a cruise once and cruises are known to be large assess pools of germs. And after the cruise I got sick and I used the neti pot and felt a hundred times better.

3 (12m 55s):
I have a side note, I want to say about this. I got a call the other day from a cruise representative from carnival asking if I wanted to book a cruise. And I was like, I’m not going to be booking a cruise anytime soon. This is November, 2020.

4 (13m 10s):
I’ve been wanting to go on a cruise. I’ve been telling Brittany, I want to go on a cruise when we can cruise again, but continue your story.

3 (13m 15s):
He says, they’re booking into 2021 and 2022. And I’m like, you know, I don’t have any plans to book a cruise anytime soon.

4 (13m 22s):
So on that subject real quick, without getting too far off from our episode, I was telling Brittany, I was reading an article. And that person who called you is correct. Cruises are about to relaunch in 2021. I don’t know when, but they have certain safety procedures that they have to Institute, obviously in order to get back out salient again. And I saw that certain cruise lines were offering free cruises to people to be the Guinea pigs of their safety trials. So you can get yourself a free cruise. If you are the Guinea pig trial of their safety procedures,

3 (13m 59s):
Travel Squad Podcast. I

4 (14m 0s):
Was telling Brittany, I might consider it because it’s going to be reduced passengers capacity, obviously. So I was thinking potentially, and they’re not going to do super long durations. I think at first it was going to be like three days. Not keep you out of see very long, no seven days, 10 day ones. But nonetheless, that is a viable option for anybody out there.

2 (14m 21s):
I mean, I can’t even tell you how excited I got, because that would be so fun.

5 (14m 26s):
Could you imagine though, if someone got COVID on the cruise, what is it doc?

4 (14m 32s):
But see, it’s not as crazy. We just heard that there is a vaccine that’s supposedly having real potential here with Pfizer. People are signing up to get this and how do they know that it works? People are getting infected and have to be exposed to the virus. So I feel like this is no different. And this is also, they are helping science and the of humanity. We, if we did that are helping the economy

2 (14m 56s):
Always, always, always about boosting the economy. There

4 (14m 60s):
You go.

2 (15m 0s):
Spend that dollar.

3 (15m 1s):
Let’s look into it. Hey travelers. We want to stop for a quick minute to tell you about a really exciting product we put together just for you. As you all know, we love getting you excited to visit places for yourself, by sharing what we did and making it easier by giving your squad tips that we learned along the way,

4 (15m 20s):
The Travel Squad has created something to provide even more value for you. In addition to our episodes, by detailing trip itineraries and comprehensive multi-page guides with everything you need to know to do the trip, right?

5 (15m 33s):
These itineraries include information on what to see and do in the area where to stay directions for the best routes and even where to eat along the way. And we put them into these beautiful PDF guides adjust for you.

2 (15m 45s):
We created itineraries for a week and Yellowstone and grand Tetons, big island, Hawaii, and an itinerary for an American Southwest road trip. Woo, And so many more itineraries to come. We are so excited to announce that they are now available to purchase on our website. So go over to Travel Squad, Podcast dot com to get yours today.

5 (16m 8s):
So another tip that we have is to definitely bring your prescriptions. I mean, it might just be obvious, but you might forget a prescription or two, but squat tip. If you are going to another state or another area that has a pharmacy and you have some time to get your prescription transferred, you can have your prescription transferred to that pharmacy, fill it and then enjoy your vacation. Still.

4 (16m 33s):
We had to do that one time. Brittany forgot one of her prescriptions before we got on a cruise. Ironically, we were in Florida. So Brittany called and transferred her prescription to a pharmacy in Florida, picked it up and we were good to go. But yes, do bring your prescriptions. It’s going to help keep you healthy and don’t forget them well on the same subject of pills, if we’re talking prescription, how about some vitamins here? Vitamin C XY cam, ginger chews, all these things are immunity boosters. So if you’re going to get on a plane, go on a cruise, travel anywhere, even be amongst people. These are definitely good things to have to help boost your immune system. Naturally,

3 (17m 12s):
I knew vitamin C and XY cam or immune boosters, but I did not know ginger shoes.

4 (17m 18s):
Ginger is more so for your stomach. It helps your stomach and settle it. But yes, ginger is also good for your immune system.

3 (17m 25s):
Zinc as well is good for your immune system.

2 (17m 28s):
And even right now, as we record, I’m drinking tumeric, ginger tea

4 (17m 32s):
Tumeric, and ginger has a combo primetime

3 (17m 34s):
Vitamin D I believe as well as a big one. That’s been talked about lately.

