Travel Bucket List

We’re exploring bucket list trips that we really, really want to do! Jamal, Kim, and Brittanie share three international iconic international bucket list trips of a lifetime that are on our list, plus we each share our bucket list trips in the US! We dream big in this episode, if you’ve been to any of these plans, please share your travel tips with us!

Some of the bucket list trips we really want to take include:

  1. Egypt to see the ancient pyramids
  2. Uganda gorilla trek – which we finally did! Listen to the Uganda gorilla trek episode here.
  3. Maldives to just relax in an overwater bungalow
  4. Australia to explore the far corners of the eath
  5. Chile and Argentina for Malbec wine tasting where it comes from
  6. Serengeti for an epic African safari
  7. The Arctic (so Jamal can see for himself that the earth if round lol)
  8. Two month luxury coastal southern Europe trip, hello St. Tropez!
  9. Hong Kong Disney
  10. The famous Kentucky Derby!
  11. Iceland as a squad trip to see the Blue Lagoon and the Northern Lights

Bucket List Trips – Episode Transcript

2 (57s):
Welcome to this week’s episode of the Travel Squad Podcast. Today we are dreaming up a whole episode dedicated to Bucket List, Trips We. Want to take, we haven’t been to any of these places, so if you have, please reach out to us on Instagram a Travel Squad Podcast and give us your best tips and recommendations.

1 (1m 16s):
This episode was actually inspired by a fellow Squatty who reached out to us on Instagram and asked specifically for us to do this episode. And I have been super excited and pumped while outlining. We actually outlined this all separately, so it’s not something that we discussed. We just knew that Kim was gonna pick three, Jamal was gonna pick three. I was gonna pick three and then we were gonna have a group pick as well. And so it makes it really exciting to record this episode cuz we haven’t really discussed this. We’ve kind of just like skimmed and outlined this.

3 (1m 46s):
I’m really excited because some of my favorite episodes that we have for you guys are more natural ones where we’re just really having a conversation. Our episodes are geared towards that way. But sometimes I feel like as we’re gonna be discussing this list and Brittanie said we really haven’t talked about what we chose with each other. It’s gonna feel a little bit more natural. We’re gonna have a nice little flow and it’s almost like talking amongst ourselves. But obviously with you guys here sharing the experience with us. And those are some of my favorite episodes that we produce for you guys. And I think any person on earth, whether they’re traveler or not, obviously has a Bucket list destination or destinations of where they want to go.

3 (2m 26s):
Clearly the traveler does, and here we are a group of travelers here and I cannot wait to get in this episode and share with you guys where these final destinations are for our Bucket list

2 (2m 37s):
Places. Oh, final destination.

3 (2m 39s):
Well, I mean we came up with three each, so these are clearly our top three. So there are other locations truly that are on the Bucket list, but I mean if they’re making this list for us, these are like the musts, right? So final in that SCADAs and last places will go Kim.

2 (2m 55s):
You know when you say Bucket list, you think like the most amazing trip that you, you have to take before you die. But the more we travel and do Bucket list Trips, the more your Bucket list grows.

3 (3m 6s):
This is very true

2 (3m 7s):
And I’m glad that we’re doing this episode because if it’s a place you really, really want to go, use this episode to inspire you to book that trip and go. One trip that was always on the top of my Bucket list was to go to the full moon party in Thailand. I saw tons of videos and blogs about it and I wanted to go so bad. I went back in 2018. It was the best trip of my life. I absolutely loved it. I’m so glad I did it when I did it

1 (3m 32s):
Because you were under 30.

2 (3m 33s):
Exactly. And I don’t regret it whatsoever. And I’m just so happy that I could take that Bucket list trip and scratch it off my list.

3 (3m 41s):
You’re so correct because anytime that you have a Bucket list destination, I kind of use air quotes on that, right? But anytime you have a list or place that you really, really want to go, when you finally get there and accomplish it, it’s such an incredible feeling. I remember one of my Bucket list destinations, it’s checkmarked off, was an African safari. We went to South Africa, Zimbabwe, east sw, and we did safari, saw some big game, the lions, giraffe, elephant, et cetera. But I’ll tell you what, my first rhino siding and that was the first animal we saw in one specific park. I couldn’t even believe it cuz unfortunately they are endangered as we know.

3 (4m 22s):
I literally started to tear up and cry a little bit. Not really weep, but I’m man enough to say I got a little teary eyed on that because it was such a fulfillment in my life to be like, oh my God, like I’m really, really here. And I loved it so, so much.

1 (4m 35s):
Yeah, I remember looking over at you Jamal and you know there was that single tear coming down from your eye. You’re like, it’s just so

3 (4m 42s):
Beautiful. It was, it was. And the irony was, and this is how lucky we are, that was my first safari, like true safari ever been on in Africa. And guess what we saw first A fucking rhino. I mean how can you go wrong on that? That was, oh my God, I I words can’t even describe. Talking about it now is just making me really happy and I want to get a little happy tear out.

2 (5m 2s):
So we have several different destinations on this list. I wanted to start off with USA cuz as I was thinking I thought about a ton of, you know, international destinations and I thought we founded this podcast on exploring your own backyard too. So I wanted to dive into us as well.

1 (5m 19s):
And Kim actually told us that she was thinking of a US destination. She told Jamal and I to think of one too cuz our list is primarily international and she hasn’t shared it with us. So we’re going to hear her all together. What Kim’s us destination Bucket list item

3 (5m 34s):
Is, I’m so fucking intrigued. We need a little drum roll for

2 (5m 37s):
This drum roll please.

3 (5m 39s):
That’s the best drum roll I could do. I’m ready for it. Kim hit me.

2 (5m 42s):
All right. Bucket list Destination slash experience is the Kentucky Derby.

3 (5m 48s):
Kentucky Derby. You know when you told me you had something I was expecting a little bit more, but I do like your choice though. I

2 (5m 54s):
Kentucky Derby.

3 (5m 54s):
You’re throwing me a wild card here. You

1 (5m 56s):
Need get a little mint juul up going

2 (5m 58s):
On mint Julep. So I do wanna see Kentucky, I wanna do the bourbon trail, I wanna do that whole thing. But the Kentucky Derby dates back way into American history. It’s the hats, it’s the opulence, it happens every May. I looked up tickets, they’re quite expensive how much we talking? So to go into the center of the field where they have raging parties, like it’s insane night and day from the luxury of one side to the inside pit, which is like mud wrestling and Budweiser. It’s insane. I wanna see both. I don’t wanna be there, but I wanna see it. So that ticket will go maybe 60 to a hundred if you want to sit anywhere, you’re gonna probably be looking at least 500 bucks.

1 (6m 43s):
Oh wow. Okay.

2 (6m 44s):
But I wanna do that. The big ass hat, the outfit. And it’s not just a one day thing, they actually have like a week of different events. The whole town is popping off for this event. And you have the like southern old money experience,

3 (7m 0s):
The real aristocrats. Yes.

