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This comprehensive 3 day guide has you sight seeing & exploring your way through Big Bend National Park. 

This Big Bend National Park Itinerary will take you to:
-Lost Mine Trail 
-Scenic Overlooks 
-Boquillas Hot Springs 
-Santa Elena Canyon 
-Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive 

Where the Big Bend Itinerary Goes:

  1.          16-pages of expert advice to help you navigate your Big Bend National Park trip and maximize your experience. This guide includes recommended hikes, overlooks, things to do in Big Bend National Park. It also includes recommendations of where to stay & eat in Terlingua, TX. 


January 2024

Last Updated:  


3 Day Big Bend
National Park Itinerary
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How this Itinerary will help you

Plan your day perfectly to see the best highlights of Big Bend in a short weekend trip 

Exact location of each attraction, estimated length of time to spend there.

Best time of year for the recommended things to see and do in Big Bend National Park. 

Recommended activities, including fees, how long to allot to experience it.

Recommended dining options & recommended lodging in near Big Bend.

Distance and travel time between locations.

Where to eat


This guide covers where to stay in Terlingua, the closest town to the national park. There is only one lodging option within the park, otherwise there is camping available within the park.

Where should I stay near Big Bend National Park?

Although this itinerary is just a quick 3 day snapshot, it is free so you can use it as a guide to make your stay in Big Bend longer by adding to it.

What if I want to spend more time in Big Bend National Park?

Big Bend is in a remote location so even the closest airports require a lot of driving. The 2 closest airports to Big Bend are the Midland/Odessa airport (approx 3.75 hours away) and the El Paso International Airport (approx 4.5 hours away)

What are the closest airport to Big Bend?

Yes, you do need a vehicle and preferably an SUV with higher clearance. Some of the roads in this itinerary are dirt roads and are easier to navigate with an SUV or 4x4 drive. 

Do you need a car in Big Bend?

Big Bend National Park F.A.Q.

This itinerary breaks down everything in one PDF guide. The itinerary adds even more value by planning every detail of a 3 day trip to Big Bend so all you have to do is truly book it, show up and enjoy the trip. We learn a lot on our trips about things that were worth it, things we wish we did, and the optimal route to take if we could do it over. You benefit from those learnings with this itinerary! Our podcast episodes give you highlights but not to the level of detail you’ll find within our itinerary. 

What's different about your itinerary from your podcast episode?

Very helpful tips. I know my trip to Utah will be even more enjoyable after listening to your podcast.
Thank you!

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3 Day Big Bend Itinerary
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