Kauai Travel for First Time Visitors

Kauai Travel Shot of Napali Coast

Aloha! In this episode we share our Kauai travel stories from a week trip to this beautiful island.

Kauai is absolutely gorgeous from hiking in the Grand Canyon of the Pacific to sailing the sunset seas along the Napali Coast, there are so many things to do and see in Kauai. We stayed in the north so we includes things to do in Princeville, Kauai, but we explore the whole island so we have the top things to do in Kauai from all sides of the small garden isle!

If you are considering taking a trip to Kauai then you’ll want to listen to this episode. We share everything we did during our week in Kauai and give honest feedback on if the experience and the cost was worth it – not all of them are! Our Kauai travel tips include how to save money on this pricey island, share the things to see in Kauai Hawaii that you absolutely cannot miss, including hidden gems like Queens Bath.

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Things to Do in Kauai

Where to Stay in Kauai

  1. Club Wyndham Bali Hai Villas – Princeville (North Shore)
  2. Nihilani 22C: Spacious Condo  – Princeville (North Shore)
  3. Ko’a Kea Resort on Po’ipu Beach – South Island
  4. Sheraton Kauai Resort – South Island

We cover a lot in this episode, but if you have additional questions before you travel to Kauai, message us and we’d be happy to help give you advice.

Kauai Travel Podcast – Episode Transcript

1 (37s):
Aloha fellow travelers. Welcome to episode two of the Travel Squad Podcast.

3 (1m 1s):
We are so excited today because we are taking you to the beautiful Hawaiian island of Hawaii.

2 (1m 7s):
Kauai is one of the least visited islands and it is under appreciated. And it’s probably because Kauai has a remote feel. It has lots of jungle and only one main highway on the entire island.

3 (1m 19s):
Jamal, tell us about Kauai, Mr. History lesson

2 (1m 23s):
Slash geographer.

3 (1m 24s):
Mr. History teacher

4 (1m 26s):
Kauai is known as the garden aisle because of its lush rainforest that it has throughout the island. Only 20% of the island is actually accessible by trails and by roads. The other 80% is all lush mountains, inaccessible roads. Can’t be built on it. It’s the oldest island in the Hawaiian archipelago, just as well.

3 (1m 50s):
I’ve always wondered how to pronounce that word. A political

4 (1m 53s):
Archipelago and it’s 5 million years old. So really, really old in comparison to, you know, the big island right now.

2 (2m 1s):
Yeah. And Jurassic park was filmed there too. Yes, it

4 (2m 3s):

2 (2m 4s):
In fact, the car that we, that we rented was a big rugged car because Jamal thought it would be really cool to go off-roading and such a wild.

4 (2m 13s):
Well, I thought we would need it for the mountainous terrain, but in Jurassic park they had small little Jeeps. We had a big SUV,

3 (2m 20s):
But we did go off-roading.

1 (2m 22s):
So the four of us took a week long vacation. It was filled with beaches, hikes, sunset cruises, waterfalls, and just a lot of natural beauty.

3 (2m 31s):
And my ties

2 (2m 34s):
Clearly our head is in the right place.

1 (2m 36s):
So today we’re going to talk to you about what you must do in Hawaii. Things that you should reconsider. We’re going to answer some questions that we received from the week. And we’re going to talk about is quiet, affordable.

3 (2m 51s):
One thing you have to know though, and I’m only saying this because I was under the impression that quiet didn’t have a lot to do, but

4 (3m 0s):
Didn’t you want to island hop while we were there, Kim, wasn’t that?

2 (3m 4s):
And am I going to do in Hawaii for a week? It’s such a smile on,

3 (3m 6s):
And that’s part of the problem. There’s not enough content on the web about what there is to do in the island. There’s no podcasts out there. This is the very first podcast in the world to talk about Hawaii. And, And so I literally thought I was going to be island hopping all week,

2 (3m 26s):
But there’s a lot to do on. Cool.

4 (3m 28s):
Yeah, no, you bring up a good point. You know, a lot of people, when they go to Hawaii, they think of the beaches and there are beaches in Kauai obviously, but I feel like what really makes Kauai special is just its remoteness.

2 (3m 43s):
The other thing too about Kauai is that the water there is the most dangerous out of all the islands. I think the most deaths have occurred in Kauai because the water is so turbulent

4 (3m 53s):
Only on one specific shore. But if you go to where they actually have the resorts and whatnot specifically Honley bay, the water there is absolutely fine. It’s just on a particular area of the Nepali coast, which you can’t even get to my road. Anyway.

2 (4m 9s):
I don’t know. There was one day that we were snorkeling and I remember that you and Brittany were, you got to the sand island and like a little bit out off of the shore and you guys were like, Zayna come, come on to the island. Oh my gosh, there’s a beached whale. And I kept trying to, the waves were

1 (4m 25s):
Still a whale. It was a seal,

2 (4m 27s):
Which is kidding. That’s a big difference. But anyways, there’s a beach seal and you’re like, come see, check it out. And I couldn’t get there

3 (4m 36s):
To get there either. It was treacherous.

2 (4m 38s):
It’s like up like not even higher than your shins. And I’m like being thrown up against the rocks. And finally, I was like, you know what, screw this. I can’t even handle this and I I’m swam off, but it took a lot of effort to swim off. And when I was finally lying down on the towel, there was blood everywhere because it tore my legs up.

4 (4m 56s):
Scratch her leg on some coral in some rocks. Huh.

3 (4m 59s):
All right. Well thank you for telling us what not to do in Hawaii.

2 (5m 3s):
Just be careful.

3 (5m 4s):
Now we want to talk about some things you absolutely should do in Kauai.

1 (5m 8s):
We actually stayed in Princeville, which is on the north part of the island. And we had seen some videos on this really beautiful bath called Queen’s bath. So we decided to check it out and you know, they describe it as a small little hike to this bath, but be aware you will get muddy. You will be slipping. You’ll be sliding. It’s a little dangerous getting to Queen’s bath, but it was worth it. It was a beautiful opening.

3 (5m 39s):
It’s like made of rocks.

2 (5m 41s):
I think it’s like volcanic, volcanic rock,

4 (5m 42s):
Of course. But from a safety perspective, let’s not go at high tide because when it’s high tide, that’s when the water is going to be up on the rocks and you’re more than likely gonna slip. But realistically, what it is is it’s a rock formation that actually acts as natural pool. So when it’s high tide water obviously gets in and fills it. But when it’s low tide, the water retreats and you actually have a pool within the rocks that you can jump into

3 (6m 8s):
That. Thank you, professor. Yes.

2 (6m 12s):
I should also preface to like, if you’re looking up Queen’s bath, you’re going to find a lot of people who do say go visit. And then there’s going to be a lot of people who say, don’t go visit,

3 (6m 21s):
Don’t listen to them.