1 (7m 2s):

2 (7m 3s):

3 (7m 4s):
I love a good choice. That’s a curve ball there Kim. But I like it. I

1 (7m 7s):
Was gonna say it’s a curve ball. I wasn’t expecting that outta you, but I like it. So my Bucket list item in the USA and I feel like Kim, this probably would be like a backup to you, but it is going to have a So High Falls. Oh, in Arizona.

2 (7m 21s):
Oh that’s a good one.

1 (7m 23s):
Yes. And so I mean I think it rings true to me and what I really like to do, which is hike and be in nature and it is a 10 mile hike to get down there into the canyon area, but when you’re down there you get to camp and there’s a ton of different waterfalls. The lakes are blue, green, they are the most gorgeous colors you’ve ever seen and it’s very permitted. So only a few people can go each year. They actually did close it down during Covid. I don’t know if they’ve reopened it back up but that’s been on my list for a while now and I know it was previously on Kim’s two and so that is the one that I would pick as my Bucket list.

1 (8m 3s):
USA experience.

2 (8m 4s):
That’s a really, really good one

3 (8m 6s):
For me. I would have to say my US experience and I guess you know, not to say America isn’t a great country in terms of scenic beauty and just overall all around right? However, obviously any traveler I think always looks at international places. So I really had to think about like, oh USA, where is it that I really want to go? Like US cities, I’ve been to the major ones and they are what they are, but I appreciate nature more. So I really racked my brain around this and I thought to myself how epic would it be to do not every national park, although that is on the Bucket list to do everyone, but specifically here, taking an RV more particularly an Airstream and going to some of the most scenic national parks.

3 (8m 46s):
Maybe Sequoia, Yosemite, Yellowstone, grand Teton, working my way to the East coast on the national parks out there and really doing an RV trip that would take a month and a half, two months where I’m really doing nothing except road tripping, waking up in nature in my RV and Airstream, having my morning cup of coffee looking at whatever mountain range of the day. And I think that would be the most ideal thing, traversing America that way and experiencing its natural beauty in a really, really relaxed state where I have absolutely no rush or anything to do. I think that’s like beautiful. I might cry thinking about it like the rhino.

2 (9m 24s):
That would be really, really amazing too. Cross-country in an rv, seeing all the national parks. Wow.

1 (9m 30s):
Yeah, Jamal and I have been playing with the idea of purchasing an Airstream in our future and so this would be really awesome because they’re like second homes and they have some really awesome specs to them. Like the showers and the beds and like the closet space if you get really fancy with them. So it’s like a mini home on wheels. And to just wake up in these really awesome national parks with great scenery. Like I can’t even fathom waking up in Grand Teton. Just looking at the mountain range at sunset and just seeing all those beautiful colors. That would be amazing.

3 (10m 4s):
Just my morning cup of coffee seeing that view was exciting to me. Like the morning cup of coffee, maybe spike it but that evening, evening cocktail what during sunset or glass of wine? Just epic in that location.

2 (10m 17s):
You can really like little house it up with super cool, like some of these interiors are better than my house.

1 (10m 24s):
I know some of them are just, they’re, I’m like, I would live there. Like I’ll sell

3 (10m 28s):
My house. I’m, I’m really excited to get into our main ones other than just USA. But before we move on to that, I do wanna say Brittanie and I have had the crazy conversation of renting out our home, buying an Airstream and even here in San Diego, just living in the Airstream and renting this out and just standing there and then, oh we want to go on a trip. Oh let’s just attach the car and move our home. Sounds great to me. Do it. I’m ready

2 (10m 52s):
To. All right. So I will kick us off with international and this is one I’ve talked about for a long time. I want to go before I die to Egypt.

1 (11m 1s):
It’s a good solid choice.

2 (11m 3s):
You know, ancient ruins get me going.

3 (11m 6s):
I bet you those three pyramids would really get you going Kevin and this fake get me

2 (11m 10s):
Out. Yeah,

3 (11m 11s):
I know.

2 (11m 12s):
I mean it doesn’t get more ancient than this. It is amazing. It dates back to different parts in Egypt. We’re going like all the way back to like 1400 BC at some of these temples. Obviously the pyramids of Giza. But I mean people only dream of going there. And I have a dream of riding a camel in front of the pyramids, getting that iconic shot and just taking it all in and just like stepping where people have lived thousands and thousands and thousands of years ago with a woman ruler unless

3 (11m 42s):
Miss Cleopatra. Oh yeah, she seduced the lead of Europe. Mark Anthony by the way. They became lovers. You know this, I’m sure of it, but let me ask you a question. Kim, you say you want the photo and experience of riding a camel in front of the pyramids. We rode a camel in Dubai. It’s very fucking uncomfortable.

2 (12m 0s):
It’s scary too when they get down and up,

3 (12m 2s):
You’re ready to ride another camel out here. Is it for the shot or you want to do it because it’s an Egypt?

2 (12m 7s):
It’s an amazing experience to ride a camel in a desert. And I think amongst the background of these ancient pyramids would just blow my mind.

3 (12m 17s):
Well we need to do a Squad trip, maybe even a gate one to Egypt. Mind you by the way, I’ve

2 (12m 22s):
Been looking at gate one because Egypt, I mean it’s gonna be a complicated place for me as an English speaker only to visit. I don’t speak Arabic. I imagine it’s very hard to get around just like Lebanon and Dubai kind of are. I would love to do a gate one tour. It comes with a cruise on the Nile River.

1 (12m 38s):
Ooh, that sounds really fancy. I would love to do that. I know that this was Kim’s pick, but I would love to do this because it’s one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

2 (12m 46s):

1 (12m 47s):
I mean it’s kind of like Chichen Itsa where it’s like one of the seven wonders you gotta get to the mall. Peace of history. And this is also, some parts of it are UNESCO world heritage sites,

2 (12m 58s):
The Luxor Temple where kings became Gods oh baby in 1400

3 (13m 4s):
Bc. You know, one place that’s not in Cairo where we expect to see the pyramids obviously. And obviously you’re talking about Luxor and everything. One of the ancient wonders that doesn’t exist anymore is the library and lighthouse of Alexandria and all the knowledge and history that was there before it burnt down. I mean this is truly a civilization that really sparked the beginning of mankind in a way in terms of like technology, thought process, things of that nature. And it’s crazy to just see that in person or I can imagine, cause I haven’t been there too. So it is on my Bucket list as well. But a very good first one to start us off here Kim, because I want to go to Egypt also and Squad trip for sure we have to.

2 (13m 43s):
And you know looking at the gate one tours too, they’re not that out of possibility. I think they were about 2,500 with your flight. That’s not bad. And when you think about you can make payments on that over a period of time and leading up to the trip, like that’s doable and I wanna do it here in the next five years.

3 (14m 1s):
Let’s do it. I’m ready.

1 (14m 2s):
So before we move on, how do you think they built those

2 (14m 5s):
Pyramids? Aliens?

