Things to Do on a Trip to Charleston, SC

In May 2022 we took a trip to Charleston, SC for an epic trip to explore the U.S. South, see the old Southern architecture, eat amazing southern food, and explore a part of the U.S. we had not yet been to.

Charleston was the 2nd stop on our trip (the first was Savannah and you can read/see/listen to that part of the trip here), followed by several other stops along this week-long adventure.

We only spent one night in Charleston, but if you’re planning to visit we’d recommend 2-3 nights so you can explore nearby attractions. What we realized was Charleston proper is a fine city to explore, but there is also so much to do within an hour or so driving. We didn’t get to see Angel Oak Tree or canoe Cypress Garden like we’re in a scene out of The Notebook – but you should if you’re in the midst of planning a visit!

Why travel to Charleston?

There is so much U.S. history here! The history of Charleston SC is rooted in what America is today. There’s beautiful architecture, pretty views, and southern hospitality. It’s one of the iconic U.S. towns you’ll want to visit at least once in life. Walking about town and sightseeing in Charleston SC is the thing to do here.

Now for what we did do.

We arrived in Charleston mid-morning on a hot May Monday. Charleston is a rather sleepy morning time town, so don’t worry about hitting the ground running early here.

We did a walking tour of the architecture, but you could also take a horse drawn carriage tour or a guided walking tour. Both are easy to book upon arrival as you walk the streets.

We ate BBQ at Rodney Scott’s BBQ and had an evening cocktail at the Rooftop at Vendue. We shopped and learned more about the Charleston Market history which says the market is the oldest continuously operating market in American history.

We only stayed one night in Charleston and we didn’t do everything we wanted, but we did a lot and we would go back to hit the other things we missed.

When is the best time to visit Charleston SC?

We got this question a lot! We went in May and it was already very hot, so we would not recommend visiting in summer! Early Spring or Fall would be a beautiful time in the South and allow you to walk around and explore without the swamp ass risk like we had. If you have any questions before your trip to Charleston, SC feel free to DM us on Instagram @travelsquadpodcast and make sure to Listen to our episode on our trip to Savannah, GA too since it’s just two hours driving from Charleston.

Tours in Charleston

If we were to visit Charleston again here are some of the tours we did. You’re able to do a free self-guided walking tour and read placards about the history, but the tours always give you a good look into the past of a place, and these looked good!

Trip to Charleston – Episode Transcript

1 (9s):
Hey squadies!

2 (58s):
Welcome to this week’s episode of the Travel Squad Podcast. Today, we are taking you to Charleston, South Carolina for a charming Southern day

1 (1m 7s):
Charleston. It’s known for its cobblestone streets, which are super cute horror, strong carriages, and its pastel antebellum style houses.

3 (1m 15s):
Charleston was a very unique experience for us. If you remember our previous episode that we had talking about Savannah, once we were done with Savannah, we continued our Southern road trip and headed a little bit north up one state here to South Carolina to go to Charleston. We’ve seen lots of stuff online about Charleston, heard about its charm, wanted to explore it as a matter of fact, in 2016 travel and leisure magazine, ranked Charleston, South Carolina, the best city in the world. Now, if I’m gonna be completely honest, I think travel and leisure is overselling it a little bit right there. I definitely would not put it in the category of best city in the world, but there is lots of history and unique charm to Charleston.

3 (1m 58s):
It was founded in 1670 and its name was originally Charlestown in honor of king Charles II. And if you remember to, again, to our previous episode, Charleston also had a major rule in the civil war. And as a matter of fact, the first shots of the civil war were fired here in Charleston, South Carolina, irony of it all is Charleston surrendered. And a month after Charleston surrendered during the civil war, the civil war was over. So it’s almost like it started and ended in the city, so to speak, but interesting. It had very unique charm to it that I really liked. But coming from Savannah, I will say that I was expecting more Southern charm. Whereas when I was here, I felt more like new England colonial was kind of the style, even though we were in the south, I

2 (2m 43s):
Was getting old money, old south, very much vibes here. It was very slow, charming. I just got old money and Savannah was like young and fun and equal amounts of history and gorgeous architecture. But Charleston just felt like a much slower pace coming outta Savannah.

1 (3m 2s):
I feel like Savannah, it was like, you could be there solo. You could be there with a family. It was like younger, but then when Charleston, it was like the older crowd that was there. It was a slower pace for sure. Yes.

2 (3m 13s):
You had to sit with a posture in Charleston.

3 (3m 16s):
And it’s funny though, you mentioned that kind of like the old money. When you look at the architecture of the homes. Again, some of it is very Southern oriented, but a lot of it, I, again, I felt like more like new England colonial style kind of had that vibe to it, but it is because of all the money of the plantation owners that they had back there and the day. And so it gives the city a unique architecture that is for sure, but definitely a lot more laid back than coming from Savannah as we did. We still enjoyed the city. But I do think if we had experienced Charleston first, maybe we would’ve liked it more, but coming from Savannah, like it was just, I don’t want to use the word let down, but like, it was fun, but we were ready to go after the fact,

2 (3m 58s):
I would say a little underwhelmed because I was really hyped on Charleston. I did a ton of TikTok

3 (4m 3s):
Research, which why you can’t believe everything on TikTok Kim.

2 (4m 6s):
Exactly. And according to TikTok, Charleston seemed like it had more to do than Savannah

3 (4m 12s):
Travel and leisure thought. So also

2 (4m 15s):
One thing I will say though, is that in Savannah, we got in on a Saturday, we got into Charleston on Monday. So that could have had something to do with it.

1 (4m 24s):
Yeah. It was a little bit slower. There wasn’t as much going on, but I do wanna dive right into some of the tips that we have on Charleston to just give a good overview and then dive into some of the things that we did. So first tip we have for you is that you do have to pay to park within the city, either at meters or at a garage. So just keep that in mind. When we first arrived, we did park at some meters and there is a time limit of like two to three hours. If you park at a meter and then of course you could park at a garage and do it by hour.

2 (4m 55s):
It’s really hot in Charleston. Surprise, surprise. I

3 (4m 58s):
Mean, you’re in the south. I was gonna say, you have that just humidity of the south. And it was definitely abundant there. And I, I do feel like we felt it more in Charleston because again in Savannah. Yeah. And I hate to keep going back and kind of like doing that comparison, but again, you had more tree line streets. So even though it was humid, you were shaded. There’s a lot less shade in the area here in Charleston, at least in the areas that you’re gonna walk. Now, when we went into the neighborhoods of the houses to see old colonial style and Southern style homes, like it was definitely more tolerable, but general walking area in the sun, you’re gonna feel that heat and humidity more. Yeah.

