Episode 63



Travel Tuesday

Our Squad tips, tricks, & (non-legal!) nursing advice to staying healthy on the road & in the air.

Episode 63 is here to keep you healthy while on the road!

This year we have talked more about health and traveling - or not traveling - than ever before! We’re bringing you an episode full of tips on how to stay healthy while traveling.

We cover:
*What to pack to help keep you healthy
*How to prepare your health before the trip
*And what to do if you get sick while on a trip.

We share our sick travel stories and give tips from our nurse co-host so you can stay healthy while traveling (and avoid getting sick like Zeina always does!)

Show notes

"And don't foret your travel insurance!"

The Squad rolls with the punches, but we never roll without travel insurance. 

Save yourself from emergency cancelations, lost luggage, lost VISAs, flying out a loved one to be by your side, and much more.

Squad member Jamal specializes in insurance as a licensed agent. Let us help you so you don't find yourself in your worst case scenario unprepared.

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*At no extra cost to you, the Travel Squad earns a commission if you purchase travel insurance through this link. This travel insurance is only to be purchased by those living in the USA.

Jamal is a licensed agent & can be contacted for any questions.

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