3 (14m 7s):
I don’t think slaves like they said, I mean I don’t even know. I mean where did they carve those stones? Where did they get it from? How did they bring it hundreds of miles away if it wasn’t aliens? There is an ancient technology that humans have that we’ve either lost or the powers that be have suppressed from us. I mean there’s no other way to describe it. I mean that’s it.

2 (14m 27s):
And that’s what I love so much about ancient ruins like this Za Inca, you know, it’s just like you can’t imagine how could they have done this all those years ago? Right,

1 (14m 37s):

2 (14m 38s):
When we could barely do that stuff today we

1 (14m 40s):
Know we can’t do that stuff today. Really?

2 (14m 42s):
Yeah. So you have to see it to believe it and I wanna see

3 (14m 45s):
It. I know you said before we move on and you had that question. I have one more before we move on cause I don’t wanna spend too too much time on on Egypt. I do wanna get through this list, but have you heard the theory that they aren’t even really resting places and tombs of the pharaohs, that they were truly power plants and they actually generated power and electricity through those pyramids? Oh that is a legitimate theory that people have.

2 (15m 6s):
That’s insane. But you know what’s crazier is like to this day they’re still excavating tombs with sarcophagi and

3 (15m 14s):
And mummies and everything. Yeah.

2 (15m 16s):
And so to see that in person is just like an experience that you don’t get every day that I need to

1 (15m 23s):
Have. Well Kim send us the invite when you go and we might add onto this trip

2 (15m 27s):

1 (15m 28s):
Let’s do it. So number two on our list is actually one of my Bucket list picks and it’s the Uganda gorilla truck. This is a 10 day wildlife exploration. And you know, I actually first heard of this while we were on one of our gate one Trips, I think Jamal was telling me about it, that he came across it and we were talking to some other gate one travelers while we were on a trip and I was convinced that I had to do this and I did some more research on it and I looked at the gate one video and let me tell you, if you haven’t looked at that gate one video on the Uganda gorilla track, definitely give it a watch. It is so inspiring. What I love about this trip is you go to so many different national parks and you spend a lot of time in nature.

1 (16m 10s):
It’s a little bit more of an intimate guided tour and trip with more boutique hotels and stays and very nature focused. So it goes to a lot of game drives. We go down a cruise on the Nile and we will be going to some forests and doing some hikes with primates. So I’m super pumped about this trip.

3 (16m 31s):
Yeah, I’m really excited about this one. So it’s on the list cause we haven’t done it yet, but we are going to be doing this one very shortly in the near future. So I’m excited to put that check mark off right by it. But can you imagine just traversing the jungles of Africa and going to see gorillas which are critically endangered in their natural habitat. I mean we’re not talking about a zoo, we’re talking about a whole expedition to go do some hiking up into the mountains and come across them. I mean this is just gonna be sounds scary. Epic. Yeah, well scary. Sure, I can see that. I mean you don’t wanna mess around with them. They could maybe even really kill you if you want to do something crazy to them. But what I know that they do, because this track and expedition to see the gorillas is almost how the Peruvian government regulates Machu Picchu.

3 (17m 18s):
You need special permits. They only allow so many people to do it a year. As a matter of fact, every guided tour that you do, they actually have a wildlife ranger that accompanies you on it also. So it gives you that little bit of added extra safety. And it’s not like it’s just flooded with people doing it, but they only take you to I think like three or four different gorilla tribes or troops. I don’t know what the official name is of a family unit that they have, but these ones are the ones that are acclimated to humans actually seeing ’em. So it’s a little bit more safe in that sense. They’re not taking you to any family units that don’t really see or have humans encounter them. So they’re acclimated in a sense, but they are still very much wild.

1 (17m 59s):
Yeah, I mean just think about this trip morning game drives where we’re gonna see big game animals. We’re gonna be hiking in the jungles, we are going to be seeing some of the most amazing waterfalls and doing some cruises on the Nile. I literally cannot wait for this trip. We did book it and so we will very shortly be putting that check mark in and I am so excited that we’re making this Bucket list trip a reality. I’m

2 (18m 24s):
Excited for you too. That sounds like it’s right up your alley. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you guys that this one will happen. And you know, nothing, nothing goes wrong there. But yeah, I mean what an experience. Where the hell else can you experience something like

3 (18m 40s):
This? Nowhere else. Nowhere else. Gorillas are only in that small little region. It’s crazy of the world left. So only there and I am so, so excited about this. Again, can’t wait to put off that check bark. But number three is one of my picks coming in here. I’m sure we all probably want to go here, but this one is really high up on my list. It’s gonna be going to the Maldives, the beautiful island chain in the middle of the Indian Ocean that’s famous for its crystal clear waters snorkeling, more particularly over water bungalows. And you wanna know why I really want to go here? One beyond Scenic beauty is because as you know, if you are a frequent listener, Brittanie loves to do major Trips in terms of lots of activity, hiking on the go easy days.

3 (19m 24s):
Yeah, air quote, easy days. You can’t get much more relaxation than here in the Maldives. I really want to do a vacation. And Brittanie kind of gave me one when we went to the Virgin Islands, I won’t deny this but, and Tulum and well we were up and moving all around and driving all sorts of places, you know, two and a half hours away, there’s nowhere to go. This island is very, very small. You’re stuck to your bungalow and I can’t wait for the true r and r and that sense of things.

2 (19m 51s):
I support this trip. I do wanna go because it feels so luxurious and so private and just relax.

3 (19m 59s):
There’s probably gonna be no more than a hundred people on that island. And by that I mean tourists and guests obviously with workers in everything. But these are very, very small islands. Probably each island has no more than 50 huts. There’s usually two people to hut. So that’s what I mean like hundred. And there’s a lot more exclusive ones with less units than that quite honestly. Yeah,

1 (20m 20s):
I’ve actually been looking into going to the maldive. Few things have gotten me the seafood. I know Kim you love seafood. Oh yeah. But

3 (20m 26s):
You’re gonna love it here by the way. The

1 (20m 28s):
All inclusiveness of that, being able to eat, drink, stay, just right on the water. That’s amazing. I would love a bungalow with a deck to lay out on and that has a like swing pool or hot tub but then also has a ladder that go gets you down into the ocean that you can just go out for a nice swim for. I’d also like it to face the sunset. So you could just like lay on the deck or lay in your bed and just watch the sunset while you’re there. And like I said, I’ve done some research and there are some islands there that have underwater spas and underwater restaurants that you can ooh

2 (21m 3s):
Visit. That sounds amazing. So

3 (21m 6s):
It could get real pricey out there. It’s an expensive place in general no doubt. But they can cater to the extremely opulent and wealthy or to, I don’t wanna say the budget traveler cuz you’re really not gonna find that. But more affordable than those other crazy places. But rest assured I want to get to a place that’s very, very isolated. I mean this is an island chain out in the middle of the Indian Ocean and a lot more isolated than places that you’ll go out into the ocean like Tahiti, Hawaii, even for that matter. So real, real isolation and just peace and serenity out here.