2 (5m 35s):
So as a tip, just remember a hat, sunscreen, those things come in handy, a fan, oh, I’d highly recommend a hand fan.

1 (5m 43s):
You know, you have to plan your outfit’s like, is this gonna give me swamp ass or not?

2 (5m 48s):
I wore a tan colored romper. And the whole time I was like swamp as check. And I was good.

3 (5m 53s):
It, it had flashbacks to me when we were in the Everglades, Kim and I was like, is this what you actually wore? Like, no, no, no, no, no. I didn’t wear like the romper, but I wore pants or shorts of that same color. And it’s like, oh, that’s right. And you were clear in Florida and you were clear in Charleston here with tan romper. But I slight concern. I thought to myself, shit, it could be wild.

2 (6m 12s):
I was highly concerned. There were some swamp back situations.

1 (6m 16s):
I had a swamp back

3 (6m 17s):
And irony is Brittanie was wearing like a white romper and you could see it in hers, but the tan one, you know, Kim avoided it.

1 (6m 23s):
I feel like I overheat easily though. So I did, I didn’t have swamp ass. Thank God. So it didn look like I pissed myself, but yeah, there was a damp area on my back. And Kim was like, you got swamp back, you got swamp back. I’m like, oh my God, thanks Kim.

3 (6m 38s):
At least it didn’t go from the smaller, your back to the top of your crack. Brittanie

2 (6m 42s):
Diverted that one.

1 (6m 43s):
Yeah. So just make sure you’re planning your outfits accordingly where something that really breathes a pack lightweight, especially if you’re going in the summer. And we were there in may and it was pretty warm when we were there.

2 (6m 55s):
You also wanna bring mosquito repellent. I did get quite a few mosquito bites, not just in Charleston, but on this whole Southern trip. So pack it on. You never know when they’re gonna come out until it’s too

3 (7m 6s):
Late and definitely do your research on what sites it is that you wanna see in the city. Lots of things actually close early. We discovered this in the south. Like I feel like five o’clock, four o’clock lots of things actually close, which I find to be really, really odd, especially lots of tourist things and activities. So do your research. What was it that we wanted to do that actually closed early? And we were like, oh, well, if we knew that we would’ve gone to it first on our way into town versus like later, what was it we were trying to do.

1 (7m 32s):
There were two things. Actually. We wanted to go to the angel Oak tree and the Cypress gardens. And we’re gonna dive into those a little bit more later in the episode, but they both closed at five o’clock and had we known that they closed so early, we may have gone there first done those and then maybe done our walking tour later when it has cooled

3 (7m 52s):
Off, which no one is to blame because we usually do heavy research going into like our trips. But again, I don’t think any of us really expected to look at closing time being like, mid-afternoon, you know what I mean?

2 (8m 3s):
Yeah. So you guys are gonna learn from us. If you are attempting to go to Charleston, do these activities earlier in the day, and then do the walking tour later in the day when it maybe gets a little dusty, cooler, not as hot. Yes. So we suffered so you don’t have to.

1 (8m 20s):
And then another tip that we learned was that you can’t drink even on the beaches here in Charleston. If you are caught drinking on the beach, you would actually get

2 (8m 30s):
Fined. Another reason Savannah is cooler than Charleston. There

3 (8m 33s):
You go.

1 (8m 34s):
So we’re gonna jump on into our episode when we arrived at Charleston and we went ahead and started with a self-guided walking tour and it was just something that we kind of found online and just added some stops in there that we wanted to see. So we parked as close as possible to like the pineapple fountain park. And when we actually got to that park, there was a fountain on the north end. And I was trying to look up the name of that fountain. And there really wasn’t a name for it. It was just a fountain on the north end. But what we did learn is that the fountains in the park, you can actually wait in the water and that fountains

3 (9m 7s):
Cause it’s so fucking hot out there. I’m sure

1 (9m 10s):
If you are in the area, you can get some really cool photo shots.

3 (9m 14s):
Yeah. And just for a little bit of geographical context, Charleston is on the water. There’s a nice little small bay and then you’re right there to the Atlantic ocean. So this area where we started our walking tour is right on the Harbor, on the water that’s part of the bay. And so it’s a very nice park. They actually had a very nice tree lined portion of that with like the benches and everything. And then they had like two very famous fountains that’s on that boardwalk promenade, if you will. So that’s where we started. And then the girls cooled down a little bit by taking off their sandals flops and kind of getting in, I had tennis shoes. I didn’t want to take it off and do socks and it’s kind of take

2 (9m 51s):

3 (9m 51s):
Off. I mean, I guess I should have in hindsight, it wasn’t too hot in that moment. But if the fountains came on the midway through our walk, I would’ve for sure done it. But early on getting outta the ACO was like, ah, I’m kind of good for right now. So

2 (10m 2s):
That waterfront park was really nice. It’s pretty, huh? Yeah. They had a ton of benches that did have a lot of tree coverage. You could chill there and read a book

3 (10m 11s):
And how much cooler would’ve been if it was open alcohol and you coulda had your beer or something sitting in hand in that park. So again, we were spoiled coming from Savannah, but still charming here. No doubt,

1 (10m 22s):
But we did wanna stop by the pineapple fountain and the pineapple fountain is beautiful. It’s a nice big fountain. You can also wait into this as well. Looks out to the ocean

3 (10m 34s):
And surprise, surprise the fountain’s a pineapple. You didn’t catch the name

2 (10m 37s):
Little fun fact about Charleston and the south in general, there’s pineapples everywhere. So we were like, what is it with the pineapples? We looked it up and apparently it’s a symbol of Southern hospitality. There you go. So

1 (10m 51s):
Makes sense. But we went to the pineapple fountain early in the day, maybe around 11 ish and the sun really washed out the fountain, like the pictures that we were gonna get. It was actually getting pretty warm too. There were more people there. So we actually ended up going back kind of towards golden hour. And that was the perfect time to go to the pineapple fountain. So again, had we planned this a little bit differently or as you planned this trip, make sure you go kind of towards golden hour, the sun’s not washing out the fountain. You’re gonna get really pretty views. The sun’s setting. The sky is changing different colors and you’re gonna get better pictures.