2 (6m 22s):
And that it should be removed from tour guides because it’s such a dangerous place. We didn’t have that expense.

3 (6m 28s):
Honestly, if you’re careful and smart, you’ll be fine. And Queen’s bath was one of the most beautiful places that we visited while on the island. It was one of my favorite spots. We made it there without any major issues or even minor issues. I’d say if I can remember correctly, but once we got there, we were like jumping off of the rocks into the pool. And it was like just the most beautiful fun place that

1 (6m 52s):
Interesting. And it was just really nice to relax. And because there wasn’t waves going in and out, you can just relax, lay on your back, look up at the sun, look out at the water. It was just really beautiful.

4 (7m 3s):
It is a popular place to go to. So other people are there, God forbid if something were to happen. But like I said, realistically, exercise, caution, and really look at the reports on when high tide is going to be and not go at high tide. But one of the coolest things that I really enjoyed most about Queen’s bath was everyone’s there to jump into the pool. So everyone’s watching you, encouraging you, clapping for you, you know, when you get in. And so that made it a really, really fun experience. Cause all these strangers that you’re with, they’re all they’re experiencing and doing the same thing. And it’s a real nice camaraderie out there.

2 (7m 38s):
I was scared. I didn’t jump. So Kim took the plunge first. She gave me her camera and I took her picture while she was jumping. And what is it

3 (7m 46s):
Posted on our website? Yeah,

2 (7m 49s):
The setting where I just keep holding down so you can get the good shot

3 (7m 53s):
There. Shutter.

2 (7m 54s):
Yeah. I couldn’t think of it. So I took a picture of Kim jumping in shutter so she can pick the good one. And then I took Jamal and Brittany and then other people started to have me take their picture as well because they realized that I was the chicken and the group. Eventually I went into the water, but it took me a little bit to go because again, not trying to be like a, a danger ninja or anything, but they had . There you go. I don’t know. I couldn’t think of the way that, so the only thing that came out was Danger.

4 (8m 35s):
Danger. Nichelle would be that you’re risking.

2 (8m 37s):
Oh no, no. I’m just kidding other things, but not jumping into the water, but they have a stone where they carve in how many deaths have taken place because it’s not about being careful. It’s about that tide coming in unexpectedly and it takes you out to sh

3 (8m 51s):
You can definitely look up some YouTube videos and see some crazy things of guys getting pulled out and not being able to climb out of the rocks, but just be careful and be safe. And you’ll be fine. The road and you’ll have fun. Yeah. The roadway,

1 (9m 4s):
The first place on the way there, where we got to see sea turtles in the

3 (9m 9s):
Cold, they were so cute.

4 (9m 12s):

3 (9m 13s):
They were away on the distance. That’s right.

4 (9m 15s):
I see them blowing the water out of their blowholes and spouts.

1 (9m 19s):
So another must do for coy is Wailua falls.

3 (9m 24s):
Another gym.

4 (9m 25s):
It really isn’t. What was

2 (9m 26s):

4 (9m 27s):
Why little falls.

2 (9m 28s):
I don’t remember what it was. Oh

3 (9m 29s):
My God.

1 (9m 30s):
I don’t remember because you didn’t want to

3 (9m 33s):
Over another one where Santa was a danger ninja.

2 (9m 39s):
No, don’t

4 (9m 40s):
Want to get in the water.

3 (9m 41s):
We will also post that video on our website.

4 (9m 45s):
I don’t remember that. That’s basically where we went to the waterfall

3 (9m 49s):

4 (9m 50s):

3 (9m 52s):

4 (9m 53s):
Kim was like, let’s hike down. And we had to jump over the fence and I was like, oh,

2 (9m 59s):
To do.

3 (10m 1s):
Okay. So we get to this waterfall it’s well, what would you say? Like 200 feet, a hundred

1 (10m 6s):
Feet, 80

3 (10m 6s):
Feet ADV. Well, I’m sure it’s so

2 (10m 12s):
Dangerous. Okay.

3 (10m 12s):
So you’re not supposed to hike down it, but everybody does. All you have to do is climb over this little like cement block thing and go behind the fence and you’re in, everybody’s doing it. And there’s not police there that when we were there, at least not encouraging any illegal activity, but

4 (10m 30s):
Let’s put it this way. So many people are doing it. I don’t know how they could enforce it.

1 (10m 34s):
What I really loved about this hike was just the natural beauty going down. Like you’re, you’re pretty much crawling down on your butt

3 (10m 41s):
On all these like tree vines. And

1 (10m 43s):
There’s so many tree vines and that your grass, that’s what you’re grabbing onto to keep steady. And so that you’re not falling, but it was just a very natural, beautiful hike on the way down. And it gives you a good workout on the way up.

4 (10m 56s):
It’s always muddy because the waterfalls just coming on down. So it creates a big mist in the air and it always settled. So it’s always money. So I remember trying to keep my flip flops on as we were hiking down and literally after two minutes, I said, we’re good. This

2 (11m 13s):
Not take shoes.

3 (11m 14s):
Yeah. So what is it like take like about 15 minutes to get down to the bottom?

1 (11m 18s):
Yeah, it took us about 15 minutes to get down. And then we had to cross over to like the beachy area so that we could swim.

3 (11m 25s):
So it’s like a huge like river stream going down from the waterfall and you have to get across

1 (11m 32s):
Kind of strong.

3 (11m 33s):
It was strong. We

1 (11m 34s):
Were afraid to cross at that. The

3 (11m 36s):
Rocks were like super painful on our feet

2 (11m 39s):
And it was really cold.

1 (11m 40s):
But then there was a shallow spot, closer to the base of the falls, not where, kind of where the mouth of the river was. And that’s where we all crossed.

3 (11m 52s):
Right. And then there’s like land that you can post up on. And then we went swimming in the pool, which was so cool, like one of the most magical experiences floating and swimming

4 (12m 4s):
In Hawaii, this woman waterfall.

2 (12m 5s):
And then finally I realized I had to get in the water. So Brittany came back to get me

3 (12m 9s):
We’re yelling at Zaina from across the river. Come on, get it.

1 (12m 19s):
I’ve got to chase those waterfalls when you’re in quiet.

4 (12m 22s):
No, I just want to reiterate, you know, when Kim had suggested that, I think, I don’t remember how far we were and for our itinerary of the day of what we were going to do, but I just remember like Kim suggested it and I was like, oh my God, what a typical Kim thing to want to do? I don’t want to go down there, but the journey down is really, really worth it. Like that was one of my favorite things that we did in Hawaii. Actually. Second favorite. We’ll get to number one later. I think we all have,

3 (12m 51s):
We’re going to talk about it right now. It’s this

2 (12m 53s):

4 (12m 54s):
What’s next? Oh my goodness. I thought you were going to talk about Waimea canyon, but I guess we’ll go. Yeah,

2 (12m 58s):
Yeah, no. So our favorite thing hands down that we did is the luau. Our favorite thing. It was Nepali coast, sunset boats, where you guys were so ready to jump in on that

1 (13m 23s):
Shout out to cool YEC tours, providing us the best experience

3 (13m 28s):
Ever. The, my ties and the service.