1 (21m 38s):
Yeah, I mean the most wild you can get is like wind surfing or parasailing, but other than that you’re gonna be relaxing going to the beach, swimming, snorkeling, paddle

2 (21m 47s):
Boarding. I know it takes a long time to get here. So ideally how many days would you stay

3 (21m 52s):
Because of the journey? I would say I would probably wanna spend five to seven days in the resort itself. I don’t know if I would get tired of doing nothing for five to seven days, but I don’t think so. I think if you go with somebody you love and who you want to be with, it’s gonna be a really great opportunity to just really relax and connect on a different level. Because there is nothing to do but relax. Read a book, go to the beach, hang out on your deck over the ocean or just go for a swim. Do that relaxation. But I think all in all, this is the most ideal trip that I could think of in terms of rest and relaxation.

2 (22m 28s):
Another place that I really, really want to go to is Australia. It’s so far away from the US that it just makes me wanna go there that much more. I think the journey to get there is at least 24 hours, probably more with layovers and whatnot And you know, because it will take so long. Like the Maldives, I would wanna stay at least a week, maybe even two weeks cuz it’s such a big island too, to explore all of it.

1 (22m 51s):
Yeah, it’s huge.

2 (22m 52s):
New Zealand’s not that far so maybe even add that on, who knows? But I think just about Australia it’s so, so different from the United States. Even though it’s an English speaking country that would make it easier to navigate. It’s literally the other side of the world. And I would wanna go when it’s our winter, like January time. So we hit the Australian summer, can really enjoy the beaches.

3 (23m 15s):
You want to be hot as fuck out there Kim.

2 (23m 16s):
I want to literally live the melt beach life in Australia in the summer. Yes, I like the heat. I want to be on the beach.

3 (23m 24s):
On the beach. I could see that out in the outback though. That might be a little too much. But I’m not gonna the outback then why are you going Australia? You gotta see, you’re talking about completely different, I mean, yeah, I mean not a lot of people really realize this. I mean clearly we hear the Australian Outback but you can do safaris out in Australia and then the outback, it literally is like that

2 (23m 42s):
Outback. See safari are your guys’ thing. I’m more of a beach person.

3 (23m 45s):
So you don’t wanna see a kangaroo in its element. Oh

2 (23m 48s):
I do. And here’s the thing, we can go to Lucky Bay, which is in Western Australia’s Cape La Grande National Park. There are kangaroos all over the

3 (23m 57s):
Beach. Oh that’s right up your

2 (23m 58s):
Alley. So we can be laying on the beach sunbathing, kangaroos right next to us. But what about

1 (24m 2s):
The koalas?

2 (24m 3s):
Oh I definitely wanna see koalas. I wanna hold them. I want to love them.

3 (24m 8s):
What about spiders and snakes and crocs?

2 (24m 10s):
I will have to pass on those. Okay. I don’t wanna see those in my Bucket list trip. But another place I really, really wanna go, you’ll see this all over pictures of Australia’s Bondi Beach. There’s this huge lap swimming pool that runs up right against the ocean. It’s actually a swimming club that dates back to the 1920s, but it’s iconic and I really wanna swim in this pool. I also really wanna snorkel the great barrier reef.

1 (24m 35s):
Gotta be super cool. I would be so down to

3 (24m 38s):
Do that. You gotta get there. It’s actually going through I through it’s death and bleaching right now in certain locations. So quite, quite sad. And another reason why I was really excited about Africa and the Gorilla Trek. And I don’t mean to kind of go back and get off Australia, but a lot of these places are on it because I don’t know if the next generation growing up will have these things to see. And I think the Great Barrier Reef might even be one of them.

2 (24m 60s):
I know they’ve been saying that for a while now. And you know when we went on the Inca Trail hike that we did, that’s a Bucket list type of trip.

3 (25m 9s):
Oh fuck yeah. It’s not even just going to Machu Picchu doing the hike.

2 (25m 12s):
Yes. And so what got our engines going on? That is the talk that they were gonna close it because it’s, you know, wearing down from tourism. So we’re like, we need to go now. We might not have this chance. It’s still open, you know, six years later, four years later, whatever it is. And so this is the same thing, the Great Berry Reef. It’s just amazing what’s down there. Like it’s snorkeling like no other.

1 (25m 35s):
I think snorkeling would be really cool but can you imagine diving down there and seeing even further down

2 (25m 41s):
Some of the most insane marine life you’ll ever see right there. I really wanna see that. And then one other place in Australia that really, really catches my eye is a place called Lord How Island. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Center. They only allow 400 visitors at a time. It’s these amazing beautiful oceanic volcanic islands that have formed their super green. It’s like gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, beautiful. Gives me Thailand vibes. I wanna go there. I want to see that. I wanna be one of the few people on the island at the time to experience nature with myself. Beautiful.

3 (26m 15s):
I just googled images of Lord how, and it almost looks like a little bit of Tahiti and Bora Bora. Almost like that volcanic chain that creates Yes, just a circle. So you have the darker blue around, but inside the lagoon areas that clear, pristine blue. And I’m impressed by that. I don’t know how far off the coast it is cause I just Googled it as you’re talking about. But I’m, I’m sold on Australia in general. It’s on my list too of a place I really, really want to go. But that just was like, whoa, I want to see that.

2 (26m 42s):
And not only how beautiful it is, but only 400 visitors a day. Yeah. So you are gonna have a lot of it to yourself.

1 (26m 48s):

3 (26m 49s):
Amazing. And I imagine if you don’t go during a really busy time, there might not even be that many people. That’s just like the cap doesn’t mean that’s always how many people are gonna be there.

1 (26m 57s):
So number five on our list is my pick and it’s chili and Argentina.

2 (27m 2s):
Ooh. I wanna go to

3 (27m 4s):
Know how, how long have we been talking about a chill Argentina trip? Well I mean it’s one of those things. We have so many Trips that we’ve talked about a long time, then we schedule other ones for whatever reason. But eventually these are gonna happen. And I know Chile and Argentina as we’ve been talking about doing this as a Squad trip for days

1 (27m 18s):
Specifically in Argentina. I want to see Iguazu falls like that amazing waterfall just looks so beautiful and I really want to be there to enjoy that. And I also really wanna go to Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America to see all of that elegant architecture and history there. I think that would be really fun to see and enjoy that city. But another draw to Argentina in the Squad has all talked about this is enjoy wine country in Argentina. Specifically in Mendoza, which is home to the Malbeck.

2 (27m 51s):
Ooh, that’s my favorite kind of

3 (27m 53s):
Wine. I was gonna say, I know Kim is a sucker for Malbeck. It’s your favorite, right?

2 (27m 57s):
It’s so good. Yes. And I do wanna go wine tasting here really badly.

1 (28m 0s):
Yes. And then in chili I really want to tour Santiago. And the reason that is also drawing me to both Chile and Argentina is Patagonia and Patagonia stretches over both Argentina and Chile. And this is at the very southern end of South America and it just has so many beautiful landscapes. You’re gonna see the Andy’s mountain range desert, grasslands lakes, long Coast. It has glaciers and icebergs and there’s a ton of national parks. Anywhere you walk in Patagonia, you’re gonna be incredibly wowed by the stunning scenery.