3 (11m 29s):
One of the really famous things to do and see in Charleston is rainbow row. Now, again, this is close to that park area where we started along the Harbor that has the fountains. And it’s very, very famous for the homes that have very bright colors, hence the name rainbow row, but there are all these classic homes from what like the 17, 18 hundreds, even as a matter of fact. And so it’s really unique to see that type of architecture and then just with the bright, vibrant colors that they have. So that was the next highlight that we saw on our walking tour on the major to-dos that’s recommended.

2 (12m 5s):
I do wanna bus TikTok versus reality. Rainbow row is probably 10 houses. Yeah. I was expecting like a row of amazing colorful houses and it just underwhelmed.

3 (12m 18s):
So would you say you were let down by the 10 houses on rainbow row

2 (12m 21s):
Camp? They were beautiful 10 houses. I just was expecting more.

3 (12m 24s):
Well, I’m gonna equate this to a previous episode. We had when we were talking about mammoth cave national park in Kentucky, and we actually use Nashville as a hub. And I couldn’t even believe that people loved Nashville and Broadway street when it was literally two blocks. So as you were underwhelmed with rainbow row and how TikTok made it to be everything I heard of Nashville and that, so it’s like one of those things, you know, cities are famous for certain things, but then when you get there, sometimes reality is different than what you expect. So I guess if you know that going into it, you could be more prepared and not be let down and enjoy it more. Right.

2 (12m 58s):

1 (12m 59s):
I also feel like it was really hard to get a picture of rainbow, bro, because to really see it you’re across the street, but then you get all of the cars and like other things in the picture. So then you go up and you stand on the same block as it, or like on the same side of the street as it, and then it’s really hard to get pictures because you can only really in your frame get like two or three houses, which really doesn’t do it. The justice. Yes. And so it’s beautiful to walk down it, but the way that it’s like pictured and described and like things that you see online or on TikTok, I feel it was a bit more hyped than it really was.

3 (13m 32s):
The irony of it is one of the streets that’s perpendicular to rainbow row actually has homes that look really colonial style. Again, going back to where I said, I feel like more like new England style and those were more appealing to me and they weren’t bright colored because they looked a little bit more historic and here they are just kind of like right there next to rainbow row. And I thought they were cooler, but definitely worth seeing, again, just know what you’re getting into going into it. So you don’t have that disappointment, which then leads to potential underwhelming.

1 (14m 3s):
We also went by the high battery, which is like a raised area, right on top of the beach. And so you see like these massive Bluestone slabs that elevate you above the beach, you can look down and across the water, you can see for Soner from there.

2 (14m 19s):
We didn’t do a walking tour, a historic walking tour on this trip, but I did catch wind of another one that we were standing by. And they said in this area of this like waterfront walk, which was really cool. If you were a local, I think it’d be a great place to walk. But what he was saying was that one of the first shots in quotes that went off during that war was actually a misfire and it exploded something. And that’s kind of what like started this battle, but

3 (14m 43s):
It of the civil war. Yes. Cause the first shots were fired at Fort Sumner, which is the military Fort that’s in the bay right there. So I caught tailwind of that kind of historic tour that he said also was like the misfire. So not that the civil war was an accident, so to speak, but maybe the first shots were truly unintended. And then it started that back and

2 (15m 2s):
Forth. And I do regret not doing one of those historic walking tours. I think that would’ve added more interest to the city that we just didn’t get to see just reading the placards everywhere.

1 (15m 12s):
Right. And one thing I was gonna say is what is nice about the city? Is there are a lot of placards that you could read things about, but it can be kind of boring to stand there and just read

2 (15m 21s):
Stuff. My retention isn’t as strong in reading as it is in storytelling. You need

3 (15m 26s):
A great orator to get you captain

2 (15m 28s):

3 (15m 28s):
Going. Yeah.

1 (15m 29s):
So potentially doing a walking tour, a historical one, I would highly recommend, I think that would’ve been better for

3 (15m 36s):
Us. So these homes from the 16 and 17 hundreds, Kim, are they old enough to get your juices flowing ancient ruined status, even though they’re not ruins ancient homes,

2 (15m 44s):
You know, my sweat was flowing, but not my juices. Okay. Okay. But they were, they were beautiful, beautiful homes. And I loved that. You could read about them. It was talking a lot about this person’s name and who this person was influential during that time. Which none of those names really meant anything to me though.

3 (16m 0s):
Yeah. They didn’t necessarily mean anything when you read it. But to your point of what you’re saying, when you do the walking tour, it does take you into neighborhoods of homes and there are placards on it from the historical society of Charleston. And so they talk about, again, the people who lived in these homes, certain homes that survived like multiple fires that they’ve had throughout the city. Other stuff of who were famous people and social at the time

2 (16m 24s):
Diplomatic discussions between the north and the south happened in this one that was kind of cool. Right.

3 (16m 29s):
So I do think in a sense also we feel like we were let down on research and the over hype that people talk about Charleston. But at the same time, we’ve said in many episodes before, sometimes when you actually get the historical relevance and explanation and actually do a tour, which they had plenty of them that we didn didn’t, do you get a little bit more information? So I feel like maybe we could have enjoyed it more. So part of it is one was for sure over hype, but secondly, we didn’t take the initiative to do

2 (17m 0s):
That. You think we would’ve learned our lesson by now and did a tour.

3 (17m 4s):
Well, you know what we were thinking about doing one and we’ll get to this a little bit later, they’re very famous and known to do horse drawn carriage tours throughout the city. And we inquired about one and one of the people who was giving the tours did, but they told us the cost and they said, there’s multiple companies that do it, but they’re all really the same cost. And they said it was like 50 bucks per person. And usually when we’re on vacation, you know, we have the mentality like, fuck it, we’re on vacation, but I’ll tell you what if they hit me with a 35 per person I could have been down the 50 seemed a little too steep, but maybe in hindsight, we should have done it and gotten that historical relevance.

1 (17m 38s):
That’s a good point. Maybe we should have done it. But we all looked at each other like $50 a person we’re gonna pass, but we did go through a park and the park was called white point gardens. And I thought that park was pretty cool with like the cannons that were there that you could see. And like there was a gazebo in the middle. And then on the right hand side, there was just a ton of really beautiful homes. I did like walking through that park and it also was a reprieve from the sun.

2 (18m 7s):
Yeah. The trees were beautiful. The shade was amazing.