4 (17m 38s):
Yeah. Get it naturally go out in the sun. It’s winter now. So I guess you can’t so take your supplement, but if you are fortunate enough, like we are to live in San Diego, even though it is a little bit cooler, we have sunny days, step outside, get it naturally. If you can’t vitamin D is good

2 (17m 51s):
Skirting along to the next one, I would just like to say, this is my personal favorite. It has my best friend come clutch for pretty much every single one of us. It is the antibiotic Cipro, which we have referred to on our show notes as lifesaver,

4 (18m 9s):
Any antibiotic, really? However, this comes back into play with what we were talking about. Kim, she got sick on the Inca trail, took a sip, bro was feeling better. I was in the Philippines. One time had Cipro and an antibiotic. I needed it. I had an upper respiratory infection felt amazing right afterwards. So if you are going to be traveling, tell your doctor, they usually will give you a prescription for an antibiotic in case you get some sort of bacterial infection, diarrhea, et cetera. It’s good for it. So it’s always good to have just in case. And if you’re fortunate enough to travel to a country too, that doesn’t actually require prescriptions for that such as Mexico, pick it up there because even when we crossed the border or in countries that don’t have it, I always pick up antibiotics just to have for those emergency scenarios.

2 (18m 58s):
Yeah. So when we went to Lebanon in January, even though I wiped down my seat with industrial wipes, even though I took, as I cam, by the time we got to Lebanon, I think it was like two days later, I ended up with strep throat. I woke up in the morning. I could barely talk. I could barely swallow. Like my throat hurts so bad. Thank goodness. I didn’t know what COVID was because I’m sure that I would have sent myself into a panic attack thinking it was COVID. Absolutely. You would have, oh my gosh.

3 (19m 26s):
Already in a panic attack.

4 (19m 27s):
You know why you got six Aina because nobody knows more about getting sick on vacation, then you go,

2 (19m 34s):
That’s a good one. I was like really waiting for her. So anyways, like I was miserable. So nurse Brittany examined me and she discovered that I had strep throat. So luckily I did have Cipro that I bought, gosh, we docked someplace in Mexico on a cruise a few years ago. And I bought separately at the pharmacy. Cause he didn’t need a prescription because I’m like, you know what? This may come in handy someday. And it came in handy that day. And by afternoon I was feeling so much better. Obviously I was still taking the, the Cipro for the course of the duration of the dosage, but it made me feel so much better. And I remember getting so annoyed with Brittany because I was like, well, what should I do?

2 (20m 15s):
And she’s like, well, maybe you should sit the day out. And then I got mad at her and I was like, shit, the day out, what do you mean? Sit the day out. And then Brittany’s like, okay, well then don’t sit the day out. And I was like, why would you tell me to sit the day?

3 (20m 26s):
You’re just over there, You’re over there. Just giving us your germs.

2 (20m 31s):
Right? Okay. So let me take that back. I

4 (20m 33s):
Asked Zeno,

2 (20m 35s):
I asked Brittany what to do and I should have specified, I don’t want to hear sit. I wanted to hear a different answer, but you know, and

3 (20m 45s):
What did I say?

2 (20m 46s):
You should just go out and now who cares,

4 (20m 50s):
You’re always encouraging her along. Just like you did when she got sick and Peru and you were like, just go to rainbow mountain.

2 (20m 56s):
Yeah. And so I went out so you know what? Brittany gives the best advice. Brittany gives honest advice, but it wasn’t the advice that I wanted to hear. So I flipped out

5 (21m 7s):
Susanna had a freak out. Let’s just say that

4 (21m 10s):
Whenever she’s sick on a trip, she has a freak out. She might as well call her Jamal. At that point,

3 (21m 16s):
He had freak out

4 (21m 17s):
His playing on the banter. I don’t admit it, but I’m just trying to, you know, make light of the situation. Susanna doesn’t feel so bad.

2 (21m 23s):
Well, you know what, Jamal, nobody knows freakouts like you do.

4 (21m 26s):
Nobody knows him like me. That’s for sure.

3 (21m 28s):
I’ve used Cipro too. If we go back to that Inca trail episode, I got really sick the last night on a hike

5 (21m 36s):
Montezuma’s revenge.

3 (21m 38s):
And these mountains when we had to be up at like three in the morning, I got sick around one in the morning and I never was able to go back to sleep because I was just so sick. And as soon as I took that Cipro, as well as Imodium,

4 (21m 52s):
The double punch combo,

3 (21m 53s):
Then I was able to finally have some relief and over the next few hours felt better.

4 (21m 58s):
Well, I’m glad you mentioned that because that’s also next on the list. Pepto-Bismol and Immodium for your antidiarrheals. So do bring those as well. Like you heard it from Kim firsthand. Sometimes you need the one, two punch.

2 (22m 10s):
Okay. So for anyone who does that, I, you know what? I only learned what Immodium was because of Jamal and Brittany and Jamal, go ahead and tell us what it is.

4 (22m 18s):
Imodium backs you up. It slows down your diet. Why are you laughing? That’s what it does. It slows down your digestive gut to keep things from coming out of you so fast. That’s an eloquent way of putting it. I feel like

2 (22m 30s):
I think that you did it so eloquently.

5 (22m 32s):
So if you guys didn’t know, I’m the only squad member that is prone to motion sickness. So personally I think that it’s very important to add ginger chews to your bag as well as pressure bands, Dramamine. And if you aren’t into Dramamine, a scopolamine patch to help with any motion sickness that you guys might experience,

3 (22m 55s):
What is a pressure band?

