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Ready for some adventure? Because we're all about...

how to travel more often. especially if you're in a 9-5!

what the bathroom situations are like 'cuz it's important sh*t. (no pun intended!)

how to save money on travel. 

how to travel in a group and make it work (obviously!)

we curse

we rag on one another

we make dirty jokes

we keep it real about what happens on the road (and in the air!)

Mt. Rainier


episode 1

Mexico City Travel Guide

Adventure with the travel squad for a three day Mexico City exploration.


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Nara, Japan


episode 3

Boise, Idaho

China Travel Tips & Experiences

Get all the China Travel Tips you need as you adventure with the travel squad on a guided tour of China.


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episode 7

The Podcast Vault

ep 10- Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

EP 12 - Spending the Day at Shanghai Disneyland

EP 14 - Touring the Adriatic Coast with Gate1 Travel

Travel Guide

Experience what it's like to be on the squad "equipaje" as they explore and party on the Cuban island.


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