2 (13m 31s):
I wish they had a bus to shuttle us back. So you can, because they do not let your hands go empty. Like you are constantly double

3 (13m 40s):
From the moment you get on the boat until you get off the boat.

4 (13m 43s):
Well, so just as a little bit of context too. So the KYC tours took us of the tour of the Nepali coast. That’s what COVID-19 itself is probably the most famous for it.

3 (13m 55s):

4 (13m 57s):
It’s basically, you know, extraordinary sea cliffs. These ones are actually 200 feet high, But they’re just so dramatic. Such vibrant colors. Yeah. They look fake. And that’s one of the reasons also why, you know, there’s so few roads and the majority of Kauai is inaccessible is because of these sea cliffs and the mountains that they create. So it took us on the Nepali coast for the sea tour. But as everyone was saying, you know, the moment you got on board, every one of the staff was just so friendly. Your hands never went empty with a drink. If you wanted a water, if you wanted a Mai Tai, if you wanted a beer, whatever you wanted, it was always there.

4 (14m 40s):
So a scenic cruise turned into a booze cruise. Definitely a good time.

2 (14m 45s):
I didn’t know it was a booze cruise. Also Don’t wear a dress. Don’t wear a skirt, wear

3 (14m 50s):

2 (14m 52s):
And attest to that.

3 (14m 54s):
Yeah. You’ll be holding it down in the wind the whole time.

2 (14m 56s):
And then you can’t have a second drink in your hand, so boom.

3 (15m 1s):
Yep. But also we saw those cute little sea turtles and like the baby ones and member, he like stopped at that waterfall and it was some kind of like Hawaiian legend,

2 (15m 12s):

3 (15m 13s):
Ritual, love ritual. Yeah. And so they would put the couples at the front of the bow and then, and it was right on a cliff and he would bring the boat just close enough of the waterfall would go over them while they’re kissing

4 (15m 24s):
Heavy, but light streamed enough waterfall, mind you. But I, so that’s what it is now. It’s the kissing for the lovers for a blessing. But what it really was, if I recall his story correctly, he was saying, you know, during the time of the Hawaiian monarchy, that’s actually kind of like their version of the coordination. If I remember the story correctly is that’s where they would go to be dipped and then become king or Queens.

3 (15m 49s):
It was a really fun experience though.

1 (15m 52s):
We also saw dolphins.

2 (15m 53s):
Yeah, we did. Oh yeah.

3 (15m 55s):
They were chasing our boat. They were so cute

1 (15m 57s):
Dolphins. Yeah. Bottleneck dolphins. They said it was rare to see in that area. Bottlenose

4 (16m 3s):

3 (16m 6s):
So yeah, hands down. If you go to Kauai, do not miss the boat tour and do it with a quasi tours. I mean, I think it’s going to be amazing no matter what, but especially for us, because it was day seven or six of our seven day trip and we had gone to Kauai. Right, right. After they had a lot of rain and floods that shut down that part of the coast. So we couldn’t see it on foot. We did see it a little bit before that, but this was like the most, all inspiring moment that we had the whole week. And we waited the week for it.

4 (16m 41s):
No better place to see it then on the water. Yeah.

1 (16m 45s):
And for those of you that get seasick, like I do, I took half a Dramamine before I got on like maybe 30 minutes beforehand and I kept the booze go in and I didn’t feel sick the whole night. However, some of the other passenger,

3 (16m 60s):
Almost all of them

2 (17m 1s):
At the end of the, well, first off you should know that this was like a five-hour booze cruise. So it went forever. And then

4 (17m 10s):
Dinner, cruise, booze cruise. Yes.

2 (17m 12s):
Oh, did

3 (17m 12s):
We have we got out around, We got on around two and then it was dark when we got back.

2 (17m 20s):
Yeah. In fact they were speeding back because we had been out so late, but yeah, everyone was pretty much, I mean, all the buckets were gone because everyone was pretty much getting sick and you didn’t have a bucket you were over there with,

3 (17m 33s):
I kept like giving someone a bucket or rinsing them out and just like running back and forth with buckets

1 (17m 38s):
Except for the four of us.

2 (17m 40s):
Yeah. In fact, Jamal and I were at the front of the boat and you know, when you’re on the boat, it’s going like thud, thud, thud up against the waves. And everyone’s in the back except for me. And I have one hand on the rail, the other one is, wait. Yeah. Like, woo. And so finally he told me in Jamal that we have to go back because he doesn’t want us to fall over and then they wouldn’t be able to find us. Cause it’s nice. And

4 (18m 4s):

2 (18m 5s):
And, you know, shout out to Jamal because Jamal was our DD while at the end, he sobered up and was our DD, but

4 (18m 12s):
Only half of the crew. It was

3 (18m 13s):
A five-hour

2 (18m 14s):
Cruise. Yeah, exactly. So I would just say, because they don’t have shuttles, although I wish they did just make sure that you have someone in your party to be safe guys, a hundred percent be safe because they will ah,

3 (18m 29s):
Keep it coming. And the other thing you should know about Kauai is Uber is not a reliable source of transportation. I don’t even know if it’s available at all during the day. So don’t count on that.

2 (18m 40s):
Yeah. So just be safe, just be safe guys.

1 (18m 43s):
So another must-do in Kauai was the Waimea canyon, which is kind of like the grand canyon of the Pacific.

3 (18m 52s):
Having already been to the grand canyon. It’s not as grand, but it was really cool still. They had waterfalls there and just, it is like a vast canyon. And it’s almost like desert, like, which is so weird because you’re on a Hawaiian island.

2 (19m 7s):
One thing to know is we did a high, like we did the big hike there and it was really cool to be immersed in it because you constantly see helicopters coming above you because obviously when you go to Kauai, one of the big things to do is a helicopter tour. So by the time we did our helicopter tour, we had already explored why may a canyon? And it was really cool to see it from above, after being in it. Yeah.

3 (19m 27s):
And if you want to do the same hike, we did, it was called the canyon trail. Imagine that,

4 (19m 34s):
And it ends up the waterfall that they have right there at the very bottom.

2 (19m 38s):
Yeah. Pro tip go early. We w we were such adventures and we wake up before the crack of Dawn every single day. And it’s just worth it because it’s not busy. And by the time we get to the end where the waterfall is, we have it all to ourselves to take pictures. And then next thing you know, the people who woke up late are coming in and now they’re fighting for that spot to take a picture. And it’s just nice to wake up early and have it to yourself.