5 (22m 56s):
So pressure band actually is a band that goes around two pressure points. You wear one on both arms at, I think they’re acupressure points and they just help settle your nausea so that in prevent it so that you don’t get sick. So I always bring these whenever I am on a boat of any sort cruise, small boat ferry, anything like that. And I also bring the Dramamine for that reason too. But we recently had a flight that had so much turbulence and I don’t not get motion sickness on an airplane, but we were on a flight that was just crazy turbulent. And I ended up taking a drum mean mid flight.

2 (23m 34s):
I cried on that one. That was really intense, but you know what? There were a lot of people puking on that flight. It was that turbulent.

3 (23m 40s):
Was it the one coming back from Dubai? Yeah.

4 (23m 43s):
Leaving Dubai. You don’t remember how bad that was. You and I were chilling in the back and then Zayna and Brittany were in front of us. I

5 (23m 53s):
Think you took a German. I mean to,

3 (23m 55s):
I might’ve cause it was really just dropping in the stomach.

5 (23m 59s):
Yeah. I, I pulled it down and I was like, who wants one? And I think we all pretty much took on.

4 (24m 4s):
I don’t remember what episode we talked about the song, but we did talk about it. I mean, this was literally the worst turbulence of our life. No exaggeration. If we’re going to give turbulence on a scale of one to 10, this was averaging between a nine and a 10 and it lasted for a good hour plus between an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. So just imagine shaking constantly on an airplane, really violently for an hour plus

3 (24m 26s):
It’s Trump

4 (24m 28s):
Trump’s fault.

2 (24m 30s):
So two stories real quickly, one general and two superbly funny. So the first one Brittany is always really good about sharing her Dramamine because I remember we were on the sunset cruise in Hawaii. And before we even started, there was a lady in the back puking in one of the puke buckets. And Brittany was so kind, she went to the lady, rubbed her back and gave her some Dramamine. And then we continued on and started the booze cruise. And then the second time is when we were in South Africa And we went out to do the, what is it? The cage diving with the sharks. And I wasn’t feeling well. And I didn’t understand why, because I do not get motion sickness, but I was not feeling well at all.

2 (25m 15s):
So one of the ladies who was one of the volunteers on the boat, she came to me to offer me a mint. And I looked at her so confused because I was so nauseous that I looked at her and I said, is this for when I throw up? And she’s like, no, no, no, no, no, no. This is going to help the nausea. Now it turns out surprise, surprise. I actually got really sick, not from nausea, but like actually I got sick.

4 (25m 38s):
Nobody knows sickness on vacation, like Zana. I

2 (25m 41s):
Don’t know how I got sick, but I got sick. That’s why I was feeling so nauseous. Brittany also started to feel nauseous. Not because she was sick, but it could be because she was feeling nauseous. So her and I cuddled under a blanket because it was freezing out there at the front of the boats now because all the chop was in the water for the sharks to come to chum,

4 (25m 60s):

2 (26m 1s):
Because all the Chubb was in the water for the sharks to come get it. So we can see the shark.

4 (26m 6s):
The water was choppy chum in the water,

2 (26m 10s):
What Jamal said. So anyways, there was a whole bunch of birds flying above us. And I made the comment to Brittany that nothing can get worse than these birds shitting on us. And you know what happened?

5 (26m 22s):
A bird shot on us.

4 (26m 25s):
I it’s good luck when a bird shits on your way here.

2 (26m 27s):
I don’t know. I don’t know. But anyways, so those are our, my stories about getting sick.

4 (26m 33s):
So bring drama. I mean apparently

2 (26m 35s):
Bring Dramamine

4 (26m 36s):
Keeping on with the pharmaceuticals. I mean, these are really important. So I’m just going to come out and say it, continuing with the theme, do bring ibuprofen, Tylenol, anything like that, that you’re going to normally need. If you have a fever, headache, et cetera, they’re always just good to have on hand

3 (26m 52s):
Squad tip Excedrin is the best over the counter pain reliever for hangover headaches.

4 (27m 1s):
I mean, it’s the headache medicine, that’s their tagline. I

3 (27m 4s):
Swear, forget about ibuprofen and Tylenol. It is all about et cetera. And when you have a hangover headache, and that includes being sick while traveling, you may have had a few glasses of wine,

5 (27m 15s):
Doesn’t it, et cetera. And have some caffeine in it.

3 (27m 17s):
I think. Yes it does. Yes it does.

4 (27m 19s):
That’s probably what helps too as the caffeine,

3 (27m 22s):
Whatever it is, it’s a magic pill.

4 (27m 23s):
As a matter of, I’m glad you mentioned that now you’ve been holding out on the movie with this one cam. I was the first time hearing it.

2 (27m 29s):
I’ve never taken Excedrin before, but I’ve definitely had hangover.

3 (27m 32s):
That’s the way to go. The other thing I want to say is melatonin, baby. I will not travel without melatonin.

5 (27m 39s):
I was going to say, if you’re so hung over that you just need to sleep it off. Melatonin would be a great pill to take.