1 (18m 10s):
And from there, we were just able to walk into some of the neighborhoods. We went down the street called lag street and it has two pretty famous houses. One of them is known as the house with the pineapple gates. Although they’re not really pineapples, they’re actually like pine cones, but those homes were just really beautiful. They had really nice gardens that you could look at. They were pretty well shaded. And then we also went to another home on that street that had like a famous sword gates with like these raw iron Spears on the entry gate.

3 (18m 41s):
It was almost like the game of Thrones thrown, but on a gate,

2 (18m 45s):
One thing I did see a lot of in Charleston that I’d never seen anywhere before is everywhere. Has these amazing porches. And I love that about the south, the porches on the house. So there’d be these huge houses with these long porches on the side of the house and a door or fence for the porch. Oh yeah. But then the side of the porch was all open. It was like a random door.

3 (19m 7s):
It wasn’t a random door. It was the front door and it looked like a front door to the home and you think you’d open it up. But if you looked at it from the side, the front door led to the porch and then from the porch, clearly you get inside. So that was really unique. I had never seen anything quite like that before. Obviously, you know, the south has the wraparound porches and other stuff, but this was interesting how the front door led to the porch

2 (19m 31s):
Blew my mind.

3 (19m 32s):
It was really cool though. And that’s one of the coolest things that I really did enjoy the most about Charleston was seeing the architecture. I mean, you have the history, you have the wealth, you have the different architectural style. So it makes it for a really awesome unique environment.

1 (19m 47s):
Yeah. And I think Jamal mentioned earlier, we were able to pass some houses that had survived fires of like 1740 and 1778. That’s pretty cool to see houses that had been built for so long, still standing and then have them avoid like major events.

2 (20m 4s):
So once we saw 500 houses, we thought, you know what? That was great. And now it’s time to move on. This was probably my favorite thing that we did in Charleston. It was the Charleston city market.

1 (20m 16s):
I’m really glad we went to the Charleston city market. It’s four blocks and they’re in these buildings, but they’re kind of open air at the same time. Yeah. So like it’s covered, you have the shade, but you can like, they have big windows that look out to the

3 (20m 31s):
Street. It almost felt to me almost like a long horse stable, if you will kind of like, you know, your normal framing that you would have, so you are walking on the inside, but again, open air, if that kind of makes sense,

1 (20m 42s):
But they were great. They had a lot of crafts, souvenirs, Jamal purchased a wallet. Kim purchased a wallet for her

2 (20m 49s):
Boyfriend. I almost impulse bought a cowy rug. Oh my God.

3 (20m 53s):
Almost I was there with Kim during that moment. I think you were off in the bathroom. We were looking at like one of the other stands and we were just like talking about it and was she gonna get it? Was she not gonna get it? And then ultimately she decided she wanted a fake one, a

1 (21m 6s):
Fake one.

3 (21m 6s):
Yeah. Because it was gonna like last longer than the real.

2 (21m 9s):
And I don’t want a real cow high rug in my house. I don’t know what I was thinking.

3 (21m 13s):
They were good looking

2 (21m 14s):
Though. They were beautiful.

3 (21m 14s):
They were good looking though, but lots of cool stuff in there. I think I remember reading the placard, talking about the Charleston city market. I think it’s the longest continuous market in the United States in the same spot. So that was really unique also. I mean literally from the 16 yes or early 17 hundreds, this market has actually been there.

2 (21m 36s):
That is so cool. 16 hundreds and this market, they used to sell things you needed to survive. The people that actually live there. Now it’s all arts and crafts and some really cool ones by the way. But that’s really cool.

1 (21m 47s):
We picked up our Christmas ornament from the Charleston city market and they had other really cool things too. Like they had these boxes where they were like puzzles to figure out how to open. Those

2 (21m 57s):
Were cool.

1 (21m 58s):
That was pretty cool. They had a lot of different things that we saw there, but we got there probably around four o’clock. You could tell that people were already kind of starting to wrap up their day. Like some of the booths were putting away their stuff. And it was like, well, the market says to be open until like five

2 (22m 13s):
Again, five o’clock.

1 (22m 15s):
So I did read though, I think in the summer months they do have a nighttime market that starts a little bit later. That might be cool to go to

3 (22m 22s):
That’d be cool. And probably they do it during the nighttime during the summer, cuz during the summer it’s probably hot as hell out there. So

2 (22m 29s):
I have a theory about the 5:00 PM thing. Okay. So I don’t watch the show Southern charm, but I have heard podcast interviews with one of the lead ladies and she’s known for having her gin and tonic cocktails in the evening of her house. I think that might be a Southern thing, like evening cocktails at the, on your porch. So, you know, you gotta close at five and go home for your evening cocktail.

1 (22m 50s):
You gotta get ready for those evening cocktails.

3 (22m 52s):
It’s almost like the CSTA in Spain or something like that. Just like a tradition and you close or something for that

2 (22m 57s):
Night. If there are any Southern listeners out there, can you please help us out with the five o’clock thing?

3 (23m 2s):
Yeah. Why do you guys close at five?

2 (23m 3s):
What’s up with that? What do you do after

3 (23m 5s):
Five? Not judging. I just wanna know why. Right?

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1 (25m 20s):
So from there, we ended up going to the pier, which was back where we originally started. And I’m really glad we went back to the pier because

2 (25m 29s):
Me too, we

1 (25m 29s):
Didn’t walk the pier the first time we were there, like at that park. But when we went back to the pier, we went to the very end and we noticed that they had these swinging benches and we had a ton of fun with that.

2 (25m 41s):
We had a hoot on those benches. Could

1 (25m 43s):
You imagine if we were having our gin and tonic on those benches?

2 (25m 46s):
Ooh, that would’ve been nice.

3 (25m 47s):
We’re gonna get to this because that’s one of the things you’re really excited about Kim is supposedly Charleston has a real legit roof bar scene. So the, the drinking cultures there, but not in the drink and walk culture like Savannah had, but you’re right. That would be a great place. And I think this is something the United States should really just embrace. I mean, the really uptight about a lot of stuff that they do in differently in like other countries, you know what I mean? I would go there for an evening cocktail and just bring my own drink and sit and walk and do all this and that like the us needs to embrace allowing drinks in the park they

2 (26m 20s):
Do. And you know, in San Diego, Diego, we’ve kind of held onto the drinks to go things since COVID, but our open alcohol laws are still the same. Right? That’s true. You’re not true. Supposed to be drinking with your drink out there, but yet you can do drinks to go. So we just need to catch up

1 (26m 34s):
Also on the pier area, you’ll see a set of raised placards and they illustrate the original colonial city wall. And then how things have expanded and changed over time and over the centuries. That was really interesting to look at.