1 (20m 2s):
One or the other thing is if you’re traveling to this canyon or this region, it’s only accessible by car from the south, you can’t get to it from the north. So if you’re staying on the north part of the island, you literally have to drive all the way around the island to get to the entrance on the south side, because what is keeping it from being open on the north is the Nepali coast.

2 (20m 25s):
Yeah. It’s crazy. Like we were so close to it, but that’s why we had to wake up extra, extra early to get there early is because even though it’s right there, you have to go all the way around the island.

4 (20m 35s):
Yeah. Like if you imagine the road like a clock, you know, basically the road, the main road runs from one o’clock to nine o’clock from nine o’clock to one o’clock, there’s no roads for that corner of the island.

2 (20m 49s):
It’s pretty

4 (20m 49s):
Crazy. So why Mia is actually Hawaiian for reddish water. And it seems to be a reference to the erosion of the canyons, red soil, that kind of that. But on top of that, they say that this area is actually one of the wettest places on earth.

1 (21m 6s):
So the last absolute must do of Kauai is a sunset at the St. Regis hotel,

3 (21m 12s):
Beautiful, beautiful place.

1 (21m 14s):
We just went to the patio and we got drinks and watch the sunset. And what was that thing? We did kiss

3 (21m 20s):
At the sunset hour. The man comes out there, says and everyone’s out there. And then he takes a champagne and Sabres it right in front of everyone everyday.

1 (21m 33s):
And it looks out to Hanalei bay, which you should also go to, but the sunset looking out onto the water, there was just breathtaking.

4 (21m 41s):
Yeah. Because the hotel is not right, right on the water. It’s on a cliff, so it’s overlooking it. So it just makes for more dramatic scene to watch the sunset really, really beautiful from there. But it is in the St. Regis hotel, beautiful patio deck to sit out on, you can have the waiters come bring you drinks as we all have our drinks in hand and just enjoying the sunset,

2 (22m 2s):
Get there a little bit early to get us.

3 (22m 4s):
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s a good time.

2 (22m 6s):
Because the only seat that we had was I think someone had thrown up there and they had like, kind of remember.

4 (22m 11s):
Yeah. And they had to clean it up. It smelled in that corner

2 (22m 14s):
Really bad, but it was the only seat available. So Jamal

3 (22m 17s):
Square, it’s a nice place.

2 (22m 20s):
I’ll just say that a

4 (22m 21s):
Little kid

2 (22m 22s):
Though. It was okay.

4 (22m 23s):
The family with the little kids and it happened to be the little child who was saying,

3 (22m 26s):
Well, we got lucky and a little kid barfed and we got a spot.

2 (22m 30s):
Yeah. So main point about that. It’s a very nice place, but just, you’re going to have to fight for seats unless you get there a little bit earlier. And also we are from San Diego. And so when we went, people were describing Princeville where we stayed and where the St Regis is as the LA Jolla of the, of the quiet or of the, of the quiet island. And here in San Diego, LA Jolla is like the Juul in Spanish.

4 (22m 55s):
Thank you for that. Translation,

3 (22m 58s):
Our resident bilingual.

1 (23m 2s):
So now that we’ve told you about all the things that you must do, we’re going to tell you about a few things that you shouldn’t do, or you need to consider or do more research on before you make that decision to do

3 (23m 13s):
Like, they’re good, but up to you, if you want to spend the time, depending on how much time you have there and what your interests are and, and

1 (23m 22s):

3 (23m 23s):
And money. Yeah.

2 (23m 24s):
So the first one on the list is the luau. You might remember me mentioning that earlier this time I am serious.

4 (23m 32s):
That’s what makes the list for the category we’re talking about now.

2 (23m 35s):
So the number one thing on our list for this is the luau. And while I was joking around earlier about being the number one favorite thing, I’m not joking. I say, this is the number one thing that we think that you should consider whether or not you really want to do it. We paid a hundred dollars for our luau. And then we paid an additional $25 each for the shuttle. So we could a drink to our heart’s content

3 (23m 60s):
Because the luau that we signed up for advertised and open bar,

4 (24m 4s):
And that it was, but only for a span of about 30 minutes,

3 (24m 9s):
We’re also stuffing our face with the buffet.

2 (24m 12s):
Yeah. So we got there basically, because we’re taking the shuttle, we got there, what, like an hour early, but that’s the recommended time anyway.

4 (24m 19s):
Well, that’s what time they open it up. So you could wonder the grounds and the gardens and for, they actually pull the pig out of the ground. Yeah.

2 (24m 28s):
So there’s a lot of peacocks out there. They give you a tour on their train, their car or whatever it’s called.

1 (24m 35s):
And I feel like dinner was really rushed. Like there was no time to really relax and enjoy the dinner and the drinks. It was just buffet style, go get what you want to eat. And if you wanted seconds, by the time you were up there, they were already starting to pack it up.

4 (24m 50s):
Yeah. I feel like, you know, there was at least 500 people there. It was really, really crowded. So like Brittany was saying basically, you know, they didn’t have us all go up at the same time because of the line would just be too long. So they designated the times for the tables to go up. And by the time, you know, you got done eating. If you wanted to go for seconds, they were already breaking it down.

2 (25m 13s):
Well, let’s back it up even a little bit more to when they’re pulling the pig out. So we got a pro tip that we can double fist it at the bar and major pro tip. So as soon as they finished the pig, I don’t know. I just remember that Joel

3 (25m 30s):

2 (25m 31s):
And all of a sudden, like Jamal was like, okay, we got to go to the bar. We got to go to the bar and I’m looking at him as he’s saying that, I turned back to look at the show and then I turned back and all of this has happened. I swear to

3 (25m 43s):
You. It’s gone. It’s over.

2 (25m 45s):
Yeah. Well, Jamal’s already at the bar. Like I know what happened, Jamal

4 (25m 49s):

2 (25m 49s):
Was drinking ninja.

4 (25m 52s):
We’ll need 30 minutes of open bar while there’s food. Better. Believe it. I’m going to be the first in line to get my money’s worth on that.

3 (25m 58s):
So we were a little disappointed because we were wandering the grounds for longer than we had to eat and drink. Yeah.

2 (26m 5s):
Yeah. So then the, the ceremony was the ceremony, whatever. And then I’m running after Jamal to the bar. So you can double fist, you can take two drinks at a time. And then we were told, cause I think they only had two drinks anyways. Right. It was my Thai

3 (26m 18s):
Beer and wine,

2 (26m 19s):
Beer and wine. Okay. That’s what it was. So they told us that, you know, grab two of one, put it at your table and then go grab another two of the other one. So we were running back and forth. And I think like, so we were at the corner of the table. Kim was at the corner. I was right next to her. And then there was a gun, of course, Jamal, Brittany on the other side of Kim and I, and there’s this guy next to me. And he looks over at us

4 (26m 44s):
Judging judge person.