3 (27m 44s):
Yes, there are some situations where you need to sleep. This could be you’re on a red eye flight and you want to sleep on the plane so that when you get to your destination, you’re well rested. Your immune system is strong. So you don’t get infected by germs or maybe jet lag has got you feeling sluggish and feeling sick. Even though you may not actually be sick. Melatonin is a magic little pill. And actually they have chewables. They have dissolvables, they have pills. You can swallow all types of forms, melatonin, nos forms of pills. And I mean, I cannot speak highly enough about melatonin. Always bring it on your trips.

5 (28m 22s):
You’re so passionate about. And also you should bring any medication specifically that you may need for your destination. For example, when we hiked Machu Picchu and we were in the Andes, you want altitude sickness, pills. You don’t know how you’re going to react to the altitude there. You may get sick. It’s good to have the medication just in case. When you go to countries like South Africa, you might want to get malaria pills. So just research where you’re going and what medications you might need to be safe and stay safe and healthy while you’re in the area.

4 (28m 57s):
Yeah. There’s lots of travel clinics that you can go to and tell them where you’re going. They’ll give the recommendations. You could even sometimes speak about it with your doctor. Now, some doctors can actually prescribe those type of medications sometimes depending on they can not. And you do need those travel clinics, but again, just know what you may need. And obviously at your discretion, if you want to take those precautions and get those medications,

5 (29m 19s):
Last two items of what to pack our sunscreen and Alovera they go hand in hand

3 (29m 24s):
Jamal’s favorite.

4 (29m 25s):
I was going to say, I think these are on here to throw shade at me, which just a, okay. I have sensitive skin. What can I say? I’m

3 (29m 33s):
Very pale.

4 (29m 35s):
You know, thanks Kim for making me feel bad about myself, but you know what it is, what it is. I can’t help the type of that I have and my light sensitive skin to sun. So have your sunscreen have some aloe Vira in case you get a little bit burned, it’s definitely going to make you a lot more comfortable.

3 (29m 53s):
All right, let’s move into our next section. We’ve talked about what to pack. Now let’s talk about how you can prepare and some precautions you can take.

5 (29m 60s):
So this isn’t just like a day or two before the trip. These are things that you should probably upkeep. And one of the things you should do is to just make sure that your regular vaccinations are up to date,

3 (30m 10s):

5 (30m 10s):
As always tetanus, whooping, cough, those things. Aren’t things that you prepare for. It’s good to just be prepared and have them up to date. Get your boosters,

4 (30m 19s):

3 (30m 20s):

4 (30m 21s):
Well, depending on what type of traveling trip you’re going to be doing, maybe you do need that one. Maybe you don’t. That’s a good shift, Kim. That’s a very good tip at some P some children don’t get vaccinated young enough for that when they should, but that’s a topic for another

3 (30m 36s):
Never too early to start preparing for your trip.

5 (30m 40s):
You also want to check the CDC website for your destination and see if they recommend any additional vaccinations like typhoid, for example.

4 (30m 49s):
And that goes back to what we were saying to you about the malaria, things like that. Again, those recommendations are always good

3 (30m 55s):
And it’s especially important right now. The CDC is a wonderful resource for traveling during a pandemic because they will have all the recommendations for all the destinations are going to, in terms of precautions, you should take when you’re there and things you should do ahead of time to get yourself vaccinated or healthy.

2 (31m 13s):
You know, before we went to South Africa, the travel clinic that I went to, they did recommend typhoid for going to South Africa. And I looked at her and I was like, you know what? I actually got that when I was 20, when I went overseas to Lebanon. So I think I’m just going to roll the dice with this one. And she did not laugh. I was like sitting there trying not to laugh. I even did the gesture of rolling the dice. I loved them. Yeah. I had fun with it. And then she just like, looks at me completely and thrilled with what I just said. And so I was like, okay, moving on.

4 (31m 46s):
You know what? I didn’t get my typhoid shot either for that. So, you know, again, always good to know what they recommend at your discretion. Again, what you think you want to get to protect yourself. Apparently Kim wants the HPV shot.

3 (31m 60s):
I’ve already had it. I’m prepared for these trips.

2 (32m 3s):
Well, you know, my mom actually got typhoid years ago in Lebanon and this is when the civil war was going on then. And so I don’t know my momma beat typhoid. So I feel like I’ve got my mom’s genes

4 (32m 16s):

2 (32m 17s):
The dice.

4 (32m 17s):
Well, something usually don’t want to roll the dice with, especially traveling now, do get yourself a COVID test prior to travel two reasons. Most importantly, if you have it, you don’t want to give it to anybody else. So you do want to know if you’re going to be going on a trip. You don’t want to spread it even further. But secondly, on top of that, now, lots of places, especially traveling out of country, places that are open to Americans to go or any other countries for that matter, or

5 (32m 44s):
Even within the United States.

4 (32m 45s):
Yeah. Lots of places are requiring you to prove that you had a negative COVID test within so many days, so many hours prior to your arrival. So be sure to get yourself a COVID test, Brittany, why don’t you tell them the easiest way to do it? And the federal service number that there is to call to get that information, to find the best place in your area.