3 (26m 47s):
Yeah, it was really cool. Cause you could see the old city, what streets are obviously still there and original and then what they did with land reclamation, where they filled and created land, like out on the water. So that peer area where we’re at was clearly like, man, well, the PI have obviously manmade, but the land of where the park was and a couple other streets, it’s almost like when we were in Chicago and they told us, this is where the original lake front was of lake Michigan. And then they’ve built everything like out, but you could see it in the placards, like 3d out, which I thought was really, really cool. Especially if you do like history, but that’s what we did. Let’s talk about the stuff that we didn’t do. That one either we wish or knew again, the timing issue.

3 (27m 27s):
And we would have done that way. Our listeners know what to do.

2 (27m 30s):
And we realize this after the fact is Charleston city itself. There’s not much else to do. Besides what we just said, as in addition to eating and drinking, what we didn’t realize is that there are a lot of other things to do just outside the city, 30 minutes, maybe about up to an hour or

3 (27m 46s):
So this is another Denver then

2 (27m 48s):
Kind of, because like

3 (27m 49s):
There has nothing to do in Denver, but everything is outside of Denver

2 (27m 52s):
Kind of. So one of the really cool things that we saw and it was on our list to do, but we just didn’t realize it was 30 minutes outside the city and closed at five was that angel Oak tree, this beautiful Southern live Oak tree that just had these crazy roots. And it was super tall. They’re estimating it to be like three to 400 years old. Absolutely beautiful. When it comes to trees that tree’s got it and we couldn’t see it.

1 (28m 20s):
Yeah. It’s a historical site. It’s a big focal point for the city of Charleston’s public parks and they think it’s the largest live Oak tree east of the Mississippi. But again, it closed at five o’clock and it’s like, if it’s a park, why does it close at five? Why

2 (28m 36s):
Does it close?

1 (28m 37s):
Yeah. Why does it even close?

2 (28m 38s):
It’s a tree. We

1 (28m 40s):
Did not understand that at all. So there is free entrance because it’s a park. We

3 (28m 44s):
Were not closed the gates. Apparently

1 (28m 46s):
I know it makes no sense to me. Another place that we’ve wanted to go to, that we did not get to go to was called Cypress gardens. And again, they also close at five. This place does charge an entrance fee of like $10 a person, but it’s a really large preserve and garden and scenes of the notebook were filmed here.

2 (29m 6s):
So you can actually get into a small little boat and paddle just like the scene with Noah. And what was her name?

3 (29m 13s):
I don’t remember her name. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the notebook, but I know it’s Rachel McAdams, what her character’s name is

2 (29m 19s):
Iconic scene.

3 (29m 20s):
But if you don’t know what we’re talking about, haven’t seen the notebook or you just really don’t even care about that. Do yourself a favor and actually Google Cypress gardens. Because again, you know, we’ve talked about this Brittanie does a lot of the planning, same with Kim. I don’t wanna say I do a just show up type situation, but a lot of like the hidden stuff or really unique stuff that people know about, but it’s not like at the forefront, you know, Brittanie does more of the research on, so they told me this after the fact like, oh shit. And then I Googled the photos and I was genuinely like so sad. It’s one of the most serene things that I’ve seen. Like if you picture like a beautiful, natural Southern park with like a stone made bridge, like arch bridge, beautiful plus like kind of like flood plain area where you can take that canoe out.

3 (30m 3s):
And the trees it’s really, really beautiful. Honestly, this intrigues me more than that Oak tree. Although that Oak tree is pretty impressive too, when you look at the branch formation of it, but I wish we gotta see more of the outside nature of Charleston.

2 (30m 16s):
And I thought I was doing great researching these places and what to do there. I was watching videos and I was writing things down, but where I messed up and I want, all of you to learn from us is look at the hours and look at the distance from where you’re going. It is a little bit more work to do that research, but it would pay off. It would have paid off if we had done that because we probably would’ve hit this or hit angel Oak tree in our way into Charleston. And I maybe would have a whole different opinion

3 (30m 44s):
Or we could have a whole different opinion. It would’ve been cooler when we did our walking tour. So maybe we would’ve enjoyed it a little bit more because obviously anything in the heat’s really gonna kind of detract you from enjoying it as much as you can. So I do think there is potential. Do I think travel and leisure plus what we see on TikTok overrate the place sure. Is it worth a visit and when I give it a second go, absolutely. And one thing that we also didn’t do that I really want to, we already kind of mentioned this was Fort Sumner, which again, first shots of the civil war fired at this location. It is a manmade island out in the Charleston bay area. And again, it is an old Fort, so you can go out and see it and do some of the historical tours, civil war tour.

3 (31m 26s):
So I think anything like that, would’ve been really fun to do, but you can’t drive there. I mean, you have to take a ferry. And by the time we were done to our walking tour, going to the Charleston market, we just really didn’t have the time

2 (31m 37s):
It closed at five. So did

3 (31m 39s):
It close at five also?

1 (31m 41s):
Probably. I mean, like everything flows at five. We also mentioned that we really wanted to do a professional walking tour to learn more about the history of the city. And we were also drawn to the horse drawn carriage tours, but the price really turned us off. Maybe in hindsight now that would’ve been nice kind of toward dusk or golden hour to get in one of those and just kind of relaxed.

3 (32m 2s):
I think even at night, would’ve been really nice, not even golden hour, like actually at night. Well

1 (32m 6s):
Then you can’t really see as much

3 (32m 8s):
You can’t see, but I’m sure they have the nice street lamps and lights lit up. Well, that’s one thing that I really liked about the south in general, a lot of these historic homes, they put like natural gas lines, but they kept them with like old lights. Like literally they, the lantern flames were their lights, which I thought was really fucking cool actually. So I think it would’ve given it an ambiance, but you’re right. Maybe a little bit less to see at full night, but I think it would’ve been really, really cool. And again, one of those things in hindsight, don’t make the same mistake as us. And I guess, you know, know, go ahead and pay it. If you do like the history to just get that kind of context.

