4 Days, June 7-10, 2024

June 7-10, 2024

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In peak summer season we'll meet at River Expeditions, just outside New River Gorge National Park for a four day, three night wild adventure of a lifetime. 

This is our first Travel Squad Podcast trip meet up and we're excited to welcome you squadies to a weekend of river floating and rafting, zip lining, and chilling on an epic adventure property.

Great for adventure lovers!
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4 days / 3 nights
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This is a fully independent meet up, meaning you book everything independently so you can choose your lodging type, travel times, and add on other adventures like massage, horseback riding, hiking, and the infamous bridge walk. 

  • 3 night stay in cabin of your choice*
  • Floating adventure
  • Zipline
  • Rafting adventure


*Costs depend on type of accommodation selected
Average Cost:
Use promo code TSP for 20% off!

Mention you are with Travel Squad Podcast and want to book a cabin June 7-10 with floating and zip lining on June 8 and rafting on June 9.

Call River Expeditions at 800-463-9873 

Don't forget to give them promo code TSP for 20% off all bookings!

Save the date and we'll see you there in June!

Add your name to our RSVP and stay tuned for event and social info to come.


Add your name and message to the RSVP and we'll update the feed so you can see who else will be on this trip with us!

"I'm so excited to go white water rafting, see a new national park, and meet squadies IRL!"

"I am so pumped for our first meet up! We've been chatting online with some of our squadies for years so I feel like an in person meet up is long overdue! White water rafting & s'more campfire social sounds like the perfect getaway to have fun, make epic memories, and expand our squad."

"I am beyond excited for this trip so that we can share this epic adventure with our Squadies!"

"Ready for this wild trip!"

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zip lining

social hour

rustic and luxury cabins

white water rafting

what we'll do iN new river gorge

Rafting trip and lunch on the river
Saloon social hour

Day 3 - June 9, 2024 - Rafting

Book your flight and arrange a rental car to drive to River Expeditions. 

Day 1 - June 7, 2024 - Travel

River float
Campfire social hour

Day 2 - June 8, 2024 - Activities

Full Itinerary

Remember: You book everything independently, that includes flights, lodging, and tour bookings. Use will be grouped with us on the adventures and invited to the social hours

Farewell breakfast boofay

Day 4 - June 10, 2024 - Farewell

This is an evolving itinerary with all events as optional. We will update this page with full details, times, and events as the weekender gets closer.

Yes! You can stay longer or leave earlier. River Expeditions has a special deal all year long where you buy 3 nights, you get the 4th free. We're only staying 3 nights, but you can absolutely take advantage of that deal to stay longer and explore more of the fun things to do in the area. Or if you can't stay all 3 days, you ahve the option to cut your trip shorter.

Can we change how long we stay at River Expeditions?

Call River Expeditions at 800-463-9873 and tell them you are with Travel Squad Podcast for the June trip. Make sure to mention code TSP for 20% off your booking!

How do I book?

The 20% off applies to your accommodations, the rafting trip, the floating trip, and the zip line experience

What do I get 20% off of?


That's no problem! All of the activities are optional. If you are not interested in doing one of them, simply do not book it. River Expeditions has tons of fun things to do on the property that can take its place. Explore their hiking, massages, or just take it easy on the property. River Expeditions also contracts with nearby tour companies and can coordinate your horseback riding, mountain biking, a bridge walk tour and many other adventures!

What if I don't want to do one or more of the activities?