5 (33m 6s):
It’s 2, 1, 1,

4 (33m 7s):
Not 9 1, 1, 2, 1, 1

3 (33m 10s):
In the U S

4 (33m 11s):
That is a federal number for a county resources. And it will give you general information. And right now that number will direct you to the locations that they are doing COVID testing. So obviously there are places that guarantee that you could go privately to get you your test results faster. But if you want to go to the free ones that are being run by the government, in terms of them paying for the test, sending it out to labs called 2, 1, 1, and they can direct you to locations in your area where they are providing those tests.

2 (33m 41s):
Damn. When you told Brittany, like, tell us what that number is. I thought she was going to give us a seven digit number and I’m like, wow, that’s impressive that she hasn’t memorized

4 (33m 49s):
2, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1.

2 (33m 50s):
I learned something new.

5 (33m 51s):
So before you go on a trip, make sure to call your healthcare provider or a travel clinic, and you can actually get the vaccinations that you need and the prescriptions that you need for your destination. Usually this is done about six to eight weeks prior to your trip. So just keep that in mind.

4 (34m 7s):
And finally, in this section, we want to talk about, and I would be remiss if I didn’t say this, this is my profession. Do get yourself, travel health insurance, two reasons. One, whenever we travel internationally, we’ve always gotten it any way. You know, if you end up in the hospital, need to be life-flighted out, travel, medical insurance will cover you for that. And also if you chip your tooth, which I happened to do when I was in Europe Out had breakfast buffet, but on a fork, the most lamest thing ever anyway, it would have even paid for me to fix my teeth over there. Although I didn’t want to take time. I didn’t do it, but that’s neither here nor there. The travel health insurance is always going to come and clutch.

4 (34m 47s):
If you need it. And some countries now Quiring you to prove that you have health insurance that will cover COVID because other countries don’t want to pay your expenses. If you get sick over there

3 (34m 58s):
And squad tip, If you’re booking your trip with a credit card, check your credit cards, coverages, benefits, and perks, because some of them do offer a certain level of travel health insurance as well.

4 (35m 13s):
Very good tip. Yeah.

2 (35m 14s):
Yeah. I mean, we even mentioned this in our jingle. Don’t forget your travel insurance

4 (35m 20s):
Recorded that way before COVID yeah,

2 (35m 22s):
We did all

4 (35m 22s):
Relevant. Absolutely. Even more so now.

3 (35m 25s):
Okay. So no matter how much you pack and plan and prepare, you can still get sick on a trip. So we have to give you some tips on what to do. If you find yourself in a situation like Cena has

11 (35m 43s):
Seen, what do you do?

2 (35m 45s):
I usually wake up and well, let me tell you this. I don’t think I’ve even told you guys this, but years ago I bought a one-way ticket to Europe. And then from there, I know that you guys know this, but I moved west to east until I finally hit Beirut Lebanon. So the second stop was Denmark to stay with a friend for two weeks. And as soon as I arrived, guess what happened? You got sick. I got so sick. Oh my gosh. I was so

4 (36m 8s):
Sick. That herpes outbreak We were talking about earlier. So I had to ask if that’s what it was.

2 (36m 16s):
No, no, I laugh. I do think it’s funny because I know that we were talking about that. I know where you’re going with that. So anyways, now, you know, it wasn’t bad. I mean, I was sick, but it wasn’t bad. And I just remember my friend telling me that, you know, you could probably see my family doctor. He probably wouldn’t charge you anything, but also the Danish. I think they’re like 40% taxed just because of

4 (36m 38s):

3 (36m 39s):
You know what I used to think that number was staggering. But if you look at our tax brackets, we’re not far off and yet we don’t get those kinds of benefits.

2 (36m 47s):
I want to say, then that’s bullshit. If we’re paying those kinds of taxes,

3 (36m 50s):
I’m in like a 35%.

4 (36m 52s):
Now we know how much money you make Kim day.

3 (36m 56s):
I mean,

2 (36m 57s):
I don’t even know my percentages.

4 (36m 59s):
That’s neither here nor there at this point. But

2 (37m 1s):
Well, anyways, I didn’t end up seeing the doctor. I was fine when I was in Lebanon. When I used to live there. I remember this is my study abroad here once a month for the first five months, I would get sick. And that’s why I don’t eat the nuts and Lebanon, because it was always nuts that I got sick. I

3 (37m 17s):
Saw you eating nuts in Lebanon

4 (37m 20s):
Type of nuts.

2 (37m 25s):
No, I really don’t think it was me though. Cause like I’m very cautious. Even the, the, the nuts that wa one of my cousins brought when he came to visit us, I gave it to Jamal, Brittany, because I’m so afraid of nuts from Lebanon. I don’t know. But anyways, that’s neither here nor there. I did see the doctor on campus. I remember I got a nasty ear infection when I was there. So I went to go see the doctor on campus. And it was so bad that he looked in my ear, he jumped back and he said, whoa,

3 (37m 48s):
My God.

2 (37m 49s):
Yeah, it was so fucking rude. And even my worry was

11 (37m 51s):
Like, why was

2 (37m 53s):
He saying that

4 (37m 54s):
Apparently that’s really bad.

2 (37m 56s):
I don’t know. I didn’t get to see it. But anyways, you know, I’ll either ask Brittany what to do nowadays. Or I, you know, I have the Cipro, so I manage, I’m fine. I don’t sit shit out.