1 (32m 44s):
The other thing too is we only spent one full day in Charleston. We didn’t spend any more time had we had a half day more, we could have done the rest of our sites. You know, we could have gone to Cypress gardens. We could have gone to angel Oak tree and done some other things, but we lacked a little bit in our planning situation there.

2 (33m 4s):
Damn we never lack in

3 (33m 6s):
Our planning. I know. So I don’t know what was going on with Charleston here, but you know what? We did plan to some degree and we should talk about this cuz one of our favorite things about travel is food and drink. So let’s talk about the food and drink scene in Charleston. I kind of laid a hint on this earlier, Kim, we all know you love the rooftop bar. We all do for that matter, but they really get you excited. I know there was a lot of rooftop bars here, which one did we choose? Why and what was our overall opinion?

2 (33m 33s):
Yeah. So again, TikTok was hing up the rooftop bar scene in Charleston, the best rooftops in Charleston and I was into the videos and they were looking good. One of the ones that came highly recommended and also won best rooftop in Charleston for many years in a row was the rooftop at the venue. The venue was a gorgeous hotel. The bathrooms in the lobby, you have to go in there. They

1 (33m 56s):
Were definitely

2 (33m 56s):
Here. Okay. An episode where we have to talk about the bathrooms, if you are a woman or a man or whatever, you are go into the men’s restroom, that is the one you wanna see.

3 (34m 8s):
I posted a story on it during the trip. So I guess when this episode airs we’ll have to actually do a legitimate post that’s up there forever, but you know us, we love to talk about bathrooms. I love a unique bathroom. The urinals in the men’s restroom at the Vindu were quite unique. And you know, we’ll just save it for that and keep an eye out for the post. And if we don’t post it and you’re curious, DM us. So we remind to remind us to go ahead and post it for you guys,

2 (34m 34s):
Send you a private image of the urinals. They’re very cool. But back to the rooftop, we did go up there. There is tons of seating up there. It does have water views. It has city views. There are many different levels. It was extremely windy up there. Like I had to put my hair in a pony because it would’ve just been flying around my face.

3 (34m 53s):
And we only like five stories up. Mind you. I mean, there’s not skyscrapers in Charleston. These are historic buildings. And to keep the historic buildings looking good, you know, they have rules on how high and what buildings can look like. So we’re only like a few stories up and it’s still really, really windy up there and you were commenting. They need like a little glass screen thing to kind of hinder the wind. Yeah.

2 (35m 14s):
You put the glass things up. So the wind doesn’t get in and doesn’t disturb your rooftop experience. I’m not sure why they didn’t get the memo on that one. Also the views, probably the best views in Charleston, but compared to views, I’ve seen on rooftop bars. I was let down, I was underwhelmed.

1 (35m 30s):
Well, I keep telling Kim, like when you live in San Diego, Diego, when you travel to extravagant places, you see some of the rooftop bars in the world. And then we go to like small cities and the rooftops just aren’t gonna be as great as what we’re, what we’re. And

2 (35m 44s):
This was the best rooftop in Charleston for some odd years running. And

1 (35m 49s):
I will say that the drinks that we got, I was happy with the drinks. The apps though, were a little lacking. I felt like the pita bread ships and like the stale tortilla chip tasted a little stale for sure.

3 (36m 1s):
So overall drinks were good. I think we could all agree with that. And again, I think it’s one of those things, knowing it going in, I do think it is worth going to and experiencing the rooftop bar, but if you’re comparing it to stuff and you just really don’t realize it, then again can lead to that little bit of underwhelming. You know, what’s really funny as we’re talking about this episode, if you’ll hearken back to our episode about Maui and I feel like I was so let down, cause everyone like hyped up Maui, Maui, Maui, and I’m just like, what the hell is everybody talking about? I think this and Charleston is your Maui, Kim, is it not?

2 (36m 34s):
I think so. Cuz for years I wanted to go to Charleston so badly and I thought it was gonna be this Southern charming city that I would love. And I just didn’t. I mean, I liked it, but I didn’t love it.

1 (36m 45s):
Yeah. We also went to Rodney Scott’s barbecue and this was hyped up so hard on TikTok for sure. And we even saw it in like other articles and Rodney Scott is famous and we were excited to go there.

3 (36m 59s):
Well, not only that he’s like a James Beard award winner and like minus getting a Michelin star, like getting a James Beard award is like a really, really big deal. And not only that, he is known to be one of the most famous like Pitmaster in the us let alone the world, I guess barbecue to an extent is obviously like a us cuisine. So we’ll just say for the us for that matter and really, really expecting a lot and I’m not gonna lie. Like I was underwhelmed I’m given the benefit of the doubt. Maybe we went on a bad day, but I don’t understand the, the hype at all,

2 (37m 33s):
The ribs did not fall off the bone. That’s just a telltale sign of not under quality ribs. You know what I mean? They have to just easily pick off with a

3 (37m 42s):
Fork and the sides were disappointing too.

2 (37m 44s):
The Mac was not the best Mac I’ve ever had. The baked beans were fire.

3 (37m 49s):
Yeah. Actually the baked beans, but of all the different variety of sides that we did have, everything was a little underwhelming in that sense, except for the baked beans,

2 (37m 58s):
The baked beans were bomb,

1 (37m 59s):
But their banana pudding was good.

2 (38m 1s):
Oh the banana pudding was so

3 (38m 3s):
Good. That was very true. That is really, really good. And one of our favorite things to do when we go to different places is try the different localized barbecue styles. I mean there’s different style. There’s Texas style, Kansas city style Carolina style, Tennessee style. Right. And I don’t think it was a style issue and I’m sorry to knock on Rodney Scott, but just really, really let us down. So I would honestly say potentially give this one a pass. Like you can hear a lot about it, but I don’t think it’s as good as people said. It

2 (38m 31s):
Was, there were a lot of other barbecue places in Charleston and some of them even had free desserts, but we did not go to them because again, you can only eat and drink so much in a single day. And there’s a lot of other places we would like to eat at, but we did not.

1 (38m 45s):
I think Texas barbecue is my favorite type of barbecue.

2 (38m 48s):
That’s right, Texas barbecue,

3 (38m 50s):
Texas barbecue is good. Although we do have a hometown friend who travels a lot. He loves his food, our good friend, James, and he travels a lot for work. He was just in Kansas city food connoisseur. And he said, Kansas city, barbecue is the best. And our friend James knows food. So I’m excited to get to Kansas city and actually try that barbecue. But as it stands now, Texas barbecue is the best barbecue.

