Episode 03

AIRDATE august 15, 2019


Travel Tuesday

Adventure with the travel squad for an eight day guided tour of China.

Nǐ hǎo

China is such an interesting place! In this episode we talk about why a guided tour through China is the best way to experience the country. We talk about how good the food is, how to get through language barriers, and the quirks and differences you’ll experience in Chinese culture.

We go to Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai on this 10 days vacation to China through Gate1 Travel. You’ll hear all about The Great Wall of China, Terracotta Soldiers, Imperial Palace, the Shanghai Bazaar, plus pandas, dancing in the park with locals, duck dinners, dumpling dinners, and a very interesting Chinese acrobat show.

And of course, we answer your listener questions! This week we address the VPN issue, squatty potties, language translation apps, and specifics about traveling in China. 

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