2 (26m 46s):
Yeah. He looked at us like we were savages, but really, I just think that

3 (26m 50s):
Mean we kind of, where, what was our motto that night? Fuck

4 (26m 54s):

3 (26m 55s):
Fuck them.

1 (26m 55s):
Fuck them hard.

2 (26m 60s):
Something like that. Yes. So we just had a table full of alcohol and we’re having like fun the best. I mean, regardless, we’re going to have fun anyway,

3 (27m 10s):

2 (27m 10s):
For, yeah. We’re always going to have a good time and we’re just laughing because we have all this alcohol there. But like, by the time we got up to get food, it was so crazy because dinner is almost over. And so then you eat and you get up to get seconds and it’s pretty much cleaned out like it is. So,

4 (27m 26s):

1 (27m 27s):
And then they shuffle you to go watch the dances,

4 (27m 31s):
Actual Lua.

2 (27m 32s):
So we still had extra drinks. So pro tip again, grab a glass for your water and just shove it all in one big blast

4 (27m 39s):
And take it to the

2 (27m 40s):
Show. So also just so you know, again, I mentioned earlier that we paid $25 for the shuttle. It wasn’t needed, like, although we’re joking, we’re not really joking around, but we’re having a good time telling you this, joking about how we just filled our table with alcohol

4 (27m 56s):
Really are responsible adults. We,

2 (27m 57s):
We really are responsible, but two, although we did it just wasn’t well, one you’re so full so that the food is definitely taking the alcohol out, but it was such a short time to drink. And although we’re joking around, you really don’t drink that much. You just don’t have an opportunity to drink that much. And so although we paid for the shuttle, it really wasn’t necessary. And again, going back to that booze cruise that we were on, if only they had a shuttle there, I would do that boost two times instead of the,

4 (28m 29s):
Yeah. So the Lou L company offers that shuttle. So if you are doing that, that’s just something to reconsider. If you think it’s going to be worth it. And our opinion, I don’t think any of us think the shuttle was worth.

2 (28m 41s):
The next thing on our list, the highlight of considerations is the helicopter ride.

3 (28m 48s):
I was super excited to go on a helicopter ride. I’ve never been on one. And we did hear a lot of good things about it.

4 (28m 55s):
Yeah. They build the helicopter ride is one of the must, two dues in. Cool. Why simply because that’s the only way you could see the majority of the island, you know, is by air simply because there aren’t a lot of roads to it, which it was nice, but it’s not all that it’s hyped up.

1 (29m 12s):
It’s very expensive for what you’re getting. I mean, it was, it, it was like a

2 (29m 17s):
Hundred and twenty-five or so

4 (29m 18s):
No, 180

2 (29m 20s):

  1. You’re right. You’re right. I think

1 (29m 21s):
It was almost more than $200 per se.

2 (29m 24s):
I think wasn’t it like two 50

4 (29m 25s):
I’m quoting low and just to not be crazy, but it was at least 180

3 (29m 29s):
Problems, definitely a splurge.

1 (29m 31s):
It’s a splurge item, which is fine. We love to splurge while we’re on vacation. What is our motto, Jamal, when we’re on vacation, fuck it. We’re on vacation.

3 (29m 41s):
I love that motto.

1 (29m 43s):
So it was, it was a splurge. However, we only had like 30 minutes up in the air and it was really beautiful. But the thing is, it was, it was, it,

2 (29m 53s):
It was an hour. Cause I was gonna say, I wish it were 30 minutes. Yeah. An hour was way too long. Like I was over it at 30 minutes. I would have been so good.

1 (30m 3s):
I also started to get motion sick up in the air. So

3 (30m 6s):
Did I.

1 (30m 7s):
And I started to feel really crappy and thinking like, I can’t wait for this to be over. And yeah, it’s really beautiful, but we’re just going to keep going in circles.

4 (30m 16s):
One thing I just want to note too, for anyone who hasn’t really been in a helicopter for a tour is even though you’re going with a group of people, you may not even be able to sit by who you want your significant other, your spouse, because they actually have to weigh you and distribute you throughout the helicopter based on your weight. So I wasn’t even able to sit next to Brittany or anything like that.

3 (30m 40s):

4 (30m 42s):
But just for anyone who’s going, like as a couple, like you may not even be sitting in the front together

3 (30m 47s):
And you may get some ignorant helicopter partners who don’t listen to the directions of not wearing white because the white reflects in the windows and ruins all of your pictures like you should wear, even though it’s hot, like cover up your skin even, and don’t ruin other people’s pictures.

2 (31m 12s):
Well, you know, first off, I just want to say that when we say consider the helicopter ride, it’s not that we’re slamming the company. The company was great. The company was professional. They did an awesome job. I think for us, it was just too long. And they did weigh us right at the beginning. And Jamal and Brittany are husband and wife and I’m Jamal’s sister and we are tall, tall people, me and Jamal. And so you have to pay extra to sit in the front, but Jamal and I got lucky because we’re tall and because we have more weight than others, they threw us in the front. So I know that Jamal’s kind of, you know, he wanted to sit by Brittany, but because I don’t care who I sit next to, I was just excited to sit in the front. Sorry guys. I wish I could have, believe me, Brittany.

2 (31m 53s):
I wish I could have given my weight to you. Yeah,

4 (31m 55s):
I know. I mean, I know you guys felt it was a little bit too long and got sick, but just from another perspective, you know, I don’t really get motion sick. So the time really didn’t bother me, but it’s just, the helicopter is something to consider on for most people potentially major splurge, not sitting by who you want to sit with and you know, potentially paying that much to get motion sick.

3 (32m 18s):
Right. It was pretty, but I do not get motion sickness and I did. And at a certain point after like half an hour or so, I closed my eyes and was laying back and you know, you’re on that helicopter to look out and I was closing my eyes.

4 (32m 35s):
I just want to take a real quick question. Whose idea was it for the helicopter ride

2 (32m 39s):
To do it? Like I was really excited. It

3 (32m 41s):
Was definitely my idea. I’ve never been on one and I was so excited

4 (32m 47s):
Was in your eyes. That’s the only reason why,

2 (32m 51s):
Well, I wanted to do the helicopter. I’m glad I did also. I think like we were talking about it after we went on it because I don’t get motion sickness and I didn’t, but I still felt like an hour was just really long. And if we had done 30 minutes, I would have been super satisfied, but I think that they just don’t do 30 minutes because you’re already paying a premium price for it. And I think that they think 30 minutes, who’s going to do it. And truth be told if I’m going to Kauai and I’m spending that money. And I know nothing about helicopter rides. I would choose 60 minutes over 30 minutes based on just, you know, the expectation and the thoughts going through my head. But now that I know what I know I would do 30 minutes.