3 (38m 7s):
Well, now you can just refer back to this episode for what to do.

4 (38m 10s):
But beyond Santa galleon, us with her tales of all the times that she’s gotten sick, there are several things you can do. Again, lots of pharmacies in other countries don’t require prescriptions for certain things. So even before your trip research, to see if the country are going to has pharmacy regulations for certain medications that you may need, should you not pack them again, going back to the travel health insurance that we mentioned, if you pick it up, they do have pharmacy coverage. They will tell you where to go to get it. If you call them, there’s an 800 number that you can reach and speak to somebody, and they’ll advise you what hospitals, what doctors to go to that are the best in the area pharmacies.

4 (38m 50s):
So that kind of goes hand in hand on getting that travel medical insurance, and then utilize it there. If you have to, in worst case scenario, go somewhere, whether it be pharmacy or doctor,

2 (39m 1s):
You know, what I like about foreign countries is they actually have pharmacies as stores. I feel like anywhere in the United States, you go into a store and there’s a pharmacy, but like anywhere else in the world, you actually have pharmacy stores.

5 (39m 14s):
That’s true. That’s a good one.

4 (39m 15s):
We’ll leave it to America. We have like a CVS and a Rite aid. And then they just said, why are we limiting ourselves? Let’s sell all the shit that we can sell. So yeah, tobacco,

3 (39m 25s):
I actually think that is a good point. I think everywhere else in the world has better pharmacies in the U S like, you can’t just walk into a pharmacy here in the U S and get so many of the things that you can get in places like Italy or Mexico or Thailand, or the Philippines, or probably everywhere else in the world. But America

5 (39m 45s):
It’s just so regulated here. Yeah,

2 (39m 47s):
Yeah, no. I mean, even when I lived in Lebanon, you should just see the green light that says cyber Leah, which is a pharmacy in Arabic. And you could just get not anything in there, but like when it comes to pharmaceuticals, you can just go in and get anything.

5 (39m 59s):
And if you do get a prescription, they’re so much cheaper than what you would pay in the United States, without insurance,

2 (40m 5s):
$10, Cipro, Mexico,

3 (40m 7s):
$5 plan B Mexico, $50 in the U S stock up people.

5 (40m 13s):
I know in South Africa, they were handing out free condoms. That’s

3 (40m 16s):
True. Wonderful. I also want to say something about when you’re in another country and you don’t speak the language, but you are having an issue and you need to communicate with the pharmacist. They may not actually speak English. I mean, assuming you as a listener is from the U S speaking English. I know we have tons of international listeners, so it’s okay. You can communicate with a pharmacist using body language, hand signals. I remember going into a pharmacy in Florence, Italy, because I had, or my boyfriend at the time had like a cough and a sore throat. And we were wanting cough drops. So we’re like signaling to our throat and like coughing. And he knew exactly what we wanted. And he gave us some of the most amazing throat lozenges I have ever had.

3 (40m 59s):
And I know throat lozenges,

5 (41m 1s):
They were very effective.

2 (41m 3s):
Nobody’s nose, throat lozenges, like Kim.

5 (41m 7s):
But I know Xena got upset about this earlier, but if you are sick during a trip, you might want to consider sitting out and letting your body heal.

4 (41m 16s):
Zaina sat out one time, but she pretty much put herself in her own timeout. When she was sick on a bullet train in Japan, from an ear infection.

2 (41m 25s):

4 (41m 26s):
Freak out

2 (41m 28s):
I, okay. I went to a different part of the train so I can be by myself. But I did

3 (41m 34s):
You recording? Tuning

4 (41m 35s):
Gave yourself a timeout.

2 (41m 37s):
I know I didn’t actually like sit out, like I’m going to sit in my hotel and I’m going to miss the day and I’m going to rest. But it was more of, I don’t want to be around anyone. I want to be by myself. Leave me alone.

4 (41m 46s):
Yeah. I know. We’re just throwing shade at you on that one. Now you have never sat out. And we know this earlier, when you were appalled by Brittany statement, that you’ve sit out because you have strep throat, but you were pretty much asking what should I do with, well, what else can you do other than take this and then sit out. So you didn’t really leave for much options, but again, neither here nor there you can take the lead. And I will dare say this I’ve sat out one time when I was in the Philippines, I was so sick before I took my Cipro with upper respiratory infection that I was telling, Brittany, just put me on a fucking flight back home. I just want to go home. Yeah. You know what? I’ll pull that every once in a while. It’s okay.

2 (42m 26s):
I came home from a theme park once. Cause your appendix we’re about to burst.

4 (42m 29s):
I got hospitalized after that. So let’s do that. That was the real deal.

2 (42m 33s):
So many rides until you couldn’t. Oh yeah.