3 (28m 35s):
I mean just think about what you would think of Alaska and the north, you know like mountain ranges, snowcap, mountains, the glaciers, everything like that. See this here in reverse in the Antarctica area. And I’m not talking obviously Antarctica, but Antarctica in the sense that it is the southern hemisphere. So this is the opposite of what you would think when you think of kind of the Americas. But down here in South America, Argentina, Chile. And I really want to go as a nature lover, like as much as I want to do the other stuff, do the wine tasting si bu and Santiago and everything like that, I’m more intrigued to this area of the world simply for Patagonia.

2 (29m 13s):
Yeah it looks amazing.

1 (29m 14s):
They have a national park named after glaciers. And can you just imagine just being able to walk up and like touch a glacier. Like the last time I was on a glacier I had to fly a helicopter onto it. I’ve

2 (29m 28s):
Touched glaciers in Alaska. Same with you guys, right? But in Patagonia,

1 (29m 31s):

3 (29m 32s):
It’s a little bit different when it’s south of the Equators and it’s a little bit more exotic, right?

1 (29m 37s):
Yeah. Soaring mountains, electric blue icebergs, these bright beautiful lakes. I just, my juices get going Kim. Ooh. When I think about how beautiful it’s going to be, there’s also a very famous lake called Lake Vienna and it’s one of the largest glacier formed lakes in Patagonia. And you can actually take a boat trip on it and just get really amazing views of the glacier and mountains in the background.

3 (30m 2s):
So not that I’d really want to do this unless I’m leaving from this area to go to Antarctica, but at the southern tip of South America, again, Chile, Argentina, Patagonia area, that portion of the ocean is called Drake’s passage. It’s known to be some of the most rough sea waters anywhere on earth. It’s very treacherous to sail in that area. So there are Antarctic cruises that leave from that vicinity and you would be going through that treacherous water if you were and I’d be freaked out. But I also think it would be fun kind of at the same time. Maybe not for you Brittanie, cuz I know you’d get seasick out there with those big waves.

1 (30m 35s):
Yeah, I was just thinking about how he was gonna get seasick and then like die in these treacherous waters.

3 (30m 40s):
Well don’t think of it that way. Bucket

2 (30m 42s):

1 (30m 44s):
Hey Travelers, let’s take a quick detour to talk all about our traveler Itineraries that we’ve created just for you. We now have six different trip Itineraries. One week in Kauai and

2 (30m 55s):
American Southwest Weekender road trip

3 (30m 57s):
A week in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks,

1 (30m 60s):
A road trip adventure featuring all three of Washington state national parks.

3 (31m 5s):
Big island Hawaii, and an Arizona road trip that features all three of Arizona’s national parks.

2 (31m 11s):
We are obsessed with these. These Itineraries are 20 to 30 page PDF guides with every detail of the trip laid out. We’re talking where to fly into the exact route to take, where to stay, park entrance prices, where to eat, and driving distance between attractions plus what things to see and do, even the hikes we recommend and their mileage and the time to allow for each one and so much more.

1 (31m 32s):
We have story highlights on our Instagram at Travel Squad Podcast where you can see the full guides. We’ve done all of the research and have taken these exact Trips taking all, all of the guesswork from the planning. So all that you have to do is show up and have

3 (31m 46s):
Fun. Purchase your comprehensive Travel Squad Podcast itinerary on our website at Travel Squad Podcast dot com. Best of all, they’re on sale right now for $30. So travel on over and get yours today. So number six is my pick here and I’m talking Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Now I am a big nature lover. I am intrigued by the African continent so, so much again, we had a Bucket list item trip that was checkmarked off when we went to South Africa and did safaris. We’re gonna have one here coming up soon when we go to Uganda and do the gorilla track. But I want to get back to Africa and go to the Serengeti. The Serengeti is that famous African plane area where you’re gonna see literally hundreds of thousands of wildest.

3 (32m 31s):
It has the highest concentration of wildlife in all of Africa. More than 5,000 plus lions are in this area of Africa. 1000 leopards. The entire big five, which includes elephants, buffalo again, the lion, leopard and rhinos are in this area. So you’re gonna see it all. And this is a spot of the famous great migration where literally over 2 million will the beast migrate north after calving season. So after they have their babies just so iconic to see that many wild animals on the move. And you’re more prone to actually see the big game like the lions and leopards because they are there hunting to hunt the baby.

3 (33m 12s):
Yeah. And I want to see that during that time of year. I mean how epic and iconic would that be? I know earlier Kim you said you’re not really too big into safaris, but you can’t tell me your juices wouldn’t get fluent for this even though it’s not ancient ruins.

2 (33m 25s):
That would be an insane sight to see. It’d be kind of scary probably, but I mean like something that you just cannot see every day. It’s amazing. And

1 (33m 35s):
You haven’t been to Africa yet and you, you know that was on your list of things, places to go. You skipped out on our South Africa trip. You’ve chosen not to go on the upcoming Uganda trip so maybe you’ll make it on the Serengeti

2 (33m 46s):
Trip. I would do this one. I

1 (33m 47s):
Would, you know what I’m really excited about? Jamal’s told me about this trip and what really gets me going is the sunrise hot air balloons. Ooh over the Savannah, the vast planes and grasslands and just looking down and seeing all of the beauty beneath you.

2 (34m 3s):
Is this a gate one or through something else? This

3 (34m 6s):
Is a gate one. Obviously many, many tour companies will do a Serengeti tour. I haven’t really looked into any other companies cuz you know us here at the Squad, we fucking love Gate one. I don’t really wanna look anywhere else, although I’m not gonna sit here and say there probably aren’t companies that cater specifically to Africa that maybe can give a little bit extra. But for prize point and what I want to do, I’m very, very happy with the tour that I see Gate one provides for Serengeti, it even continues on from Tanzania and goes into Kenya to the Masai Mara area. So it’s actually two different countries, two different national parks. But they touch, you could almost think of it like glacier and I’m drawing a blank on the Canadian national park’s just across the border.

3 (34m 48s):
No it’s not. Bam bam. It’s a little bit more north. But Glacier National Park in Montana touches a national park in Canada. You can drive to it. Kind of the same thing here with the Tanzania Serengeti and Ma Samara and Kenya. So I think that would be really, really unique. And I’m sold hard on this one.

2 (35m 4s):
Well you’re selling me and I I’m down for this one. Nice. This will be my Africa redemption. Yeah,

1 (35m 11s):
Africa redemption.

2 (35m 12s):
Another iconic trip that I would love to take is bumping up the luxury and going like coastal Europe to sank. Ooh. So south of France and niece going to the El Mai coast in Italy, hopping over to Croatia KCA National Park where there have these amazing waterfalls you can swim in. Just beautiful papa on over to Greece, which I, I know as a Squad we really wanna go to right Jamal.