4 (33m 31s):
One of the cool things, if anyone’s a movie buff, as they do take you to the waterfall that they filmed drastic park on where they land the helicopter when they first get there. So that just a little trivial fact for anyone out there interested in movies or that little tidbit.

2 (33m 44s):
Well, speaking of movies on the Nepali coast tour, they do show you where Harrison Ford and Ann haitch were when they filmed seven, six days. Seven nights. Yeah. Kuwait is a movie place. Yeah.

4 (33m 58s):
Yeah. But you know, one other thing to take into consideration moving past the helicopters now is we were recommended by several locals to hike, sleeping giant more particularly at sunrise.

1 (34m 12s):
How has that experience at sunrise tomorrow?

4 (34m 15s):
It was a fiasco.

2 (34m 16s):
You guys, we hit 10,000 steps before 7:00 AM.

3 (34m 20s):
It was a debate. If we even wanted to get up at sunrise, once Brittany heard amazing view, there was like, no turning back.

1 (34m 27s):
You guys, if you, if you have to know one thing about me, we are going to hike on every single vacant

3 (34m 34s):
And we’re going to get up at the crack of Dawn. There are

1 (34m 38s):
No easy days when you’re with me

2 (34m 40s):
And you guys, when you come back from vacation with us,

3 (34m 43s):
Like need a vacation,

2 (34m 45s):
You need a vacation. And then Dave, like, even if you go to work the next day and you work eight to five, you’re still going to sleep in on the day that you go back to work. Then any day that you’re on vacation with Brittany,

3 (34m 58s):
Your Workday will be the easy day.

4 (35m 4s):
I know, but you know, what’s funny, more particularly as you know, before every trip we go on, all the girls kind of have like a bet that they don’t tell me about. It was Wednesday and a half freak out because there’s some sort of that I have a freak out on like every trip. So does to everybody else. I wouldn’t call them freak outs. They may be just little, a little stressed, but I wouldn’t call it a freak out. But

1 (35m 31s):
What would happen that morning?

4 (35m 32s):
Well, we get there bright and early,

2 (35m 36s):
Even bright

1 (35m 37s):

3 (35m 38s):
So dark. The only thing we can hear is roosters, like cook, calling in the background on every part of the island. Yeah.

4 (35m 44s):
Yes. But yes, I say bright and early as the expression, but it definitely wasn’t bright. It was still pitch black and we are staying on the north end of the island and we have to wake up extra early because to drive even there is already 40 minutes, plus it’s estimated to take 40 minutes to 60 minutes to get to the top. So we’re there like an hour and a half before sunrise, realistically. And so we start the trail, we did a little bit of research

2 (36m 16s):
To get the fact that you brought the flashlight,

3 (36m 19s):
We needed a flashlight or did we not? Did we forget it?

2 (36m 22s):
I let them all tell that story, but I just want to make sure that I don’t remember to tell the fact that he brought the flashlight from the timeshare that we were staying at.

4 (36m 30s):
Yeah, I did. And it was plugged into the wall, but yet for whatever reason, when I took it, it didn’t turn on and it was heavy. So I got pretty pissed.

3 (36m 40s):
And then

4 (36m 42s):
I got pretty upset at the beginning of the trail. I kind of had a little fit about that and threw it back in the SUV. But anyway, Kim and Brittany had done some research on the actual trail because the sleeping giant hike actually has several different offshoots and ways that you can actually go, but to get to the top, you know, there’s a certain path, but it’s so dark that we can’t even see the markers like on the road. And I know Brittany was really passionate about being up there for sunset. Cause it was

3 (37m 19s):

4 (37m 19s):
Sunrise. Excuse me. Thank you. Because it was really recommended by like several locals. And so we just kept on going and going. And

1 (37m 28s):
I want to point out that you kept on going.

2 (37m 31s):
That is true. Jamal. We cut far

3 (37m 32s):
Ahead. The three of us stayed together.

1 (37m 35s):
I just want to point out when I go on a hike, I’m looking at routes, I’m looking at like tips on how to make it to the top

3 (37m 41s):
Of the map in our

1 (37m 42s):
Hand map in my hand. And so, you know, occasionally we’ll miss the markers. And at the point where I knew that we something was wrong and that we had gone too far, my husband was nowhere in sight. We are screaming his name to try to find him or trying to call him. And he was storming off with his little freak out all by himself. And the three of us were behind trying to figure out like, do we keep walking in the wrong direction? Is you going to eventually turn around and like find out?

4 (38m 18s):
I just want to say, I didn’t start off way ahead from you guys until later. And the later was when it started to actually be around the time of sunrise and I sped up because you guys

3 (38m 30s):
Sped up. Yeah.

4 (38m 31s):
I sped up and got ahead of you guys because I was determined to find the way up so that we can get there so that we wouldn’t miss it. And then I got frustrated when I realized we were going to miss it. So yeah. Finally

3 (38m 44s):
A major freak out. No,

2 (38m 46s):

4 (38m 47s):
Freak out. But yeah, either. I don’t remember if I got the phone call or I finally heard you guys like yelling through the woods.

2 (38m 54s):
Yeah. Cause I was trying to call Jamal, but you know, when you’re out there, there’s no reception and it was pretty, the, the ground is wet. There’s branches, you know, you gotta watch your steps bugs.

3 (39m 7s):
Yeah. So what we ended up doing was actually hiking on the side of the mountain. We did not end up going up the mountain and then the sun came up and we missed the sunrise,

2 (39m 19s):
The sun beat us up.

3 (39m 21s):
And that’s when we realized we went the wrong way.

1 (39m 24s):
So we did stop it. We did submit them out and we turned

3 (39m 27s):
Around, came back together.

1 (39m 29s):
But Jamal’s attitude kind of was like a killer for that whole.

4 (39m 34s):
I just want to say, we found the route when the sun was up. Let’s put it that way because I, I was upset because it was dark and we missed it. So

3 (39m 43s):
We were all upset, but we all didn’t have frequent being

4 (39m 47s):
Pro tip is make sure you have your GPS going and find something with a route to make sure that you get to the top because it’s really, really dark. And the signs are really, really small and you will definitely miss it if you’re not keeping a keen eye out for

1 (40m 2s):
It. Yes.

2 (40m 2s):
Or just don’t do it for sunrise. Do it for some, it’ll be a

3 (40m 5s):
Beautiful hike during the day.

2 (40m 7s):
Yeah, exactly. And because we were up so early, I’m wearing my Fitbit and yeah. That’s why I said we hit 10,000 steps before 7:00 AM. I mean, if you want a more accomplished morning shoot, it was so crazy guys. So crazy.

