Episode 29



Travel Tuesday

Grab your pen and paper and get ready for all the lit squad tips to help you plan your first time travel adventure!

Episode 29 we are giving all our best travel tips and advice that first-time travelers should know. We’re taking everything we learned throughout our extensive local and international travel experiences and sharing all the things we wish we knew when we started traveling.

In episode 29 we cover:
Common excuses for not traveling
How to get a passport
How to find out if a visa is required, and how to get one
Is travel insurance worth it?
Travel vaccinations and medications
Altering your bank for travel
Registering travel with the embassy
Travel preparations and precautions to protect yourself
Packing - what you really need and what you can leave behind
Best tips for thriving while traveling in another country
What to expect in customs
How to avoid getting scammed while traveling 

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