3 (35m 41s):
I do wanna go to Greece. You know what I’ll, I’m gonna say this cause I don’t want get off too far from your coastal luxury Europe experience that you’re talking about here. I do want to do Greece. It’s just not like super, super high when we’re talking next Squad trip to Europe. It wasn’t my number one is all it was, but I’m not a hater on Greece. I want to do Greece.

2 (35m 59s):
The longest trip I’ve ever taken is maybe like 12 days. I really haven’t taken anything longer than that. So for something like this, I wanna go a full month and I wanna go to these four different places and spend like a week in each one. And I wanna live a life of luxury. I want yachts, I wanna read books and drink a appall spritz along the coast and do literally nothing but just enjoy

3 (36m 24s):
Life. And when you were in Italy last time, you were talking about like oh 10 Euro wine jugs. You’re talking hundred euro wine jugs now Kim, you’re talking about like the real opulence step up, right?

2 (36m 34s):
And obviously like we’re talking Bucket lists, this might not be any time in my thirties and maybe I’ll go to some of these places, not like this exact trip,

3 (36m 42s):
Not the

1 (36m 43s):
Tour we happen, you know, for sure. I think that we are going to develop a really great business out of all of this and we’re gonna be able to take these month long excursions.

2 (36m 52s):
Yeah, you know our weekend Trips that we’re gonna start hosting are gonna really pop off and then who knows, it’s gonna get wild. Maybe we’ll start doing guided tours, two luxury Southern Europe coastal experiences. And it’s just gonna take off. if you can dream it, you can do it right. And I am gonna dream this Bucket list trip up for myself.

1 (37m 13s):
So next on our list is actually Hong Kong Disneyland. And the reason why is because Jamal and I have a goal to make it to all of the Disney parks in the world. And we actually had this trip planned to go, but we had it booked for March of 2020 and as you all know, COVID shut down the world and it canceled our trip. And Hong Kong to this day still is not open unless you want to quarantine for 14 days. So we haven’t been able to go back and do this one. So we did have it booked and we were super pumped and excited. We actually even have a like Disney pin. if you are a Disney person, you know all about their like their little pins and collection items.

1 (37m 54s):
They have one for all of the Disney parks. And so it has Hong Kong on it. It’s Mickey holding a suitcase. Super excited for it and we will get

3 (38m 4s):
There. I’m still so bummed out, it’s still on this list. It should have already had a fucking check mark if it wasn’t for Covid, but I cannot wait to get here. The irony is Hong Kong Disneyland I’ve read online is probably the worst Disney Park that there actually is. So it kind of sucks finishing off my Bucket list, Disney Park checklist with the worst one. But again, reviews are subjective. I read tons of reviews online on lots of other stuff and I’m just like, what are people talking about? Case in point, Maui, everyone talks about Maui. I’m just gonna rag on it real quick. Don’t find it to be a fan. So maybe the situation is in reverse here where they’re like, Ooh, Hong Kong, Disneyland. And I’m gonna be pleasantly surprised but point being, I cannot wait to hit this one.

3 (38m 45s):
I cannot wait to take my Disney lanyard that has all my pins from every fucking Disney Park and just hang it up and have it as part of my collection and my home for travel. I am so, so pumped about this one. Can’t wait to check it off. And Chinese government, if you’re listening to me man, open up. I’m ready to go. I’m ready to

1 (39m 4s):
Go. I know we said specifically Disneyland, but you know Hong Kong in general, I would love to try some authentic dim sum in China, specifically on Hong Kong. I think that would be really cool. There’s a lot to see in Hong Kong too. We actually were gonna do this on a pretty quick trip. We were planning on only staying about three full days there and just kind of making it a quick trip specifically to go to Disneyland. So when everything opens back up and we’re able to go, you know that this is gonna be on this list. And I know Kasha you’re listening, she’s been one of our honorary Squad members. She has put dibs on going with us on this trip and every time we bring it up she’s like, don’t forget I’m gonna go. I haven’t forgotten.

3 (39m 45s):
Well they were with us when we did Shanghai, Disneyland as well as you were there with us Kim. And let me say this, China is rocking Shanghai Disney real, real fucking hard. That is the best Disney Park I have ever, ever been to. So I’m not even gonna lie. My thought process is once we go to Hong Kong, finish it up, get the supposedly not best one out of the way and then just hop over to Shanghai and go to Shanghai, Disney again and ride pirates. And if you don’t know what pirates in Shanghai Disneyland looks like, don’t even look at it. Because if you’re gonna stay here and only do the American ones, you’re gonna do yourself a disservice and don’t be jealous. But that’s all I have to say. Shanghai on the way to after Hong Kong. So number nine, my pick here is going to be the Arctic now I think it would be so fucking cool to go to some place that is so, so remote that very few humans have ever stepped foot or seen certain places of the world.

3 (40m 39s):
And the Arctic to an extent is really the last frontier in that way. And I’m not even gonna be picky. I’m talking about the Alaskan Arctic. I’m talking even about going to Russia and doing the Siberian Arctic and the tundra that they have out there anywhere north of the Arctic circle. I really want to do. And I think it would be absolutely epic in Russia. It would be awesome. You can go see polar bears up in that area. You have the arctic tundra and like grasslands that are open during the summer, during winter would be frozen over. Don’t know if I could really handle it during the winter. But I think Alaska would also be really cool for that because there are two national parks in Alaska that are north of the Arctic Circle and they have guided tours that you can do.

3 (41m 22s):
You would fly from the nearest big city, which would be Fairbanks, Alaska, and they do week long Trips out there and guided tours. You’re gonna fly in on a bush plane, you’re gonna have your own pack, you’re gonna gonna raft down rivers to your next camp from night to night, do some hiking, come across some brown bears and grizzly bears out there. Other type of like big game. So I think it would be absolutely epic to go on a journey where you really know you’re gonna see no other people except for the people that you came in here with.

1 (41m 50s):
You were so passionate about that Jamal,

3 (41m 52s):
I am passionate about that. I mean, how many people have ever set foot into those regions of the world and you’re just going to be here and be on the nature, the scenic beauty and the wildlife. Just to be in a spot where very few humans will actually ever set foot, I think to me is the most intriguing thing of that.

2 (42m 9s):
I think the most intriguing thing for you is that you want to verify the earth is round and not flat.

3 (42m 18s):
I would need to go to Antarctica for that. That’s where you really need to go. Not the Arctic. You need to go the Antarctic for that.

2 (42m 24s):
And that’s not on your Bucket list.

3 (42m 25s):
Oh it is on the Bucket list. But it’s very, very hard to get to that region of the world. And that’s another reason why, you know it’s gonna be hard to verify. They actually limit your ability to go there. They have tours that go there, but you don’t really go there when you go on those tours. You go to a few island chains, you don’t really get set foot on land and all that hoopla. So you know we’re going down a deep hole now Kim that you brought up. But I’m, I’m very intrigued for that. That is on the list too.

1 (42m 48s):
Are we gonna see polar bears?

