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                            A full day guide to the San Diego Coast starting north in Del Mar, ending south in downtown San Diego. 

   Torrey Pines Nature Reserve
   Mission Beach Boardwalk
   Sunset Cliffs


                  13-pages of exactly what to do and when to do it for the perfect day along San Diego's coast. 



November 2021

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1-Day Coastal San Diego
Eat, Drink & Hike

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How this Itinerary will help you

Plan your day perfectly to see the best highlights along San Diego's coast in just one day, ideal for day trippers, those visiting for a short time, or locals exploring their own backyard.

Exact location of each attraction and restaurant.

Hours and best time of year for the recommended things to see and do along the San Diego coast. 

Recommended morning hike in Torrey Pines, including fees, how long to allot to experience it, best place to find parking nearby, and the exact hiking route to take.  

Recommended coffee, brunch, afternoon cocktails and dinner with a downtown San Diego view, and how much to budget.

Distance and drive time between locations.

Our local's recommendations and hidden attractions for the perfect day along the San Diego coast.

Squad Tips!

Coastal views

Where to eat with
water views

Where to eat out in San Diego

Best routes to take down the San Diego coast, with optional routes depending on activity.

All you need to do is show up and have fun. This itinerary takes the guess work out of all the planning.

You can expect to itinerary to tell you about San Diego's hidden swing, the best beaches in San Diego, an amazing coastal hide in SD, and the best coastal views in San Diego.

All the info you need

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1-Day Coastal San Diego
Eat, Drink & Hike


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