1 (39m 14s):
There were some other places that we saw that we should try. One of them was called husk and what’s cool about husk is they changed their menu, pretty seasonally and it’s locally sourced Southern dishes and the restaurant is a restored Victorian era home. So that’s pretty cool.

3 (39m 31s):
Why don’t we go to husk? Like I feel like a lot of the stuff I’m just cheering about now I could have done husk over barbecue. Well,

1 (39m 37s):
We wanted to do barbecue in the Carolina. Yes.

2 (39m 40s):
By the way, Rodney Scott was your pick of

3 (39m 43s):
The day. It was because everybody was always talking about that one. And on top of that beforehand, I actually knew the name, Rodney Scott as being a very, very famous Pitmaster on top of that. So I did choose it, but you know, there was also dinner and I think we didn’t eat dinner because when we went to the rooftop bar, you ladies wanted to get appies and then the appies were disappointment and it turned out to be kind of D too.

2 (40m 8s):
And we ate Rodney Scott kind of late in the day. And big’s

3 (40m 11s):
Very true. That’s very true. But husk, as we’re talking about it now, I think has a lot of potential. And so I would be all about

1 (40m 17s):
That. There was another place to go grab drinks. It was called cane rumbar and it’s a Caribbean rum spot because rum was a drink of choice in the colonial times. So I would go back and check that out as well.

2 (40m 28s):
There was also one other rooftop bar that was very notable. It was called the citrus club. One of the other best rooftops in Charleston, I looked at the pictures online, looks very similar to the Vindu. So that’s what you’re probably gonna get. But Hey, I would’ve liked to try it out

3 (40m 42s):
Off the topic of food cuz as we’re kind of closing out and getting close to questions the week here, again, we only really spent one day in Charleston. So we’re giving you like our honest, honest assessment about it at the end of the Charleston market. Like when you end it, you’re very close, like one block over from king street, which is a very famous area to do some shopping. I would almost consider it to be Charleston’s like rodeo drive, so to speak like really famous shopping district. Yeah. And even that kind of underwhelmed me a little bit, you know, we were there, I’m just like, eh, so again, I think, and I’m gonna be fair. We needed a historical tour, at least for us. That’s what really gets us more engaged in the city. And we did ourselves to some degree at a service.

2 (41m 24s):
There was also Camelias it is a pink champagne bar inside the hotel Bennett, a luxury hotel. We did go in there and kind of scope it out cuz we were considering going in, but it also looked underwhelming.

1 (41m 37s):
Yeah, it really did. I mean, it was cute, but it was small and it was overpriced too.

2 (41m 42s):
It was, I mean obviously it was in a luxury hotel, but for being hyped as this pink luxury champagne bar, like the chandelier was gorgeous, but the pink factor I thought could have been bumped up.

3 (41m 53s):
Well, not only that I was kind of in the lobby area on the first floor, you put this on the rooftop Kim or on a higher level. If it’s not the rooftop, like it could have had a little bit better of an ambiance. Now we know Kim loves the hight situation. They had a hight there. I could have potentially done that over their champagne tasting, but even their high tea. For example, when I actually saw their foods and snacks that came with it, like, I, I wasn’t necessarily too impressed. I would’ve still probably done it, but again, having eaten our lot, we didn’t do it, but it looked like it could leave some to be desired. So if you’ve actually been, let us know, because I’m genuinely intrigued to see what the quality is of that.

3 (42m 34s):

1 (42m 35s):
You guys go back to

2 (42m 36s):
Charleston? I think yes. And I would do the things that we didn’t do. The horse-drawn carriage, the history tour, the angel Oak tree, the Cypress Grove.

3 (42m 45s):
Very Defor ser

2 (42m 46s):
Maybe that too.

3 (42m 48s):
I, I mean I would wanna do that. I think that’s actually pretty cool. I kind of regret that we didn’t do that. So,

2 (42m 53s):
But I would not go back specifically to see Charleston only if it was like added on to another experience in the area, someone else really wanted to go and or conference was there. I don’t know. Something like that.

3 (43m 4s):
Well, we’ve all talked about going to Hilton head, which is a very famous beach resort area in South Carolina. And what’s the one to the north of Charleston, Myrtle beach. So if we were to maybe do like the beach stuff and then trying to give it another go, I could be down, but you right. I wouldn’t make a special trip to go back to Charleston.

1 (43m 23s):
I would agree. So Kim, I think it’s your favorite time of the episode? Questions

2 (43m 28s):
Of the all right. We have two questions this week. Thank you guys. First question is what other Southern cities are on your travel list? I have a few actually. I’ll go first. Charlotte, north Carolina. I really wanna see Charlotte. Well

1 (43m 49s):
Don’t but

2 (43m 50s):
You did. You went there.

1 (43m 52s):
We flew outta Charlotte.

2 (43m 53s):
Oh, okay. Okay. Well,

3 (43m 55s):
Well we didn’t really go to the downtown area and stuff like that. So I don’t really know, but from what we saw, like, I don’t think it’s gonna have that charm of what you would equate really to the south, like Savannah or anything like that.

2 (44m 6s):
Okay. So I don’t necessarily consider Florida the south, even though obviously it is, but St. Petersburg, Florida, I’ve heard really good things about, and I really wanna go there.

1 (44m 16s):
I’ve also heard good things about St. Augustine as well.

2 (44m 19s):
Yeah. Yes. Oh yeah. Our friend, Leah, who was on part of this trip with us, she’s moving there.

1 (44m 24s):
What other cities do you

2 (44m 26s):
Have? Louisville, Kentucky Louisville, Louisville.

3 (44m 29s):
You know, I don’t really know what other ones, I mean, I feel like Savannah is at the bar really, really high and anywhere else can maybe be disappointing. I know this is the south, but not really. Maybe what people consider to be the south, almost like we were talking about Florida Brittanie and I have been to new Orleans. I would love to go back again and spend a little bit more time out there. Me too, to kind of give that a go. Yeah. And not necessarily for the party aspect or fringe quarter, not to say that I wouldn’t go partake and you know, have a good time, but experience more of the food. We didn’t really get to do any like history tours or anything like that. I know they’re famous for like a cable car. Well, it’s not like a cable car, like San Francisco, but like one of the little troll cars that line up the street you went there when you went to new Orleans.