4 (42m 36s):
Oh yeah. I was like, no, there’s no way we’re going to sit this out. I rode roller coasters, all sick. And then halfway through that, I was like, oh, that was a bad idea. So I had to have my friends leave magic mountain early, take me to the Burbank airport. And I flew back up north to Sacramento. This wasn’t still live there. But anyway, back to my Philippines story and Brittany went out with her sister, brother, her entire family was there. So I was too sick. I was like, no, just leave me behind. So I wasn’t afraid to sit out. If you need to rest, sometimes you really have to rest. I

5 (43m 7s):
Ordered him soup and I said,

4 (43m 9s):
Oh, I loved the room service soup that they brought up. It was like a lifesaver

2 (43m 16s):
It’s through the

4 (43m 17s):
Spread. I don’t remember because it’s been a while. All I remember was it is kind of like the Philippine version of pho or ramen. They called there’s man meat over there. And it was a mammy soup. So it’s a noodle soup, really brothy, good broth flavor. It was bombed.

3 (43m 33s):
I cannot wait for Philippines, 20, 22.

2 (43m 38s):
You know, another time I didn’t sit out was when I woke up at 1:00 AM in Peru and puked my guts out. And we had to wake up at three to get picked up at three 30 to go hike the mountain with the highest altitude I’ve ever experienced. And I did it man,

4 (43m 55s):
About 14,000, 15,000 feet high in the Andes.

2 (43m 58s):
I remember being on the bus, going around those roundabouts feeling. So nauseous feeling so sick, praying that I wouldn’t get sick again, dominated

3 (44m 6s):
We’re in a hostel that time. And I was awoken by the sound

4 (44m 13s):

3 (44m 15s):
And I was like, oh, I am needed. It is my time to act. And I had the only medication I had on me. And I don’t know why I didn’t give you anything else I had, I did have other stuff. But the one thing I thought would have worked was Tums. My here’s any here’s some Tums,

2 (44m 30s):
You know, whatever was, it was, it was wonderful. It helped. And then I was able to actually fall asleep before we had to wake up. And I, you know, I wasn’t sick after that. What was so baffling is Brittany had the exact same thing that I did at dinner, drink and food, but no one knows we all

3 (44m 45s):
Did. We all had the same thing.

4 (44m 47s):
Yeah. You just had a more sensitive stomach and you know what? Kim took care of you on that trip. And then a few days later you took care of her and encouraged her. Unfortunately for Kim, even if she wanted, there was no sitting out, we were on a four day hike to Machu Picchu. So there was really nowhere to go. We were stranded out in the middle

3 (45m 5s):
Of Badger, sat out. I didn’t have the option.

4 (45m 7s):
Didn’t have the option on that.

5 (45m 9s):
It’s good thing that it hit on the last day. Not day you,

2 (45m 12s):
But you know, with the Cipro, I think that you like you healed pretty quickly. Yes, yes.

3 (45m 17s):
Miracle pill next melatonin. The last thing we want to talk about is hospitals in other countries. I think for people who are not well traveled, there may be some hesitation or fear around hospitals, but we’re here to share that you don’t have to have that fear, especially if you are sick and need to go to one,

5 (45m 36s):
We live in San Diego. Like most of you guys know. And a lot of people actually in San Diego traveled to Mexico specifically for medical dental, just because it’s a lot cheaper and it is good and it’s safe to use.

3 (45m 50s):
And it’s much cheaper if you didn’t get your travel health insurance.

4 (45m 54s):
Yeah. And you know, again, depending on how rugged of a traveler you are and where you really like to explore, you know, you go to certain places in Europe, they’re going to have nationalized healthcare. I know that sometimes scares people, but the healthcare there is going to be good for you, even in other countries that you wouldn’t think necessarily, you know, yes. I’m not going to sit here and say, every hospital or clinic is going to be five star, but there is always going to be someplace within the country particular, even if you’re going to major cities that has really, really good hospitals clinics, et cetera. So you shouldn’t be scared if you have to use it.

3 (46m 29s):
We were actually on a trip to China a couple of years ago. And one of our fellow tour group members got really, really sick. And when we all went home back to America, she had to stay in a Chinese hospital for several more days because of how sick she was. But the hospital was fully equipped to take care of her. We have another friend from our hometown of Woodland, California, who was in Thailand and had gotten injured, had to stay in a Thai hospital for many, many weeks. They took very good care of him. And I think you guys have a story about your mom too.

4 (47m 1s):
Well, Dana mentioned this earlier, how my mom had gotten typhoid when we were talking about typhoid and Zana was rolling the dice, like she was playing craps in Vegas or something, but my mom has been hospitalized in Lebanon with typhoid. She survived. It she’s fine. She gave birth in Lebanon again at one of the university hospitals out there. My eldest sister Nashua, born over there, you know, Hollywood, favorite Kiana Reeves born over there too. So yeah, at the AUB hospital, same hospital, my sister was born. No, he is not. But do you remember when we were even driving by it? When we were in Lebanon, I was like, oh, it’s the AEB hospital counter is, was born here.

3 (47m 41s):

4 (47m 41s):
So again, even someplace and I hate to play off of negative stereotypes, but even in the mid east, you know, like there are quality hospitals. So it doesn’t really matter where you are. There always will be reputable clinics. And again, going back to the travel insurance, I want to harp on that because it’s so important in general. And especially now with COVID again, if you have it, they do have the recommended hospitals that are the better ones in those locations. So they can always direct you on where to go. If you have that based on their knowledge and recommendations of what are good and what’s not.