2 (42m 50s):

3 (42m 50s):
Bears? We can definitely see polar bears. Absolutely. Do

1 (42m 53s):
You know what to do if you see a polar bear

3 (42m 55s):
Fucking run? Yes. No I’m just kidding.

1 (42m 57s):
That’s the thing is like you run as fast as you can like black bears, we’ve gone over this black bears, you can kind of scare away

2 (43m 3s):
Grizzly bears. Get

1 (43m 4s):
Big. Yeah yell. Get big grizzly bears. You kind of want to

3 (43m 8s):
Back away. Get back away. Yeah. You don’t wanna challenge them. They’ll take that as a challenge and fuck you up. And

1 (43m 13s):
Then polar bears like run, they will come and hunt

2 (43m 16s):
You down. Are they not fast or

3 (43m 18s):
No, they’re fast. They’re fast. But that’s really your only option. Polar bears are way more massive than grizzlies. if you actually look at a scale side by side of a black bear to a grizzly to a polar, oh my god, the polar bears outrageous. I’ve

2 (43m 30s):
Seen one at the San Diego Zoo and it’s the cutest thing playing with its little ball in the water.

3 (43m 34s):
Yeah, they’re captive. You put yourself in front of a wild one. I wouldn’t want to deal with

2 (43m 39s):
Anything like that. I wouldn’t either. But you’re, this is your trip.

1 (43m 41s):
Yeah, I saw an article and it was talking about someone like staying in the Arctic in that region, I think it was in Alaska and they were staying in the little hut kind of doing surveillance of the area and there was a polar bear that was going to the hut trying to get inside to like eat him and stalking it every single

3 (43m 58s):
Day. I don’t want to go that far north, you know, I’ll stay in the area where there’s still like kind of grizzlies and brown bears and we’ll call it even at that. But in Russia we’ll maybe see the polar bears a little bit more than you’d see ’em in Alaska.

2 (44m 8s):
Those are some amazing Trips. There is so much to do out in this world. For our last Bucket list, trip of our list, I want to talk about one trip that we absolutely want to do as a Squad one we’ve been talking about for so long that you can only see certain times of the year. Well you could go all year long, but what is it?

1 (44m 29s):
Iceland. We have been talking about Iceland for quite some time and there’s a few things that we definitely wanna do. We definitely wanna hit up the Blue Lagoon. Just being in that, it was like thermal waters in that spot. Just being surrounded by all of that beauty and just having that luxurious experience. I think that would be really fun.

2 (44m 47s):
I wanna have a face mask in the blue lagoon and pop out in my robe and just have a whole day with it.

1 (44m 53s):
Do hair mask and face mask. Ooh, be amazing. We also wanna see the Northern lights and you can only experience the Northern lights during like the winter months,

2 (45m 3s):
Which means it’s gonna be cold. But to see these greens and blues and yellows like it is insane to see that kind of thing in the sky. And it just kind of shows you like the earth really is round and

3 (45m 17s):
Maybe I don’t know about that.

2 (45m 19s):
And space is just like literally out there. It’s

1 (45m 22s):
Is space real?

2 (45m 22s):
Just kidding. I mean asca Jeff Bezos

3 (45m 25s):
Or Elon for that matter.

2 (45m 27s):
No, I mean Northern Lights. I’ve only seen them in pictures but I can only imagine what that would be like to see in real life.

1 (45m 34s):
I would love to stay in one of those what look like little bubbles essentially. Yes. Where the top is completely clear and you can fall asleep looking up to the Northern Lights. That would be an amazing experience. I know that they have them, I’m sure they have them in Iceland, but I’ve seen them in like

3 (45m 49s):
Norway. Norway

1 (45m 50s):
Area where those other areas as well. I feel like I’d have to go to Iceland twice, once in the winter to experience like the Northern Lights and dip into the Blue Lagoon. But also in the summer to go to like the black sand beaches and hike some of those amazing waterfalls and drive the like volcanic crater roads and stuff.

3 (46m 8s):
Well yeah cuz I mean we mentioned the Northern lights, which I think all of us really, really want to see. How could you not want to see something like that? It’s literally a show in the sky and you could only see it at certain latitudes. I mean it’s intense. if you don’t know what they look like, just Google it. Blue Lagoon, we’re suckers for hot springs. How do you not wanna be in some hot springs looking at some natural beautiful beauty around you. Snow capped areas. But what also makes Iceland really unique is its volcanic activity. As a matter of fact that is the splitting location of two plates. The Pacific plate and the Atlantic plate. And you can actually do a little scuba dive session between and actually touch from one side to the other. And that’s actually where the earth is now splitting. And we have a divergent plate boundary and you can touch two different technically continents in that sense because it is the splitting of the tectonic plates in that area.

3 (46m 55s):
So lots of volcanic activity, lots of scenic beauty being up north with the northern lights, the hot springs, everything. And you’re right, Brittanie, you have to go if not twice more times. But yes, during the seasons to see it in winter and during the summer. And I really think that was a good list that we gave here for you guys that we really have. And we are very, very interested in hearing what are some of your Bucket list destinations. If we didn’t mention anything on here that you’re intrigued about, let us know. I really do want to know here what you guys think and give us some feedback or maybe give us locations that we don’t even know about. But we, we talked about places and Bucket list locations that we have. But let’s list like overall general goals a little bit.

3 (47m 37s):
Like for example, I know it is on our Bucket list to visit every national park in the US right?

1 (47m 43s):
Absolutely. Yeah. I would love to go to every single national park. I actually have a little booklet that you can put little sticker stamps in to document all of your journeys to these national parks. And I can’t wait to go to every single one. I have a gaping hole in Alaska because they have like eight or nine national parks that we haven’t been to. So that’s been on our list. And Kim, you kind of briefly touched on this earlier. You mentioned that you’d like to go to every state.

2 (48m 9s):
Yeah, every state. I wanna scratch that off my map, but there’s, there’s also just really, really cool things to see in every single state in this country.

3 (48m 16s):
Another Bucket list overall goal would be to visit every continent. I mean, you know, we mentioned Australia on here. I think that’s one that often people forget and we talked about Antarctica and maybe from there Kim I can verify are we a globe or not? I guess

2 (48m 31s):
I haven’t been to Africa. I would love to go to that continent.

3 (48m 34s):
Yeah, so Serengeti, so I think we’ve decided we’re going to Egypt, we’re going to Chile and Argentina and well obviously Iceland cuz that’s Bucket List Gold together as a group that we’ve picked. And then obviously the Serengeti for Africa for you

2 (48m 48s):
We’re doing it.

1 (48m 49s):
Yeah. And then we kind of briefly mentioned this, that we have already completed one of our Bucket list items. The squad’s first Bucket list trip was to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. That was actually one of our first Trips together as a Squad. And so we were able to complete that and that was one of the most amazing experiences we had

2 (49m 9s):
And I’ll say too, if it wasn’t for that Bucket list experience and the looming threat to its existence or its accessibility, that lit a fire under us to go, we might not even have that this podcast at this point because that’s really what kicked off us traveling together and then where we’re at right now. So use that as inspiration. if you and your friends or your family are talking about, I really wanna go there, I’ve always wanted to go there, plan that trip, make it happen, go there, get the information, put it in front of them, see if they’re down, get a date on the calendar, like take the steps to put it in motion because you won’t regret it.