3 (45m 14s):
Yeah. I would love to do that. So I, I

2 (45m 16s):
Heard Baton Rouge is cool too nearby.

3 (45m 18s):
Yeah. I would love to go ahead and explore a little bit more of new Orleans cuz we were only there one week and one time, like with my family and granted we were younger. Brittanie wasn’t even 21 yet. So as adults, like I truly, truly wanna explore

2 (45m 32s):
It. I’ve never been to Alabama. So I wanna mark that state off my list, like Birmingham or Montgomery, like, you know, there’s a lot of history there too. And I would like to see

3 (45m 40s):
That, well, let me tell you something Kim, believe it or not Brittanie was about to throw Birmingham, Alabama into our south road trip and seek, even though it was a little bit out of the way. And then we looked at what there is to do in Birmingham and then we decided to not add it. So if any of you listeners out there are either from Birmingham or have been and have really good recommendations of stuff to do, that’s really unique. That’s not gonna show up as like best to do. Cause when we Google that didn’t really find anything. Let us know because obviously I wanna find a reason to go there. I hear mobile. Alabama also has some too, because now you’re on the actual coast and the Gulf and other

2 (46m 17s):
Stuff. And that’s actually where Mardi GRA actually started in mobile, Alabama

3 (46m 22s):
Interest. Interesting.

1 (46m 23s):
Moved over to the big city, huh?

2 (46m 25s):
Yeah. Somehow they got the claim to fame when it started in mobile. Look

3 (46m 29s):
At that. Alabama’s getting robbed over here.

1 (46m 31s):
So one city that I wanna visit in the south is Chattanooga, which is in Southern Tennessee. It’s kind of like on the border of Tennessee and then Georgia. I hear it’s a really huge town. I really do wanna go there and explore more of that area. I really into nature and like mountains and forests and all of that. And so I think that whole area between like Chatanooga and Asheville would be really fun to explore, cuz you’re probably gonna be driving a lot of like the blue Ridge Parkway. Ooh. Which is really nice, very scenic drive. So I think that area is the most appealing to me. I would give Charlotte another chance cuz we really didn’t stay like in the city, but from what we saw it wasn’t, it’s not like high, high on my list.

1 (47m 18s):
And I would also go into like Myrtle beach and Hilton head for sure.

2 (47m 23s):
Okay. You know, as we explore more and more of the country, we’re knocking off all these places and it’s like, I don’t wanna say running out of places, but it’s getting smaller and smaller.

3 (47m 34s):
And, and at least for me, I know I’ve mentioned on many episodes like us cities. It takes a lot for them to really intrigue me. At least I feel like a lot of our domestic travel in the us is catered to around going to national parks cuz at least for me and Brittanie, you know, we’re more nature people, but there are several obvious standout cities. So of the standout cities that we’ve been to and other ones that we haven’t you’re right. That list for me at least is feeling like it’s getting smaller and smaller.

2 (48m 2s):
I have an idea. Okay,

3 (48m 4s):
I’m ready to hear it.

2 (48m 5s):
So you know how, when you go to a city and you know, someone that lives there. You have infinitely more fun than if you didn’t know that person there. Yeah. Because they show you around. They tell you the cool places. Well, Airbnb does experiences where you can get a tour from a local. I would love to do that, especially in one of these cities that doesn’t seem as like a New York city or Chicago, one of these smaller places get a local to give us a tour and then see how it impacts our trip.

1 (48m 33s):
You know, that’s a good idea, Kim. I, I never really thought of that. And I think that might be a good way to explore a smaller city where you’re not quite sure what to do, but you know, you wanna explore it.

2 (48m 42s):
There is so much cool stuff to do in every city. But if you’re just getting there, you don’t know where to go, what to do.

3 (48m 48s):
You don’t know what you don’t know. Right.

2 (48m 50s):
Or we can have our squats in their locales. Show us around. How about that?

1 (48m 55s):
Yeah. You know, I would love for some of our listeners to be like, Hey, I’m from here. If you’re ever in the area, let’s meet up. I would love to show you around the city. Cuz that would be one, a good way to engage with you guys as our listeners get great content and then learn about you and your city.

2 (49m 9s):
That sounds like an amazing idea. If any of you wanna give us a tour, hit us

3 (49m 13s):
Up. Question number two, what other things are there to do if you’re coming for a weekend trip into Charleston? So we talked about the few, the nature stuff that park and the tree outside, but there are a couple other things most notably I would say, because we did it on this trip. We’re not gonna talk about it in full death. In this episode, we are gonna have an upcoming episode talking about it. Congre national park is not very far from Charleston and also in South Carolina,

2 (49m 39s):
Just a couple hours driving away from Charleston. And it is a park that one you don’t have to pay for two really cool and lesser known,

3 (49m 50s):
Lesser known. I think of the national parks in the lower 48. And by that, I mean, I guess, you know, Alaska, you know, obviously is very remote, so less people go, but of what’s here on the continuous 48, I think you said Brittanie, it’s the least visited national park. Is it not? It’s

1 (50m 6s):
One of the least visited national parks, not it’s like the 12th lease visited I

3 (50m 11s):
Think. And it’s free. And it’s very unique in terms of its environment of what con national park is protecting. So I would say if you’re there for a weekend, have more time to explore outside the city cuz you don’t need more than a few hours in con re and then on your way back in, you could hit out those things on the outskirts that we said that we missed that close early at five o’clock. So I think that would be something to do and keep an eye out or an ear out. I should say for that future episode talking about Ary, I think it’s either gonna be one of the next or following ones. Am I not mistaken ladies? I think it’s in a few and a few come and right up.

2 (50m 47s):
That’s right. That’s right. And then I would also recommend making it a long weekend so you can see Savannah too.

3 (50m 51s):
There you go. Look at that. I love it, Kim.

1 (50m 54s):
Yeah. I was gonna say the same thing. Like either go up to Myrtle beach or go south, go to Hilton head or go to Savannah. We didn’t go to Tivy island, but I would’ve loved to go to some of the islands around like the Savannah area. So there’s a lot that you can do to add onto your weekend trip to Charleston.

2 (51m 10s):
All right. Squad. That is Charleston for you. Thank you so much for tuning into our episode this week. Keep the adventures going with us by following us on Instagram, TikTok YouTube at Travel Squad Podcast and send us in your questions for next week’s episode.

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Stay tuned for next week’s episode, we have some more amazing adventures and tips in store for you.

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