bonus Episode 08

AIRDATE April 8, 2020

Myth Busting Budget Travel with Travel Influencer Ariel Rose

Travel Tuesday

Show Notes

Today we are joined by travel influencer, Ariel Rose, who has already seen amazing places across the globe and is only in her early twenties. In this guest episode Ariel Rose shares her tips for making travel possible while in college as well as while working. She also shares hacks for saving money for traveling, where to get the best deals on hotels, travel packages, and activities so you can travel luxuriously on a young person’s budget.

About Ariel Rose:
Ariel Rose is a travel influencer and social media coach spreading knowledge on how to travel frequently and affordably while building your personal brand. She has started two companies Ariel Rose International and azaz swim., while maintaining her travel blog, You Tripping Travel Co. She’s determined to travel the world, work from anywhere and teach others how to do it too!

IG: personal @im_arielrose/ swim line @azazswim_


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