3 (40m 20s):
We’re actually now at my favorite part of the episode where we’re taking our listeners questions. So we constantly get asked about where we’re going, what we did there, what we’re going to do there, how can we afford it? And a million other questions in between. So you guys sent us some questions about Kauai and we’re going to go through a few of them, but just so you know, if you ever want to reach us and ask us a question, you can DMS or comment on our Instagram posts at Travel Squad Podcast, and we’ll answer them on a future episode.

1 (40m 55s):
So first question from our listeners was why did we pick Hawaii over the other Hawaiian islands? And honestly, to be 100%, a hundred percent transparent. It was because of her timeshare and I, our timeshare owners, it was gifted to us as actually a wedding gift. And this was our first vacation using it. And we were looking at all of the destinations and Hawaii happened to be on there because of

3 (41m 25s):
The one thing you should know about Brittany, especially is she’s always looking for travel, where to go. She a list like a mile long of a million places to go to. She’s like fully booked through like 30, 20, like, But she will, she will know 30, 20, But, but you she’ll find a way to squeeze in a weekend trip.

2 (41m 51s):
Yeah. Yeah. We’ll have another episode about that. But you know, if you’re always looking and you got the time share, shoot, let’s go to court.

4 (41m 59s):
Yeah. So I mean, we can exchange it for, you know, whatever places. And we were looking at Hawaii cause you know, with the timeshare, you got to spend a week there. So we thought where’s a place that we’re really content with spending a week. And Kauai wasn’t even really on our radar. You know, you think of why you think of big island, you think a Maui, a wahoo or something like that. And not a lot of tourists go to Kauai, but they had one, the only one that was available for Hawaii for the times that we could go was in Hawaii. So that’s the reason why we ended up going there.

1 (42m 33s):
And then once we started doing some research about the island, we quickly realized it’s probably one of the most beautiful islands because of all of the jungle and the remoteness. And it was so scenic. So I was really happy with the pic,

3 (42m 47s):
Brittany, when you told me the price of the timeshare, what did I

1 (42m 50s):
Say? Okay. So I’m just going to throw this out there. But for the entire week, the timeshare was like $300 a person for the entire week per person. And Kim said, oh my God, why is it so expensive?

2 (43m 8s):
That was so like, there’s four of us, $300, 1200 total. Right. But anyways, anywhere else that you’re going to stay, it is

4 (43m 16s):
300 a night.

2 (43m 18s):

1 (43m 18s):
Let me just tell you that we stayed in like a two bedroom, two bath condo with a fully stocked kitchen, had a living room. It had a grill space outside

2 (43m 28s):
Sasha and dryer that we used every single day. My goodness.

1 (43m 33s):
Yeah. So as well,

3 (43m 35s):
I came in clutch 300. Well-spent yeah. Next question.

2 (43m 40s):
What do you do when unexpected things ruin your travel plans?

3 (43m 45s):
Oh, we know this one. Well,

2 (43m 47s):
Welcome to the Travel Squad pod. This is hard specialty guys. Okay. First off the Nepali coast hike was closed. Anyone want to talk about that?

1 (43m 60s):
So there was a major rain in April. We actually went in may. So there was a ton of mudslides on the Nepali coast shutting down the road that we needed to use to get to the Nepali coast hike,

3 (44m 14s):
Which is one of the biggest draws of quiet. Is this famous hike?

4 (44m 18s):
Yeah. It’s not a hike on the top of the cliffs. It’s actually a hike along the beach of the Nepali coast.

3 (44m 24s):

4 (44m 25s):
Yeah. And so we had done a lot of research about it. All of us were really, really excited to do it, especially Brittany. Cause like she said earlier, hike on every trip.

1 (44m 34s):
Yeah. It did go up into the, some of the caves,

4 (44m 38s):
Well a little bit, but for the most part, like it’s not at the top of the cliff as well.

3 (44m 41s):
And we had booked this trip like six months before. So we were really looking forward to this hike

1 (44m 47s):
And a month beforehand, those rains washed down all that mud. It’s not our first encounter with mudslides

3 (44m 55s):

2 (44m 56s):
Coming later on for yeah.

3 (44m 58s):
We’ll do a whole episode on the not big Sur road trip

4 (45m 2s):
Or not big Sur road trip.

3 (45m 4s):
Right. Because if you look at what happened to big Sur in California, the same thing right before our trip there, but we didn’t let that stop us and we didn’t let this one stop us either.

4 (45m 16s):
What did we do instead? We did a second hike and Waimea canyon state park. Did we not really?

3 (45m 22s):
Did you know if we had done that hike though, we wouldn’t have had a chance to do that boat tour.

2 (45m 27s):
Yeah. That’s true.

3 (45m 28s):
Yeah. Everything happens for a reason.

2 (45m 30s):
Exactly. And the boat tour was definitely number one.

1 (45m 32s):
I mean, I just think you have to realize that things are going to come up while you travel. And it’s really important to keep an open mind and take recommendations and improvise to make the most out of your trip.

2 (45m 42s):
Yeah. Life is really how you ha react to what’s happening. So whether it’s a good thing, whether it’s a bad thing, just, you know, you gotta go with the flow.

3 (45m 51s):
So when you’re on vacation, so just have fun. Yeah.

2 (45m 54s):
And if all else fails, you’re in Kauai, go get a Mai Tai.

1 (45m 56s):
So our last question that we received for the quiet episode is how do you plan what to do each day?

2 (46m 4s):
I’m going to be honest. I think everyone just kind of like looks at you Brit.

3 (46m 8s):
So Brittany and I, both Britney does a lot of research before we go. And she’s always the one that comes up with all of the hikes that we’re going to do, how to get to where we’re going. I’m more like, oh, there’s a Thai food restaurant. We should go to this bar. And I know Brittany, Jamal love hockey’s ons. We always try to hit one of those up.

4 (46m 29s):
Isn’t that what we did the first night, go get Thai food and go get those my time.

2 (46m 34s):
I can’t knows what to do. And Brittany plans it in really well.

4 (46m 40s):
Yeah. But I mean, beyond just doing the research, I feel like the most important thing that sometimes people go someplace, especially like Hawaii, they’ll just like, oh, we’ll find something to do. Like it’s Hawaii, but you really lose a lot of time. And a little bit of planning goes a long way. And that’s one of the reasons why we wanted to do this podcast on Kauai in particular is because when we started to do some research, we realized, Hey, a lot of the stuff that we’re seeing is actually like from Hawaii and their own department of tourism, not a lot of people because not a lot of people actually visit Kauai.

1 (47m 15s):
I actually probably would’ve done more research looking back in hindsight.

3 (47m 19s):
But like we said, there wasn’t a lot of stuff out there about it was hard.