5 (48m 16s):
Yeah. And even when I was in the Philippines as a child growing up, my brother and I were about five and four at the time we were sitting on a table, outside, coloring in a coloring book and my brother fell off the table backwards and hit his head on the cement and cracked his head open. And my mom had to take him to a clinic in the Philippines for him to get stitches in the back of his head. Oh,

2 (48m 40s):
I didn’t know that. That sounds so painful. Yeah.

4 (48m 43s):
And just real quick, last thing on hospitals too, you know what I’m saying? There will be the good ones and a lot of other places and again, not playing on stereotypes, but you know, Philippines, Mexico, even when we were in South Africa, they were telling us about this too. You know, there’s the regular hospitals. And then there’s the private ones where people who have more money and means in those countries seek care. So, you know, over there it’s catered to be for more well to do people. But if you are traveling and as American have dollars, even though over there in those countries, those services are technically expensive and exclusive in terms of what it costs here to over there. I mean, it’s very, very cheap, so you will find it.

4 (49m 25s):
So I think that about wraps it up unless any of you ladies have any other final thoughts.

3 (49m 30s):
Final thought for me would be that I think there’s a lot of fear, a lot of caution for good reason around being sick or getting sick while traveling. And yes, you want to take all of those precautions into mind and prepare yourself as much as you can using all of the tips in this episode. But I do say it’s still safe to travel as long as it’s within guidelines and you don’t have to be fearful of traveling because of illness. I do it all the

4 (49m 57s):

3 (49m 58s):
You don’t have to sit it out. All right. The is my favorite

4 (50m 4s):
Questions of the week.

3 (50m 12s):
All right. Our first and only question this week comes from Gordon, from Las Vegas, Nevada.

4 (50m 18s):
Thank you, Gordon.

3 (50m 19s):
And he is asking which travel insurance do you recommend? We’ve been talking a lot about it in this episode. Perfect question.

4 (50m 26s):
I’m just going to come out and say, because again, this is my profession. Not specifically travel insurance, but just insurance in general, but every time we go, I always use Geo Blue, H T H worldwide Geo Blue is blue cross blue shield. It’s good for international travel. Anywhere you go outside of the United States and you can purchase it in denominations of a maximum value of like 50,000 hundred thousand, 250, all the way up to a million dollars in coverage. And that’s an allowance that they give you for covered medical services that you will need. And again, it includes things like if you get injured on a ski slope and need to be life-flighted out, it pays for your helicopter.

4 (51m 10s):
If you need to be hospitalized, medications, teeth fixed, regular visits, prescriptions, it is covered with that travel insurance. It’s very affordable. The prices are based off of your age and how long you’re going to be gone. So the older you are, yes. You know, it does get a little bit more expensive, but if you’re traveling anyway, it’s nothing that’s crazy unaffordable for, you know,

5 (51m 34s):
To be morbid or anything. But if you die, doesn’t it pay some type of benefit in that regard,

2 (51m 40s):
I was going to say that

4 (51m 41s):
It does one. If you’re on your death bed, it will pay for a family member to come from the United States to be by your side as you’re dying, if they can’t actually fly you back. And yes, it does pay for recreation of remains if you were to pass so that your body could get back to the United States. So taking a real morbid turn there, Brittany, but very good question. So I think that just showcases the comprehensiveness of it, right. You know, it’s not like regular insurance that we think, oh, how much does it cost for me to go to the doctor? How much is it going to pay for prescription? This is literally a pool of money. You choose the benefit of Mount when you’re traveling of how much you want. I always choose a million when Brittany and I travel. I mean, you just never know. Right?

4 (52m 21s):
So I would definitely recommend that HTH worldwide Geo Blue.

2 (52m 25s):
I have a friend whose grandmother passed away and her one wish was not to be cremated. And they had to cremate her because it was too expensive to fly the body from. Yeah, it was too expensive from California to New York. It costs a lot of money.

3 (52m 39s):
Can anybody buy the insurance themselves or they have to go to someone like you.

4 (52m 43s):
They can definitely go to the website by themselves. But if somebody is not understanding what they’re seeing, once more explanations, feel free to DM me specifically, I can definitely go ahead and help you out. I’ve actually had listeners reach out before about it. And also in the show notes, we will include a link to the website just as well for you guys, if you want to do it on your own,

2 (53m 5s):
And you can also find it on our website at www dot Travel Squad, Podcast dot com. Yes.

3 (53m 10s):
Nice. All right, ladies and gents. Well, that is all we have for you this week. Thank you so much for listening in. Please keep the adventures going with us. Follow us on Instagram. Subscribe to us on YouTube at Travel Squad Podcast and send us in your questions

2 (53m 24s):
Of the week. And if you found the information in this episode to be useful, or if you thought we were just playing funny, please make sure to share it with a friend that would enjoy it too.

4 (53m 32s):
As always guys, please subscribe, rate, and review our podcast. And you know, it tune in every travel Tuesday for new episodes

5 (53m 39s):
Stay tuned for next week’s episode, we have more amazing adventures and tips in store for you. Woo.

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