3 (49m 47s):
You won’t regret it. And quite honestly, the biggest hindrance, even though I will attest and agree that there are difficulties in life, but the biggest thing holding you back from actually taking the trip is yourself, not your job, not money. And yes, that those things definitely come into play, but if you wanna make it happen, like you’re talking about, do something with some friends, you know you split costs that way. Maybe it’s plane tickets. Yeah, you gotta front all yourself. But in terms of hotels, food and other things, you can split. So make it definitely happen. And you’re right, take this initiative, hearing this, hopefully we’ve inspired you with some other Bucket list destinations that you’re thinking of, or even some on this list that have intrigued you and just go out and do

2 (50m 25s):
It. And before we let you go, we have one question of the week. What is the least and most you’ve ever spent on a vacation?

1 (50m 40s):
Woo, those are some tough questions. While we did mention that, we have booked our Bucket list trip to Uganda for that wildlife exploration. And I wanna say that was about $6,000 per person. So pro, that’s probably the most we’ve ever spent on our trip. When we went to South Africa, it was about 4,500 per person. But you know, when we booked these, this includes our flights, our hotels, our transportation, our entrance fees to everything, our food, our food. And so when you’re in these captive places, you know when we’re in the jungle of Africa, if you were to pay on your own, you one, you might not be able to find anything on your own. And two, it’s kind of a captive audience. So you don’t know how much those meals are going to

2 (51m 20s):
Be. I know that you guys leveraged a bonus of some sort to do this. And so that’s just a really good example too. Like if you get an end of year bonus or

3 (51m 30s):
Tax return.

2 (51m 31s):
Yeah, use that extra money to splurge on a trip

1 (51m 35s):
Perhaps. Yep. That’s exactly why we did it. I wanna say like the least we’ve ever spent on vacation. I mean, how long are you talking, are you talking about a weekender? Because Jamal and I have gone on road Trips that we’ve spent less than like $500 for using our car. And then hotels and meals

2 (51m 51s):
Mean less than that. Well let,

3 (51m 52s):
Let’s talk about something maybe that we’ve actually flown though, because I think, you know, a weekend, a road trip or something like that, I mean obviously that can really vary. But in terms of would

2 (52m 1s):
Say a vacation is a weekend road trip,

3 (52m 3s):
Right? So a vacation, vacation, vacation, I would maybe even say quite honestly, it was China, which was another guided tour that included pretty much every meal, all their flights, hotels, like 1300 per person for eight days in another country, all inclusive. You can’t go wrong on that. I would maybe say how much was

1 (52m 19s):

3 (52m 20s):

2 (52m 20s):
You’re right about the same.

3 (52m 21s):
I was a little bit less, a little cheaper. I think it was maybe like 1150 or 1200 or something like that. And that was also an eight day trip too. So you’re right, that one was maybe a little bit cheaper.

2 (52m 31s):
Well we had to fly to Florida for that too. So a little bit added onto that, the cheapest I think I ever spent was our Cuba trip. Oh, I Cuba. The flight to Cuba I think maybe was around, God, I wanna say like 500 round trip. And I only had $700 spending money. I remember that. So I think, yeah, it was probably about the same, like around the 1200 mark for an eight day trip to

3 (52m 54s):
Cuba. And that included your flights from San Diego to Florida then to Cuba. That price that you

2 (52m 58s):
Gave and hotels, Airbnbs nice. All the money we spent there on everything

3 (53m 2s):
Very solid. You definitely can get week longs or a little bit longer for a really, really good price in that sense. So that includes flights, meals, hotels, everything like that. You just really gotta plan accordingly. But it’s definitely, definitely doable. So I would say on the low cost end, that’s what we’re talking about. We’ve said what like 1200, 1300 on the high end. Obviously Brittanie just mentioned what she did for us, 6,000 a person. Person. But Kim, what about you? You didn’t say you’re most expensive.

2 (53m 28s):
I don’t think I’ve really ever spent a lot on a trip.

3 (53m 31s):
What about when you went to Italy?

2 (53m 32s):
I mean even Italy, I think our flight was around 400. Good

3 (53m 37s):
Deal. Yeah.

2 (53m 37s):
Round trip. Very, very good deal.

3 (53m 38s):
Yes, we, that’s a fucking hard moment.

2 (53m 39s):
Really good price on that one. Well,

1 (53m 42s):
What’s the most you spent on an experience?

2 (53m 44s):
The most I ever spent on experience was definitely Dubai tasting. Was it like 300 bucks for that tasting dinner?

1 (53m 50s):
Oh yes.

2 (53m 51s):
That was probably the most like single experience I ever paid. But I would do it again. Underwater aquarium restaurant with a live pianist, sing every song. We asked for nine chorus tasting experience in Dubai

3 (54m 3s):
And they catered it to you because some of the food items you didn’t eat, that’s so, even though it was a prefixed menu, they altered it based off of your, I don’t wanna even say dietary restrictions, your dietary pickiness. But that’s so akay. We like what we like, right?

2 (54m 18s):
That’s right. So yes, that was definitely a splurge. The hotel was also like pretty expensive too. But I mean,

3 (54m 24s):
When in Dubai, I mean you can’t go

2 (54m 26s):
Cheap and you balance Dubai, you balance it with less expensive things. You splurge on more expensive things. But I don’t, I think most of my Trips have come in around that China Ecuador kind of pricing.

3 (54m 35s):
Well maybe now that we’re talking about it was Dubai. We had to buy the secondary tickets from Lebanon to Dubai. The Atlantis hotel was expensive. We paid for the camel rice, sun trekk through Viator. And it wasn’t outrageous, but then the meals on top of it that we did. So maybe even it could have been Dubai for you on that list.

2 (54m 53s):
We were only there for two days though, so if you add it all up, maybe not, but, but yeah,

3 (54m 57s):
Like on average then maybe.

2 (54m 58s):
Exactly, exactly. So I’m all about luxury experiences, but I’m not going on like a two week luxury vacation. At least not yet. I will for sure. We will mark my words. I

3 (55m 9s):
Was gonna say that Mediterranean European coastal trip will be that one

2 (55m 14s):
For you. All right, Scotties, thank you so much for dreaming with us on this week’s episode. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and TikTok at Travel Squad Podcast and send us in your questions of the week.

3 (55m 24s):
If you found the information this episode to be useful or if you thought we were just playing funny, please be sure to share it with a friend that would enjoy it too. And as always, please subscribe, rate and review our podcast and tune in every travel Tuesday for new episodes.

1 (55m 38s):
Stay tuned for next week’s episode. We have some more exciting adventures and tips in store for you.

3 (55m 43s):
Bye everybody.

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