1 (47m 23s):
I think the biggest tip I can give is to really look at the island and the area, the things that you’re interested in doing and try to plan it by location because, because of the one road. So if you know that you’re going to do several things in the Princeville area, do them in one day, if you’re one of visit the Waimea canyon, do that in another day. Cause there were several days where we went to several different parts of the islands. So that would

3 (47m 51s):
Attract a

1 (47m 52s):
Lot. Yeah. And to go around the entire island was two hours in one direction. So it really takes a lot of time. So that’d be like my biggest tip is really plan out where, what you wanted to do and where it’s located on the island.

2 (48m 6s):
Yeah. And real quickly, sorry guys, just to back up to the question prior, what do you do when unexpected things ruin your travel plans? I think it would be so remiss if we didn’t say when we did the, what was it? The hike, it was like a two hour hike and

3 (48m 20s):

2 (48m 20s):
Over. Yeah. Once you get to the top, you’re supposed to have the most beautiful view of the Nepali coastline and it was all gray clouds and we spent two hours hiking to get to that view. And so, you know, you just got to roll with the punches. So Jamal took the camera, took a picture of Britt, me and Kim and we posted it on social media with look at the beautiful view in the background,

4 (48m 45s):
Roll with the punches,

2 (48m 46s):
Roll with the punches.

1 (48m 47s):
No, my favorite questions Kim asked while planning this trip was, will we even need a car?

2 (48m 55s):
You will.

3 (48m 60s):
Yes. Yes. I can confidently say

4 (49m 4s):
True one that gave me crap because I wanted the SUV. But I mean, it really is mountainous. If you are going to be going to a Waimea canyon state park, you definitely are going up really narrow roads and it’s definitely useful. And if anybody is going to go and stay in a timeshare, our timeshare provided us with an ice chest. We packed food, we’d packed drinks. And you know, it’s just really hard to fit all that. Just kind of like in a small trunk with the hiking backpacks and everything up.

3 (49m 36s):
The other thing about an SUV is that after having a day out adventuring, you’re bound to be a little sleepy. And I, I took many naps in the back of that SUV. So I would recommend.

2 (49m 50s):
Yeah. And you know, there was one day where we went to, what was it, secret beach or something. I don’t know what it was, but we were at a beach and it started to rain on us. And we were out in the water at this point. Right. So our towels are, so our bags are soaks. So we don’t even have towels to dry off because this is some hard rain coming in on us. So, you know, we’re able to throw the towels in the back of the trunk and I just felt so bad for them. We did not damage the car, but I felt so bad for the rental company. And when we gave the car back because it was filled with sand and mud and it was,

4 (50m 26s):
I feel like they have to expect it. Yeah.

1 (50m 28s):
And that was also one of the reasons why the timeshare came in handy because that washer and dryer were so clutch every single day, no matter what you’re doing, you’re getting dirty. You’re getting Sandy. And if you pack light, you can always throw your clothes in the washer and dryer and have a fresh pair for later.

4 (50m 46s):
Yeah. Another question that a lot of people ask is, you know, is Kauai affordable and how much does it cost?

3 (50m 54s):
I’m so excited to talk about this topic.

1 (50m 56s):
Kim, you actually documented how much it costs did you for the entire,

3 (50m 60s):
I literally wrote down everything from the flight, the timeshare, the food, the souvenirs, everything. And I actually think it was 1806, $1,806. So for seven days in Hawaii flights included, that is, I mean, it’s amazing.

4 (51m 21s):
It can definitely be a lot more expensive, but we did a lot of things for cost saving measures. You know, one of them. And I just want to reiterate again, the timeshare now I know Brittany mentioned that we’re timeshare owners, but non timeshare owners can rent at places that have timeshares. So you can get your place set up. Like it is the condo two bed, two bath with a full kitchen. So Hawaii in general is expensive in terms of, you know, just basic gas, food and whatnot. So one thing that we did is we actually pretty much planned out our meals that we were going to have. You know, we bought deli meats, bread made sandwiches for our hikes, had dinner.

2 (52m 6s):
They had a class.

4 (52m 8s):
Yeah. So we went to Costco and did all that. And that definitely saved, you know, a lot of money, all four of us going in, equal on the groceries. Definitely a lot cheaper than eating out because the meal per person in Hawaii is easily 15, $20.

1 (52m 22s):
I don’t want to talk up timeshares too much, but

2 (52m 24s):
It’s not an ad. This is just a personal opinion. Okay.

1 (52m 28s):
With the T the time shares, they ask you to sit through a presentation because they want to sell you a timeshare. And a lot of the times for going to the presentation, they’ll give you gifts.

4 (52m 39s):
Brittany has a hard time saying no to them. Just definitely,

3 (52m 42s):
Oh my God, you guys literally almost bought a second time share

2 (52m 45s):
You guys. It was just so thrilling to watch Brittany Jamal and the lady negotiate

3 (52m 52s):
Numbers down.

2 (52m 53s):
Like it was so yeah, it was Kim. And I were like, oh, what if they ask us about the timeshare? And in the end they gave me the look at us when they thought that they

3 (52m 60s):
Completely ignored me and Dana, thank God.

4 (53m 3s):
We didn’t walk out with a timeshare.

1 (53m 4s):
We didn’t walk out with a timeshare, but we did walk out with $125 of an American express gift card. And we also got half off on the Nepali coast, sunset cruise. So Zayna and Kim were a two for one and Jamal and I were two for one. Yeah.

4 (53m 21s):
Yeah. So definitely, you know, if you’re going to be staying at one, sit through the presentation, it’s gonna get you something that you want to do on the island, either for free or half off. And on top of that, you know, we got a gift card and that gift card paid for our gas. When we were there,

2 (53m 37s):
And let’s not forget. We also walked out with individualized coffee creamers.

3 (53m 41s):
Yes. Very important. Let’s go mark. Some

2 (53m 46s):
Granola bars. Well, you know, we were at the end of the cruise, the trip, and it’s, you know, about 10, $12 for coffee creamer and it’s just sitting right there cause they give you unlimited coffee. So just grab a few,

4 (53m 58s):
Any final thoughts that any of you guys have on a Kauai that we didn’t touch on that we just want to say real quick.

3 (54m 4s):
The last thing I want to say about Kauai is that if you have the chance to go, absolutely take it because you will not regret it. I had so much fun. We had so much fun and it’s, it really is one of the most beautiful places here in America and on this earth.

2 (54m 22s):
Yeah. And I just think no matter where we go guys, as for, we’re always going to have a good time.

4 (54m 26s):

3 (54m 27s):
All right guys. Thank you. So, so much for listening to this episode, I hope you enjoyed learning about Hawaii, and I hope that you are inspired to take this trip to

4 (54m 36s):
Please subscribe to our podcast and leave a review and tell us what you like.

2 (54m 40s):
And if you aren’t already be sure to follow us on Instagram at Travel Squad Podcast, go ahead and slide into our DMS with any questions you may have.

1 (54m 49s):
So guys make sure to pack your bags and grab your passports because next week we’re taking you to China,

3 (54m 55s):

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